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“You have to understand, you have to look at it from a child’s point of view that was raised in the hood. How he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school?” That’s Nautika Harris, cousin to Trevon Johnson. Her remarks came after a 54-year-old homeowner in Miami shot and killed her 17-year-old cousin. According to, the homeowner and Mr. Johnson had an altercation of some kind when she discovered him exiting her window, which lead to his ballistic demise. Mr. Johnson’s sister expressed her displeasure with the outcome . . .

“I don’t care if she have her gun license or any of that. That is way beyond the law… way beyond. He was not supposed to die like this. He had a future ahead of him. Trevon had goals… he was a funny guy, very big on education, loved learning.”

Strange, then, that Mr. Johnson didn’t learn to stay out of other people’s homes unless invited. Preferably using the door. And leaving their stuff alone. A lesson he could have mastered after his first arrest. As Steely Dan would say, he’s got to go back, Jack, and do it again. Or not.

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  1. Yep, nothing about the dooood breaking into a home or anything, just that a homeowner defending their property was “way beyond the law”. Perhaps the sister would better serve society by following in her brother’s footsteps.

    • or we let his sister serve society by publishing her address in the local paper with an add that says all property free to the public. since she advocates taking things from other people we let her live up to her ideals by “donating” HER personal property to those that want it.

    • Another Trevon bites the dust.

      I am amazed the hood rats feel so justified in predatory behavior, and also feel there should never be any serious consequences.

      Do they tolerate frequent break ins?

      • All their *** worth stealing is long fence.. I mean sold off to pay for for schoolin’ and food and charity and their big futures and lots of other innocent godly things.

        Although I’m sure the kid was involved in class, definitely 2 if not 1.

    • It’s scum logic, I remember watching video from outside a courtroom where a guy was given 30+ years for killing an older gentleman. The guys family members shouted such gems as “Not like he was going to live much longer anyway” to the victims family. You know like why give the poor, misunderstood, downtrodden, hard knock kid so many years when the victim only had 5-10 years left anyway.

      • I remember hearing one hood rat lamenting the injustice of two mugger friends of his sentenced to 2 years in jail. He was outraged because “All they got was $3.00 that the guy had after they beat him up”.
        It was like the judge should have awarded them some cash for their time and effort in that assault and battery with robbery.

        • Saw this type of thinking.
          Guy had been arrested for processing with intent to sell. The family was outraged as he “wasn’t a pusher. He was just selling.” It took a while but what came out was the amount of profit he was making. A “pusher” would have asked for more money.

  2. I saw this and sent it to a very conservative friend in Korea. He said: “If you’re poor, it’s chic to go out and get what you want, no matter how you get it, simply because you’re deprived. Another description of Socialism: I eat, you work.” My comment is that this is a demonstration of pure sociopathy, and unfortunately it appears to be an ingrained cultural attitude. If I want it, I take it, and there should be no penalty. “Way beyond the law”? People like this have no respect for the rule of law, only the law of the jungle. It is a very sad state of affairs, with no end in sight. What is the root of “gun violence”? This is it right here.

    • The government is basically telling these people they can do no wrong. They get all sorts of benefits at other people’s expense; they are told that, by some weird definition, they cannot be racist, only the whites are racists; they are allowed to loot and riot with impunity at the slightest perception of injustice. Is it then any surprise that when something like this shooting happens, they are quick to defend their ‘good little boy’ and blame the people who were victimized by him and defending themselves? If the government and the media keep telling you that your actions do not have consequences and everybody else is to blame for your woes, this is what you get. We can thank the liberals and all the SJWs they support for creating this environment.

      • Well put.

        I have an uncle that feels justified in throwing his 8mo pregnant girlfriend out of the house in the dead of winter, with a storm just hours away. When we confronted him about how outrageous and unsafe that is, not to mention completely unacceptable behavior for a future father, he strongly defended himself. No matter how absurd the action, how universally wrong the party is, people find a way to think that they’re in the right. My hope for humanity is somewhere downstream of the sewage line.

    • #1 “law of the jungle”: Predators should be able to identify other predators and steer clear of them.

      Poor Trevon never learned that lesson…

    • Mark, you are absolutely correct. The sad thing of course is that while living in a ‘democracy’ people like this not only get to vote but are also allowed to breed!!

      • These people are also some of the biggest supporters of abortions, and have relatively high adolescent mortality rates due to gangs. Is there behavior self-regulating, in a way?

        • Their use of abortion up to the present time has been inadequate. We should make it free!

      • We don’t live in a democracy. we live in a constitutional Republic. In democracy if I get a majority on my side I’m right you are wrong even if I say, take your car. The majority agree with me it’s not yours anymore. In democracy mob rules is pretty much law. In a constitutional Republic it’s not a majority and I’m right it’s the greater good. Will my taking your car be in the interest of everyone and stepping on the individual? No each is as important as the next. That’s what our founding g fathers set up. Now days we are closer to a socialist Republic. Where elitists buy the greater good by giving to the group that has less by their own actions or not. I miss living in America.

  3. Yes, he had goals and he met them. His goal was to be criminal thug and he was. His was to risk his life doing stupid crimes and he did. He met his goals and is now dead based SOLELY on his own choices.

  4. I thought that if the threat was gone ( playing devils advocate here) that use of deadly force was not a legal option.
    If he was leaving no matter how mad the owner was deadly force should not have been used UNLESS he had turned toward the home owner in a threatening manner.
    Restraint could have been used such as injuring him by slamming the window down, grabbing his clothing etc which could have been dangerous to do.
    Bottom line is in Michigan anyway is that using deadly force on someone exiting your home without harming you or loved ones physically is not a legal option.

    • I think the problem was that she spotted him coming OUT of her house. They were both outside. She rolled up, saw him exiting the house through the window, and said, “hey! Put my stuff down!” He figured, “she’s an old lady. I can beat her, no problem!” He probably assaulted her, hence the “altercation ensued”. She busted a cap in his ass. Straight up self-defense. No problem.

    • Florida stand your ground laws make it a clean shoot if you feel your in danger. If your on your property and confront a thief and kill them your ok 99.9% of the time. The law gives you immunity under the castle doctrine. No duty to retreat, no duty to let the thief walk if they don’t threaten you.
      The girl in the video is the perfect example of how the liberal mind works. She don’t care what the law be, hood rats is gonna steal, and white peoples need to understand that.

    • Not enough info in the TTAG excerpts to say, IMO.

      But I think the old adage “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” applies here. In this case, prize was a projectile, slightly used, one previous owner.

    • “Threat” is purely subjective and relative to each situation. I’d like to believe that I’m pretty level-headed. That being said, I would feel safe when my attacker stops moving. Bullets only provide me a bit of range.

  5. Pretty sure (don’t take this as legal advice) that in Texas you could still use deadly force on someone climbing out your window like that. Of course I bet that will invoke more DA scrutiny, but that is your choice when you shoot in that situation.

    • I would say you are off, but not by much. Texas is one of two states where the law specifically allows you to use deadly force to protect or recover property. You have to reasonably believe that you would have faced a serious threat yourself if you attempted to protect/recover your property without using deadly force. So if you are a strapping 20-year old who sees an unarmed skinny 10-year old running off with your hubcaps, you shouldn’t be able to shoot him. If you are a 150-lb 60-year old who sees a strapping 20-year-old running off with your hubcaps, you possibly can. But as in all such cases, different circumstances may cause varying outcomes.

        • A man convicted of stealing a horse and sentenced to death argues to the judge that the execution won’t solve the problem of the theft.

          The judge explains that the penalty’s severity is not only for this crime, but to dissuade the next guy who is thinking about stealing a horse.

          Property does matter, especially in a free society. Theft; petty, grand larceny, what the big banks get away with, all are corrosive to a free people quietly enjoying their property.

          Without the defense of property by vigorous means, a pillar of social order is removed; we would be no better than the corrupt Narco-states or a city run by organized crime.

        • Self-ownership is the basis of property rights. Choosing to put your life in danger in order to violate someone else’s property rights, and having it result in death is not the fault of the owner of the property – it is the fault of the violator.

          You are quite right when you say property is not worth a life, but the decision to trade one for the other was the made by the perpetrator, not the property owner.

        • Feel free to disagree all you like, and to surrender your property with a smile. I wear a watch with a replacement cost of $37,000, I will shoot a man to get it back, if necessary. And I have met MANY people who I don’t think are worth that much, even before they become thieves, which makes them worth zero to me.

        • I agree thats why i dont steel. Someone elses property is not worth my life. Trayvon didnt see it that way he was willing to risk his life. That must have been some really cool stuff he risked his life for

    • Again, it’s all subjective. Should a person wait for a criminal to leave and get more friends for a counter-attack? A vehicle is only property, as well, but many people have “weapons” in there. Should Joe Thief be allowed access to my work knife? If so, at who’s cost?

  6. To be fair, his sister didn’t define the meaning of education. It is vague. Hence she may not have meant it in the way most readers here would understand it. Bangers and thugs gotta learn the ropes too. No one starts as the drug kingpin or gang leader.

  7. This raises a few questions. Was he shot ‘after he exited the window of her home’? Was the thief armed? Was he shot during a property theft while fleeing? The answers may determine whether a home occupant can use deadly force. The Laws in your State may vary. Know where you stand before this happens to you.

    • All the article says is that there was a “confrontation” after he exited the window, that the HO felt threatened and fired once. We do not know the nature of the “confrontation.”

    • What does the thug being armed have to do with anything? If someone slugs you with a fist to your temple hard enough you will die.

  8. I have seen the light. If ever a young gentleman about town should happen into my domicile uninvited I shall engage him in conversation at length in regards to his motives and life circumstances rather than jumping to the conclusion the thug breaking into my house may harm me or mine! I shall sell my firearms at once.

    • Can I buy a few off the interwebz that are easily converted to full-out without a BG check? Maybe FedEx will bring them right to my door with a Coke and a smile… no signature required at any time, of course. Sell ’em to my children!

  9. I started a business at twenty years old, cleaning chimneys in the winter, and windows in the summer. I didn’t have any credit built up so I couldn’t get any bank loans and my mom and dad were fairly poor, all they provided growing up was room and board. This was also without any loans or grants because I was not a minority that got special privileges or loans for starting a business. So I just used money I had saved to start my business. I ended up making alot money after building a solid clientele after working seven days a week, twelve to fourteen hours a day for the first year.

    Then I went back to school to get a degree, but I was making too much money to qualify for any scholarships or grants, and because i was not a minority that got special grants of loans for going to school, I paid my own way. while managing my own business.

    But I guess with my “white privilege”; I didn’t need any “special” advantages. I bet if Trevon had taken all those special advantages, combined with working hard and not breaking the law. he might not have ended up on slab.

    • When I was a pre-teen and even into my early teens, I would go door-to-door offering to mow people’s yards, rake their leaves during Autumn, and shovel snow from their driveways during Winter months. And this required ZERO start up capital because I used the homeowner’s lawn mowers, rakes, and snow shovels.

      Absolutely nothing stopped the dead criminal in this story from doing the same.

  10. some reports indicate that she was in the home and shot at him exiting, other reports say she was outside in the yard as he exited the window and there was a “confrontation” during which she shot him once in the chest.

    The first situation, legally pretty dicey. Second situation, he’s on your property having committed a felony against your domicile…and then confronts you in such a way that you perceive a threat? Sounds pretty solid

    • Well, if she followed the rules, she can have her lawyer explain to the cops which rendition is accurate, since she has not told them either one, yet. And if they have no idea which it was without her telling them, then whichever she or her attorney decides on would be the gospel truth.

    • In previous comments i said that being a taxi driver was the most dangerous job out there….. I take it back. Apparently the deadliest occupation is “aspiring hip hop artist”.

  11. Seems to me like his goals were to steal stuff from the house…. But that’s just a wild guess. Other than that, the report isn’t entirely clear on what happened. They just say that a “confrontation” occurred so no other judgements from me except that if he didn’t want to get shot, all he had to do was not break into a house. It’s not that hard to do.

  12. This is why if you love liberty you MUST vote Republican because everyone who is as stupid and uninformed as this woman is votes Democrat by default.

    Every. Single. One.

  13. Ugh
    They just wont get it.
    Why protect properties with force?
    It’s not about handing out punishment.
    Not about sending a message against further infractions.
    (Both of which are good, valid reasons btw, just hard to judge and make even)

    It’s because the properties were purchased by time and labor. Time that couldve been spent doing things the owner enjoyed, that couldve been spent with families and friends, but instead spent on a boring day job giving nothing but the properties themselves. In other words, stealing properties=stealing part of the owner’s life. And i thought we may use *reasonable* force to protect our lives.

    Whether it was reasonable or not in this case, dunno yet

  14. Depriving others of their hard earned possessions is a life goal in the hood ? I’m sure he was going to combat global warming and save the whales and $H!T too.

  15. “He was a gud kyid, he gotta get dem skoo cloves summow.”

    A fitting epitaph for a civilization that chose equality over liberty.

  16. A perfect example of the cultural problems that have expanded out of the urban centers to a(n) college indoctrination camp near you.

  17. The level and amount of Tort reform we need in this nation is frightening.

    No one who is in the commission of a felony should receive any protection from Criminal and Civil law for actions committed against them during the commission of THEIR crime.

  18. Unfortunately, this imbecile and her mentality are endemic to my ethnicity, and a lot of it stems from the social-justice/civil rights movement. After decades of people telling you that you can’t succeed without help, a lot of people have internalized this idiotic mantra and truly believe that whitey is the enemy and that there is no justice in this land. When you couple this with a greater than 70% population of single-parent (fatherless) homes, where children are raised with no morals, anything goes. Children in black families are far more likely to be taught to ‘get it how you live’ than a firm moral foundation, and it’s a problem that cuts across all social strata in our community.

    My dad (TSA Agent) worked at a smaller airport with a practicing ‘Reverend’. Said Reverend spied a $200 ink pen that had been forgotten by some rich douche bag at the checkpoint. The Rev proceeded to slip said ink pen in his pocket, knowing full well that it was 1.) illegal. 2.) immoral. However, it was Whitey’s pen, and Whitey was rich too, so he took it. Why not? The reverend was fired. My pop’s coworkers took up a collection for the Reverend, citing his ‘good works’ in the community. My dad laughed at them, pointing out the essential hypocrisy of a ‘man of the cloth’ committing petty theft like that, but they were insistent that it was all so ‘unfair’, and that he deserved to be treated better. And it was the white man’s pen anyway, so why should he be fired.

    I’m tired of being associated with these losers and dirt-bags, and I’m angry that I have to be racially profiled because THEY can’t keep their hands out of others’ pockets. Sorry for the rant. This stuff makes me angry.

    • Jomo, I have to respond. All I know of you is this post, but I can tell you that you may be of the same *race* as those losers you are discussing, but you are very clearly not of the same ethnicity. Sounds like your ethnicity is much closer to mine.

    • Jomo, you remind me why it’s critical to regard people as individuals, rather than members of some kind of monolithic group, and to respect them unless they prove themselves unworthy of respect.

      • Well put Kendahl…someone’s actions and attitude are what matters…to discriminate based on skin color is as stupid as discriminating based on eye color…A**holes and losers come In all shapes, sizes and COLORS…Learning to pick them out while still recognizing the good and genuine folks out there is an important life skill…

    • Indeed. The non-Caucasian people in my neighborhood have bigger houses than mine. Oh, right. They have jobs. They manage a traditional two parent family. Some have MD or PhD after their names. The others just work damn hard. They are honest as the day is long. Etc.

    • “I’m tired of being associated with these losers and dirt-bags, and I’m angry that I have to be racially profiled because THEY can’t keep their hands out of others’ pockets. Sorry for the rant. This stuff makes me angry.

      No need for an apology as far as I’m concerned. It’s a very fair rant to make.

      The head-scratcher to me personally is why your viewpoint is as rare as it is.

      • I’ll go out on a limb and hypothesize a parent who actually cared for him busted their ass (or asses) raising him right.

        I recall one incident caught on camera during the Baltimore riots awhile back that gave me some hope.

        A mother at home saw her kid out in the streets during a live TV news shot. She recognized the location, went down there, and dragged his ass back to the house while reading him the riot act. I can imagine what happened to him once he got home.

        Point being, I’ll bet Jomo had a parent like that who raised him…

  19. Bad news is that now the family knows where this woman lives and will undoubtably be back to try and met out some justice of their own.

    Home carry 24/7 if this woman is smart.

  20. When public assistance can’t get the job done, you gotta allow for stealing.

    Sounds like the (D) party platform [doesn’t matter what office].

    POS (D) put up two communist candidates for U.S. President, and those two are pulling down HUGE support from a group of (D)heads that don’t even rise to the level of ‘worthless’ because they are more deleterious than that so they are POS.

    History has already decided that communism has to go.

    • I wonder what the world was like before, Wic,food stamps,Medcare, Section 8 housing,pick a handout program. How did people survive?? The Death and homeless rate must have been staggering.

  21. Here’s the problem in a nutshell. – The 17 year olds want what the 40 year olds have without all that BS, ie. Staying at one job,SAVING money, building credit, saying “NO” to drugs, Making smart choices with the money YOU earn. Ya know all that BS stuff. Welcome to Fakebook World.

  22. The suspect had already exited the house and was running away?
    Was he shot in the back?
    This could be problematic for the homeowner.

    “Way beyond the law”?
    I guess the sister does not know what the law says.
    She has never heard of the “Castle Doctrine”.

    • The suspect was exiting the home
      as the homeowner approached the house,
      there was a confrontation (he lunged at her)
      she used her equalizer,
      now he’s fertilizer.

    • Apparently she doesn’t know that theft is “way beyond the law” too.
      Perhaps if he hadn’t spent his money on a gold grill and his cousin had pissed her money away on weave they could have pooled their money and bought a decent set of clothes for the misguided yute. But what do I know as a white privileged boy who started working when I was 12 years old throwing news papers. I’ve never been without work since. It’s not because I’m white. It’s because I’ve worked hard to please my customers.
      I’ve had it up to my neck being called privileged and racist because of my skin color because people in the past owned slaves. Today, right now we are all slaves to the people that have created a debt so massive that it can never be repaid. So suck it it up SJWs and get a job.

  23. You don’t have to be black to share the cousin’s attitude that it’s never the criminal’s fault. In my city, a white burglar in his forties, with a long history of petty crime and drug use, was shot to death by a homeowner. The burglar’s method was to ring the doorbell of a house in the middle of a weekday afternoon and, if no one answered, kick in the door and help himself. He met his end when he picked an occupied house and charged at the owner. Afterward, a friend of the burglar accused the homeowner of murder, saying that the confrontation was his fault because he failed to answer the doorbell promptly. (The homeowner was not charged.)

    • Reminds me of the time a bank robber in jail for murdering a bank employee complained that the guy he shot was to blame for chasing him as he ran from the bank. He didn’t mean to kill the guy, he was just trying to get away.

  24. There are a few lessons we can establish here. Some of which Levon found out first hand, others of which we should go over.

    1)DO NOT TAKE WHAT IS NOT YOURS. A simple lesson that may save your life in more ways than one.
    2)The police are janitors. Sorry to you hard working men and women out there, but this person’s house was broken into more than once and no one was caught. The home owner made it there first, and who knows how long they’d have taken to show if she didn’t shoot someone.
    3)This is a parable, and there are those who will not listen. If you think that Levon did nothing wrong, perhaps you should get your moral compass adjusted.
    4)His pictures made him look “hard.” But he certainly wasn’t hard enough to repel a bullet.
    5)A gun in the hand of a 60YO woman helps equalize the playing field against a man 1/3 the age and likely significantly stronger.
    6)How you get money for clothes etc. for school is called a “job.” My advice is if you don’t have a computer find a library and look it up.

  25. This nigizerang got exactly what he deserved. This is the stupidity of the left. They hold up thugs like Brown and Martin and now this idiot and throw in that he was stealing so he could get cloths for school. This bitch is dumber than a box of hammers. Anyone really wonder why no one wants to live in black neighborhoods or next to them?

    • Burglary doesn’t deserve a death sentence so I wouldn’t say he got “what he deserved”. What he deserved would be 10-15 years behind bars for breaking and entering and burglary. What he got in the end was not a surprise for the life of crime he was choosing to live. But if he attacked her or she felt threatened then obviously she was within her rights to defend herself with force, as she did. For me, I would prefer not to kill someone over an inanimate object being stolen. If possible, I would prefer to hold the burglar at gun point until the cops arrive to arrest and charge him with burglary and breaking and entering, etc. However, if I, or my family’s safety was threatened, that’s a different story and I will defend myself and my family immediately as necessary.

      • You alluded to this point (a couple of times) in your post, but he was not shot for “burglary.”

        And, in cases like this, it’s most assuredly NOT about the “property” being stolen. That whole bit is a straw-man born of illogical progressive thinking.

        Any home invasion is a violent act. Period. Whether something is stolen or not, or what is stolen and how much it is worth is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is a burglary or home invasion is a statement that “your space is not yours.”

        Think about armed robbery or strong arm robbery. The amount of money/goods stolen rarely matters in court because it’s not about the theft side of the equation. It’s about the violence committed against another human being, where violence is “use of force, or threat of force, to attain a goal.”

        If the personal attack that renders deadly force morally justifiable, not the theft of property.

        This is why in some states a home invasion, prima facie, is threat of death or imminent bodily injury and deadly force is justified. No weapon on the bad guy and no actual theft is required. The mere act of entering another person’s home is a sufficient to make the circumstances a “deadly force” encounter.

        The progressives like to deflect the issue from this personal attack by trying to make it over the property (or the mere burglary), but that’s just more of their nonsensical unicorn thinking. It has no legal basis and certainly no moral basis.

  26. Stop screwing around with the youtube embedding so we can’t get back to the original video.

    And man up and link to the original station, otherwise, you’re looking like a thief…

    PS – that punks famously is a disgrace… “you gots to know how a young man gets his clothes for DA HOOD…”

    oh yeah, that’s your daily routine, ROBBING YOUR NEIGHBORS HOMES? The PD should toss their house, its probably filled with stolen good from their neighbors.

    • You can get back to the original video — and embedded YouTube videos on any site — by clicking play then clicking on the YouTube logo in the corner. That opens a new window in YouTube where, conveniently enough, the video resumes playing where you left off.

      • There’s no youtube logo on the video when viewing in safari on an iPhone and it’s barely there on Firefox in win7.

  27. What it be like. Upheaval here in Cook County with ousting of Po-leece chief and now State’s Attorney over a 17year old “child” named LaQuanne McDonald who similarly dindunuffin’. Shot 16 times by an excitable cop while
    brandishing a knife during a crime spree. Only the cop gets charged with 1st degree murder(methinks manslaughter tops-or justified). Not hard to understand his sis’ thinkin’ the boy was destined for a bright future. SEE: Mike Brown and Travon .Martin…Stormfront alert! 2 posts up.

  28. Progressive Liberal BS where the criminal now becomes the victim. I am soooooo tired of this line of reasoning, it’s become the norm lately. Whatever happened to right and wrong?

  29. “I don’t care if she have her gun license or her rights or any of that. That is way beyond the law… way beyond. He was not supposed to die like this. He had a future ahead of him. Trevon had goals… he was a funny guy, very big on education. He loved going to school, loved learning.”

    Now I don’t know the intricacies of this case, so I’m not going to presume much. I don’t know if the woman knew the burglar was entering or exiting. In my personal opinion, I wouldn’t shoot someone exiting my house. I would only shoot someone if there was a real threat of grievous bodily harm or death. That said, again, I don’t know the situation for this case.

    Regarding the ridiculous statements above: As a people, in most states, we have decided that people are to be afforded and have a right to expect absolute safety in their own homes. As a result, they can use lethal force to protect themselves in those homes. It’s very important that parents and the community teach children not to steal, and not to burglarize – especially in light of the fact that burglarizing a home carries with it extreme risk of bodily harm by bullet perforation, and rightly so. I really think that these people who say “he’s not supposed to die like this” put themselves in the homeowners position. Someone is breaking into your house and you don’t know what their plan is for you. Education, school, and learning? He burglarized a home – very straightforward. There are some rules you don’t break.

    You have to understand, you have to look at it from every own child’s point of view that was raised “in the hood.” How he gonna get his money da have clothes to go to school?

    So, he is burglarizing old ladies homes to look cool and hip? I’m confused here. There are lots of places where you can get clothes for free (churches) or at extremely low prices (salvation army) etc. If this is such a great guy, why is burglarizing old ladies homes for clothes? If he really cares about education, school, and learning. Why would he risk everything for some clothes for school? Does being raised “in the hood” exempt you from laws that everyone else is following?

  30. Perhaps he was just trying to add to his
    Mr. T starter kit.
    Or finish off his grill.
    We will never know. Just when Trevon was kind of getting somewhat ready to think about maybe turning his life around.

    • +1
      I was a little confused myself. What is wrong with regular fillings? Must they be gold fillings? He could have saved money for school clothes with regular fillings and people at school would be more accepting of him with regular fillings rather than gold ones.

  31. “You have to look at from the point of view of a kid from the hood – how he gonna eat, how he gonna get clothes for school?”

    Obviously by playing the game. And he lost.

  32. This is silly, I mean, I’d consider the deceased’s life sacred even if he wasn’t about to negotiate world peace. I dislike the implication that his social value is relevant. It’s insulting. Rather one just can’t put someone else’ life which is also valuable in peril, and expect understanding.

  33. What a disgusting mindset, reminds me of the YouTube video with the father and son attacking a parking attendant with a shovel and when the attendant pulled a machete and killed the son who, the family exclaims, had just graduated, the family was outraged that the attendant wasn’t charged

  34. Sad. Another young life snuffed out. Wish it’d gone another way.

    It’s all too common for the grieving to be in denial. Or anger. Or both. I lay no blame on them. Though I think the media using them this way is deplorable.

  35. Robert, this is NOT the place to be posting Dindu Nuffin stuff; while you’re making a point, a lot of the people who post, watch, and comment on such videos are the kind of racist the antigun crowd is convinced we all are.

    • Yep. I recommended they not use a charged term here once, got accused of being an SJW. Meh, fine, seems like unnecessarily clouding a good message to me, but whatever.

  36. Sounds like something written by my professor called, “Stand Your Ground: Black Bodies and the Justice of God”, or as I refer to it, “The Big Book of Dindu Nuffin”.

    In it, it tells us how Stand Your Ground is a racist conspiracy to give white people free license to kill black people just for the lulz, and it has its origins in Germanic culture — not British culture, not the English Bill of Rights, not the Magna Carta, not the Declaration of the Rights of Man (French, BTW), not even John Locke’s philosophy. And you’re never going to guess who counts as Germanic culture. Tacitus. Yes. the Roman who lived in Italy and wrote in Latin, she says he’s German. In it, you also learn that the Latino (which isn’t mentioned in the book) George Zimmerman, from a multiracial family (which also isn’t mentioned in the book), is a racist white supremacist who hunted down (without mentioning the recent wave of breakins by people who may have possible resembled Martin, who ran when asked why he was sneaking between buildings) poor Trayon Martin (also omitted that Trayvon did slam his head into concrete more than once) who was just visiting his dad (instead of being there because he was suspended from school for drugs, graffiti, and possibly vandalism). The other two cases were the ‘loud rap music shooting’ and the two cases of the black people who had motor crashes and tried to rush and attack at the people who were there to help. In the case of the music thing, it was the teen who escalated the argument and possibly flashed a lookalike gun. The shooter was acquitted for that, but later convicted because he sprayed like crazy at the car even as it retreated and he hit people who had not been threats (not that the book says anything other than ‘racist white guy killed a black kid for kicks and got away with it’). In the first incident with the car crash, the guy was behaving erratically, tried to bash his way into the house, which was locked, so the owner called the cops, who showed up and tried to talk, but the suspect just decided to rush at them at short range. One tried to taze him, but that didn’t work, so the other used his pistol. The last case, pretty much the same thing, only without the cops. Chick had car crash, wandered around being crazy, tried to break her way into a house, and the homeowner shot her because she had broken through the front of the door and was trying to undo the lock. And this is all I’ve seen in just the couple chapters I’ve read. I hope you enjoy what is being passed as academic literature these days.

  37. His death is completely the fault of his worthless cousin any any other members of his family that encouraged him that he had a “right” to take from others.

  38. I’m sure there’s probably a scum bag lawyer somewhere that is trying to make a case against the homeowner.

    And d*mn what about the prospective baby mama’s that were waiting to join the welfare system. They got goals too! !

  39. The story of Trevon Johnson’s death and all that surrounds it, only goes to show that to the Democrat Progressives who have created and maintain the Big Government Slave Plantation for so many Black Americans, the sad ugly truth is that Black Lives Do Not Matter at all. Trevon Johnson should have known better. but those who taught him only taught him lies and victimhood because that is all THEY know. His cousin’s statement proves that pretty conclusively.
    Not making excuses for him, but trying to shine a light into a dark, despicable reality that taught him to make the bad choices that killed him.

  40. > ““I don’t care if she have her gun license or any of that. That is way beyond the law… way beyond. He was not
    > supposed to die like this. He had a future ahead of him. Trevon had goals… he was a funny guy, very big on
    > education, loved learning.”

    Yeah, first of all, you should’ve taught him better. Second, yes, he had goals: apparently goals of stealing.

    There have been, are, and always will be charming criminals who have aspirations and goals. Almost everyone has aspirations and goals. So what they need to do is stop doing things that sabotage their goals. Want to be a rocket scientist? Don’t break the law.


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