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“Listen to how many sentences begin with something like ‘Americans have always.’ ‘They have always loved guns. They have always had guns.’ These things are much more complicated than that. The meanings of guns have changed. … The gun industry is not the only reason we got here. However, it is the reason that never gets talked about.” – Pamela Haag in How guns became part of America culture [at]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Josh Sugarmann's 'What You Don't Have Can't Hurt You' Argument for Gun Control">Previous Post
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  1. ” The gun industry is not the only reason we got here. However, it is the reason that never gets talked about.”

    Little Pammy is not very good at discerning causal relationships or differentiating between reality and fantasy. She does appear to have mastered the art of recreational drug use.

  2. The last photo in the story is pretty neat. The exterior wall art on the church built by Samuel Colt’s widow.

  3. Last I checked, a gun was a mechanical object that lobs other objects at relatively high speeds. That hasn’t changed in centuries. Also, they freed us from tyranny, so what is this libtard smoking?

    • Do gooders gotta do good.

      It’s the state, it’s what they do. The Constitution can be summed up very easily; ‘Leave us alone’.

      But they cannot. They like our money too much. Guns are just things that are in the way of their designs on taking more and more money.

      Leave us alone.

      • It’s not even as elevated as that. It’s more like feel gooders gotta feel good. These busybody liberals never actually accomplish anything good. Sometimes their efforts are actualuly counterproductive and cause harm.

        Were they ever to be judged purely on the efficacy of their progrees toward reaching their supposed goals, theyd’d be laughed at mercilessly. It’s enough to satisfy themselves that they meant well. That way they can escape judgment for failed policies, while feeling safely superior to the rest of us who didn’t even attempt their lunacy.

      • Too bad Robert A. Heinlein isn’t around to set these busybodies straight. He’s had plenty of convincing words about armed societies and leaving well enough alone.

  4. Funny! I thought we had a founding document called what was it now………, constellation……, no………, conscription………, no…….., ah Constitution, that’s it.

    But if Pamela wishes to exchange snark, maybe we don’t talk about gun violence because it is mainly young black teens and men shooting other young black teens and men in urban city centers run by progressives and with high concentrations of government dependency. Oops, did I go there? Ya mad sis?

    • Exactly. Murderapolis is making a comeback in MN and it’s being lead by Dayton and his DFLers

      • According to statistics, Murderapolis is Indianapolis for black gang bangers. Indy is number one.

  5. There are always going to be people looking for a cause, a noble endeavor to validate their contributions to society, anti gun crusaders are just the lazy ones.

  6. she cites “These incidents don’t decrease gun sales; instead, gun sales tend to go up. In fact, U.S. gun-makers produced nearly 11 million firearms in the year after the Sandy Hook shooting.”

    Gun sales are up because citizens finally understand two things. Passing legislation restricting citizens right to keep & bear arms does nothing to stop murders, and the same government does little to protect citizens from criminals.

    • Supply and demand. Gun manufacturing went up because people wanted to buy guns, not because gun manufacturers decided to make 11 million guns and then create a demand.

    • “The same Government does little to protect the citizens from criminals”?

      I beg to differ. This same government does everything in their power to protect the criminals from being hurt or charged with a crime by the citizens in their righteous wrath.

      After all, “they need their space to destroy”.

      And the Department of Just us will make sure of this by charging any police department with racism and civil rights violation for trying to enforce the law.

      • This same government does everything in their power to protect Islamic Terrorists from being hurt or charged with a crime by the citizens in their righteous wrath.

  7. Never talked about? I thought it was much the opposite and they’d never shut up about them really.

  8. Perhaps if one of the two major political parties in this country were hell bent on taking our plows and our axes we might treat those ordinary tools as something special as well. When people try to strip you of your arms in order to enslave you, your going to treat those arms as much more than just tools.

    • Government doesn’t want to enslave citizens, they just want us to suffer murder, rape & assault to fill their coffers.

      • Close enough.

        If they wanted us to treat firearms like ordinary tools like the pioneers supposedly did, they should start treating them that way themselves.

      • Gotta disagree with you on the “Government doesn’t want to enslave” bit. The really do want exactly that, as part of a modern ‘divine right of kings’ concept, they believe that they are smarter, more educated, and enlightened than you are, and that that gives them the right, privilege, and duty to order you about.

  9. Rewriting the past. Favorite tactic of leftists and ex-wives. Next I suppose Coke was not always “it.”

  10. How is a pair of revolvers on the side of a modern church any different that the numerous swords on nearly every church in Europe?

  11. Yes it can be complex, as many important issues are; and yes, many on the pro-gun side have stopped talking much.

    But, perhaps it’s because many of us have become tired of being insulted, reviled and humiliated by the people you stand with.

    That’s not the gun industry’s fault, ma’am, it’s yours.

    • Yeah, they disprove their point by stating it. I’d be embarrassed if I did such a thing.

  12. Do we have another “Arming America” scandal in the making here (google “Michael Bellesiles”)?

    • (I didn’t use Google specifically…hope that’s okay…)

      Interesting reading.

      Love this quote from the wikipedia page:

      “Clayton Cramer, a historian, software engineer, gun enthusiast and early critic of Bellesiles, later argued that the reason “why historians swallowed Arming America’s preposterous claims so readily is that it fit into their political worldview so well… Arming America said things, and created a system of thought so comfortable for the vast majority of historians, that they didn’t even pause to consider the possibility that something wasn’t right.””

      {my emphasis}

      Generalize the subject away from “historians,” and no single statement better summarizes the “AGW/Climate Change” debacle so succinctly.

      One lesson here is “Tell people what they want to hear, and win their hearts forever.” Good words to remember during an election year.

  13. Many countries have or had a gun culture. It wasn’t until authortarians feared an armed populace that they started to strip their people of arms.

    • Yep. England as a prime example. Our right to KABA was part of our English heritage. It was citizens that thought of themselves as English that fired the “shot heard round the world” , after all.

      The carrying of side arms was a common practice in England until the early 1900’s. But then the whole Marxist, communist movement became a fear to the English aristocracy and the drum beat against the “common people” with firearms began in earnest..

      •  England as a prime example. Our right to KABA was part of our English heritage.

        This demands a bit of qualification. While it’s true England had a long tradition of bearing arms, it should be noted it also had a long tradition of using the right to bear arms as the line of demarcation between those who ruled and those who were ruled over. For instance, note the wording of the English Bill of Rights of 1689:

        That the subjects which are protestants, may have arms for their defence suitable to their conditions

        Also take note of the Act of Proscription of 1746 denying the conquered Scots not only the use of arms, but ruthlessly suppressing their culture.

        So yes, the English had a long tradition of bearing arms, what was radical about the US version was putting all free citizens on equal footing regarding that right.

  14. Nonsensical rhetoric from Pam. I think the Second Amendment champions are here on the Truth About Guns but does little good if we are not engaging the anti gun left in some way.

  15. Talk, talk, talk. It’s the liberal pseudo-intellectual trap. And boy, do they get miffed when anyone refuses to fall into it.

    Ms. Haag, and her ilk, are very upset. Why wouldn’t they be when we, their opponents, refuse to step into the morass of baseless relativism and illogic that is modern “intellectual” discourse. And you can tell she’s bewildered and more than a little pissed as she starts to look for and blame a monstrous hidden puppet master. There must be a puppet master; why else would we be ignoring them and refusing to engage?

    It couldn’t be that we are on to their treachery, and even less comprehensible to them, behaving simply as uncoordinated individuals, all and each pursuing our own self interest, and just coincidentally choosing to own firearms–lots of firearms.

    But for the sake of argument (while avoiding the morass), let’s say she’s correct. The gun industry is to blame. How do they do it? What, one might wonder, is the means by which this monster achieves it’s omnipotence? An alluring image tenderly nurtured and and deftly presented by the mainstream media? An extensive and high-profile (or even low profile) ad campaign? Celebrity endorsement? Government propaganda?

    Right. That must be it.

    • If you buy our gun, you turn into a Navy SEAL. We even have a gold Trident pasted on the side!

  16. “The gun industry is not the only reason we got here. However, it is the reason that never gets talked about.” – Pamela Haag.

    How did this Haag come to this conclusion while at the same time talking about this issue on, a platform with near instantaneous global reach? All kinds of people are talking about it to the point of nauseum.

  17. You gotta love Libtards. They never stop trying to unarm the entire country thinking that will solve everything. The only thing it will accomplish is crime going through the roof. Every single time something like what happened in San Bernardino happens, they dance in the blood of the victims and say: “See, we told you guns were evil.” ? Libtards are a special kind of stupid, no doubt about it. If we go on their thinking, when I was hit head on by a drunk driver, I shouldn’t have sued the company he was driving for, I should’ve sued Budweiser for making the beer he drank and Chevrolet for making the pickup he drove. Like I said, Libtards are a very special kind of stupid. We’ve lived under the regime of our very first dictator and God forbid his female predecessor wins in 2016. It certainly does explain why the #1 search on Google is how to move to Canada.

    Michael Truhett
    U.S.C.G. Veteran
    Semper Paratus

  18. Seriously, people can actually think like this.

    When I was a brainwashed young liberal in college, I took a course on the history of technology. I decided to write my required paper on the marketing of the automobile, back when it was a new invention. I wanted to compile a list of the marketing techniques used by the automobile industry to persuade people that they “needed” to buy cars and trucks. A couple weeks into the project, it dawned on me what an idiot I was — people bought cars and trucks because they were obviously the best available solution to the real problems that they had to overcome every day. They may have needed marketing persuasion to buy car brand A rather than competitive brand B, but there was no question that the car itself was not an artificially supply-generated demand.

    And so it is with guns, whether Pam ever learns to recognize that or not.

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