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A TTAG reader sent in the following:

When it came to engaging in arguments over social media about gun rights over the past few years, I used to have no hesitation in diving head first into the melee. Whether they were reasonable conversations between rational adults or vicious exchanges laced with ad hominems, I was always there putting my two cents in to whoever was willing to argue with me. Recently, I came to the conclusion that it’s really not worth it anymore and stupid people are just going to be stupid. It can’t be helped, and trying to reason with anti-gunners is nothing short of a total waste of time . . .

Don’t get me wrong–it’s one thing if you’re speaking with a person who is actually listening to what you are saying and taking all of your points into consideration. However I’ve found that if one abates from the conversation for a brief moment to peruse their opponent’s “likes” on Facebook, and finds “Moms Demand Action” and/or other associated groups, that’s a dead giveaway that you’re having a pointless exchange and it’s time to move on before it continues to devolve. It isn’t a conversation at that point, it’s a one-sided fruitless filibuster that’s best to bail out of for the sake of one’s own sanity. To paraphrase Rick James, indoctrination is a hell of a drug.

I feel as though a rational person could always be doing something more productive than engaging with an anti-gunner. Examples may include attempting to bite your own elbow, taking Lindsay Lohan to rehab again, or perhaps pouring as much salt water as you can into the ocean in an effort to drown all the fish. Yes, it’s that pointless.

These people know nothing, they are proud of knowing nothing, they believe all the propaganda they read, and they simply can’t be reached. Furthermore, they are amoral. They want good people to die instead of using firearms. They hate firearms so much that they would rathergood people get raped, robbed, or murdered before using one to defend themselves. I know it’s sick, but it’s true.

Consider our side and contrast it with the anti-gunners’. We encourage women to carry to defend themselves in case of a robbery. Anti-gunners quite comfortably say that these women will just get overpowered and the gun will be stolen after their attacker uses it to kill them. One would think antis, almost always liberal, would me more hesitant to demean women in such a way.

When we encourage women to carry to defend themselves in case of an attempted rape, their response becomes even more repugnant. Anti-gunners would sooner a rapist have his way with a woman and encourage her to wait patiently, crossing her fingers, hoping that he doesn’t kill her, so she can call the police afterwards and they can arrive twenty minutes later with a DNA collection kit.How humanitarian and “progressive.”

The revolting ideas continue in all hypothetical situations. If a person gets carjacked, they would rather the criminal take a joyride and the victim walk home. If a person gets robbed, they would rather the criminal leave unharmed so that one day he can see the error of his ways. Above all else, they would prefer people not be able to defend themselves in the event a mass shooter enters their workplace. Anti-gunners would rather everyone die as long as they don’t have a gun. In their mind,defending yourself is always going to end up with you shooting your co-worker to your immediate left or right as opposed to the person across the room who is wearing body armor and a mask, who you can clearly seeis shooting all of your friends. Anti-gunners  illogical, malevolent, and  crazy—and they call us the terrorists.

The phrase “the gun problem can’t be solved with more guns” is a sentence said by someone with absolutely nothing left in their skull, especially when one considers the fact that mass-shootings invariably occur in zones where no one else is armed. The anti-gunners don’t care that they don’t have evidence, they don’t care that they cannot cite a single instance where a group of concealed-carry permit holders ever began to shoot each other indiscriminatelyduring a mass shooting, but it doesn’t matter. They’re going to keep saying it because they are willfully ignorant and have such a hatred towards an inanimate object that they allow it to make them inhuman. They wallow in their stupidity quite happily, much like swine do in the mud.

Sorry to break it to you folks, but that’s it. There’s nothing more to it.Don’t bother exchanging with these people. Find something else to do. You’d be better off talking to a wall-and hell, at least a wall has substance to it. I don’t do it anymore, I’m done.

There are some of you that might wonder how I arrived at this conclusion, and I have a simple answer: Paris. On the evening of November 13th, the world watched as a handful of terrorists slaughtered 129 people in a country where no private gun ownership is allowed at all. They didn’t care for the law, and certainly didn’t care for the people of France, nor did they care during the preceding attack upon Charlie Hebdo. They were there to slaughter as many people as they could, and their mission was a success both times thanks to gun control.

Call me pretentious, but I felt that in the aftermath of both of those events, gun-control should have henceforth been considered a non-issue. The argument should have been over. One would think that at that point any anti-gunner would be able to muster up the slightest scintilla, the tiniest modicum of intelligence–and admit “Hey. Gun control even in its ultimate form is completely pointless. Criminals willalway s get guns. We were wrong.” However, they didn’t, and I felt pretty disheartened.

For a moment there, I actually thought anti-gunners were  going to experience the same epiphany the rest of us did when we realized that evil must be met with force in order for it not to thrive, but they clung to their failed solutions, screamed out their dated and meaningless platitudes,and the only reason they didn’t blame the NRA was because the attack took place in Europe. It was then that I knew I had to give up talking to these people–and what happened next was perhaps an extra nail in the coffin alongside what should have been the last.

The terrorists in San Bernadino, muchlike the terrorists in France, did not care about laws. They did not care about the fact that the rifles they purchased had to have an intact bullet-button by California la w. They did not care about the complete prohibition of carrying firearms in public by California law. They did not care for a multitude of statutes that they violated one after another, and they certainly didn’t care that murder was illegal either. They were there to kill, and they did their job without interruption thanks to gun-control. Again.

Once more, I looked at social media to see what the response would be. To my absolute disgust, it was more of the same. Disarm the public, don’t let anyone carry, ban the guns, this is the NRA’s fault, more guns don’t solve the gun problem. I couldn’t believe it. They kept the same reaction? After France, which justhappened?  Where no one is allowed to have a gun? Needless to say, I was appalled. There I was thinking that Dorie from Finding Nemo had a short memory.

What gun-haters fail to understand is that laws are meaningless to the sick and depraved; they are little more than words on paper, and only apply to the people that follow them. The argument in return from them is of course “Then why have laws?” and my retort is “Simple. To keep you a good little slave for the next election season.The politicians are merely going to say ‘Thanks for the vote, sucker. I’m going to drive home with my personal security detail, who have guns. Good luck out there.’” Inevitably, more people are going to die.

The truth is this: anti-gun legislators aren’t writing bills to protect the people, that’s one of the greatest optical illusions ever conceived. All one has to do is look closer to see that it’s not legislation that they’re writing out, it’s merely the average citizen’s death warrant. It’s really quite a simple concept, but the anti-gunners don’t care and instead remain obedient when told to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. They’re like zombies from the walking dead, the only difference being that they retained just enough of their brain cells after becoming reanimated to repeatedly say the words “common sense gun laws” instead of just groaning at you while they’re trying to eat your face.

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, I leave it up to you whether you want to follow in my footsteps or not. I’m not out of the fight by any means, I am committed for the rest of my life. I’m just done communicating with stupid people. It took me too long to realize that the back and forth isn’t worth it. I just had to realize the truth. Anti-Gunners have gone full potato.

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  1. Well, Brother, you’ve arrived where I arrived about 15 years ago.

    There’s no helping it – after awhile, you just can’t take the stupidity any more. For liberals, it’s all about their feelings – and not just on gun control. You can’t fight feelings with logic, reason, facts and statistics.

    • IN fact, a recent preliminary study came to this exact same conclusion: people who are invested in the outcome of any given question are less likely to employ logic than emotion, and are more likely to hold to their emotional conclusions even in the face of irrefutable logic than when not so engaged.

      • And yet, despite my tens of thousands invested in the gun hobby to the antis’ zero, I’m not impugning their sex organs, calling them murderers, or suggesting terrorists or the State murder them and their families in their sleep. It’s not about investment, or even ’emotional investment’ –I got plenty of that, too, since I really like my guns– it’s about choosing whether or not to think. Far too many Americans made that decision when they first entered grade school, which is why their solutions and worldview remain those of a first grader, still believing in the infallibility of authority, and not having experienced the difference between intentions and results.

    • That point came for me in 2012. I could forgive my liberal in-laws for being naive about Obama, in round one. I could not believe their religious belief in the Narrative, round two.

      Just stopped talking politics all together after that- it was sad, but necessary, to keep it light. Just didnt want to embarrass them further with the cognitive dissonance- it only enraged them to point out what was obvious – like talking to a wet alcoholic in denial.

      • there is a cure, but it can be lethal. Some people who live on cloud 9 get rudely awakened by a home invasion or robbery, and will sometimes turn in their beliefs for a firearm, in case it happens again. Often as not though, they are killed and don’t have the chance to apply the lesson that life just gave them.

    • My revelation came years ago also. Ironically since then I have had low energy conversations with anti gun people that came to me to rail, and the approach I took was that I would just pleasantly talk to them about why I had a different viewpoint and the conversations usually went pleasantly. I think it may have been because the dynamic changed as I had not intention of convincing them of anything. Strangely I think that approach actually worked toward a real conversation, and in one instance changed the persons viewpoint to where they decided that they could see the way to their getting a pistol permit and carrying.

      I know it is slim odds but once I “gave up” and just talked it got a lot easier. The other side is that the real blowhard just avoid me after a couple talks, I think they became weary of “popping veins” in their forehead while I was the “nice patient one”, it must have been infuriating.

  2. i realized this a couple months ago when talking to an old highschool “buddy” of mine who recently came out as an unwavering republican hating communist who thinks assault weapons will destroy america. now i generally walk away from folks who choose to be stubborn against our rights… not worth my time.

  3. The answer, if there is one, is in the courts. Not in logic or reason or cooperation. Just a judgment, upheld by the Supreme Court. Nothing else.

    • SCOTUS seems to have no useful or effective enforcement arm. Hell, they don’t even bother to enforce their own decisions by taking on new cases that are in direct conflict with their previous pronouncements.

      How has Washington D.C. managed to avoid and subvert the Heller decision after all these years? Why are these people not in Federal prisons?

      It is a very dangerous precedent to presume that 5 of 9 un-elected men subject to no oversight short of Congressional impeachment should be allowed to decide the meaning of the Constitution and have that decision not be subject to any further scrutiny without their own approval.

  4. You can’t argue against stupidity. It’ll drag you to its level and beat you with experience. You can only hope to beat it at the polls and hope the institutionalized stupidity is too timid or incompetent to act on its illogical inclinations.

  5. TTAG Reader, your post came three days too late for me. This was my capitulation regarding

    I give up. PirateEdwardLow has defeated me with logic, reason and unimpeachable interweb references. I submit that I am either stupid, ignorant or incompetent and probably a combination of the three. I shall now walk the plank.

    Before my last swim though, let me take advantage of the condemned man’s last spiel.

    Though never under the illusion that anything would influence Ed’s beliefs or opinions, I did want to show that there is another point of view and not all of his conclusions were reasonable. No one in Ed’s boat will be persuaded and no one in my camp needs persuasion.

    Those of you on the fence as far as gun control might be persuaded by some of my references, some not. It is worth taking the chance.

    Those of you that are full out gun control advocates should visit Or Let me explain. Some of my associates turn the sound off any time Hillary’s voice is on the TV or radio. I think that is a mistake. You should know how the opposition plans to make your life miserable.

    Remember my questions:

    Do you have the right to defend yourself?
    If so, what is the best way to do that?

    Ed never answered those questions.

    Now I am going to destroy any credibility that I may have had by referencing Cale Yarborough and his quote about wrestling.

    Take someone to the range this weekend.
    Keep your powder dry.

  6. When I argue with a rabid anti-gunner, I am not trying to convince him of anything. I am actually talking to the others nearby (or blog lurkers) who can be convinced. My purpose is to show them that the rabid anti-gunner is SO TERRIBLY Wrong that you should just ignore him. And I think I have been quite successful at that effort.

    • ^This. I quit responding to the usual idiocy, but occasionally I see someone who appears to be interested in actual information to form an opinion, and that is when I will dump all over a facebook thread. Links, Data, etc. You know, stuff the disarmament folks don’t have.

      • My point was that even when I am conversing with one of the idiots, the rational people are nearby listening to our conversation (reading our facebook comments), and they are the ones I am actually trying to convince. It looks like I am only talking to the idiot, but I’m actually concerned about the passive listeners in the background.
        Eventually, either the idiot or I will give up on the conversation, but the passive listeners will have learned a lot about the subject, and about the type of personalities on both sides of the issue.

    • +1
      Educate the curious watchers. Let the fools take off their masks of sanity so the people can see them for who they really are.

    • +1
      You will get no place arguing with a gun-hater, in hopes of leading him to truth. But permitting the idiocy of their commentary to stand unrefuted lets the vast number of “undecideds” and “uninformed” with only one twisted, gun-hating view in front of them.

      • … which is why all the antigun websites and Facebook pages delete comments (and eventually commentERS) that disagree with their narrative. Their lies can only survive in an echo chamber where they are never disputed.

  7. It’s good to argue – as others could read your comments. When I say others – I am talking about people not from MDA, etc. You very well could make a topic that someone cares little about into something they care a lot more about. Also, when your arguments are logically sound – others will use them in their comments elsewhere. Believe it or not – a lot of this comes from the public opionion. When your legislators see ten thousand comments criticizing the arguments of an anti – they see what the public opinion is. This republic is barely left standing – don’t voice your opionion and they will take things from you.

  8. I gave up. Sheep gotta’ sheep. Most anti-dolts know next to NOTHING about guns,proper nomenclature,the law,how to buy a gun or 2A…the only convert I seek is leading them to Christ.

  9. I don’t believe in explaining myself to people who are committed to misunderstanding me. Sometimes, though, I dive head first into leftist comment sections and start dropping facts and reason just for the sheer enjoyment I take from reading their expletive filled anti-freedom rants. Arguing with me is like mud wrestling with a pig. You might not be having a good time, but after a few minutes you start to realize that the pig likes it.

    The fence sitters are a different story. Those are the folks who are capable of rational thought, and simply haven’t been exposed to any real knowledge about firearms. They’re worth talking too.

  10. One of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in the recent past was one of the inlaws. She seemed to think that the government was there to take care of everything, and didn’t care about individual rights. That’s a sheep looking to get sheared, or worse put on the dinner table.

    As a society one of the things that’s made us great is we have a huge amount of autonomy. When it’s gone, the experiment has largely failed. We will continue to lose strength, lose thoughts and lose valuable people (Immigration is a mixed bag, but we do import and keep some super smart people) that are critical to this country’s prosperity.

  11. There is no point in arguing with a dyed-in-the-wool, hardcore gun-grabber.

    The only time it is productive is when fence sitters are listening to the conversation.

    Please research Ben Shapiro for a more in-depth analysis of this topic. You won’t be disappointed.

  12. Great rant!

    Gun control is an ideology, not a science. Gun prohibitionists dont believe in God, they believe in one all powerful government.

  13. You cannot debunk with facts that, which is devoid of logic. Liberals are devout followers of the government worshiping cult. Your words are heresy.

  14. “Anti-Gunners have gone full potato.”

    I normally use a more colorful metaphor, but ‘full potato’ also works. 😀

  15. Clearly the actions and rhetoric from the left in the last week has proven there is no room for debate even if someone were so inclined.

    Pregame show is over. Pick your team and lets play!

  16. Great piece Robert. I’ve read posts from anti’s on forums and they’re just as tired of us as we are of them. They’ll agree with people like the nutter from New Republic that said, “It’s time to ban all guns” but they know that’s not going to happen, so some of them don’t care to waste their time discussing it.

  17. I think you can fight it, otherwise incremental change wouldn’t work. For people interested in taking away guns, show them that trying to take guns away will do nothing to fix the evil in the world and that it’s a futile effort. For people on the fence, talk to them about the virtues of self reliance and home defense, the need to be better prepared, and that gun control is socially discriminatory. Always be civil.

  18. Welcome to this side of the room, RF. Any sane person comes to similar conclusions given enough time. 🙂

    It’s not the end of something, but rather, a whole other way of looking at the struggle. I predict that your eyes will be opened to a new perspective on the fight to restore the RKBA and the bigger picture of individual liberty.

  19. True dat. Antis, in the main, are stunningly ignorant of the subject matter, and putty for the political manipulators. They are equally naive about human nature, products of an educational system that coddles them in a moveable womb until college graduation. As lifelong Special Snowflakes they reject both the concept that we are each responsible for our fate and that life contains hard knocks, wipe your snotty nose and continue to march.
    Since nothing is the individual’s fault they cast about for inanimate objects to focus their ire, so guns. They also were indoctrinated with the hogwash that people aren’t evil, they just make bad choices because of their disadvantaged youths, and shooting a criminal in self defense blots out the guy who would find a cure for cancer after he’s rehabilitated. In other words they’re full of shit, and I could care less except now they’re trying to deprive me of my constitutional right to keep and bear. For my own peace of mind I don’t engage them, except for an occasional scout to see if they’re making any headway toward their objective.

  20. It was good up until you referred to France as “… a country where no private gun ownership is allowed at all.”, then I stopped reading as that assumption is completely false.

    Carry for self-defense is not allowed (unless you are rich/famous/well-connected/politician), but ownership is permit based and very strict.

  21. I fully agree with your point. Contesting their feelings is pointless.

    I offer this perspective: Antis tend to be sheep for a reason. I often find they like being led by others who will feed their insatiable need for emotional support, over logic and intellectual stimuli. It’s too much effort to think it through logically. Fear of responsibility (easier to blame others) seems to be one common thread.

    When is the last time emotion and logic worked hand in hand? I find that these are diametrically opposed and as such, proportionately unlikely to accept our viewpoint and opinions.

    So let them be the lemmings who gather in gun free zones and become victims of horrific fate. Then when they questions why no one saved them, maybe they will wake up to the realization that we must all bare some responsibility for safety ourselves and others, as no one alphabet soup politically empowered arm can protect everyone every time. Except in the land of Bloomberg’s, Feinstein’s and unicorns.

    I hate to see people lose life over stupidity and random acts of violence. But if they persist…

  22. The first Obama term brought to light who the liberals in the family were. Any former civility extended towards those relatives ended when we were told ” He won. Get over it”. Interestingly, this individual owns a few firearms and pooh-pooed all evidence that his dear leader would eventually seek to grab them. He is a member of the Democrat controlled public unions, actually now retired with a lavish pension. These folks are our version of the old Soviet style Apparatachik Class, party members who enjoyed the finer things in life denied the proletariat class. He knows (or thinks) that HIS guns are not in jeopardy, because of his connections.
    We had exactly one discussion on gun control a few years back when I was told “no one needs assault weapons”. In other words, your gun ownership should be defined by their ideas.
    My wife and I have adjusted to spending our holidays with our dogs.

  23. Great Article! I’m in exactly the same place. After Paris I couldn’t believe that they are so stupid that they don’t even know when they are undermining THEIR OWN arguments! Like when the say that Paris means WE need more gun control. Doesn’t Paris already have it? Like when they say that California’s gun laws are great except that people bring guns in from Arizona (except when they don’t). So that means criminals ignore California’s gun laws? That Mexico has a higher murder rate despite their draconian gun laws because of the drug cartels and “you know, it IS after all, Mexico (thats not racist at all). So in Mexico gun violence is about something other than guns, but here its all abut guns? I pity them. It must be difficult to live in the mobius strip they call life.

  24. On those who are against the right of humans to defend themselves:
    These people do not have an “opinion”; they have a neurosis. You can reason away a poorly-formed opinion; there’s nothing you can do with a neurosis.

  25. Great work. Now maybe TTAG readers will just link to this article instead of posting paragraphs-long comments on every Facebook post.

  26. Michael Savage identified the problem many years ago when he first declared: “liberalism is a mental disease”. The true rabid liberal thinkers’ brain is ruled by feelings and emotions – they predictably become upset and cross-wired whenever fact and logic proves them wrong.

    Decided years ago not to allow my joy of life be taken away by the miserable joyless lefties constantly working to drag everyone down to their level of misery.

    The saving grace is no liberal will ever die (themselves) promoting their own warped beliefs – most are shrewd enough to realize their emotional based drivel is not worth dying for, and therefore nothing is worth dying for …. so, they promote and elect politicians by proxy to enlist the sons and daughters of others to do the dirty work for them.

    Anybody willing to die for a cause are stupid and must be used only for liberal-inspired missions, such as the expansion of global socialism / communism and ultimate people control.

    Don’t worry about the grabbers. When the day of reckoning arrives and only 5% of gun owners elect to stand their ground and force them to “come and take them”, the grabbing will soon cease. The liberal establishment does not have the emotional will to follow through with the dirty work of taking them from the law-abiding. In America, there are not enough proxies available to do it for them. Freedom is still too ingrained in our DNA – but they’ll never understand until they try.

  27. I continue to debate anti gunners even when it seems like a waste of time…why? Because I am not really discussing it with an anti gunner…I am presenting our side of the issue to people who may be passing by….who decide to see what the issue is about. these are the normal people…wh don’t pay attention to the deeper aspects of the issues and only get what they know about guns from the anti gun journalists they get their news,from, the anti gun television shows that slip in anti gun talking points, and the anti gun movies made by anti gunners who are surrounded by armed body guards. also…these normal people get their info from sound bites from anti gun politicians who get their views covered by anti gun journolists.

    So though debating an anti gunner is pointless, you may be debating in front of a new person interested in the issue….especially after a mass shooting. They will hear issues like universal background checks…and to a normal person they sound great…but they don’t know the real reason the anti gunners push the,…which is what I point out…..ditto a for licensing gun owners, registration and magazine limits.

    also..I mp know that people who are not involved in the issue do not understand the reasons for the 2nd Amendment…….they don’t understand human history…not even current human history of government mass murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing…so I engage in that discussion as well.

    If we don’t give our arguments, in the most contentious arenas, then only the anti freedom, anti gun extremists will be heard by the non involved people…

    We have a unique tool..the Internet. In the old days the anti gunners could throw out a false statistic or view point and the only way to refute it would be going through actual books and finding passages that supported our points….no longer.

    the anti gunners lie…and throw out a stat..and we can immediately counter it with the truth, facts and reality…with links and quotes from actual research and immediately counter any lie.

    That is why I still debate anti gunners…not to change them…but to inform those looking in…who have no idea what the real issues are…….we have to fight on every piece of real estate there is…because the anti gunners do.

    Do you realize how many people we reach with the Internet…..? Facebook, Twitter…all of it. They are our best tool to fight the anti gunners…use them…..

    Start debating again…people have died to keep these rights alive. debating moron gun grabbers is the least we can do.

  28. Thanks for the wall of rambling text just to tell me that you don’t have the rhetorical or argument skills to actually convince anyone of anything. Your entire point appears to be, “They won’t listen to me so they’re stupid.” and, “I’m only going to preach to the choir now because I lack any skill at debate.”

    Get over yourself.

  29. Well, I did it again. When RF posted that “quote of the day” from George Skelton, I actually e-mailed the guy, asking if he had ever heard of Dianne Feinstein and her “turn ’em in”, and pointing out that the “ball bats” he mentioned (along with other blunt instruments) account for more murders than his so-called “assault weapons”. And he actually wrote back, saying among other things he would be interested in seeing statistics on the “ball bat” thing , because he didn’t think I had any. So I spent half a minute on google and sent him the FBI murder stats by weapon for 2009-2013. And I haven’t heard from him since. A “reasonable” anti is about as rare as a “pro-gun” Dem national-office holder; both are approaching yeti/sasquatch status.

  30. Sad part about the whole situation is that this debate was created by Democrats trying to show they were doing something about Chicago crime in Capone days, now its a Smokescreen diversion for incompetent Politicians for talking points to avoid the real issues! the only positive way too win is choose a politician that truly believes in the Constitution and is not owned by a Machine of faceless party bosses that are not accountable to People, except by force of Arms which sadly too say is coming because of policies designed to squander the wealth, health, and Heritage of this USA!
    Semper Paratus,

  31. I use to argue for the 2A every time I found anything attempting to tear it down. I still argue, but now I look for a bigger audience. I typically bait them with a touch of vitriol to get their attention, then I turn on the calm and respectful act, while trying to not let them stray to a different topic. It’s hard to nail the Gunlighters down, but you can eventually get to the point of them having to ignore your questions, and this leaves them looking like they are supporting the weaker position. I will admit, it’s not as much fun as it used to be. I think I’m going to change tactics, and just start finding people/friends that have never fired a gun before or may have a negative image of guns, and take them to the range.

  32. Nicely written and right on point. The old adage “Never argue with an idiot” comes to my mind immediately.

    Everyone is better of trying to talk with those that are on the fence and try and bring them around before one of these idiots gets to them.

  33. I am a student of History.

    Anti-gunners are True Believers.

    I am noticing a strange comparisons
    between the Radical Islamic Fanatics and Anti-gunners of today.

    I am also noticing another comparison with the
    Radical Republicans of the Northern Yankee States leading up to
    the War Between the States.

    Disarmament then Subjugation.

    Do not under estimate how far your opponent is willing to go
    to put you in subjugation.

  34. Well said, you can not fix stupid.
    I was always told gun control was hitting your intended target with each and every shot.
    This started in Canada way back in 1989 with a mas shooting in Montreal QC and 14 people were killed. Yes, it is and was a shame it happened. Because of this the government has brought out some very poorly thought out laws.
    As they say, when in Rome….

  35. “Sorry to break it to you folks, but that’s it. There’s nothing more to it.Don’t bother exchanging with these people. Find something else to do. …”

    Once you realize you are talking “with” a wall, the goal isn’t to persuade them, it’s to persuade the people listening in.

    Conveniently, the anti-folks are energetic, aggressive, and creative about making themselves look stupid. Although, you know, give them a little help with that from time to time.

  36. Talking to liberals/anti-gunners is like trying to take down a concrete wall by banging your head against it. It doesn’t take long before you realize that wall is not going anywhere and all you are doing is giving yourself a headache. You can’t fix stupid, no matter how hard you try.

  37. Thank you, Robert. Been saying the same for a long time, but don’t have a blog anyone would ever read.

    You perhaps overlooked (or were being economical) a couple of traits of low information citizens: they believe they are good people who would never be in a place where bad guys would hurt them; they believe law abiding gun carriers will accidentally shoot them, so keeping guns out of the hands of non-criminals allows liberals/leftists/statists/progressives/democrats to carry on in their selfish illusion of life and “goodness”. You rightly label these people as craven.

    Your essay also outlines why I would never defend with a firearm someone not of my family; wouldn’t want to inadvertently save one of these (what’s the word?), oh yeah, libtards.

  38. To whomever wrote this article. Good write-up. I heard your doctor saying that you need a range trip. I will take you, on my dime.

  39. Not trying to brag, but I figured this out faster than you, haha. I think I just jade faster, sigh…

    Anyway I am back to at least trying to talk to people. But I don’t talk to people to whom the conclusion if foregone already. That’d be hypocritical anyway. There’s nothing you could say to ME to make me switch sides, so why should I expect them to?

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