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We’re officially in the dog days now. The kids are buying their back to school stuff and will be out of your hair again soon. Only four more weeks until Labor Day weekend and the official end of the swimming season. That means you’ll need to┬ádrain your swimmin’ hole. Click above to see the official Smith & Wesson-approved method for season-end pool maintenance (and some other .50 caliber fun).

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    • “Meet an asshole in the morning, you met an asshole. Meet assholes all day, maybe your the asshole. “-Raylan … one of the best tv shows in years! I’m gonna miss it…

    • I had to sell my H&R single shot in .45-70 because I kept eye-ballin’ that Magnum Research BFR.

  1. I gotta say that guy shooting the pool from the lawn chair pic resonated with me. Five years of setting up, taking down, screwing with pool chemicals and cheap parts, all for the kids to have a good time in the summer was worth it, especially compared to paying $100,000 for a nice inground pool and $300 month to some pool guy to do same….

    but was I ready to destroy it and haul to the dump when done…:)

    Then I got to fantasyzing about doing it fast- and remembered- wait, did the The Master of all Guns…
    google,hmmm…yes, he did!
    Start at 1:30 here

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