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Dustin Doyle writes:

Lots of exciting things are happening in Minnesota politics. and have most of the details. We passed five firearms bills out of the House and Senate, including a controversial suppressor bill. They are now part of an omnibus bill and can’t be line-item vetoed. Our governor is threatening a veto of the whole omnibus which would force a special session of the legislature which just adjourned at midnight a hour ago for the year. This would entail . . .

repassing the entire omnibus public safety bill from scratch, both the policy and financial stuff. As part of a compromise to get the omnibus bill passed and to get the gun stuff left in, we allowed the Senate version to add some tough-on-crime stuff: felon in possession of ammo and straw purchase crime that mirrors federal law but allows local and state authorities to prosecute, and we removed the shall sign provision of the suppressor bill.

We could use Minnesotans’ help to aid our all-out push to convince the governor to sign Senate File 878 Omnibus Public Safety Finance & Policy bill. Plus there is some interesting stuff to be reported.

If you want to wade through a lot more details, I have been live blogging the whole fight for the last three years. It started with us playing defense after Sandy hook, then defense against Everytown in 2014, and now offense in 2015. The NRA and ASA (American Suppressor Association) also have lots of info about the recent Minnesota issues.

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  1. I wasn’t expecting my email to be copied somewhat verbatim. I now wish I had cleaned it up better. Thank you for posting that.

    As an update, the governor vetoed the education funding and policy omnibus bill thus guaranteeing a special session. We wont know if SF878 will be signed or vetoed until Friday, possibly right before the deadline at midnight.

    • The hour ago should be updated to say Midnight on Monday or similar. I wrote that email very early Tuesday morning.

      Since that email GOCRA’s website was taken down by a DDos that originated from Russia. A few other MN gun sites were taken down as well.

      • Methinks Putin is not actually behind the DDOS on an US based, civil liberty movement website.

        Besides, you can rent a DDOS cannon to point at whatever you feel like paying for these days.

        • I wasn’t trying to imply that I/we thought the Russians were behind it. Just that the source of the traffic was from there. A few people think they know who the local perpetrators are. This is not the first time GOCRA has been attacked.

      • Another update: The bill wasn’t officially presented to the governor until yesterday, Wednesday the 20th. The governor has until midnight Saturday to sign, veto, or just let it become law without any action from him.

        Out state lobby group has a petition that they have presented to the governor. They are looking to drop off more names in the next few days. Every Minnesota resident please sign the petition to support passage of the pro gun bills.

        Call Governor Dayton at 651-201-3400 and ask him to sign SF878 – The Omnibus Public Safety Bill. Be sure to mention that you’re an individual voter as they’re trying to filter out “gun group calls”.

        Also please email the governor as well. has a form ready to be sent.

        • ##############################

          ***** We Won!! Bill signed into law!! ****


          Possession legal July 1st, hunting legal August 1st.

  2. Wow, what an ignorant and foolish man. A boob elected by boobs.

    Why does it matter if “shall sign” is the law? If it’s the law, LE is absolved of liability. And people can always go around them and get trusts. It’s mind boggling that such a compromise was even considered a compromise. These gun grabbers are mentally deranged.

    • The one police group that opposed suppressors as a whole is also funded by Bloomberg, I think 25k for “training”. I will look into it. The rest of the police groups didn’t oppose suppressors.

      Shall sign even had liability protection for the police who did sign, and it was a simple well laid out “mechanical” objective check too. If someone was not a criminal they get permission in 15 IIRC days, no judgement calls, just objective facts. If criminal then no, else yes.

      The education bill he vetoed was over a provision that failed in both the House and Senate. Dayton didn’t even try to push for it until it was too late, and now he is just throwing his weight around.

    • Barry is trying to get ATF to close-up the Trust thing and require trusts to get Chief LEO sign-off.

        • That is easy to fix. Florida has a statute that as soon as MN recognizes ours, the AG will tell the Secretary of Agriculture to add MN to the reciprocity list. If someone drops us like Wash did, we drop them. NM tried that crap. We dropped them, then they put us back and we put them back.

    • We tried to improve reciprocity to a greater extent, but the only change is that “significantly similar” was changed to “similar”. I am not sure if any other changes occurred, but we didn’t get all that we wanted. We are planning on taking another bite at improving it again, hopefully in 2016. No plans have been made yet.

  3. Good luck! The more states who get legal suppressor use, the harder it is for them to be arbitrarily banned in the future. CA is still going to suck, but I hope to go on offense here as well.

  4. If this clown vetoes it, I hope the put it right back in there and over-ride his but and if they can’t do that, send it back.

    • Whoa, don’t paint with such a broad brush, there. Minnesota is a lot like other blue states where the urban areas (Twin Cities and Duluth) are the tail that wags the dog. Everyone I talked to outside of the Twin Cities was more than happy to live and let live, and they voted accordingly. But with so many great social welfare (read: redistribution) programs, the Dems are quite adapt at keeping their voting numbers up.

      Still, that is one of the big reasons I was more than willing to move to Colorado. Besides, the weather is a lot nicer here. 🙂

    • You do realize that MN only gets painted as a blue state because of all the hipsters in the twin cities right? If you look at voting in the last election most of the state is red until you hit the blue dots of the twin cities.

  5. Let him shut the whole damn government down over a pro-gun bill if that’s what he wants to do. I think it would be a great strategy for exposing the left for the idiots they are.

    • Might even pave the way for someone who is slightly less of a bought-and-paid-for, sloped-forehead, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, finger-painting, mewling moron of a Neanderthal to replace him in 2016.

      But, I’m probably asking for far too much from the political class.

  6. Wait may20 and they’re already adjourning for the year? What are they being paid to do for the other 7 months?

    • Several states are fortunate enough to have a part time legislature. Most of them work other jobs, or are retired.

      • Florida has a part time legislature as well. A few states have legislatures than don’t meet every year.

      • Ours is part time in Colorado, but we’ve seen the damage they can do with the wrong mix of legislators.

    • It’s only a summer vacation, I think they go to camp like in Meatballs. Camp Crystal Lake would be better, especially if they took the governor.

    • Let’s see, which would I prefer … A pol who gets paid to leave me alone, or one who feels compelled to use that time to think of things to legislate about…

      • That is a damn good point! I’m going to circulate a petition moving to limit California legislative sessions to 3 days. One long weekend to get sh!t done, then they’re SOL. They’d probably still find a way to rape the bejezus outta the constitution though…

        • 3 days sounds right for any state. Day one hear the discussions, day two hold the votes, day three congratulate yourselves over good Scotch.

  7. This is about education Spending, not so much the suppressor thing. Its all I hear on the news. He wants full day public preschool and kindergarten, which I think is a great idea.

    I could see the suppressor thing passing here, but I wouldn’t be suprised if he uses it for leverage. Im planning on setting up a trust and building a SBR soon (atomic), a suppressor on it would be uber awesome.

    • It kinda seems like he is thinking about holding other bills hostage for his preschool dreams. I have my favorite FFL ready to order the moment they can. I am of course hoping to beat the feared changes to the NFA-trust rules. I got the SBR form 1 in a month ago. I am heading to a less progressive state within a year though. For me, MN sucks.

    • “He wants full day public preschool and kindergarten, which I think is a great idea”

      Off topic, but you think requiring your neighbors to pay for your babysitters is a good idea? That’s astonishing. Are you wanting to force them to mow your lawn, as well?

      • I don’t mind paying to put kids in school. Its cheaper than putting them in jail later. Its not off topic, as its his main reason for vetoing the bill. I have heard him say nothing about suppressors to support his veto.

        Here in MN, we give a shit about our youth. I can barely afford preschool for my kid, me and my wife work full time. Its not about spending other peoples money, its about THE RIGHT of our kids to a proper education.

        The rich are not the only ones entitled to good education

  8. He don’t have an ass to shove it up, he’s more of a chicken so that’s a cloaca, right? The omni-hole for his omni-bus…

    Know wut?

    Chicken butt!

    • Note that the previous commentator is a different Dustin.

      I should also point out that a very similar drama is unfolding in Iowa. Their cause deserves attention too. for info

  9. Looks like the pro 2nd Amendment crowd plays hardball in MN. Meanwhile, in IL, Madigan (Speaker of the House) and Cullerton (Senate President) won’t even allow a suppressor bill out of committee because they are afraid it will pass. They are both liberal democrats, as if you didn’t already guess that.

  10. The governor’s actions are just plain vindictive at this point. First of all, roughly 3 dozen states allow suppressors and no one is using them to assassinate people — it will be no different in Minnesota. Second, a criminal who wants a suppressed firearm to assassinate people can steal a suppressor or easily make their own suppressor.

    Statutes which criminalize suppressor ownership and use are nothing more than a weapon against good people who wish to use their firearms without annoying their neighbors.

  11. What you have here is a group of Anti Gun Southern Minnesota Democrats, trying to impose there will on the Northern half of the State!
    Mr. Dayton is a butt head always was and will be! a Ball less weasel!
    Because a few people will use these items in a bad way let’s screw everybody equally!
    I would like nothing better than to Hunt Coyotes, at night using a night Vision scope and suppressor! Not to mention shooting Hungry bears in the Yard which are killing dogs, or barn cats killing chickens, Rabid skunks etc! because these realities are beyond the experience level of most pot lickers they must be bad.

    • It’s not “Southern Minnesota” – it’s Minneapolis and St. Paul.

      There are plenty of conservatives here in southern MN; we just can’t outnumber the liberals that Hennepin and Ramsey counties are stuffed to the gills with. Northern MN is fairly blue, especially along the lake shore where union labor is more influential, but apart from St. Louis County (Duluth), they’re so sparsely populated that they have very little influence on a statewide election.

      Take a look at the most recent gubernatorial voting map. Hennepin and Ramsey were deep blue as expected, but ALL the other metro-area counties and most of the rest of southern MN were red. Northern MN went largely blue, but even St. Louis County had fewer TOTAL voters than Dayton’s margin of victory in Hennepin. It’s the two big cities – and especially Minneapolis proper – that’s the major problem here.

      • Spot on Joe, Southern MN is very Red and I am proud to live here. Our NFA laws could be better. Hope we get suppressors. Probably never SBS’s and I could never afford an MG but wish we had a path to them rather than just C&R,

  12. Ask him to cite one murder proven to have been committed with a legally owned silencer anywhere in the US, ever.

    Then wait patiently.


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