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“People who follow the rules can protect themselves and their families from people who don’t follow the rules. The Second Amendment should never be an afterthought. It should reside at the forefronts of our minds.” – Georgia Governor Nathan Deal quoted in Georgia Governor Signs ‘Unprecedented’ Gun Rights Bill [at]

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  1. Wait, there are people who don’t follow rules? Then why do we have all these rules? I mean, here in NY, I thought I was protected by the RULES!!!


  2. Truth spoken to the leftist in their rag! Kudos Governor Deal. Said it the way it needed to be said. Plain speaking, plain English, easy to understand. To the point. Lead the way for us to return to gun sanity and a true understanding and reality of the Second Amendment!

  3. What’s ‘unprecidented’ about it? In Iowa you can legally carry in a bar AND drink. You can carry in a church, you can ignore ‘no firearms’ signs in businesses. In fact the precedent that was established when this nation was founded was that your right to keep and bear arms ‘shall not be infringed’. How is scaling back unconstitutional infringements ‘unprecedented’?

    • It’s unprecedented because the media does not do research on topics anymore. So for them this is the first time they are seeing a law such as this. Also they live in those anti gun bastions of America so any roll back of gun laws is unprrcedented.

      • I believe that the “unprecedented” comment came from one of the Va Tech survivors (Colin Goddard?).
        It makes me sad that my alma mater turns out grads with such little reasoning ability….

        • The purpose of college these days is to squash reason and independent thinking.

          Gun free zones didn’t stop the VT shooter (and his 10 round magazines). Why would more gun free zones work? I know, preaching to the choir here.

      • This ^ I haven’t read the law thoroughly but these practices have been going on legally in NH (& VT for that matter) for a long time. The are not even close to being unprecedented. We have guns EVERYWHERE and NH is arguably the safest state in the Union to live in. I say arguably because depending on the ranking it is sometimes first but is always in the top 3.

        • Iowa is right up their with NH and VT. Always in the lowest 5 in murder rates.

    • The laws are pretty much the same here in Washington. I can’t figure out what the stink is about Georgia. Anti-gun idiots always like to pretend that whenever a state loosens its rules to be more similar to other states, it’s GUNS EVERYWHERE and UNPRECEDENTED. Just like they lie about UBCs being the fix for criminals getting guns, when it has already been done & tried in numerous states and failed to do so. They ignore reality & results.

        • Although the last polling estimates I saw were predicting the 2A-friendly initiative 591 would pass (if by a slim margin), the egregious I-594 was also predicted to pass, and by a fairly large margin. We have some educating to do.

          If they both pass, I think the legislature decides which of the conflicting initiatives should become law — and that’s a little more encouraging, because so far the state legislature has been very friendly to the Second Amendment. Some really draconian anti-gun crap was proposed after Sandy Hook, and it got shot down almost instantly, with prejudice; never even came up for a vote.

          Maybe we’ll squeak through this okay, but it’s making me really nervous.

    • The only bar in my town, in Iowa, has a “No Firearms” decal on the front door. The owner is cool about me CCing, I just don’t make a big deal about it.

      • If he didn’t like it he could refuse you service, but you wouldn’t be breaking the law, so calling the police would get him no where, provided of course that the local PD new what the law states which is no guarantee. Top .08% BAC though and your permit is invalid, which would be a serious misdemeanor.

    • Add Indiana,where the only legally-enforceable gun free zones are government buildings that contain a courtroom and schools.

    • At the risk of getting flamed, I do not approve of a law superseeding a “no guns” sign at a business – or a residence.

      Their property, their rules. ‘Course, I’d do business elsewhere, but basically it’s allowing trespass.

      After all, I can and do reserve the right to kick saggy-pantsers out of my office.

      • The business owner has every right to refuse you service if he doesn’t like your sidearm.

        And in Iowa there is no law that supersedes anything. There just simply is no law saying that you have to abide by the business owner’s sign.

  4. While it’s sad that we ever needed this bill in the first place, it makes me happy to see all the liberals get their knickers in a twist over in the HuffPo comments section. Proud of my state for passing this bill and increasing the number of places we can legally carry. Now if only we could get campus carry passed, since I spend 95% of my time in public on a college campus. Do I now have legal precedent to sue the state of Georgia to allow me to carry at school, since this new bill legalizes carry in unsecured government buildings, and I think every building at the state college I attend and work at would meet the requirements of “unsecured government building:?

    • Restoration of our 2A rights in Georgia is an incremental process. Campus carry will happen eventually. I’m thinking, “government building” would probably have to indicate some type of government activity was taking place there. While public universities are, by definition, owned by the government/we the people, I don’t think I would want to go to court to find out the answer to that question.

  5. I am seeing three types of Republicans emrge and they fit into one of these catagories:
    1) The RINO
    John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Olympia Snow (gone thank goodness) etc.
    2) The apologist
    Marco Rubio, John Boehner etc.
    3) The Conservative
    Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy, Mike Lee, Scott Walker, Nathan Deal etc.

    I may have mis-characterised some of these people based on misinformation so feel free to make your own list. My point is I can’t stand a politician claiming to be Conservative among his supporters then claiming to be a moderate among the populous. Those are the ones I call “Apologists”.
    The same goes for 2nd amendment supporters. I call them “Buts” “I am in favor of RKBA…but…..”

  6. I suddenly feel like moving to Georgia, if you folks have a governor like that.

    <– will do sysadmin stuff for ammo.

  7. There is a full blown meltdown at Puffington Host. It’s hilarious.

    I do twinge just a little bit because a lot of them are saying the same things I said when Texas first introduced a concealed carry law way back in the 90’s. I, like so many other gun control advocates, predicted blood running in the streets.

    Except it’s always the same people doing the killing and the idiot things with guns as before. The laws don’t fix evil or stupid. The predictions of how dangerous Georgia will become are clearly overblown. The fact that concealed carry in Texas did not lead to the Wild Wild West is one of the many reasons I started to shed my gun control beliefs.

    • You’ve got it all wrong – OPEN carry is the “wild wild west” law, because it cannot be regulated. Get it right man!

  8. It may be my imagination, but it seems that the New York Times, the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, and a few of the other media have begun to allow gun rights advocates a bit more of a voice lately. Their biases are still evident, but at least they have recently featured an article or two each that quoted folks expressing positive views on the subject without burying the statements in snark and sarcasm.

  9. Awesome! I’m a huge fan of our Governor Deal. You guy’s want to know something funny though? The democrats… are fielding… A CARTER to run against him! ahahahahahha! That’s right, Jimmy’s grandson wants a shot at the hot seat. HA!. You know them Dems are in trouble when they run a carter, especially when they think that the NAME is going to sell him to one of the reddest states in the union.

  10. I know of someone in NYC who didn’t follow the rules. A woman placed an empty can of tuna in the wrong garbage can (general garbage vs. recycle cans). The NYC Garbage Police found it and she was fined $25. NYC has garbage police who go through people’s garbage to make sure they are obeying government.

  11. Look at the pic of Governor Deal, he seems pretty happy and content. Now look at Bloomberg and his minions, they look like they haven’t crapped in three days. Just an observation.

  12. Can we duplicate governors? Hmmm, maybe two states could get together and we could get a great governor for both states! There I go again, two states then to forty, then they all want to get together, shit back to president level, oh well, just thinking out loud. Shit, grab my bag and out the back door. First rule, run and hide.

  13. Y’know, coupled with the “Enforcing a higher standard” police recruiting video from Decatur, I’m beginning to think Georgia is well on the road to being perfect.


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