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Send your STAND STRONG CONNECTICUT photo to [email protected]. We’ll post them on our Facebook album [click here to view.] Please put STAND STRONG in the subject field of your email. You can click here to purchase a Stand Strong Connecticut t-shirt (half of profits go to Connecticut Carry).

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      • They look like savage 22s… The wife and I bought matching ones for valentines day this year. Hers a left handed model and mine a righty. I think they are a pretty good rifle for the money.

  1. I don’t think this is as good as what we’ve been seeing. The whole point of these is to let CT gun owners know that the POTG around the country will support them, even if they have to resort to violence. Because of this, the fact is that a picture of a serious looking man with an assault rifle (yes, “assault rifle” is a legitimate class of weapon, “assault weapon” is the fear-mongering, pseudo-legal term) is a far more effective at sending that message then smiling little girls with child-sized bolt action rifles.

    • 1. I don’t think you know what an assault rifle is.

      2. No one is going to resort to violence, and if they did it would be catastrophic. As much as you like to beleive otherwise, the right to own an “assault weapon” is not cherished deeply by enough people in this county to kill over it and ANY violence related to that would only result in more regulation. You folks seem to forget that public appearance is important, and posting goofy “stand strong” pictures make you look strange to people who may not think like you.

      • An assault rifle is a select fire rifle chambered for an intermediate cartridge and fed from a detachable box magazine. An assault weapon a semi automatic rifle, separated from other semi auto rifles by aesthetic or minor features, like a pistol grip, collapsible stock, bayonet lug, flash hider, etc. Tell me, how don’t I know what an assault rifle is?

        As for the violence aspect, it’s necessary. If they go door to door and utilize stroganoff arm tactics, we need to respond in kind. Sure, most people won’t, but I think enough will to send a message. And sure, it would be catastrophic for our image and public opinion. But the alternative is to basically lay down and allow them to trample our rights. We allow that, and it sends a clear message that ultimately, we talk big and we vote, but at the end of the day, we will surrender our rights if they make us. Telling the government that they can make us give up our rights using strong arm tactics sets a VERY dangerous precedent.

        • *begins to the whistle “Mall-Cop: The Ultimate Enforcer” theme…*

          Also, I can’t wait for DELICIOUS “stroganoff” tactics to ensue….mmmm….

        • Oh, whoops. Guess I should have proofread that comment a bit more (was typing on my phone, damn autocorrect…). Also, I’m not entirely sure what your point about the Mall Cop thing is (I’m assuming it’s a reference to a movie or a show, but not one I’m familiar with). However, my guess is that some kind of ridicule was intended. So what’s your point? That people with guns couldn’t possibly put up any kind of resistance against well trained, well armed cops?

          Tell that to every single revolution that has ever been successful (and yes, I’m aware that plenty have failed, and resulted only in lots of death). But if you bothered to read my post (which you clearly didn’t), you would have seen that the point isn’t to fight for the sake of fighting, or to spark another revolution agains the federal government. My point was that sending a message is far more important. If they resort to strong-arm tactics (hopefully after the failure of civil disobedience, like the excellent, specific idea that was proposed in a TTaG article earlier today), than it will be clear that voting or other forms of peaceful resistance no longer work.

          At that point, people will have two choices: submission or resistance. Large-scale resistance would certainly be detrimental to our cause and create a lot of anti-POTG sentiment in the country. But the alternative is worse. Submission would make it clear that at the end of the day, people will not resist strong-arm tactics, even if they are enforcing laws that shouldn’t exist. Submission would only encourage more wrong legislation enforced by the thugs in blue in the future. Violence, while horrifying to even consider, would send a very clear message that when our representatives attempt to enforce laws that work to the sole detriment of the people, the people will not tolerate it, and will respond with violence.

          Given the direction that our government is going, that would be a timely and important message, and one that would hopefully stall the complete demise of this country.

    • So, er, you’re saying that the big boyz big guns are deadlier than the silly little girls with the .22s? And therefore more to be presented as “the face of TPOTG”?

      That’s one step away from saying it’s OK to confiscate Little Girl Guns so long as the big manly Barretts are left alone.

      I’ll tell you this: should TS ever HTF, I’d rather have my four nieces and their .22s behind me than all the strutting machismo in the world. For starters, anyone who can ping with one lethal shot non-native tree rats on the move at 50 yards is a MARKSMAN. Not a “little girl.” And that’s my Fab Four.

      It’s not size that matters in this case. I learned my rifle basics at Lucy and Isabela’s age…with a .30-06 bolt action M1903. Couldn’t lift the damn thing. But I could move like the wind with my “little girl” rifle. And THAT is the message to be sending the anti-gunners:

      That resistance comes from quarters they would never imagine, let alone expect. And that their imaginations are in as sore need of updating as their understanding of our Constitution. The biggest sexists, ageists, racists, and homophobes I meet fancy themselves lefty: they cannot begin to imagine female, young, old, “diverse,” queer folks to be pro-RKBA or armed.

      • Your last paragraph makes a good point, but the rest of your post makes it clear that you misunderstood me. Nowhere did I say that only big guns are valid. My point was that these pictures should conjure images of violent resistance. And little girls are not the ones who would be shooting at SWAT teams. THAT is the point I was making. But I do admit that on this issue, I write from the perspective that we need to fight fire with fire. If yet threaten confiscation, we threaten to respond with force. I probably could have chosen my words more carefully when mentioning the POTG though. I wasn’t talking about representing us all with these images as much as the ones who would support violence in CT if they attempt door to door confiscation. It’s my pretty, but if push comes to shove, force must be met with force.

    • “…let CT gun owners know that the POTG around the country will support them, even if they have to resort to violence.”. I don’t think supporting the use of violence is necessary (at this time) to support their current response to this tyrannical law. Anyway, scary photos of scary man with a scary gun is not what is needed at this time. We need to broaden the image of gun owners away from the stereotypes. It is a “war” of image right now and we usually suck at that.

      • The point of these images isn’t to represent the POTG as much as it is to show support for CT. And if violence does become necessary (if they go door to door and attempt confiscation), the ones who resist should know that they are not alone, and that others will support them.

        • Ahh yes, the MEN PREPARED TO DO VIOLENCE!!!

          I bet these delightful ten-year old’s can out-shoot you.

        • Really? Busting out the insults already? If you have a valid response to what I have to say, I’d love to hear it. I recognize that mine is definitely an unusual opinion on this issue, so I’d love to hear from those who don’t share it. Discussing issues with those who don’t share your views is something everyone should do, both to understand the other person’s opinion and to gain a better understanding of your own. But when your only response to what I feel is a valid opinion to randomly insult my marksmanship (which isn’t great, and I’ll be the first to admit that these girls probably are better shots than I am), the only thing you do is reduce your own credibility. If you have a legitimate response, I’d love to hear it. If not, try to avoid making a fool of yourself.

        • I wasn’t insulting your marksmanship, I was insulting your lack of nuance.

          We get it – you’re really super hyped up about how awesome guns are, especially guns that enforce violence.

          Your arguments also effectively shoehorn you into the “gun-nut” category which anti-2A establishments love to point to as reason as to why firearms are terrible. If you moved beyond the “guns=violence=freedom” thought process you would see that the 2 young women in the photo above can also enjoy firearms, and move beyond the archetypes associated with gun ownership.

          But no, you talk about the features of an assault rifle. Want to get into a SCHV round argument too?

          Which would somebody outside of the firearms argument be more surprised by? A man talking about how much he loves guns, or seeing two young women shooting without a care in the world?

  2. A lefty and a righty.

    I agree that more photos of this variety are needed and less of the posturing types. Looking threatening with a scarey black thing is only adding fuel to the fire. Showing that many types of people, not just zealots (including myself) in support of CT would help bring our common/popular cause to light.

  3. Keep the 2nd Amendment strong… For the children!

    Some of my fondest memories are of going to the range with my grandfather when I was around those girls’ age. He taught me to shoot on an old bolt action 22. The size or type of gun I learned on didn’t matter. What mattered were the lessons he taught me & the time I got to spend with him.

  4. I like that this photo looks a lot more natural than the one the other day with the kids on the couch with dads AR and 1911. You can that tell these kids actually shoot these guns.

  5. Great photo ladies & I can use some of that downed firewood. I had to take the thermometer inside to keep it from getting damaged this winter.

  6. I like this , it also goes on to educate the young in our country about the Rights bestowed on us , and what we will have to do to preserve them . These parents are good , there seems to be the need for more like them ! Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.


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