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“When we see movement on the California bills and the sort of tenacity that you had post-Newtown, it makes it really hard for the gun lobby to say the momentum has gone away. And it’s certainly something Congress pays attention to. You can’t underestimate how important it is for Congress to see movement in the states, especially big states like California.” – Violence Policy Center legislative director Kristen Rand in Gun-control bills could push California to top of firearm-restriction list [at]

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  1. Its easy to push through whatever you want when you have a single party controlling the whole government and doing whatever they want. That is dictatorship not momentum.

    • Meanwhile Californians just can’t figure out why they’re stuck with 12% unemployment.

        • It’s pretty bad when a state with California’s weather has a net migration loss to North Dakota. Of course people will point out that there are all those oil and gas jobs in ND somehow completely oblivious to the fact that California is one of the most energy rich states in the country. The only difference is one state will allow you to have a job and the other won’t..

    • Agreed, except that, in reality, we’ve let ourselves get stuck with a single, two-faced party with two names that merely imply serious differences.

    • fact the high unemployment in ca stems from the reddest parts of the the state, the central valley and up north. fact, ca puts much more in the federal kitty than it gets back. fact, the laws they are being proposed in ca suck, go to and help out or move out.

  2. Odd how California has the most imminent white minority population in the US, but is run by white people who push the most stringent restrictions on firearms. I wonder why?

      • The only place race isn’t an issue is among idiot whites who are afraid of being called names.

    • Liberal white guilt. Plus insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results (“OK, if we ban THESE kinds of bad guns all of our crime will go away.”)

  3. Lots of hunting rifles and shotguns in that pile. Super dangerous all of them… which I guess they are weapons of mass murder to PETA.

    The SMLE there on the right makes me want to cry knowing a piece of history like that ended up crushed, melted, or otherwise mangled.

    • Hey now, thoes are sniper rifles! And shotguns can blow their human targets 20 feet away from where they were standing! Geeeze, dont you people watch movies!?

  4. Does Ms. Rand believe the world revolves around California? How arrogant is that. Here in flyover land, we peasants do not see it that way.

    • Is she from California? If she is then the answer is very likely YES. Most Californians, liberal and conservative, that I have known, do in fact believe the whole world, possibly the whole solar system, revolves around California.

        • +1000

          California liberals and New York Liberals have each their own religion of which each believes their religion says that they are the center of the universe. In many cases I believe NYC is the worst of the two because I have met over a dozen people whom have never left the political boundaries of NYC even for vacation and have no idea what the world outside of NYC is like.

        • Got that right – we lived in Long Island when I was in high school (moved there from Ohio – talk about culture shock), and most of the kids in my high school had never, in their entire life, been further WEST than New York City. When I told them I was from Ohio, the usual remark was “wow, way out west”.

          Yeah, we had to fight off grizzly bears, mountain lions and wolves every day when we rode our horses to the one-room schoolhouse 10 miles away through the blizzards. In Ohio.

          For that matter, as far as the news media is concerned, if it doesn’t happen in NYC, Washington DC or Hollywood, it doesn’t really happen. I mean, not “reality show really”.

  5. I see a pile of historic guns like that set for destruction and I get the same feeling when I see newsreels of Nazi’s burning books. It’s so fascinating to see Americans who trample over each other in their zeal to be subjects of the States and lose their individual rights. It’s like they can;t wait for the totalitarian, dystopian future to be here now. When it gets here and they realize what they’ve done, who will they blame?

  6. “You can’t underestimate how important it is for Congress to see movement in the states, especially big states like California.”

    Nor should you overestimate the importance of a state that has the same number of Senators as every other state. Sure they have a couple more Representatives than the next largest (by population) state, but in the grand scheme of things, their elected representatives have developed the reputation of being extremest nutjobs out of touch with the rest of the country.

    Also keep in mind that in many states, that movement is pro-gun, not anti. Does Illinois ring a bell?

    This type of talk is nothing more than an attempt by a gun hater to pump up other gun haters who are seeing their dreams of total civilian disarmament wither away.

  7. How long did it take them to get a pile that big? That can’t be from just one confiscatio…. I mean buy-back.

  8. “Gun-control bills could push California to top of firearm-restriction list”

    That should read:
    “Gun-control bills could push California to top of tyranny list”

    • It’s already at the top of the tyranny list. This will just put it back on top in the gun control subcategory.

  9. California is important in this particular case because banning all semi-auto rifles with detachable magazines is a terrible idea that no other State, however restrictive, has dared touch so far (not sure about DC). Governor’s veto is probably the only hope at this point, and one wonders how likely he is to veto this particular bill.

  10. Yeaaaaah…the same people doing the same things again and again is not momentum. It’s somewhat sad they think doing anything to show they still exist is momentum.

    • We could definitely use some SCOTUS assistance to overturn our ridiculus gun laws before POTUS appoints an anti-freedom judge. (Although I don’t have a whole lot of faith in SCOTUS after they bungled Obamacare.)

      • A81, my biggest concern is that if these laws stand in California that can be used in courts nationwide to roll back the freedoms that have been gained in the last 20 years. A lot of people forget that shall issue was just wisful thinking for most of America prior to the 90’s.

        California’s pols are like a cancer. Ignore it or run from it and it’ll kill you.

        • How about the SCOTUS using California gun laws as an example of what is a reasonable and commonsense law? Where did waiting periods and the AWB first get started. State laws that went national.

    • You’re assuming CA is still relevant in the classic sense. With their economy in the toilet, cities in bankrupcy and debt problems, the days of Cali being the litmus test of the nation are all but over. That was a few decades ago. The Midwest is where it’s at now. Whichever way the Midwest goes, so goes the nation, now.

        • TK, why didn’t you mention any of the others? San Bernardino, Mammoth Lakes, Central Falls, RI??? Could it be because they are all liberal utopian cities that prove liberal policies are garbage? That’s one fact you want to avoid isn’t it? I wonder how many hospitals will be forced to close down this year in Ca due to those wonderful liberal policies?

          “Were California’s state government a business, it would be a candidate for insolvency with a negative net worth of $127.2 billion”

        • Stockton went bankrupt while under democratic supervision. Republicans are just cleaning up the mess. Prior to 2012, Stockton was predominantly democratic according to polls. It wasn’t until recently that the winds started blowing the other direction.

      • The midwest is where it’s at now? Balanced Budgets? Sensible taxes? Good job oppurtunities? Won’t be long the California migrants will be swarming there and the Midwest will be blue.

        When you fight a defensive war you lose. Either bring the war to California and make the usual gang of idiots suffer for their foolishness or be prepared to lose the war.

        Colorado has a taste of blue now. Did you see RF’s post about open carrying in Montana? Apparently now Montana has a taste of blue also. Cancer spreads.

  11. The only hope that any of these bills–other than the ammo taxes–won’t pass both houses of the legislature is if the appropriations committees recognize the huge –but hidden or denied–costs associated with these new control measures. For example, the two ammo registration bills (which are conflicting in major particulars) envision a system of registration of all purchasers, require a background check for the issuance of a permit (which must be periodically renewed), and the reporting of all sales (or all sales of 500 rounds or more depending on which bill you are looking at). Just how many millions of dollars will it cost the state to set up the system necessary to track all of this useless information? How much will it cost to police the ban on all plus 10 magazines? Or to retroactively register all “assault weapons” (according to a new definition of “assault weapons” that includes all magazine fed centerfire or rimfire rifles and all magazine fed shotguns?

  12. I’m still waiting for Cali to break off and sink into the ocean Atlantis style. Anyone for fishing in Arizona Bay?

  13. With Dem leadership in the Senate calling it quits for th year and the fact in true states that are not under one party fascist control rejected gun ban bill proves this more fascist propaganda from a Nazi state like Kaliforina.

  14. California used to be a pretty nice place to live. Now it’s ranked 47th on the list of gun friendly states. We still have the best weather. How much should we be willing to sacrifice for that?
    I would say no more.

    I’m done. I have fought the good fight. Sent the letters, voted, done all of the community outreach, blah blah blah…Shoveling shit against the tide. We “normals” cannot overcome the tide surging from the two cities and Sacramento. Even so, I’ll keep trying until hopefully the price of my house will allow me to sell and cash out of this place. At that time I will take my tax dollars and whatever skills I have developed to another state that may appreciate them a little more. Actually I kind of like cold weather.

    • Tok, when you’re leaving the state note the stream of cars leaving around you. 90% of those cars will be occupied by blue staters looking for another paradise to fvck up.

      • I’m closing the gate behind me! Anybody with a “hope and change” bumper sticker may have a series of flat tires. 🙂

  15. “We ought to do everything we can to protect the people of our state from some of these horrible things that have happened.” ~ Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg

    That’s just another offensive statement from the article.
    The entire article is an offense to the 2nd amendment.
    Is anyone planning on suing the state of California?

  16. Mayhap I can get legislation introduced in Topeka that would have the state of Kansas buy the non-POS stuff from “buy-backs” in alle staaten die polizei, the re-sale of which (in Kansas) coud help finance the Free State.

  17. When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get four emails with the identical comment. Is there any means you possibly can remove me from that service? Thanks!

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