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“They’re going to turn out to ride me out of town on a rail. Symbolically, if you could take me out, that would be a benefit to the special gun interests.” – Colorado Senate President John Morse in Facing a Recall After Supporting Stronger Gun Laws in Colorado [at]

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  1. More like a benefit to his constituents which he stopped representing by voting per his own agenda vs the wishes of those he was elected to represent…

  2. Wish I had one of those photographic memories. Isn’t this the guy who was advising all the other legislators that “You don’t have to listen to your constituents.”? Turns out he was wrong, huh?

    Politicians are so used to the complacent masses, they have forgotten there can be consequences. And that’s the public’s fault. When Weiner Waver can be a viable candidate for mayor of the largest city in America, he’s right. Most of the time, you don’t have consequences for your actions.

    It’s our job to change that, if we want to turn America around. This recall is a baby step in the right direction.

      • “They’re going to turn out to ride me out of town on a rail. ” Yes they are. I’m glad we are all on the same page.

        It’s so funny watching him whine and flail to save his sorry butt. The concession speech will be must see.

        • He’s very fortunate, the whiny little beyotch. It should have been on a rail, under tar and big, fluffy feathers.

    • “Turns out he was wrong, huh?”

      Well, that remains to be seen, even with the strong opposition to Morse’s actions in contradiction to a large, invested segment of the voting public.

      But there’s no end to what MAIG and Bloomberg$ money can buy in an effort to trounce the recall effort. Interceding events could also muddy the chances of this recall.

      So, though I agree with your premise entirely; we’ll see.

      I put money into the recall effort and truly hope it is successful in removing both these money pandering and party pandering politicians who unjustly ignored a major portion of their voting constituency.

    • Which only means that gun owners from across the state and country should donate to his campaign. That CO gun owners should work the phone banks and street corners and walk door to door to get support.

      No gun owner should believe that now that the recall has been done it is over, it ONLY means that it is time to do the real work. In many ways, gun owners are lazy. Happy to postulate but rarely to participate and do the real work that must be done.

      We, the gun owners, are the ones who can make these elections count, but not if we sit at keyboards or couches and just contemplate. The DNC is “counting” on gun owners to do nothing but make a lot of noise.

      Will you simply make noise? Or will you become vested and involved and show them that we are a force not just at the polls on election day but in all aspects of the campaign?

  3. they should put the quote where he says to ignore his constituents on an endless loop on every billboard and television station in CO.

    If he’s willing do to this for gun rights, he’ll do it for anything.

    of course, to win you also need a decent, competitive, candidate running in opposition as well.

  4. Don’t let the door hit your back on the way out. And no, you don’t get to keep your issued laptop.

  5. I’m foreseeing that the civilian disarmament side is going to portray this guy as a martyr if he gets voted out. And if he stays, him and his are going to give a big middle finger to the people who tried to oust him.

    • He’ll show up as Hillary’s VP to attract all the votes of the blue state transplants who moved into red states to get away from all the regs and taxes they voted for in the first place.
      He wont be just a disarmament martyr. He’ll be the symbol for all the ivory tower beautiful people just trying to drag the ignorant redneck slobs into the modern age.
      They can do no wrong. They just want to help you understand your backward ways. Morse gave his career trying to help.
      At least that’s what these people believe.

      • The crazy thing is, if Democrats truly believed in democracy, then they wouldn’t fight the recall (especially with out-of-state money/resources). This incident shows very clearly that the Democratic party doesn’t care about the will of the people. Of course, if Obama care didn’t show that, I don’t know what would.

    • Oh, you can bet on it. I still remember all the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the press when Roberti lost his re-election after spending his campaign warchest fighting off the recall in CA.

      These types of politicians pull these gun control stunts because they know they’ll get all the friendly press they can handle. The real problem here is the news media and their fawning adoration of anyone who is a “visionary” in passing gun control legislation. These types of politicians think they don’t have to listen to the voters, because when they read the press and op-eds, they’re getting nothing but sunshine and butterscotch kisses blown at them by the press and punditry.

      One example from CA was Pete Stark, a vile, vituperative hack of a Congressional Representative from the Fremont area of CA. He would not have been in office for 40 years but for his constant championing of gun control as his pet cause. For that reason, the Bay area press constantly looked the other way on Stark’s many other psychotic outbursts, abusive treatment of constituents and other members of the Congress.

    • Even if he stays it’s an object lesson in what can happen and it’s killed him for future campaigns. It has also locked the CO. state house up for months and demonstrated to others of his stripe that they don’t want to be on the third rail.

  6. TO: Senator Morse
    RE: Special Gun Interests

    I’m one of those ‘special gun interests’.

    RE: Senator Giron Recall

    In the meantime, Senator Giron is no where to be found.

    A report in the Pueblo Chieftain indicates that (1) 49% of the signatures on the recall petition were from non-Republicans, e.g., Independents, Small Party and Democrats and (2) in a desperation action, another Democrat is trying to get onto the recall ballot. The thought on the latter is that the Democrats are afraid that Giron is going down and are offering an alternative Democrat.


    [God Send the Right!]

  7. However this comes out at least The People are working to make their wants for Representation that mirrors their point of view known in Colorado. Hopefully, the Coloradans have struck a spark that will ignite a fire that spreads across the Nation.

  8. “….that would be a benefit to the special gun interests.”

    The guy should simply be asked: Please name a larger U.S MEMBERSHIP civil rights/liberties organization than the NRA.

    How is the broadest membership civil rights group in the US a “special interest”?

  9. “In an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Morse stated that he
    advised fellow Senators to ignore the thousands of emails sent in
    opposition and that he (Morse) was ‘proud of my caucus… and the way
    they’ve gotten this done.’ This behavior is that of a tyrant, not an
    elected official. The contempt and arrogance displayed in the face of an
    enormous outcry of objection from everyday Colorado citizens shows how
    little he cares for the will of the people of Colorado.”

    ‘Pompous’ doesn’t even begin to describe this guy.

  10. Hopefully this is just a test run for the general election. If Colorado dems survive this it will embolden anti-gun dems in other states. If they get wiped out it will serve as a warning sign to others.

    • The greatest victory, then, would be to throw the babies out with their poo-filled bath water.

      Wouldn’t ya think?

  11. I thought he said he was looking forward to getting elected yet again?

    Now this quasi-realistic contemplation he is finished-and for good reason-being a parasitic drain to those ge sgould have been protecting.


  12. “They’re going to turn out to ride me out of town on a rail.”

    That, sir, is the kindest thing they should do to you. You have abdicated the oath you took, and thus your responsibility, to uphold the U.S. (and I presume, Colorado) Constitution(s) and you should forthwith be removed from office. While it may or may not be true you ‘don’t have to listen to your constituents’, you DO have an obligation, a duty, a responsibility, to uphold the United States Constitution, and you have failed or refused to do so.

  13. You have to hand it to Morse. He’s the best politician that Bloombag’s money can buy, ’cause once he’s been bought, he stays bought.


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