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Those of you who are old enough will remember the phrase IT IS BALLOON from the comedy F-Troop. In this case, .22 Plinkster shoots a .22 caliber Henry at enough balloons to keep Pennywise the Clown happy. I found this video at the most excellent website. ENDO is not impressed:

Call me a hater if you want guys… 22 Plinkster seems like a nice guy but these videos are weak now by any measure.  He used to shoot swinging dimes dead center at like 19000 yards while standing on one leg, looking in a mirror, while using a shake weight.  That was impressive.  Now he just lines up balloons on a clothes line and gets one of his friends to play guitar in the background, shoots a few cans of radioactive cheese etc.  hmmmmm.

Still, you gotta give .22 Plinkster credit for making money from his mad skillz. Which ENDO does.

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  1. I sort of agree. Interesting, but not worth the hassle of stringing up so many balloons. The only real puzzle I had was how many balloons would be knocked out of line by the wind, how tight the clothesline was and how straight a line it maintained. Cute, but determined almost entirely by the fates, little skill involved.

    • It’s called OCD. Gun guys have it in spades. They gotta do something with it. Ergo, videos such as this.

  2. In the US it is INDEPENDENCE DAY bucko.

    Plain old meaningless 4th of July is in England, Japan, Iraq etc.

  3. It is maroon!

    No wonder there’s no .22LR at Walmart. And they’re also out of balloons, dammit!

  4. It would have been faster if he counted the remaining balloons then subtract that from 100.

  5. It would have been faster if he counted the remaining balloons then subtract that from 100.

  6. Why not spend the extra few minutes to put up another rope, and tape the balloons to that to keep them in line? The .22 will easily go through 100 balloons. His “friends in the gun industry” are clueless…

  7. The issue isn’t how many balloons a .22LR could theoretically, it’s a question of how many could be hit before the drop put the bullet off target. 1,200 FPS will drop about 6″ in 100 yards, and 1,000 FPS just over 8″ in 100 yards.
    Energy, and thus velocity, is lost with each balloon that is hit. It would not take to many balloons over a distance before the bullet drop means the bullet is below the balloons.

  8. I suspect that all 100 balloons would have burst if they were lined up. Perhaps putting a BB in the balloons before inflation would steady them enough.

    • Way cool in my world. I shoot a .22lr pistol with women’s shooting league if wind is not kicking up. Switch to 9mm when windy.

  9. This is his segment “How many _______ will a 22LR go through?” He thought it was funny when I asked him how many pages of the Affordable Care Act will a 22LR go through.

  10. I like demolition ranch.

    What I remember about F troop is kicking the cannon and causing it to shoot down the guard tower.

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