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The quest for the quietest can seems to have taken a back seat this year. The biggest craze was modular and short silencers designed to make firearms as small and maneuverable as possible. The SilencerCo Omega 9K is one of the best examples of this design mentality.

TTAG’s readers were impressed enough by the 9K to choose it as 2016’s Best New Silencer. This is SilencerCo’s third straight award in this category, winning in 2014 for their Salvo and in 2015 for their Omega modular silencer. Quite a hat trick.

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    • “Cute gun. I want one. Why can’t I have one?”

      Because even if the lower and upper house passes a bill so we can have toys like that, Obama will just veto it.

      Whoa. Hold on a sec… I just remembered something…

      Wasn’t there an election recently?


      • I don’t think you’d really want an MP5k. From what I’ve heard from LEOs and military personnel who have fired them, you spend too much time worrying about the lead spewing fireball next to your hand to really enjoy it. Though I suppose the silencer would fix that problem…

  1. Minimalist cans are the future.

    You don’t need mouse-fart quiet gun for most applications, you just need to eliminate that 80% of that tinnitus-causing explosion and make it quiet enough that you can just focus on shooting.

    • Yup. When the Hearing act passes, the creative juices of millions of Americans will begin to flow and I’m looking forward to being pleasantly surprised by some innovative designs some folks will invariably come up with…

    • Yup!

      I don’t need mouse-fart quiet, I just need less than head-rupturing loud.

      Though the rimfire can I’m going to get after the HPA passes is going to be another matter entirely.

      • So why do you feel so confident Congress will pass it? Is it your position Republicans generally care about gun rights?

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