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Ajax, who lives in Athens writes, “This is my site reconnaissance EDC it is combined with a sporty look, in contrast to my office attire. Note the Deranged Donkey “keyring” which is at an awesome price and as well as the Grey Precision thumb-disk for the Emerson that is also a very nice upgrade for a bit of extra grip. I love the Spigen cases and that is my third case from them (one per new iPhone). I carry appendix as I get in and out of cars and really like the Bawidamann mag carrier which is EXTREMELY low profile. I carry it bullet tips up at 11 o’clock. I use a Pierce grip extension for a better grip but want to try the new Magpul mag for the G26 when they come out.” See it all at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. How is appendix carry the easier option for getting in and out of cars?

    Also, this guy’s level of excitement about his baubles is… unsettling.

    • How is appendix carry the easier option for getting in and out of cars?

      I understood it to mean that he spends a lot of time in cars…. and that drawing (if needed) from appendix is easier than 4 o’clock while seated in a car.

    • It’s a hard plastic. HDPE= High-Density polyethylene.

      The seller doesn’t say what it’s for and repeatedly declares it to be “not a weapon” but based on the shape and material I suspect it is in fact a low-profile weapon. You put your middle finger through the hole, your first and third fingers fit into the cutouts on the side and it augments your punches and helps you not break your hand by supporting your fingers back into the palm. (Inexperienced, surprised or panicking people often throw a punch as hard as they can and break part(s) of their hand in doing so, which often takes that hand out of the fight if you fail to knock the person out with that punch.)

      Making it an odd shape, giving it another reason to be on your keychain (like a bottle opener, that’s somewhat common) and making it out of plastic mean it gets past security easier than “normal” weapons. It’s the same idea behind the Tactical Pen. The “It’s just a pen” argument often gets those things through security because the $12/hour guy doesn’t really know what they’re looking at and doesn’t want to be accused of stealing an expensive pen. Plus, it’s just a pen right?

  2. Description says Pearce but item says Fixxer. What’s with the portable hole? Says keyring but no keys present, nor ring. That’s a pricey holster. I’m going to check out the $17 Desantis Pocket/tuck before spending that much coin to hold my Glock 26. The mag holder looks interesting

  3. $600 wallet, iPhone 7, Omega Seamaster, Emerson CQC-8….clearly a man of some means. Not a bad thing, mind you, just the way it is.

    I wonder which Athens he’s from, too?


  4. I’d ditch the “keyring” and replace it with a light and some medical. Other than that very tasteful and squared away edc!

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