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We did our first reader survey last year and it gave us a ton of great information that we used to inform the kinds of articles we publish and how we run the site. Now, one year later, we’re looking to see if we’re still on the right track. Because after all, without our readers, we’re just talking to ourselves. And just to sweeten the deal a little bit, if you include your email address at the end of the survey, we’ll randomly draw one of you to get a free copy of Chris Kyle’s book American Gun.


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    • I figure the gubmint knows far more already than I want them too, and even if RF or google were piping the answers and IP address directly to the NSA, which they probably are no matter how much they don’t want to, this little survey is nothing new to the powers that be.

  1. I completed the survey last year, but will not finish this one. After skipping up to half the questions on pages one and two, page three was just too detailed for me to fill-out at all.

    So with that, here is my concise survey response for 2013:

    Ain’t. gonna. happen.

  2. Considering most of my “meta data” is out there already, I don’t think a survey powered by Google is going to blow my secrets. We’re already screwed as it is. Unless you paid cash for every single firearm you own, then you’re probably SOL. At this point, it’s going to take a BIG turn around to end the privacy shenanigans.

    Not that I want to just roll over and die, but I know my purchase history, personally, would be all to easy to track as it is. Oh and I live in MO, so the feds know I own guns since I’m a CCP holder… rat bastards.

  3. Didn’t ask for my name, address, phone number, Social Security number, and the number of my primary bank account?

    Meh, sure. I’ve forgotten how many of my various email addresses have been run by Google in one form or another.

  4. a bit to personal and agree,my privacy is worth more than a book. then saw the google crap and bailed !!!they can screw far as metadata I try not to give info to them on purpose and for no good good enough reason…for me anyway

  5. I didn’t have any problems with the questions, but I’m not sure about the book. It’s a “want to read”, certainly, but I’m suspicious that it will have had Nick’s grimy paw prints all over it. Now, I’m not too proud to take a hand-me-down, mind you, it’s just that I’m pretty sure Nick or Robert or some of the other editors might have gotten, well, excited while reading it, if you know what I mean. It is a pretty hot topic, I do admit.

    I just want to make sure that if the book heads my way, some kind soul hits it with a little Lysol before it hits the USPS. That’s all I’m sayin’.

    • Anything by Chris Kyle I’m not too keen on. Now if the TTAG wanted to offer some .22LR bricks, then we might be talking.

      • That was my suggestion in the survey. “Keep the competitions coming, make the rewards a brick of 22, or maybe a few boxes of 9, 40, 45, 223, etc…”

  6. as a security professional, i dont think this survey had anything that makes black helicopters come to my house.

    what did you guys think this survey was about? kittens and rainbows and what is your favorite twilight movie?

  7. Why would a person or a blog concerned about freedom, big government, gun rights, etc even use Google? Scroow Google!

  8. The paranoia here makes me laugh.

    You do realize that except for the basic demographic stuff on page 1, virtually all the answers are optional, right? You don’t HAVE to answer how many guns you own, but you could still fill out the “How are we doing? / What are we doing right? / What are we doing wrong?” type questions, y’know.

    But hey, do what you want. Or don’t do it, as the case may be.

    • Too long? It was 4 or 5 pages. Took me 5 minutes to fill out.

      Then again, I’ve got time to burn. 🙂

  9. It’s funny how you’ll get more feedback from people complaining in the comments section than you do from the actual survey…

    @Tom in Oregon: Your Star Wars joke took me about 13 seconds to get, then made me laugh out loud and get a dirty look from my boss.

  10. I should have read the comments before I completed the survey. It never dawned on me just how subversive TTAG must be. Using Google to collect all that firearm information. It’s truly diabolical. Why I bet that book even comes complete with a NSA approved, micro tracking device.

    But, all seriousness aside, here’s what really has me scratching my head. Why would people who are so paranoid about their privacy be posting on a pro-gun blog in the first place?

  11. “Don’t take the survey”

    No one is going to check our answer if they’re correct. Answer them truthfully, don’t answer at all, lie about your answers or exaggerate them and then put in a new email address you created before you started the survey. Problem solved.

    Google knows everything about you already, just by being on this website shows you aren’t too worried about Big Brother. They have your ISP number and google uses all your searches to get a profile of you.

  12. I forgot to add to my survey…much more Jessie Duff. Yowza. My plan…which I’m relatively sure is foolproof…is for you to post pics of her. Her husband will get mad and tell her to stop having her photo taken. She’ll say the attention is a compliment to both of them. He’ll say “Well, I never get MY picture posted!!!” and divorce her out of jealousy. That’s when I swoop in to pic up the pieces.

    I’ve thought this through from every possible angle and can find no faults. Please start Phase 1 of my plan immediately.

  13. Needed an option for those that have scheduled a CCW application appt. but don’t yet have one because everybody in the state wants to apply for one right now.

    I filled it out. I buy my stuff online with credit cards. They already know what I’ve got. People that think they can hide that are silly. Unless you only buy in private sales, with cash, never in a retail shop or gunshow that has cameras, they know what you’ve got.

  14. Already have the book. For anyone who is NOT the lucky winner – buy the book!

    Excellent history of the essential American firearms, well written, good info for your next range BS session.


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