NRA Convention: Ollie North on the ATF Gunwalker Scandal

Col. Oliver North ♥ the NRA. Which is cool. And he was here again today, this time plugging his latest book. I took the chance to get 15 seconds of facetime with the Colonel, and asked him what he thought of the ATF follies. His reply was in line with what you’d expect: straightforward, un-ambiguous, […]

NRA Convention: Badges? Badges?!

Badges? Badges?! We don’ need no steekin’ BADGES! (Come on…you would have been disappointed if I didn’t.) Yep. You see a lot of weird, wild, off-beat stuff here at the NRA Confab. And this product is on the list. A badge that looks just like the real ones, except this says something about “Concealed Handgun […]

FNH USA comments on TTAG’s SLP test

TTAG published the results of a stress test of the FNH SLP Mk. I in February, and since then I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the reliability of their shotguns. Yes, there are plenty of very happy SLP owners out there, but even among them there’s the often heard refrain. “It runs fine… after […]

Full Text: Wayne LaPerre’s Speech to the NRA Membership

Good morning! We meet today amid swirling reports of a growing government scandal.  Most of the major media have ignored news that our federal government sanctioned the running of illegal guns into Mexico.  Leaks from within ATF and congressional committees are building, and should be investigated by every news organization in America.  We deserve to know […]

Daniel Defense iPad App and Training Videos

Daniel Defense has just launched a brand new iPad app. According to the DD reps, the app lets shooters take their training video to the range and review it on the firing line. Shooters can download all or only parts of the video, at $4.99 a pop. DD’s ap includes free firearms safety, care and […]

Beretta Making 3-Gun Shotgun

Ben Cook, tactical products marketing manager for Beretta, has a plan for the TX4 shotgun. He wants to take this sporting shotgun and turn it into an absolute monster for 3-gun competitions. To do that, he’s got three steps in mind. First, he wants to make a longer barrel for the TX4, which right now […]