The Taurus Raging Judge is Still Dead; Long Live the Rossi Circuit Judge

The Taurus Raging Judge was all the rage at this year’s SHOT show. Here at the NRA convention, The Powers That Be have officially declared the project dead and buried. Again. Still. “The ATF wouldn’t let it through because of the caliber.” The only question: who thought they would? Or did they . . .  Anyway, for those who NEED a 28-gauge shotshell firing revolver, the company has put the .410/.45 Colt-firing workings in a rifle and called it the Circuit Judge. And what of those potentially forearms-roasting hot gasses? Rossi has a low-tech solution . . .

Shields up! Permanently. Rossi’s fitted the CJ with deflectors. Our hirsute colleague at gives the system the thumbs up.


  1. avatar Daniel Zimmerman says:

    Is there a gun made that our bearded buddy doesn’t send thumbs skyward for?

    1. avatar Ryan Finn says:

      Haha, tis true. But how can you not love that big guy?

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        +1 Daniel and Ryan. Quinn seems to be a suckup, but I still read him religiously.

  2. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    Okay, no 28-gauge Raging Judge Judy handgun. She probably hates guns anyway.

    But I see no impediment to a 28-gauge (or bigger!) revolving carbine, other than sheer uselessness. But that’s ever stopped a gunmaker before.

  3. avatar The Arab says:

    The only use i see for it is to saw everything off until it becoms a pistol.

    nah… even then it’s still useless.

  4. avatar BlueOx says:

    Anyone know if the Circuit Judge stock will fit on a regular Judge or even a Tracker? I don’t see why it wouldn’t. That would be my weapon of choice for home-defense.

  5. avatar Amos Herrera says:

    I hope this is not in violation of the rules here. But here at Fox Firearms we are in the process of producing a line of rifles based on the raging judge. First will of course be what could have been called a Raging Circuit Judge though we are not going to call it that due to copy right and all that. It will simply be the Raging judge converted into a carbine just like the standard circuit judge.

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