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Crime scene at Houston "mass shooting" (courtesy

“A sheriff’s office says a man and a woman are dead and at least 22 other people have been injured following gunfire at a large house party in a suburb near Houston,” reports. “Texas’ Harris County Sheriff Office issued a statement early Sunday that two suspects are being sought after shots erupted between 11 p.m. Saturday and midnight in the suburb of Cypress. The statement says more than 100 people, mostly young adults, were at the house and many fled in panic from the gunfire, with injuries ranging from minor to critical.” Mind you, only two people were shot. Anyway, gang bangers. Whatcha gonna do? The reason we’re posting this? The headline from kveo.comMass shooting at Houston party, 22 hurt, 2 dead. Talk about parroting and enabling gun control advocates . . .

Update from

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office says 18 people were shot. Two of those people — a man and a woman, officials tell us — are dead. One was killed at the scene and the other died after being transported to Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital.

In all, 22 people were injured. That leaves six people who were not confirmed as shot. They may have been hurt while trying to escape, authorities said.

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  1. Every time a homie lets his gat explode it is going to be a mass shooting now? Isn’t this kind of panic the reason house parties with that many people are typically illegal?

    • I have only had 3 hours sleep and my sick kid woke me up, at first the sarcasm filter on my brain didn’t get it lol, yeah I’m sure the average Chicago teen cutting class knows more about rights infringement better than most of America…. But I’m sure some of them have been conditioned to like it cuz it makes them feel warm, cozy and safe.

      • Damn, Griz! I’m no stranger to 3-hour sleep nights (age-related insomnia), but a sick kid? That’s a different level. Hope things are okay…

  2. We need a PR campaign to rename these incidents from mass shootings to tell it like it is. Like double homicide, and endangering others. Feel free to throw other ideas out… But if we allow the mass shooting meme to continue all gun violence, gang violence involving 2 victims will become more anti food and give LIV’ies (low info voters) a chance to be swayed. Because you all know it takes scary assault guns to do mass shooting.

    • The media will call them by whatever name they feel paints guns and gun owners in the worst possible light. Things that would not have even made the news years ago are now on the front page as “mass shootings” because the public is whipped up into a frenzy about such events, and it gets good ratings. Also advances their agenda.

  3. The definition of mass shooting evolves again to suit the message of the gun-phobic. The majority of the injuries came from the panic exits, right? The same thing would have happened with the DJ started playing Sinatra or Benny Goodman records…

  4. Assuming they were gang bangers as you state, then there will be a collective “so what” to “good” reaction. Gang bangers make for terrible victim status.

    Speaking of Texas, we had a tourist from Frisco shot last night in the heart of the Mag Mile. One of the few parts of town where there is cop on every corner.,0,4399799.story

    Illustrating Chicago Crime, Murder and Mayhem at

  5. The term “mass shooting” has gone the way of “weapon of mass distraction”. Not very long ago, “WMD” was another way of saying “Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons”, but now, it’s anything that goes boom that we don’t like, including a pressure cooker full of firecrackers. Similarly, “mass shooting” meant “four or more people shot dead”, but now it means “a large group of people were in the area when a weapon was fired”, whether anyone was killed or even hit, like the “mass shooting” where the only victims were the security cameras. It appears from this news item that not all of the injured were hit by gunshots, and many of them were simply trampled in the panic. Victims of hoplophobia?

    • To be fair, hoplophobia probably doesn’t include being afraid of a gun that’s shooting at you. That seems to be a legitimate and correct survival response.

    • I’m beginning to think the “usual suspects” of the Infringement Lobby have overused the “mass shooting” meme to the point that the person on the street’s reaction is now “So?”.

      Current extant thinking from mouth-breathers: “Unless it happened here, who cares?”

      Check around. Crying wolf loudly and repeatedly never has the intended effect. Years ago everyone was scared to death of airline terrorists/hijackers. Fear fostered by the TSA. We were happily groped. Today, passengers beat the crap out of in-flight terrorists/hijackers, and give TSA a regular hard time. Hmmmm…

  6. houston needs to be bulldozed. it’s a cesspool of unintelligent gang bangers and leeches on the tax payers

  7. We need to make sure this can never happen again, we need party legislation! Its from now on any gathering of more then 1 person is considered a party and threat that must be disbanded! Its for the children!

  8. From the quote in the article if the kids were trying to hide from the suspicious car it was probably a drive by shooting.

  9. Well, the bad news is now precedent has been set to use the phrase “mass shooting” pretty much whenever they like. This might end bad.
    But the good news is, people get bored and desensitized really quickly, so soon “mass shooting” will be as worthless a media term as “WMD” is, like Bobmcd said above. I think “assault weapon” is almost there now.

  10. Sounds like this will have to wait a little while before the correct details come out. Not like that will stop the bloody shirt waving.

  11. Ah the wonders of living in Sh.tsville,and unarmed to boot.Ya you Chicago city fathers who are against Conceal Carry are Really protecting your citizens.It is unbelievable to me how stupidly uninformed you could be.But 400,000 people have applied in Illinois to get their CCW license and the Supreme Court says you have to get your heads out of you asses and issue them,as well as allow open carry.
    You watch how these thugs are going to be meeting force with force,( as the Constitution set forth 217 years ago. And I know that the Supreme Court had to Remind you law makers of the Constitutional RIGHTS you have been denying )and thinking twice as to who they will attack with the threat of DEATH coming back at them(as it should be).

  12. It was either a gang-related shooting or somebody really hated the Wiz Khalifa music that the DJ was pumping.

    I’ve noticed that there aren’t any “mass shootings” at parties where Shania Twain or Brad Paisley are doing the singing. Perhaps party-goers should keep that in mind when planning their musical menu.

    • Funny thing, that.

      I’m going to guess a dysfunctional family owns the house, and a very urban hip-hop gansta vibe to the crowd at the party.

  13. Last night somewhere in America, a gun fired. Since that occurrence, over 6,000 Americans are now dead.


  14. Not to offend, but I would have thought everyone in Texas has a gun. The homies should’ve been capped before they even got a shot off.

    Who wants to bet there were underage kids drinking alcohol.

  15. Boy, am I glad Molotov Cocktails have gone out of style. That said, there’s been an obvious very recent trend to call any shooting near other people a mass shooting. I suppose it means ‘shooting near a mass.’

    It’s November and the marching orders have been given. One after another, the topical periodicals owned by Dem major contributors have been running out-of-character stories pushing gun confiscation. G&A and Runner’s World? It’s just the product of reorganizing the anti-gun effort from Biden to the White House Office of Public Engagement, aka Valerie Jarrett’s Gorilla Marketing Political Office. They said outreach would crank up in November and, surprise, it sure has.

    Runner’s World is published by Rodale, which is headed by Maria Rodale. It is the world’s largest independent publisher of green and health-obsessive material, and the politics have been organic-left. They were the publishers of An Inconvenient Truth.

    “Representatives from the White House Office of Public Engagement will now execute the administration’s gun control program. The OPE reports to Valerie Jarrett.”

    “Weekly meetings on the gun control issue involve Mayors Against Illegal Gun Control, the Brady Camp, Moms Demand Action, Americans for Responsible Solutions, Center for American Progress and Organizing for Action.”

  16. It sounds like a bunch of hoods got lit up.Too bad.Apparently one Shaniqua Brown had about a hundred people over.It sounds more like aflash mob than a party.

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