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2 Chicago cops shot with rifle in area where gangs increasingly use military-style guns the headline at proclaims. Now you’d think that an entire article based on the premise that Windy City gangs are using “high powered rifles,” an article where we learn that the police confiscated a rifle used in a drive-by shooting of cops (albeit plainclothes cops), would reveal the type of rifle used. Yeah. No . . .

In a statement, the Police Department said the shooting took place about 9:10 p.m. Tuesday when “two vehicles pulled up and the occupants began firing shots indiscriminately in the direction of the officers.”

The officers returned fire, but they apparently didn’t hit anyone, the department said.

Their van was riddled with bullet holes, Guglielmi said.

The other two vehicles sped off. One was found near 37th Street and Racine Avenue, less than 2 miles away, and the rifle was recovered nearby, according to sources.

Both cops were wounded, but apparently will recover.

In February, the Tribune reported that gangs in Back of the Yards on the South Side were increasingly using rifles.

Police said that was the only area of the city where rifles styled after AR-15s and AK-47s were regularly used, a menacing new development in the gang fights.

Rifles styled after AR-15’s and AK-47’s or actual AR-15’s and AK-47’s? My guess: AR-15 and AK pistols. Which are far easier to conceal than the full monte versions, and generally less easy to fire accurately than handguns.

At the time, more than 30 shootings believed to have been tied to semi-automatic rifles occurred there and in neighboring Brighton Park over the previous nine months. At least 46 people were shot in those attacks, 13 fatally.

Police suspected the rifles were being passed around by members of four rival Hispanic gangs in the area.

Notice how the Trib’s “contact reporters” sleaze that info.: “Believed to have been tied to semi-automatic rifles.” Unless the bad guys were firing pistol-caliber carbines — which don’t count as “high-powered rifles” in my book — it’s easy enough to collect spent casings and ID whether or not a round was fired from a rifle.

And just in case you don’t think this is an anti “assault weapon” hit piece by the Trib, they immediately chronicle a cop shooting where a rifle wasn’t used.

The last time a Chicago police officer was shot was Nov. 27 in the West Garfield Park neighborhood on the West Side. The officer suffered a graze wound to the forehead while police exchanged gunfire with Richard Grimes. Grimes, 33, who police said had just shot his pregnant fiancee in the abdomen, was fatally shot by officers.

The Trib continues to twist and omit facts to promote the idea that you can take the “evil” guns out of the gangs even if you can’t take the gangs out of commission. False! Fake news! Same as it ever was.

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  1. “So neither the gang bangers — who somehow managed to drop their unidentified “high-powered rifle” –nor the cops managed to land rounds on target.”

    Umm, you might want to correct this. BOTH officers were wounded.

  2. If only Chicago could craft some sort of common sense gun control laws……If only…..

  3. Hmmm… Chicago PD being shot at by gang members. Big surprise. How about a fresh, new idea: Execute repeat offender gang-bangers. They can’t contribute to the recidivism rate if they’re taking a dirtnap.

  4. “Richard Grimes. Grimes, 33, who police said had just shot his pregnant fiancee in the abdomen, was fatally shot by officers.”

    Considering the author of that article likely does not believe a fetus is a human being, I wonder why it was relevant the woman was pregnant, in his mind.

    • You’re assuming he was concerned with the baby. In reality he was concerned for protecting the woman’s right to decide whether that parasite was allowed to live instead of being forced to decide. And they know people will agree with their anti gun proposal if they use this tragedy against a pregnant woman to their advantage

  5. Well, they’ve been telling the gangbangers that ARs and AKs are the ‘weapons of choice’ for over 25 years now.

    Maybe the gangbangers are finally starting to take the media’s advice on the matter?

  6. To those unaware the po-leece were in an unidentified/plainclothes cop van. Near Archer &41st. Homie probably thought he was shooting at his fellow thugs(the thug description can be argued). I agree the so-called bad guys may have had AR pistols. So what…

    • When you describe it like that, maybe the shooters were undercover cops and the whole thing was an inside job? Kinda like, if these guys don’t retire before the next Lt.’s test, I’m gonna . . .

      Either way, IL match made in heaven, for the gun-grabbers and Rahm who can fund raise to DHS on the cop shooting.

      • I think he intends to infer that the cops could be thugs too. And there is a case that can be made for that. As one pundit once said, “They are a gang; but they are our gang.”

  7. The a.m. radio station I listen to driving from the land of the somewhat free to Chicago everyday, said both officers were hit multiple times. Tonight on the way home they did a story about ex-cop Aldermen pushing for more Chicago Cops to be trained and qualify with rifles because the gang bangers are out gunning them. Mayor Rahm Emanuel doesn’t agree with that. He says he went to the hospital to visit the injured LEO’s and they BOTH told him that their soft body armor is what saved their lives; hence no need for rifles. Could have sworn soft body armor and rifles were not equal adversaries.

    • No, Rahm “satan’s sex-toy” Emmanuel meant that soft body armor is better protection for the cops and saved their lives because ALL the bad guys know the cops use it, and if the cops had better armor the bad guys would just aim for the cops heads.

  8. Fake news, and more of the old

    “We’re F’d up, we need to fix you” from SChitcago, a/k/a “Moscow on Lake Michigan”

    Choke yourselves comm-tards. We’re starting to root for the gangs because of you.

  9. First. Why would rival gangs pass guns around to each other? They are rivals, they might be shooting each other soon.
    Second, to reply that “it’s easy enough to collect spent casings and ID whether or not a round was fired from a rifle”. I do not know much about LE ballistics, but how can you tell if the ammo came out of a full sized AR-15/AK-47,74 or an AR-15/AK-47,74 handgun?

    • First: Agreed. Second: does it matter? Both fire rounds capable of penetrating protective vests without ceramic plates. And as far as the news circuit is concerned, both are “Evil Black Rifles or “assault weapons” that need to be banned.

      • ” And as far as the news circuit is concerned, both are “Evil Black Rifles or “assault rifles” that need to be banned.”

    • I read it to mean that gang members were passing them around to fellow gang members and multiple gangs were doing that

      Of course we could have a third party (maybe someone working for Rahm?) “renting” these high powered rifles to gangs for specific jobs and they return them or else

    • He was talking about using the cases to see if the thugs were using rifles with rifle ammo or pistol caliber carbines with pistol ammo. Not the barrel lengths which obviously isn’t do able based on a spent case.

        • Unfortunately, reading comprehension is not everyone’s forte. Sometimes, what’s written can be misunderstood quite easily.

  10. They should ban criminals and gang bangers. Maybe make a law against committing crimes. That’ll show’em!

  11. Rifles or ‘AR pistols’, distinction without a difference. Either way they were probably stolen out of the train yard (which has happened multiple times) or one of the gun store burglaries recently.

    • Dozens of guns(mainly AR’s as per the news) were stolen out of Eagle Sports range in Oak Forest,IL (5900 w. 159th). This was last Friday. The miscreants merely tossed a cinder block(!) through the window. DUH…

      • It’s OK. I’m sure the gun shop owner was insured.
        (Yes, that’s sarcasm.)

  12. I’m surprised they’re not cheering on that gang banger who shot his preggo gf as a hero of the right to choose movement.

  13. Oh no high powered rifles, weapons of war the news said,

    The one news lady said an AR 7 and an AK 15

    Scary stuff

  14. From “Second City Cop” blog:

    “A bunch of politicians have already started with the “more gun laws” chorus after two cops got shot. Stop it. Stop using the wounding of our co-workers to push your failed political agenda. It’s insulting, it’s bullshit and it isn’t going to stop a damn thing.

    -The shooters likely didn’t obtain the weapon legally, so your entire argument for “more laws” is already a failure;
    -Shooting at the police isn’t legal, and with Hillary sidelined, it isn’t likely to become legal any time soon. Again, you’ve lost the “more laws” argument already;
    -You’ve been bad-mouthing cops for over two years now and the Contract is up next month. You think we believe a single word coming out of your mouths about anything?

    …How about Foxxx and her ilk enforce the laws already on the books to their fullest extent…”

  15. What a joke. I keep an eye on what’s going on in Chicago, as I live close enough the occasional turd exiting that overflowing toilet will roll into my area. The residents, politicians and media in Chicago have installed a soft on crime DA and sheriff, and as a result have ferals running amok. What they are trying to do is shift the costs and blame for their inability/unwillingness to manage their ghetto pets from their ever-so enlightened asses onto the peasants in the hinterlands.

    For those interested does great job documenting the madness that is the criminal justice system in Chicago.

  16. 2/123rd FA is right there. A little community outreach via 155 would end that shit.

    • I don’t figure 155s would be enough, although an MRLS salvo might be sufficient.

  17. Gangsters have a penchant for DRACO AK PISTOL, ( they don’t buy them, they steal them ) 7.62X39, will pass both sides of a level III vest, even from such a short barrel. Gun control is not the answer, removing illegals and criminals from America is. Most of these gangs are heavily populated with illegals. Liberals created and now foster the environment these menaces to society live and breed in. Remove liberals from positions of authority, vote them out or face civil war in a few years…. that’s the direction we are headed with the current climate of hatred of police and middle class white people. Wake up people and become united again, united in patriotism, and love of America.

  18. Don’t worry too much about the Chicago Tribune. When Sam Zell bought the rag, I posted there that it’s headquarters would soon house luxury condos. It took some time for that to happen, but that is exactly what is happening now. It is a question of time before declining revenues kill the rag, even if, as is rumored, Rupert Murdoch buys it from whoever owns the rump Tribune and LA Times company these days. The even more hoplophobic Chicago Sun Times is now on rigor mortis, and you can expect the Tribune to join it.

    That, of course, will be a day to break the champagne out.

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