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Next Post is all abuzz with the discovery of archival footage—after twenty-four-years searching—of the vote that ushered the Hughes Amendment into law. It’s clear that the Speaker disregarded both the voice vote AND the electronic roll call vote to insert the Hughes Amendment (banning private ownership machine guns) into the wider Firearms Owners Protection Act, based on the voice vote he gaveled as passed. Since ’86, some 1300 people have been jailed for violation of the Hughes amendment.

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  1. This is going to be interesting!

    Doubtfull if there is any chance of repeal, in the past the Supreme Court has always defered to both houses in enforcing their own rules, i.e. if one of the chambers of congress says it has passed then it has indeed passed.
    There was some talk about this last year that the house would deem that something had been done even when it had not been done, can’t recall which bill


  2. What…Congress follow the law?
    A proud institution composed of murderers, rapists, thugs, thieves, liars, cheats…
    Those who swear an oath to a Constitution they’ve never read…
    Sworn to duties they never intend to perform…
    Enrich their own pockets with other peoples money…
    Refuse to participate in redress of wrongs…
    Answer to no one but “advisers” with personal life long corporate appointments…

    These creeps are gonna fix the Hughes Amendment issue?
    Good luck with that.

    You’ll be lucky if in nine months a loaf of bread isn’t fifty bucks. Machine guns won’t matter much then.

  3. Good thing we have the internet nowadays. With the ubiquity of video these days, there is no way they could get away with that today.

  4. This is horrible. At one time a long time ago, people trusted the government to do the right thing. What happened to turn the congress into… whatever that was? This should have made national headlines, and been protested like crazy! How could people have been so complacent? If I were older back then, I would have. Instead, I was playing in the dirt with green plastic army men, and dirt clods. If I only knew what the adults were doing to the world. That just gave tyrants free reign to forbid us our natural (not to be confused with civil) rights as they see fit.

  5. I’ve been telling people about this for years. I was watching this when it went down. Rangel is a treasonous POS and should be tried, convicted, and executed for it.

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