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By Brandon via

Over 170 concealed carry permits that were issued in the state of Ohio have been revoked after it was learned that the permit holders didn’t actually receive any training. Instead, their instructor simply signed off on their certificates. “We had to notify them with a letter recently that they never had a valid license because they didn’t complete the appropriate hours of hands on training or training,” said Lake County Sheriff Daniel Dunlap. The instructor, who hasn’t yet been named, is facing numerous felony charges . . .

As for the people whose permits were revoked, they’ll need to start over and take the course that’s required to receive a valid permit.

It’s a shame that a bad apple got through and took advantage of that many people, but it’s an important reminder to do your homework to see what the requirements are in order to obtain your state’s permit. It’s possible that some simply didn’t know. It’s also possible that some did, and they saw it as an easy way to avoid taking the course.

Either way, they’ll need to take the actual course to get their permits reinstated.

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    • Better solution, scrap the course.

      Getting ‘just a sign off’ is bad enough.

      So all these people were walking around with invalid permits, I guess we’re lucky they didn’t all accidentally go on a killing spree

  1. Whoa–didn’t somebody mention on one of these threads the other day that they had got a permit like that? Bad news….

    • Either an anti plant (I’ve had a few in both basic pistol and hunters education) or loose lips flapping all over town making the way into the ear of somebody who cared.

      • Anti plants are you for real? Sheeesh. What do they do, take the courses for the sole purpose of being a troll?

        • Pretty much. Hunter’s ed got more when I was doing it than the pistol class. Probably because the hunters ed was free.
          One guy I recognized from college. He was there taking notes and recording things to write a trolltastic anti report for some blog.

  2. Hmmm. Is there any coincidence that DOJ and Cleveland struck a deal for community policing for all of the mis-use of force issues? Wonder if this “trainer” was moonlighting from his job at the PD training facility.

  3. Was there any unsafe use of a cc firearm from that group?

    What was the percentage of unsafe / inappropriate uses by the lawful carry?

    What is the percentage of cc by the legislature that never took a course?

    • These students are unqualified to even hold a firearm. Strict training is required for the mere serfs, otherwise children will be laying dead in the streets!

  4. I wonder if Sheriff Duncrap is up to snuff on his firearms proficiency. I bet he is lucky to get the minimum score once a year.

    • So the sheriff is bad cause he was enforcing the law against a fraud? Were you one of revoked permit holders?

      • No genius, I am in Florida. However, Sheriff Duncrap seemed to think that the training was a big deal when many of LEO barely qualify on an annual basis. Many LEO aren’t gun people. But I will draw it in crayola for you so you can understand it. The instructor should have been dealt with. The sheriff is being hypocritical regarding standards to put an infringement on an inalienable right that is protected under the 2nd Amendment.

  5. So the instructor signed off on people who paid him off. Who does he think he is — Lee Baca?

  6. Some of the stories I’ve heard about CC classes straying from the curriculum makes me think that even if the class was taken, it doesn’t mean much.

    • I moved from Oregon to Arizona recently. I know what it is like to carry in a state where permits and training are required, and I know what it is like to carry in a Constitutional Carry state. So, are Oregon conceal carriers safer than Arizona carriers because they have training? No. In my opinion, Arizonian conceal carriers tend to handle firearms far safer than Oregonians. Arizonians have one advantage over Oregonians, though, which is they have far more venues for practice and training than Oregonians.

    • I’ve taken one of these mandatory courses, taught properly by an NRA certified instructor. It’s basic safety, technical and weapons handling information, the kind of stuff your dad or granddad would have told you as a child (4 rules, how a gun works, how to hold a gun etc). Already owning several guns at the time I took it, I didn’t get anything out of it, but there were a couple of people in the class who were completely new to guns and the hands-on part probably did help them. That said, I still think classes like that should be totally voluntary, and a few states have proven that Constitutional carry does not cause the streets to run red.

  7. AND in the state between Ohio and Illinois NO training is required to get CC…as it should be. Indiana rocks!

    • With indiana, there is blood in the streets due to lax regulations! A place with snug gun laws would never have such a problem, such as Chicago.

  8. Well I’ve never taken the CA CCW course and I’m doing just fine. I support the elimination of state-mandated CCW courses and fees. Constitutional carry is the way to go.

    • You no doubt would make a fine sheriff. May I suggest a bit farther south? San Diego, perhaps? I can’t get Chip to leave Indiana.

  9. Don’t think I would want to sweat out a felony over $150 or less. Some people…

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