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“I think number one it is unfortunate that it required an outraged member of the public and not the national press core (sic)” to “force the candidates to answer the question.” Thus spake the crown prince of New York, pronouncing on his irritation at the media’s lack of attention to his pet issue. Having ripped the media a new one (or so he thought), he then turned his attention to the candidates’ backsides . . .

He told,

And then they had all this gibberish talking about education. That education is the solution to stop the killing. My recollection is that the Aurora theater shooter? He was a PhD candidate. Ok? The Virgina Tech massacre was committed by a student at a first class university! Gun are a plague and I don’t think education is going to keep guns out of the hands of gang members. The solution is to prevent all people who shouldn’t have guns from getting them.

That’s when he balled up his little fists and really let loose.

Let’s get serious. These are people who have guns, and the only reason to carry a gun is to use it. To kill people. People who buy assault weapons… Governor Romney signed an assault weapon ban, today he has changed his mind. The President campaigned four years ago that he was going introduce a bill to ban assault weapons, the bill never saw the light of day. Romney said ‘oh, well, automatic weapons are already banned.’ And yes it is true, machine guns are banned. But a semi-automatic weapon, which is what an AK-47 is, that is not banned. And you can pull a trigger awful fast.”

One candidate has had four years to do something and hasn’t. And the other candidate says he won’t even do what he once did!

Can you imagine how vexing it is to be so powerful and so damned intelligent when so many mere mortals beneath you fail to see reason?   [h/t]

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  1. I hope our resident gun crime statistician, Bruce, can do the math by I’d venture a guest that mass shootings are statistical outliers. The Shooters at VA tech and Aurora were a-typical when it came to being involved in gun crime. People need to focus on the real issue at hand which is violence crime rates related to drugs.

  2. I believe the AK is a full auto weapon later converted to get around the NFA. Hate all you want, sir, but get your facts straight. And full autos aren’t banned either, just a total pain in the arse to get. If only I had the eight grand for that ranch rifle I saw the other day…

  3. OMG!! I just had an epiphany!!! Or a brain fart, I am not sure which. But here goes.

    Bloomberg blames a hunk of steel, aluminum and polymer, called a gun, for all these deaths. Not the people using them.

    About 45,000 people a year are killed on the road. Tell Bloomberg. Cars, trucks, motorcycles must be banned IMMEDIATELY!!! Only the police and Mayors will have permission to operated these instruments of death.

    This will save so many lives. Problem solved.

    • Don’t let Ray LaHood hear that 45,000 figure you threw out there – we’ll be back to a 55 MPH blanket speed limit across the US! The actual amount of motor vehicle deaths was 32,885 for 2010.

    • I don’t think he blames the tool, I wouldn’t. He’s probably just trying to treat it like a numbers game.

      I don’t remember where I first saw this:

      Anyway, if those were gun fatalities (yes, except they aren’t), the mayor would likely conclude that automobile control (mandatory safety features) were reducing homicides, and extrapolate that to work on guns.

      Now I want to find out what numbers he might hypothetically use for NYC…

  4. Another sawed off “corporal with a god complex. Hope this one gets put in his place before he gets to far out of hand.

    • Brilliant! The JPFO needs to draw up one of their posters depicting Napoleon, Hitler, and Bloomberg all standing next to each other laughing and poking fun at the masses of sheeple they oppressed.

      All three guilty of elitist empire building oppressing the masses, a god complex, and the deaths of innocent people.

    • Great Comment, Your are right, he has that Hitler type look in his speeches of righteousness as he seeks to disarm the populace of America. Billionaires like him are the problem in this country. I wonder how much of his money is invested in violent video game companies, violent media, and promoting his leftest agenda. Go to Canada or Mexico Bloomberg. Both have strong gun control, both border the US. Crime rates vastly different.
      WHY????? Figure it out!!! Crime is a cultural phenomenom and is driven by those engaged in the drug trade. Hence the great White North is peaceful, and our neighbors to the south are awash in violence.

  5. I’m only saying this because of how upset at how ignorant some people (aka gun control advocates) have become. I almost (that being the key word) that we do in fact pass a gun law that more or less eliminates guns entirely from the public and that the violent (and/or gun) crime rate goes up or another tragic event occurs some (you can show people the light but even the blind can’t see that) people will realize that bad things will happen regardless of what tool is implemented during said crime.

    Again to be clear, I don’t actually want this to happen. I’m just am tired of anti-gun people not getting it.

  6. Anyone ever perform a Freedom of Information Act Filing to see if Bloomberg himself has a firearms license for NYC? He strikes me as the type who would speak out but believe the rules don’t apply to him. If he did have a license, I think it would kill all his credibility and that would be great.

    • The ultra-rich rarely need to secure permits for themselves. They have a private security staff whose job it is to carry the guns, and the staff are the ones with the permits made of unobtanium.

      That’s not even counting the public employees (aka cops) who provide His Nibs with security because he’s mayor.

  7. He’s grandstanding.

    Those of you who haven’t had the honor of living in a Socialist Zone like Chicago or New York wouldn’t understand why , so Ill kindly break down the dynamic.

    In large liberal metropolis’ violent crime is a way of life. You can’t come home from work once without hearing about a violent carjacking, sexual assault, police shootout, robbery, or sordid combination of all four at the same time. The only time I didn’t see anything on the Chicago news about violence was when the TV was off.

    Naturally a lot of these incidents involve the use of firearms. Problem is, law abiding voters get sick of seeing a death toll every night that rivals an African civil war. This generates a dilemma for the civic leaders of liberal metropolis’, because nearly every law which can be possibly passed against firearms ownership is already on the books;its like building a 1000 meter rifle range in the middle of the Chicago Loop. There’s nowhere to go.

    Thus, politicians without a logical explanation for stopping the violence turn their blame outward-see, the 20 people shot this weekend WASN’T due to gun control. NOOOOOO. Its due to to those yokels in Utah and the Dakota’s who are trafficking guns into the cities for use by bad guys. See, (INSERT COMMUNIST HELLHOLE CITY HERE)’s gun control laws aren’t the problem.Its the AVAILABILITY of arms everywhere else in America thats causing problems. If only there was ,like, a nationwide ban on guns then thered be no guns for bad guys to shoot and (INSERT COMMUNIST HELLHOLE HERE) would be a utopia.

    This is why Bloomberg is ranting against both candidates. This way, when the NY press grills him on why NYC is so violent he can shrug his shoulders and say “hey, its Washingtons fault you can’t eat dinner with your evening news.Vote Bloomberg!”

    • Nice explanation. Since the elected representatives have no solutions, they need to be able to blame someone else. In the case at hand city/state elected representatives can blame Washington for the absence of national gun control.

      What amazes me is how the public keeps swallowing that hook, line, and sinker. There is minimal if any gun control in the likes of Vermont and Utah and they don’t have any significant amount of criminals committing violent crimes with firearms — especially outside of suburban areas.

  8. You mean semi-automatics that are carried by your bodyguards to protect YOU? Why do you even need that? After all, the only reason people carry a gun is to kill people.

    Oh, right, I forgot. You’re better than all of us.

    • At least Bloomberg finally admitted what the rest of us have already figured out. The NYPD carries guns in order to kill people. And do so with some frequency, especially if they are innocent bystanders.

  9. What do New Yorkers see in that man? Three times they elected him. Three times! Or is he getting into office the same way that his political equivalent, Hugo Chavez, has done?

  10. Gun control issues aside. Bloomberg is a dictator reigned in if only slightly, by restrictions on his office.

  11. “The solution is to prevent all people who shouldn’t have guns from getting them”
    — If that is the solution then why do NYC police still have guns?

    A better solution is not to elect stooges like Bloomberg to office. Hey, Mikey why should you enjoy armed protection and not the children of a working class couple? Why not even in their own home?

  12. What Bloomberg fails to comprehend, although Obama made the point just last night, the problem of gun violence is not the guns, its the violence. Taking away the guns will not stop the violence. Education and jobs offer a way out of the desperation that leads to drugs, drug gangs, and property crime. Hopefully. Anybody else got a better solution?

    REmeber that in centuries past, theft used to be punished with cutting off of hands, lies with the cutting off of tongues, and beheading for murder. But we still have politicians walking around.

    • How about voluntary mass sterilizations in exchange for $2,000 each? You’d be amazed how many would go for that much money placed into their hands. It would be cheaper than trying to educate their offspring an often unreceptive audience and far less costly for their prison lodging.

  13. This man makes me sick…he’d gladly lock us all up in padded rooms, for our own safety. And our food and drinks would be served to us in tiny regulated amounts, so we wouldn’t get fat.

    • The food and drink would be drugged with mood enhancing happy meds so we’d all be happy in our cells and when we are released. Think I’m kidding? The pharmaceutical industry is fast moving to place itself into such a social and legal position with government to provide new meds onto people constantly defining and adding on new illnesses and problems. It’s being pushed now in our schools. It’s all about people control. Big government and big business working together: Fascism.

  14. “But a semi-automatic weapon, which is what an AK-47 is, that is not banned”

    Could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure an actual AK-47 is select fire, and the semis that we can purchase are just variants or clones of the design

  15. Bloomy, my former mayor, and some ways my old boss….. Keep your fucked up ideas in that little place we call nyc. The entire country does not have a force of 39000 cops. And even if we did, you and I both know we cant be everywhere, even though at times we did try. My new town has an eight minute response time. Are we supposed to tell the criminal to hold on for a few? Get your head out you ass, the entire country cant work the way liberal nyc does. Every statehas its own needs. Im in law enforcement out here, (just like before) and trust me, we love law abiding ccw carriers. They may be the one who helps US OR THEMSELVES one day. Get it together bloomy, people are tired of hearing your nonsense. Especially ny’ers…..!

    • Thank you Felix, I am a female ccw carrier and I myself would help our officers, as well as innocent civilians if the need arises. Too many people just do not understand that we are willing to help them also. I think Bloomberg should set the example and get rid of his fifteen armed officers he brings with him everywhere he goes. Thank you for your service, and stay safe

  16. This coming from man that made excuses for his officers when they wounded sixteen innocent people in the empire state building massacre. Thing is the sicko shooter shot one person, never fired at the police, yet they shot and killed him and wounded fifteen bystanders. His comment, was I hate that happened but that sometimes happens.

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