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MOBILE, Ala. (AP) — Police have made an arrest in a shooting that happened at a high school football game in Alabama, leaving at least 10 people injured.

Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste tells news outlets that six people were directly shot Friday and one person had a seizure shortly after the shooting at Ladd-Peebles Stadium, a city-owned venue hosting a game between LeFlore High School and Williamson High School.

In a post on Twitter, police said authorities arrested a 17-year-old male on nine counts of attempted murder. News outlets report the student surrendered Saturday morning.

Battiste says the shooting stemmed from a fight, and the suspect pulled a gun and started “indiscriminately shooting.” Some of the victims have been released from the hospital, but it is not clear how many.

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      • The stadium bans the carry of all weapons, regardless of permit.

        Glad to see that’s working out for them,

      • If it ain’t gangs, It’s a bulling issue, Or maybe it just an asshole punk with a gun.
        ………… choose one. ……….

  1. This should be titled “Mobile does a Friday.”

    It’s Chicago with nicer weather and a decent baseball team. Just across the bay sit some of the nicest towns in America proving just how quickly you can go from upscale, safe neighborhoods to crumbling ghetto just by crossing political boundaries.

    • Don’t forget the Federal Govt Social Engineering.

      HHS has moved THOUSANDS of Welfare Baboons FROM places like Shitcago and Baltimore into places like Mobile Alabama and my town in Texas.

      You can take the person out of the Ghetto Plantation, you can’t take the Ghetto out of the Ghetto Monkey.

      • Much of America thinks this racist piece of shit is a typical gun owner and representative of how we think.

        It’s a problem.

        • He may be racist but he is right. Welfare was a targeted attack on the black family and it worked. Now we have a ton of black people and other minorities who are multi generationally dependent on the system and multigenerationally without a biologically related male in the home. Absence of a biologically related male in the home increases abuse exponentially which triggers genes that promote violence. It also causes children, especially girls to enter puberty earlier, and be more promiscuous. The system penalizes marriage and having a man officially live with the woman. And it was all targeted at blacks and later at hispanics. It has also been aimed at middle eastern and african “refugees” coming in. Of course then all of these people vote left to keep the money flowing and that is how we got Somali “refugees” electing Franken who was the tie breaker to pass Obama care.

          You don’t have to dislike other ethnicities to see and understand the truth.

        • Not sure I can believe that. Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by incompetence. Could be they actually believed they were helping. What I will NOT argue with is the result. That is precisely as you stated. Destroyed the families, murdered the culture, threw tens of millions of people’s futures into the crapper for 100+ years, it’s not over yet.

        • The war on drugs created the gangs. Again. Government should get out of people’s lives, stop banning or controlling objects, substances and behavior, and stop supporting people with other people’s money. If they stopped all of that all of these problems would vanish.

  2. How many national media outlets will neglect to mention that the suspect is a young black male gang member?

    OVER 55% of ALL crimes committed in the United States are committed by young black males – who represent less than 3% of the US population. Instead of banning scary black rifles, perhaps someone might consider addressing urban black drug gangs!

    • For some reason you are not allowed to say that. Everyone knows what the problem is. Nobody wants to address it. It’s not even a racial issue it is about poor people being raised in fatherless households. Our current welfare policies are promoting this.

    • I’m afraid that would be a common sense approach to deal with the problem. I propose we establish a fact finding committee to explore the negative impact of President Trumps policies that have prejudiciously attacked our future leaders coming from areas suffering abuses due to entrenched economic discrimination. These social justice influencers, we so desperately need, should be nurtured in order to compensate for cognitive discrepancies manifested due to decades old abuses resulting from oppresive, institutionalized racism. Or something like that.

    • Race has nothing to do with it. Parenting does. But I’ll bite. We have a White Boy ISIS problem. The anti gunners are after us because of spoiled white boys in their parents basements self stimulating with the Web. Who is shooting up schools, worship places etc.? Uh huh.
      The masses don’t care about black youth shooting each other and you know it.
      The masses are afraid to go anywhere because one of their sons might “snap.”

      These kids are right there around you. When they are young they get participation trophies and never hear the word no. Their feelings aren’t honored instead parents distract them with things. The white boys raping in colleges also never heard no. Never had a mom or dad tell them that girls aren’t receptacles for their sexual pleasure. With good parenting a young man can become emotionally self regulating. He can handle a break up with a girl. Or any of life’s disappointments. He can be a Man, Dad, Lover, Friend who only shoots people who’re asking for it. 🙂

      Do your own due diligence and reach out to those in your community who may need someone to show interest in them.

    • Because that’s racist according to many Republican white males. You are not supposed to focus news reports around race. They don’t want the media to make white males appear to be dangerous, thus the media shouldn’t mention their race when reporting about their crime. Just say it was a male of this age that did this thing. If you mention them being black, brown, yellow or white you are race baiting to demonize a group.

      If you say black people are committing a lot crime you are a white supremacist because you’re only focusing on their race, especially if you exclusively focus on that particular race.

      Republicans don’t want to mention race in news reports. Only the leftist racists want to constantly make every thing about race even when it isn’t relevant.

    • I’d say that 95% of them are guys without fathers at home. If you don’t have a real family, the gang is your family.

      • Someone researched this issue and found that out of 25 or 26 of the young shooters, only one of them had a father at home. You are correct.

  3. It is entirely possible that truly random events might be coincidental to something else. But….

    The rash of non-inner city shootings stretches the limits of “coincidence”. Something is happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear. The complete breakdown in society? The utter disregard for anyone but self? The encouraging advertisements from the media? Something besides random coincidence.

    Too much similarity to really be coincidence.

    • “The rash of non-inner city shootings stretches the limits of “coincidence”. Something is happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.”

      I heard there’s a man over there, telling me I got to beware…

      • “I heard there’s a man over there, telling me I got to beware…”

        “There’s a man with a gun over there, telling me I got to beware…”
        – B. Springfield

        Fitting, eh?

        • I remember that song! I may have the album….somewhere in the basement…. That’s when songs had words you could understand. (or am I going deaf?)
          Kris Kristofferson, Waylon , and Tompall Glaser anyone? (Rita Coolidge was better than Kris, tho he could sure write a good one.)

          • According to Kris and Johnny Cash, Kris was frustrated that he couldn’t get Cash to listen to any of Kris’s songs. Finally, Kris being a helicopter pilot in RVN, he rented a chopper, and landed on the back lawn of Cash’s estate, and demanded Johnny listen to a couple songs. Cash thereafter made it possible for Kris to get a wider audience, and a record label contract.

      • Then there are the psycho drugs they have most of these messed up kids on, plus being shot up with too many vaccines with brain-damaging added ingredients. What could go wrong?

    • “The complete breakdown in society? The utter disregard for anyone but self? The encouraging advertisements from the media? “

      An interesting historical analysis of gun culture, why the Spanish failed in North America and where this may be “leading” by a non-American below. Note the graphs at the end. “…what is most likely to, in the end, change the legal landscape of firearms in the United States is the change of American society itself. From property owners into indebted rent paying day laborers”.

      Ask yourself, when it comes to where there is a high level of violence, what’s the state of property ownership in those areas and if we graph these things does that graph show the same trend as the one Kraut notes here but in a smaller geographical area than “the United States”?

      Not saying it’s the answer, and I don’t think it’s the only problem… but I think it’s a contributing factor, and a big one.

      • The demographic change from agrarian to urban in America can be instructive to a point. But the bulk of non-inner city mass shootings are not caused by urban dwellers, but by people from “owned” homes. The curiosity is why now are we seeing so many non-inner city incidents now, and not five years ago? Has the dam burst, and the sense of constraint has finally (nearly all at once) been abandoned? Are we seeing the clustering because of the glorification of the shooters by media? Is there something else afoot?

        • Need so more wars, not enough REAL killing in the world anymore. So now the news needs to concentrate on all this piddly crap

        • Historically speaking some of the answers can be found in the history of firearms usage/sales and the protections of private property in South Africa in the late 1800’s. (The Kimberly Diamond Mine had massive gun sales in the 1860’s and 70’s, up to 75,000 rifles a month. Why?)

          At the risk of using “loaded terms” here. Inner city violence is pretty obvious. It is protection of private property in terms of “turf” for selling that private property (drugs). It’s the ONLY way to get ahead in some of these areas (or the only perceived way) and so it’s aggressively defended. Kinda like land or liquor production was in the late 1800’s in Africa. Hardly surprising.

          The “expansion”… I wonder about this in terms of observational bias, and honestly haven’t had the time to tear that apart. However, if we go with the assumption that an “expansion” is underway then I would start looking at it like this:

          Remove mental illness, since that’s not really a singular “cause”, and momentarily set that aside. That takes out people like Holmes and Lanza. I would also remove religious ideology and set those aside as well (Pulse, San Bernardino).

          Essentially paring this back to the political shootings like Dallas, El Paso, Dayton etc. So, if those are “expanding”, why? Well, I’ve kinda touched on this before. Who’s doing such shootings? Young men. Hrmm. Well, I can’t prove this at this point but I have a hypothesis.

          It comes from an overarching sense of hopelessness that leads to unbridled aggression. Private property ownership (see end of video) has been dropping rather alarmingly for about a decade. About the time most of these young men are coming of age to be real “adults” in a societal sense but before their brain has fully finished off wiring the frontal cortex. This is a time that men are known to be a bit… uh… erratic in their use of violence if they are not properly disciplined. (Do public schools create disciplined minds these days?)

          Now, that private property ownership thing isn’t actually the problem IMHO, but rather a symptom of it. We see young people embracing socialism and claiming that capitalism has failed (also see my previous comment from the other day on “public goods”). We see these shootings. We see a polarization of politics on things like immigration. We see that a lot of young people “played by the rules” and got fucked with a ton of debt and no real job prospects. I can tell you from anecdotal experience that my generation doesn’t like older people much. Older people are often seen as a bunch of liars who fucked us into debt and continue to lie to us. “Work harder” is seen not as advice but as a sucker’s game to get us to pay for the ponzi schemes of Medicare and Social Security that older folks are looting. We’re to work til the day we die so that those older people can have a retirement now. Selfish old fucks protecting their investment in a ponzi scheme at the expense of younger people, younger people who will have money extracted from them by said ponzi scheme to the point that they can never own a house or anything else that they want. That’s a group of people with little chance of getting a good job and ever breaking this cycle. (Note, I’m not saying this view is correct. I’m merely saying that the view exists.)

          So combine that sense of hopelessness, a lack of potential to advance in life “because the system is rigged”, the feeling that “I played by the rules and got hosed”, and add in the current political/media environment along with some nudges from social media (Christchurch shooter for example) and a certain percentage of people are not going to just “keep their nose to the grindstone” but rather lash out. Some of that “lashing out” will be in the form of extreme violence towards, effectively, random people because… again, that frontal cortex isn’t fully formed and these people are not mentally disciplined.

          It’s remarkably similar in certain regards to the Boer experience in the Transvaal region (and surrounding areas) of South Africa from ~1830-1900.

          • Much of what you noted can be covered by my theory that we are in the third/fourth generation of children being raised (?) to remain children.

            Us old folks went to college when “Underwater Basketweaving” was a course of study we knew would lead nowhere. But those courses were popular with the mentally lazy. And we took on college debt that we could only repay through income from a job (the formation of that thought, and the will to honor our debts were not uncommon…so where did that come from?). Being raised to be adults, mostly we understood that life was not “Sesame Street”, and a cocoon of leisure.

            The whole notion that a person should have a free ride through life is a product of the leftist, socialist manipulators of the last 60 years. And it wasn’t just us old folks who wanted younger people to fund our retirement. It was our contemporaries who decided to expand Social Security into a complete welfare program. If restricted to simply being a retirement supplement, the financial equation would be wholly different (Ponzi scheme that it is).

            By the ’80s it was becoming obvious that children were becoming a fashion accessory, designed to be pulled out for bragging rights, and provided tools to see to it that they otherwise did not interfere with the career plans of the parents. Us old folks were provided the outdoors for interaction with other children. Since at least the ’80s, more and more “things” were handed to children to keep them quiet, and “connected”, but alone and separated.

            And then society began to mush their brains with claims that children are the center of the universe, and everything must be done to pacify them, while expecting that somehow they would “catch on” and modify their expectations once out of school, and “in the world”. Society created a world of instant gratification, and zero coping skills when faced with adversity of any kind.

            These forces have been building for decades, but why is it we are just now seeing, not a slow trend, but a near “explosion” of these shooting incidents among children not of the inner city?

            • Lest we forget, a lot of these suburban mush brains feel they have emulate their inner city brethren, or be deemed “uncool”!

          • “Is there really more of it now, or are we just hearing more about?”

            Always a good question. Digital overtook print as the news service long ago, so the opportunity to record/publicize more reports is not new. But with the advent of CNN, things really changed.

            The original CNN programing is what now appears on CNN Headline News. In the olden days, CNN was a good source for a quick “check-in” regarding what was happening around the nation/world. But then the 24/7 news cycle began. Print news only had to fill up a portion of the day. 24/7 news demands new “news”, constantly. Now, what was once strictly local news is a nation-wide event. So, yes, we are”hearing more about it”, in the worst way – saturation and repetition ad nauseam.

            And now, another 20 shot in and around Odessa, TX. How do we discount some sort of coordinated movement to ratchet up criminal gun related crimes in such a short period?

        • Yes, glorification by the media is it. The old movies had shooting, murder, violence, but it also had good wins over evil. That ended with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Bonnie and Clyde. The bad guys are heroes. (Also, the bratty kids on tv get the laughs at the expense of the parents.)

          • Wanna see a great example of one of the major causes of these atrocities? If you can stand it, watch a bunch of gangsta rap vidoes!

          • “(Also, the bratty kids on tv get the laughs at the expense of the parents.)”

            Anyone notice that since decades, the lives of kids on tv consists of hanging out, spending money, and treating adults as mentally deficient? Add to that exaggeration, things like “Friends”, and “Two broke girls” and a bunch of others over time, and you have lifestyles entirely unsupportable by the imagined incomes of the “stars”. Those exaggerations set expectations of youngsters.

            When my boys were nearing graduation from college, living at home during summers, I sat them down and told them to look around and understand that their lifestyle would be a big come down once they left college. That all that surrounded them was the result of 20+ years of hard work and concentrated effort. They would not be starting out their adult years with such accommodations. Even my kids were unnerved at the prospect. As time went on, they all agreed that although they felt it was unfair to not let them live at home after college, it was the best thing that could have happened to them.

            Even though I am probably a bad example as a parent, I wonder at the future made up of children whose parents were too lazy to set standards and enforce them.

        • The main problem is no morals what so ever. Never heard ” Thou shalt no commit murder “.

    • “Something is happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear “. For What It’s Worth. Buffalo Springfield.

  4. Hood rats shooting each other over trivial crap… the obvious solution is taking ARs away from white guys.

  5. And of course the GUN was legally obtained,,, Right???,
    Need to get back to the , Eye for a eye thingy,,, that will Wittel down the dirtbags.

  6. 17 year old male. For some reason this suspect doesn’t have is race mentioned in every single news article. Must be his white privilege.

    • There is a law that stops media from identifying a juvenile. They can get in trouble if their report leads to the child being publicly identified. They have to wait for the government to do that.

  7. I don’t see anything about it being a pistol. If it was, he should also be charged as a prohibited person, age 17. When gun control is discussed I never see anything about charging such violators. We should INSIST on it since the perp is abusing a right and freedom making life more difficult for the law-abiding citizenry. That charge should be consecutive to any other charges and if I had my way there would no plea bargain on that kind of charge nor would there be any early release.

    • “Gun charges” are bargaining chips to get a conviction on another crime. “Admit to XYZ, and we will drop the additional jail time on the ‘gun charge’. It’s the difference between 20-to-life, and 30 to life.” A tactic of plea bargaining. Of course, there is the opportunity for abuse, such as, “Cop to simple assault, and we drop the ‘gun charge’, which would add ten years to a lesser sentence.”

      How do we judge the “success” or “effectiveness” of prosecutors, in not on conviction rates? And do we want every crime adjudicated at trial?

      • We should never take the “violent crime with a gun” charge off the table. Bargain the illegal gun charge, but when a person is shot in a crime, they should have to go to court.

        • “…when a person is shot in a crime, they should have to go to court.”

          Consider: trial = major uncertainty
          plea bargain = certainty of some sort of punishment

  8. Read about this on 2 other sites.
    Deangelo Parnel (not Italian).
    Reached the point of “why should I care” about BonB shootings? I don’t.
    This is Darwin at his finest.
    Self elimination of the unfit.
    This is NOT caused by “white racism”.

  9. Notice how they hide his identity if he was white it would be plastered all over the National News, he is black so they hide it behind vague references.

  10. Haven’t been able to find this guy’s pic anywhere. Unlike the Odessa shooter. Of course, the Odessa guy was white, so it was OK to let people know that. One article by some idiotic rag was even making a big deal about that shooter being white. Didn’t even mention this Mobile shooting, which occurred earlier. Funny how that works.

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