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By Alex Burton via

Keeping your firearms put away securely helps prevent theft, keeps others from accidentally discharging them, and is a must if you have children in your home. Most people keep their firearms locked away in safes. Others take hiding their guns to a whole other level by having custom-hidden gun cabinets created. With most these setups, you would never look twice at them. These also save a lot of space compared to traditional gun safes. If you are in the market for new and creative firearms storage options, check out these awesome ideas for hiding your heaters away . . .



This cool little clock’s face opens to reveal the perfect place to hide a handgun. No one will ever be the wiser that it is more than just a clock.


This seemingly decorative coat rack hides a hidden compartment for shorter shotguns and rifles. Perfect for the grab-and-go hunter on his way out the door.


Forget hiding a gun between the mattress and boxspring, just ditch the boxspring for a safe. This 1,300-pound, 10 gauge strongbox will keep anything you want safe, including your guns. Just make sure you’re not moving in the near future before purchasing.


Who hasn’t ever wanted a secret book case in their house? This one is capable of holding up to eight long guns plus ammo or smaller guns underneath. Just make sure to fill the bookcase front section with gun books.


This unique gun cabinet hides away in your ceiling to look like an attic entrance. It’s even automated with a wireless key that only opens with a four-digit pin code.


Sometimes the best place to hide something is right out in the open. Since most of our time spent in our homes is in the living room you know your guns are close by, right there in front of you.


This is a really cool idea to keep guns safe out in the open. I just don’t know how comfortable sitting on that couch would really be with that hard safe underneath it.


The guys who make these chests designs all kinds of cool furniture pieces to hide away guns. Who would ever suspect a dresser of having long guns stored away in it. Thieves would most likely just toss the drawers and move on.


This is one really neat gun cabinet with a lot of options. The best part is if you have some woodworking skill, you can pick the plans up online and make this yourself.


This one probably offers the best camouflage of all. A great way to keep a pistol within quick access that could be added to almost any area of the home without anyone really questioning it.


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    • …I don’t think Dan realizes that some of us might want to actually buy these things instead of just looking at pictures of them.

      Robert, can you please give Dan a gentle tap with the cluebat? Just enough to knock some sense into him, we don’t want to do any permanent damage.

      • Ok, my bad, Dan didn’t write this, he just posted it.

        Mr Burton: The TTAG commentariat would appreciate some linkage.

    • If you go to wide open spaces, and type “secret gun” into the search bar in the upper right corner, the first result will be the slide show these pictures came from. Each one has a link to purchase or build or whatever the specific item depicted.

  1. When I was growing up in the sticks in the 60s, we were proud of our guns and kept them on the wall on gun racks. I was proud of the one I made in shop in high school. We didn’t have to worry about theft because there was always someone home and we never locked the doors. Gun racks are long gone but I’m happy with my custom made wormy chestnut gun cabinet where I put my long guns. It has a glass front to show the guns but the lock won’t deter a determined criminal. A determined criminal can get anything but a steel cable through the trigger guard with it going through the back of the cabinet helps. It would be hard to break the back of the cabinet and drag them out with them all hooked together. They could defeat it with a bolt cutter but most crooks don’t have one for residential thefts. I keep my handguns in a conventional fire resistant safe like you would use for money or other valuables.

  2. Filling a bookcase hiding guns with books about guns kind of advertises that you have guns. I also think having items in your home advertising your interest in guns without having a safe would make thieves look harder.

  3. I have been living with a small mirrored hideout for my ccw for about 10 months now on a daily basis. I LOVE the access, it was wifey approved, and nobody is the wiser even tho I have a cleaning crew twice a month and its in the highest trafficked area of my house. They may have a wait time but it is worth it. Check out

  4. Not too sure about the hat rack thing. I mean a compartment right above the rack, in plain sight. Am I missing something?

    • Needs to have a visible storage area in front of the gun storage.
      Otherwise it’s a 4′ long box with no reasonable purpose in life. Makes people ask “why is that there?”

    • Also the attic entrance idea seems a little off.

      People over for dinner: oh I didn’t know you had an attic.
      You: uhhh…can you pass the salt?

      Burglar: oh cool lets check the attic.

      • Do burglers often hit the attic? I don’t know but I could see attics often being left alone. When I think attics I think old and seasonal types of things, that don’t seem to be very valuable to a theif. On top of that there is usually not much room to manuver and any thing you do find is usually a pain in the ass to get out taking up valuable time. they can also greatly redues your situational awareness.

        • Good Burglars like to hide in the attic especially if surprised by the arrival of the Police.

    • If you laid the rifle/shotgun flat, the compartment could look like simple trim for the shelf part of the hat rack.

      • You could also put a couple of fake hats up there, with guns hidden in the hats!
        Maybe that’s what they had in mind, instead of hiding your guns in the “hidden” cabinet above??

  5. Nah. Between the studs behind the sheetrock.

    Throw a fist into the wall – yank out a ready to go AR.


    • Throw “a” fist??
      Man I’m gonna keep away from you, if your fist is that big and powerful!

      • They make cheap thin drywall for mobile homes, but I’m not sure where to buy it.
        You’d want to mark the spot well, for punching with all your might and finding a stud would be very painful.
        But I’m pretty sure a grown man could stick his fist through regular 1/2″ wallboard.

        Or, if you were a genetically engineered super fighter, it’d be no problem at all:

    • NJ concealment furniture, like from New Jersey? WOW! I thought that even thinking of such stuff in NJ was illegal. (I used to live there). I am seriously surprised that the gubmint of NJ allows these folks to manufacture concealment furniture because the attitude seems to be that if you need to hide something, then you must be a criminal. (I still work there)

  6. Koolness.

    I’ve seen some nifty custom hiding places done by creative folks. My favorite was a hiding place under a step on a set of very nice wooden stairs, accessible from both on the steps or below, in different ways. Nothing from either side would have made anyone think there was anything there but nice woodwork. In second place was a section of wall paneling that swung out to reveal a nook for three rifles, with the latch concealed behind a common wall fixture. Third was a rack under a kitchen table, the main latch hidden inside a kitchen drawer and secondary latch a piece of decoration on the table. Then there was one a friend and I designed but never built, a wall section between garage and pantry, accessible from both sides via shelving that swung out.

    I’m pondering a custom hidden storage for my mom’s house; I have a few ideas but haven’t decided which is best — but every one will be fun to build.

  7. That armoire kind of screams “hidden compartment”, doesn’t it? The cabinet is a foot and a half deep, but the upper compartment with the TV in it only goes back a few inches. My first thought would be “what’s behind there?”…

    • Hey. You are new here. My name is Dirk. Don’t know if you heard about me. Shannon Watts and I are real tight. I mean TIGHT.

      How is it going? What do you do for a living? Maybe we can sit down over coffee or drinks?

      Btw – you do realizw

    • Jenna – Sadly its people with your ideology that could get me killed when I’m forced to protect you.

      Remember when seconds count police are only minutes away….

  8. Wow, way to show your progressive tolerance for people of differing opinions and interests, Jenna. Go to a website about things for which you have no interest (in fact appear by your writing to despise), read an article then verbally ridicule the site’s members despite the fact that their interests are constitutionally protected by both the 1st and 2nd amendment.

    The 1,000,000th comment contest is over. Go away Troll.

  9. Only one I actually like is the coffee table. If we have space for one, ever, I’d love to get that.

  10. especially if there are children in the house…

    Or, you could just be NOT a terrible parent. I put a gun in my son’s hand every day since he was 5, until he finally protested about how annoying it was to shoot every day. No curiosity, knew full well I’d be more than happy, to his chagrin, to put the gun in his hand, no need to sneak around. A 6 year old that could, with a very annoyed look on his face, field strip a 1911 with no help on the bushing. No taboo silliness. Knew what he saw on TV was BS first hand even if he did complain.

    Now that he’s almost 18, he understands why. The lies of anti-gunners have zero impact on him. He knows better.

  11. I am thinking of buying a safe for my pistols and long guns. Not a Heavy duty safe.

  12. Jenna – Sadly its people with your ideology that could get me killed when I’m forced to protect you.

    Remember when seconds count police are only minutes away….

  13. Regarding the “really neat gun cabinet with a lot of options” that you share, if you don’t want to make it yourself, you can buy it from a Furniture Traditions’ dealer. It’s a Flat Screen TV armoire that converts to a gun cabinet by removing the false bottoms that are a some of it’s multiple hidden areas. It also has a fingerprint activated safe for your hand guns. Really cool. Having it in your bedroom has some positive advantages, too. Thanks for the article!
    Here’s were I found it…
    Alder Hardwood:

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