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Drug Smugglers’ Latest Weapon: The Potato Gun


Mexican drug cartels may be a bunch of vile, hyper-violent murdering scum, but they’re not necessarily stupid. Some have apparently figured out that they can save the cost and risk of mules (hired smugglers) and avoid digging expensive and dangerous tunnels to get their product to the Norte-Americanos. Their latest weapon: the potato gun. Or something similar. From “An attempt by drug smugglers to propel cans of marijuana into the United States with a pneumatic cannon was thwarted by Border Patrol agents over the weekend.” . . .

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Question of the Day: What Gun for Drones?

The intrepid boys at Danger Info have shown us the-not-too-distant future of domestic drone technology. You may look up from your back yard one day, annoyed by the high pitched whirr of rotors, only to see a hovering video platform staring right back at you. Now the guv’mint, as you’d expect, is taking a higher dollar approach to drone defense with a laser-powered weapon. But since it’ll be hard to generate the necessary kilojoules of energy you’d need from your standard utility hookup without blowing breakers throughout the neighborhood, you’ll probably want to use something you already have on hand. Our friends in the anti-2A community love to tout the potential a .50 cal rifle has of bringing down flying objects. But we’re thinking something as mundane as a Remmy 870 with some OO buck would acquit itself admirably. What would you use to take down that spy with the little unblinking eye?

Armed Drones – What Every Good Boy Is Hoping For This Christmas

Ralphie’s mom was only worried about the kid putting his eye out. She never dreamed he’d be able to chase the Bumpus’s dogs down the street, thwacking them with paintball markers. Let alone peeping through Mrs. Schwartz’s bathroom window, all from the comfort of his room. But technology marches on and it won’t be long before a magnificent young man can have his very own flying machine, one that also sends back video and shoots, well, whatever . . .

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Thank You

It shouldn’t just be said on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, but we’ll go along with convention. Whether you served during wartime or peacetime, thanks to everyone who’s worn a uniform in service to this country.

eBay Bargain of the Day: Flow Thru Ventilated Laptop

That’s a gently used Asus Zenbook that eBay seller zzyzzx1130 is trying to unload. But give him credit – he’s totally up-front about the ‘puter’s condition. While it works perfectly, it does exhibit one rather prominent sign of wear. I’ve heard Irvine can be a tough town, but it looks like it could give Chicago a run for its money. About that bullet hole… titters at the the explanation zzyzzx provides: “a firearm discharged accidentally while being maintenanced.” Do you think it was the firearm or the computer that was being “maintenanced” at the time of the gunshot in question? No matter. Seeing as how it’s a Windows machine, I’m surprised it isn’t sporting even more bullet holes. [h/t]

Useless Horror and the Slow-Learner Syndrome

It’s happened again, another lone nut-job has murdered innocent citizens. No I’m not going to add to the infamy of this piece of human debris that is for some inexplicable reason still stealing oxygen from our planet. This week I add one more to the innumerable reasons why I am glad I don’t subscribe to cable television: 24/7 non-stop Useless Horror. The never-ending news cycle depicting every aspect of the terrorist act committed in Aurora, Colorado serves no purpose but to horrify the citizenry and make them feel helpless. I suppose I should amend that statement; the terrorist act does serve a purpose for left-leaning politicians who feel that the peasants would be better off if disarmed. Or, is it the ruling class who is better off if the peasants are disarmed? . . .

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