Armed Drones – What Every Good Boy Is Hoping For This Christmas

Ralphie’s mom was only worried about the kid putting his eye out. She never dreamed he’d be able to chase the Bumpus’s dogs down the street, thwacking them with paintball markers. Let alone peeping through Mrs. Schwartz’s bathroom window, all from the comfort of his room. But technology marches on and it won’t be long before a magnificent young man can have his very own flying machine, one that also sends back video and shoots, well, whatever . . .

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Thank You

It shouldn’t just be said on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, but we’ll go along with convention. Whether you served during wartime or peacetime, thanks to everyone who’s worn a uniform in service to this country.


eBay Bargain of the Day: Flow Thru Ventilated Laptop

That’s a gently used Asus Zenbook that eBay seller zzyzzx1130 is trying to unload. But give him credit – he’s totally up-front about the ‘puter’s condition. While it works perfectly, it does exhibit one rather prominent sign of wear. I’ve heard Irvine can be a tough town, but it looks like it could give Chicago a run for its money. About that bullet hole… titters at the the explanation zzyzzx provides: “a firearm discharged accidentally while being maintenanced.” Do you think it was the firearm or the computer that was being “maintenanced” at the time of the gunshot in question? No matter. Seeing as how it’s a Windows machine, I’m surprised it isn’t sporting even more bullet holes. [h/t]


Useless Horror and the Slow-Learner Syndrome

It’s happened again, another lone nut-job has murdered innocent citizens. No I’m not going to add to the infamy of this piece of human debris that is for some inexplicable reason still stealing oxygen from our planet. This week I add one more to the innumerable reasons why I am glad I don’t subscribe to cable television: 24/7 non-stop Useless Horror. The never-ending news cycle depicting every aspect of the terrorist act committed in Aurora, Colorado serves no purpose but to horrify the citizenry and make them feel helpless. I suppose I should amend that statement; the terrorist act does serve a purpose for left-leaning politicians who feel that the peasants would be better off if disarmed. Or, is it the ruling class who is better off if the peasants are disarmed? . . .

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Question of the Day: Do You Shoot Without Hearing Protection? Say WHAT?

Reader Paul S. writes:

A comment in a recent post got me thinking. The commenter indicated his concern about possibly deafening a small child in his arms during a DGU. I don’t think this is a valid concern. A sound loud enough to *break* the eardrum certainly is, but it would take repeated loud noises to damage hearing permanently. In fact, I periodically (but infrequently) fire off 10 rounds or so without any hearing protection, just because I want to *know* first hand what the sound is like, so I won’t be shocked by it.  My reason: . . . 

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Big Brother Builds Better Bandwidth, But Will There Be A Benefit?

The NSA is building a new “data center” in Bluffdale, UT outside of Salt Lake City. And while plenty of people think their acronym really stands for Never Say Anything, one of their former employees has said plenty that informed a March article about the new facility at The long and short of it: our security-minded friends will be able to tap into and store pretty much every email, text, phone call, bank transfer and retail transaction. As in all of them. Yottabytes of information compiled at exaflop speed. The question is, will they actually be able to sift through all of the chaff (think billions of grocery store purchases, bar tabs  and online porn membership transactions not to mention your daughter’s texts about Jimmy’s hair and how cute Leslie’s boots were) to get to any kernels of actionable data? That’s what Holman Jenkins is wondering after the Aurora massacre . . .

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Has it Really Been a Year?

I’m one of the newer writers on staff at TTAG, and certainly not part of the “old guard” like Dan, Nick, and RF. But tempus sure does fugit. Its been one year since my first article posted here. I got my first taste of being published and watching people give feedback and its been a wild ride since. In that time, I’ve . . .

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You’ll Swoon at Aaron Spuler’s June Guns and Stuff Giveaways

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Step right up, step right up. Yes you, sir. All ya hafta do is click on one of the little links after the jump, enter a little bit of info and you, yes you could win yourself a shiny, brand new, handy-dandy gun and it won’t even cost you one thin dollah. In fact it’s free if you don’t count your FFL’s transfer fee! Why, it’s so easy, even a little kid could do it . . .

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Want a Suppressor? Consider Setting Up an NFA Gun Trust

Now that I own a small but decent collection of pistols and rifles, I’ve kind of lost some enthusiasm for adding more to my safe. Sure, I appreciate the latest and greatest from the gun manufacturers as much as the next guy, but over time, I have found that I tend to settle into shooting certain guns a lot while others seem to stay in the safe a lot more. Gadgets and gizmos certainly help to fill the void, but sooner or later, I knew I’d eventually get around to that semi-forbidden fruit – the fun stuff restricted by the National Firearms Act (NFA) . . .

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