Win Free Magazines With TTAG and GunUp [Sponsored Content]


Everyone knows that more magazines is always a good thing. So GunUp the Magazine and The Truth About Guns are going to give away 10 30-round Troy Battlemags to two lucky readers. Two people will each receive 10 factory new Battlemags, the only polymer rifle magazine that survived a direct hit from a .223 round…and still functioned . . .

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Solving the Problem of Child Violence

By Don N.

Are instances of child violence on the rise? To tell the truth, I don’t really know, but I’ll go out on a limb and say it sometimes seems like it. There are good reasons why this could be true. Regardless, child violence is a problem worth solving whether the rates are increasing, decreasing, or static. To really start solving this problem, whatever its size, we MUST address the incentives and motivations for kids killing each other. Bullying is an obvious motivation. Bullying is a common feature of any population of the human animal. For kids, bullying used to be somewhat escape-able . . .

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Obscure Object of Desire: SIG SAUER M11-B Pistol


SIG SAUER developed the P226 series of pistols for submission to the 1984 XM9 Service Pistol Trials. The XM9 program actually grew out of the Joint Service Small Arms Porgram (JSSAP) which had been started by the Air Force as early as 1979.  The goal of both programs was to evaluate the current sidearm, the nearly 100 year old 1911 design against current state of the art. Most of the major players submitted designs, but when the smoke had cleared, only SIG SAUER’s P226 and Beretta’s 92FS had passed the trials. Ultimately, the Beretta would win the bid as the total package price of the pistol, magazines, and spare parts was lower than SIG’s package price . . .

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Flying With Your Guns Revisited


[Revised: I learned a few things (specifically about loaded mags and the orange firearms declaration) via the comments section below.]

Nick wrote about this subject a couple years ago, but it recently came up again in the Free Fire Zone and this was my response.  It’s long, and I make no apologies for that. I tried to cover all the bases:

I’ve flown with firearms quite a bit and I researched the hell out of it before I did, and then learned stuff along the way. My flights have been equally split between Delta and Allegiant, with one USAair thrown in for balance. Their procedures are similar enough that I don’t distinguish between them, but always check with your specific airline. Here’s what I know . . .

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We Interrupt for a Public Service Announcement


Experts estimate that 38 children die each year trapped in hot cars.  So far this year, locked vehicles have been responsible for roasting at least 20 tots. We must do something about this dangerous situation before any more innocent children suffer tragic and unnecessary vehicular deaths. With this in mind, TTAG calls on Congress and the Department of Transportation to pass an immediate ban on the installation of door locks and closeable and/or fixed side windows in passenger cars, minivans, pickup trucks, SUVs, crossover vehicles, and any other type of motor vehicle not manufactured specifically for commercial use and operated by specifically-trained and licensed drivers…
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A TTAG Reader Says Goodbye


Dear sir,
A liberal is someone who doesn’t tell his kid “what was good enough for me is good enough for you.”

Liberals wrote the second amendment, along with the other original nine. To liberals, being a British subject without the advantages granted to those on the home island wasn’t good enough, so they fixed the problem . . .

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Federal Government Bans TTAG

A member of the Armed Intelligentsia and federal employee writes:

Hey Robert,

I’ve been clicking onto TTAG a couple of times a week to read up on the latest news while at work. As of today [Friday] the U.S. Government has seen fit to block the site. When I try to go to the url I get the standard warning message for blocked sites: “Access denied, all internet usage is logged.” Nobody tells us why certain sites get banned. You’ve now joined the ranks of ebay and Breitbart as sites deemed unsuitable for federal employees. I suspect this ban doesn’t apply to all federal employees . . .


Drug Smugglers’ Latest Weapon: The Potato Gun


Mexican drug cartels may be a bunch of vile, hyper-violent murdering scum, but they’re not necessarily stupid. Some have apparently figured out that they can save the cost and risk of mules (hired smugglers) and avoid digging expensive and dangerous tunnels to get their product to the Norte-Americanos. Their latest weapon: the potato gun. Or something similar. From “An attempt by drug smugglers to propel cans of marijuana into the United States with a pneumatic cannon was thwarted by Border Patrol agents over the weekend.” . . .

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Question of the Day: What Gun for Drones?

The intrepid boys at Danger Info have shown us the-not-too-distant future of domestic drone technology. You may look up from your back yard one day, annoyed by the high pitched whirr of rotors, only to see a hovering video platform staring right back at you. Now the guv’mint, as you’d expect, is taking a higher dollar approach to drone defense with a laser-powered weapon. But since it’ll be hard to generate the necessary kilojoules of energy you’d need from your standard utility hookup without blowing breakers throughout the neighborhood, you’ll probably want to use something you already have on hand. Our friends in the anti-2A community love to tout the potential a .50 cal rifle has of bringing down flying objects. But we’re thinking something as mundane as a Remmy 870 with some OO buck would acquit itself admirably. What would you use to take down that spy with the little unblinking eye?


Armed Drones – What Every Good Boy Is Hoping For This Christmas

Ralphie’s mom was only worried about the kid putting his eye out. She never dreamed he’d be able to chase the Bumpus’s dogs down the street, thwacking them with paintball markers. Let alone peeping through Mrs. Schwartz’s bathroom window, all from the comfort of his room. But technology marches on and it won’t be long before a magnificent young man can have his very own flying machine, one that also sends back video and shoots, well, whatever . . .

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