Gear Review: Grizzly Targets “Build Your Own Range” System

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Here at TTAG, we love shooting steel. Some TTAG writers have the luxury of owning rural property where they can simply leave their targets. Others, myself included, live in suburbia, and can only shoot at gun clubs or out on public lands (BLM, National Forest lands, etc.). So we need steel targets that are portable. Fortunately, Grizzly Targets of Tampa Florida has the answer: a set of stands and targets they call the “Build Your Own Range” (BYOR) System. Grizzly sent me some T&E samples, and I have since purchased additional pieces . . .

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Gear Review: Precision Armament M11 & M41 Muzzle Brakes

Courtesy Joe Grine

Muzzle Brakes. Advocates will sing their praises in terms of recoil reduction and taming muzzle rise, but Newton’s laws of physics extract a price for these benefits: namely increased noise and blast concussion. Personally, I’m a big fan of muzzle brakes because I shoot more accurately with lower recoiling rifles, and I love to see the bullet’s trace and impact. So when I first saw these new innovative brakes from Precision Armament, I knew I had to try them out. I ended up ordering two of their best-selling brakes – the M-11 and the M-41 – and now report to the armed intelligentsia.

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Gun Review: Walther PPQ M2 (5″ Slide)

Courtesy Joe Grine

TTAG has a reputation for hard-hitting, no holds barred reviews. That’s why it pains me to tell you that this review is pretty much the same kind of slobbering lovefest that you’d expect from industry glossies. But after spending six months and well over 3,000 rounds running the Walther PPQ M2, Jeremy and I could find precious little to complain about. Even my quibbles amount to nothing more than minor personal preference issues. So without further ado, let me tell you why I think the Walther PPQ M2 is one of the best of the polymer wonder 9s . . .

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Gear Review: Grizzly Gunworks Muzzle Brakes

Courtesy Joe Grine

When I decided to turn my HK SL8-6 into a “designated marksman/sniper” configuration, I knew I wanted a good muzzle brake so I could “call my own shots,” so to speak. I also wanted to tame the recoil of my Steyr SSG-69. So I did some research and determined that a Grizzly Gunworks Defcon-1 brake would meet my needs, called owner Jeff Cox and placed an order.  As he and I talked, I mentioned that I had recently purchased a Beretta CX4 Storm, and he convinced me to get a brake for it as well. Easy sell . . .

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Gear Review: TommyBuilt Tactical LLC’s SL8-6 Stock

Last year, I reviewed the now discontinued Heckler & Koch SL8-6 after making an impulse buy at my LGS. My reaction to the rifle was a mix of hot and cold, but much of the “cold” was related to its horrible ergonomics. The ill-conceived thumbhole stock, of course, was a consequence of government-mandated restrictions. But even then, HK seemed to have gone out of their way to make it extra crappy. Well, for the last year I’ve been debating whether to go all in and convert my SL8-6 to a G-36 configuration, or simply stick with the designated marksman rifle concept. Either way, I knew TommyBuilt Tactical LLC had my six . . .

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Gear Review: FAB Defense Vz. 58 Upgrades

The Sa. Vz. 58 is an excellent weapon system, but its stock configuration is admittedly a bit dated. Fortunately, there are quite a few firms that invested in modernization programs for the venerable little carbine. One of these, an Israeli firm named FAB Defense, makes Vz. 58 accessories authorized for use by the Czech military.  The Mako Group distributes FAB Defense products in the United States, and was kind enough to send me some T&E samples so I could pimp out my Vz. 58. I’ve been running the FAB Defense products through their paces for two months and can now make a full report to the Armed Intelligentsia . . .

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Gun Review: Czech Vzor 58

The Czechoslovakian Sa Vz. 58 assault rifle has to rank high as one of the least understood and most underappreciated military rifles of the twentieth century. Case in point: for many years I thought that it was simply a copy of the AK-47. But I’m not alone: I’ve even seen it described in books as being an “AK.” However, outward appearances aside, they only thing the Vz. 58 has in common with an AK-47 is the round it shoots:  the M43 (7.62 x 39mm). In fact, internally this rifle has more in common with Walther P38s, Beretta 92s, Brens, and Glocks than it does with an AK-47. Over the past couple years, I had the opportunity to test two civilian-legal adaptations of the original Czech design: the D-Techniks Vz. 58 “Sporter”, and a Century Arms International Inc. parts kit build called the “Vz. 2008.” . . .

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Classic American Made Rifles by Cooper Firearms of Montana, Inc.


While at the SHOT show, I blogged about the technological bolt-action marvels from German marques such as Mauser, J.P. Sauer, Merkel, and Blaser.  While restrictive European gun laws have pushed the Germans to focus on interchangeable barrels, caliber conversions and platform versatility, high-end American gun makers remain dedicated to old school designs focused on accuracy, workmanship, and value.  So if you are looking for something that is truly “new” when it comes to bolt action hunting rifles, you probably aren’t going to find much from the domestic manufacturers.  But companies such as Cooper Firearms of Montana, Inc.  will provide you with dead-nuts accurate rifles with drop-dead gorgeous looks . . .

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GSG’s MP-40 Set for Summer 2014 Release

Until the supply of 22LR dried up, my metal-receiver GSG 522SD had become one of my favorite range toys.  Accurate and reliable (if the chamber is periodically cleaned), the GSG 522 has sold like hot cakes. ATI followed up the success of the GSG 522 with a .22LR copy of the MP-44 Sturmgewehr, and is now going to market a new Teutonic plinker, the MP-40 “Schmeisser.” The MP -40 will be available as a carbine (underfolding stock and faux suppressor) and a pistol version (underfolding buttstock permanently retracted). Both 10- and 25-round mags will be available. Like the STG-44 that preceded it, the GSG MP-40 will come from ATI with a wood crate for storage.    MSRP will be $539.95. So is the MP-40 really a Schmeisser? . . .

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Two New Colt/Cooper M2012 Bolt Guns

Colt has teamed up with Cooper Firearms of Montana to add two more bolt guns to  the M2012 family: the “M2012MT308T” and “M2012LT308G/M2012LT260G.” Made by Cooper for Colt, these new rifles feature the Cooper Arms repeater action with integral M1913 Picatinny rails, a 3-lug bolt, and 60° bolt throw. They also feature a custom fluted, match grade barrel and a single stage, adjustable Timney trigger. A signed, serial numbered and dated test target is included with each rifle. I fired both on range day and was very impressed with the overall feel, performance, and quality . . .

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Not So New at SHOT: Merkel Three-Barrel Drilling Rifles

 Courtesy Joe Grine

I’ve been shooting for around 36 years, but I had never a seen a break-open three-barreled rifle and shotgun combo.  So when Chris Dumm and I stopped by the Merkel booth at SHOT Show, I thought I had stumbled upon something, um… “new.” Calling Chris over, I said: “Check this out.” He comes over and says: “Oh, cool, a drilling.” “A what?!”, I responded with a confused look on my face. Chris says “It’s a drilling: a three barreled rifle shotgun combination.” Surprised that Chris would know anything about high-end European rifles, I asked: “How did you know that?” He responded “There was an article on TTAG a while back, for one thing. They have been making these things for over one hundred years in Europe.”  Hmmm. Ok, I’m feeling kinda stupid at this point . . .

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Full Auto with the Daniel Defense MK18 SBR

A definite highlight of Media Day was running two mags of 5.56 full auto through the sub 6-pound Daniel Defense MK18. This excellent little rifle features a 10.3-inch cold hammer forged barrel (1-7 rh twist). The new Daniel Defense furniture on this rifle is pretty nice as well – it’s very ergonomic and features soft touch rubber overmoulding.  It feels softer and more “grippy” than the Magpul furniture I’ve been running on my AR . . .

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