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This may be a little “inside baseball” for mass consumption; we don’t tend to post much in the way of industry-internal news. But, as I’ve been testing out a few of ZRODelta‘s products over the last two months (and loving them), and War Sport is a known entity, I figured we’d pass along the info. Looks like ZRODelta is going on an expansion spree, merging with one company before acquiring another. Both press releases follow . . .


Ascendant Advisory Group’s Mergers and Acquisitions Division is pleased to announce that ZRODELTA of Lubbock, Texas has merged with Critical Capabilities of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

ZRODELTA is a leader in the field of precision firearms and accessory manufacturing, employing patented technologies that improve the modularity, accuracy, and performance of a wide spectrum of OEM products throughout the small arms industry. ZRODELTA is best known for its DLOC reflex and variable power optics mounts, HEAD-S adapter for tripods, DCLW tripod shooting platform, and Cowl Induction Muzzle Break. During 2017, the company’s patented DLOC mounting system—the industry’s first true return-to-zero, non-marring rail mounting solution—was recognized by many as the new industry standard for optical mounting solutions due to its repeatability with as little as hand tightened torque. The platform has since been adopted by most major OEM optics manufacturers.

Critical Capabilities is best known for its OEM supply-chain management solutions. With manufacturing distributed across the United States, the company has excelled at linking out-of-industry manufacturing capability and capacity with OEM production requirements, with a special emphasis on improving quality, margins, and cash flow. As Critical’s founder and former Green Beret Pat Harrigan explains, “To us, it’s not just about putting parts on the production floors of our clients. It’s about exploring a better way to do business—from raw material sourcing, production methodologies and procedures, logistics and WIP post-processing, staffing, distribution opportunities, and even financing. In short, the more successful and efficient our clients are at each level of business, the more successful we will be.” This approach has worked well for Harrigan, who estimates that 15% of the AR15s on dealer shelves across the United States contain parts from Critical Capabilities.

“Our partnership is a natural fit for both companies,” says ZRODELTA president John Birk. “This merger allows us to vertically integrate high-volume production and distribution, innovate, and provide better products and services to our OEM clients that will improve their quality, organizational efficiency, and bottom line.”

The merger also includes Critical’s, an e-commerce portal which provides bulk OEM AR-15 parts to a network of nearly 1000 dealers across the United States. UnBrandedAR provides products to select retailers who desire to offer brand-less or house-branded products. The company has a wide range of marking capabilities and customizes products for clients both big and small.

Both companies will operate as ZRODELTA, with OEM production and sales falling under ZRO OEM Services. UnBrandedAR will continue to operate as

And the press release on the War Sport acquisition:

For Immediate Release – Lubbock, TX – ZRODELTA is pleased to announce the acquisition of War Sport Manufacturing of Eagle Springs, NC.

ZRODELTA is a leader in the field of precision firearms and accessories, employing patented technologies that improve the modularity, accuracy, and performance of a wide spectrum of OEM products throughout the small arms industry. The Acquisition of War Sport Manufacturing increases ZRODeltas capabilities in producing large quantities of high quality barrels and streamlines R&D through the use of their world-class metallurgy laboratory.

“Our motto is “The Foundation for Accuracy” and we don’t use the term ‘Accuracy’ casually” Said ZRO’s founding partner, John Birk, “To realize accuracy in a final product and to maintain consistency from product to product, a company must have unparalleled discipline, professionalism, and organizational control built into every aspect of its operational processes.”

ZRO’s recent acquisition with Critical Capabilities has increased the reach and breadth of the company’s capabilities within the OEM market space and the acquisition of War Sport Manufacturing ensures the demand of high quality products will be met. These acquisitions also support ZRODelta’s line of firearms including several models and calibers ranging from 9mm to 6.5 Creedmoor. Look for these new offerings to be on display at Shot Show 2018. Booth #15834


ZRODelta is a U.S. based manufacturer of scope mounts, tripods, and other precision shooting accessories best known for its DLOC scope mounts, HEAD-S tripod shooting platform, and Cowl Induction Muzzle Break. ZRODelta’s recent acquisition of Critical Capabilities and War Sport Manufacturing has expanded its ability to provide high quality parts to large OEM, military, and retail customers across the world.


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