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Gun owners and gun-rights advocates have had to put up with the creation of a number of fictional loopholes over the past several years, from the so-called gun show loophole to the alleged private sales loophole. Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse, gun banners have created yet another loophole to worry about—the “zombie gun loophole.”

Democrat U.S. Rep. Maxwell Frost is trying to do something to close this dreaded loophole that apparently could cause the end of civilization as we know it if not addressed.

“The Zombie Gun Loophole is a problematic way that guns can end up in the hands of those responsible for gun violence,” Frost tweeted last week. “We must close this loophole and destroy zombie guns now. Every life lost to gun violence is one too many.”

What exactly is a “zombie gun,” you might ask. Frost has an answer for you.

“A ‘zombie gun’ is exactly what it sounds like—it’s a gun that should not be living, it shouldn’t be able to operate, it shouldn’t be in use and it shouldn’t be able to harm or claim another life—but it does,” Frost said. “Closing the loophole that has allowed gun destruction companies to collect taxpayer dollars for only destroying one part of the gun and not the whole thing is undoubtedly contributing to the gun violence we are seeing in our communities today. I refuse to see another life taken or another family devastated because of gun violence. We need to destroy zombie guns now.”

Frost has introduced legislation in Congress to stop the proliferation of “zombie guns.” Frost described “zombie guns” as guns retired from law enforcement, seized by law enforcement or others taken during gun buyback programs. But instead of them being destroyed by authorities, their parts are then resold.

“We don’t believe this is the end all, be all solution to end gun violence,” Frost said at a press conference announcing the legislation. “It’s one piece in this fight. But when we have a crisis like gun violence that claims 100 lives a day and is the leading cause of death of children (untrue, incidentally), we have to be clear that we need every single solution.”

The measure, co-sponsored by 22 other Democrat members of Congress,  is called the “Destroy  Zombie Guns Act.”

“Currently, government agencies across the country are unknowingly fueling a secondary gun market when they send retired, seized and surrendered guns to gun disposal companies that destroy one small part of the gun and resell the rest,” Frost said in a press release announcing the measure. “In most cases, purchasers are even able to avoid the most basic requirements, such as a background check.”

In fact, many agencies with such firearms sell the entire guns or deal with other companies that sell the guns. They do, of course, undergo a federal background check when resold so are only sold to law-abiding Americans, not criminals.

Many firearms gun parts that are not the serialized receiver that is considered the “gun” do not require a background check when sold, and these seem to be the ones Frost and other Democrats are targeting. The same parts, however, are also available from a number of other sources, so the bill would do absolutely nothing to curb gun violence.

Still, gun-ban organizations like March for our Lives and Gifford immediately jumped on board the errant zombie gun train, voicing their support for the measure—as they do with any anti-gun scheme.

“Companies should not be able to profit from reselling crime guns or their parts that law enforcement slated for destruction,” said Adzi Vokhiwa, federal affairs director for Gifford.We thank Rep. Frost for introducing the Destroy Zombie Guns Act to improve firearm destruction practices, prevent crime guns from reappearing in our communities and shut down the growing and unregulated black market for recycled firearm parts.”

The fate of the legislation is unknown. But it’s unlikely gun owners need to worry about running into a zombie anytime soon when opening up their gun safe.

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  1. “… it’s a gun that should not be living, …”

    And that right there tells me all I need to know about Frost’s thought processes.

    Guns aren’t living things, they have no free will or volition. They are machines (and relatively simple ones at that), nothing more nor less.

    • Most democrats suffer from Extreme Cathehis Disorder, and there is no known treatment other than removal from all stimuli.

      • The defenseless victim pool begging for help turn to Gun Control an agenda History Confirms is Rooted in Racism and Genocide…That’s like Black Americans turning to the kkk for help and Jews turning to nazis for help.

      • I think many Dems are animists and believe objects have souls, or spirits, and can be good or evil. Guns, to them, are not only evil but have a miasma that infects and corrupts anyone nearby and compels them to perform illegal acts.

        • SC – thanks – I used to call such folks pagans but ‘animists’ is a far more accurate term IMHO. After all, most of them actually ‘believe’ somehow someway that the ‘evil’ influence of those inanimate objects forces otherwise ‘normal'(?) folks into heinous acts. It is ‘almost’ as if they don’t believe in personal responsibility/accountability much less freedom of choice.

    • muck – wouldn’t attaching additional parts/pieces ‘technically’ make a stock gun into a sort of Frankie gun? Most of us on here realize what you mean BUT you did inadvertently give this dude yet another category of guns to go after.

  2. Maybe they’ll make the Zombie Gun bill imitate Obama’s Cash for Clunkers program of 2009 that blew through 3 billion dollars in less than 3 months, and dried up the used cars and parts supply that lower income people relied on for their basic transportation needs. And a majority of the new vehicles bought with the slush money were imports.

    • Pb – you might be on to something, after all look how many places have instituted gun ‘buybacks’ – usually via donated grocery gift cards or something similar. Why not have fedzilla fund such programs since they have so much extra money (insert eyeroll).

    • true. but ford, g.m. and chrysler sold 47% of the new cars purchased, a figure higher than their combined 45% market share at the time.

  3. They’re not coming for your guns. That’s just a crazy conspiracy.
    They just want the zombie guns, ghost guns, assault guns, guns that are bigger than an arbitrarily defined size, guns that are smaller than an arbitrarily defined size, guns that operate quicker than an arbitrarily defined speed, guns that have stocks, guns that don’t have stocks, guns that have optics, guns that don’t have optics, old guns for being too old, new guns for being too new, imaginary undetectable guns that defy the laws of physics, …

    But other than those you can have any gun you want. They respect the 2ndA.

  4. Are these zombie guns anything like what we used to call campfire guns or armory guns?
    Guns assembled from spare parts or put together from several guns disassembled for maintenance/repairs/cleaning.
    Instead of going after the hardware, why not go after those committing the violent crimes?

    • That’d be too EZ OldMan! I “get”the idea. Dims think if these gats are “bought back”(lol)they should be obliterated. The dims want us disarmed anyway🙄

  5. This idiot’s looking for a feather in his cap. Thinks he’s stumbled onto a new angle and will fight tooth and nail to make a name for himself. I worked for the government for 30 years, that’s what they do.

    • How is it that this 19 year old ‘kid” (adult) is still in high school, and how is he able to just get a new gat at the drop of a hat, complete with drop in giggle switch?
      I am, however, absolutely shocked that he is actually being held instead of released. I mean, come on man, he’s only on probation for three separate felonies. Where is the compassion and social justice?
      Lat question from the article: he was charged with, among other things, “Terry is charged with unlawful use of a machine gun in a school …” Pray tell what are the lawful uses of a machine gun in a school?

      • I can honestly say that I lawfully used a machine gun in a school. Well, it was a university, but the anti-gun crowd counts colleges and universities as “schools” for their statistics on “school shootings,” so I was literally a school shooter firing a machine gun.

        It didn’t make the news because this was the 1980s, and it was part of my Army ROTC training. In the school’s ROTC building, we fired actual M16A1 rifles (yes, real assault rifles, which are classified as machine guns under the NFA because they’re fully automatic). We fired those M16A1 assault rifles (machine guns) with .22 rimfire adapters (bolt carrier groups) installed so we could safely fire them indoors in a .22 target range.

        There were a group of us shooting rifles at the same time, so it was literally a mass shooting in a school, but nobody was injured or killed, so it wasn’t the kind of mass shooting or school shooting that Democrat politicians and the mainstream media like to gleefully celebrate. Believe it or not, when firing the M16A1 assault rifle in a school, the gun did not magically turn me into a murderer. It did not make the news as a “school shooting” because this was the 1980s, before anti-gun groups like Demanding Moms Against Everything existed.

  6. That’s a good one right there. Diane Frankenstein. Our newest ‘undead’ Dem is “breaking new ground”, (pun intended).

  7. “Frost described “zombie guns” as guns retired from law enforcement, seized by law enforcement or others taken during gun buyback programs.”

    It’s financially-irresponsible to destroy things of value that can be resold. The needless destruction of perfectly serviceable firearms needs to federally-outlawed…

  8. I’ve seen posts for slide/barrel combos on GB and wondered how one would have a frameless top end to sell. This is perhaps one explanation. Now all I need to know is how you go about committing crimes with half a gun.

  9. I was curious where this idiot was from and found out that not only is he from Florida but he is also an associate of our favorite Hogg boy. His web site describes Frost as an “activist” and organizer of March for Our Lives.
    Is it any wonder that this kind of lunacy comes from his mouth?
    Come on Florida, you can do better.

  10. I have a few of these “parts kits” from Gunbusters. I have to admit, I do get a lump in my throat whenever I see one from a Python, or a war-time P.38, but that’s for a different reason. I’ve been watching for pieces of a HK P7 show up to really get the tears flowing, but havent’ seen it yet. They take the guns apart, destroy the serialized frame/receiver parts, and then auction the remaining sets of parts as repair kits.

    Much ado about nothing. In order to turn one of these kits back into a functioning firearm, you must have the frame/receiver, which requires a 4473 and background check if purchased commercially, as we all know.

  11. I had several zombie guns… but lost them in a terrible boating accident.
    But then they returned.

    And then there was the terrible vehicle accident where the camper went over the cliff and they were all lost again.
    But then they returned again.

    Hmmm, beginning to sound like the gun grabbers.
    They lose the legal battles because they lose the logic battle.
    But they keep coming back.
    Again and again. With no change in their minds.
    Oh yeah, zombies don’t have brains.

    Finally, a reasonable explanation to this anti-civil rights, discrimination based, onslaught against common sense.
    Gun grabbers are zombies!

    (Didja see what I did there, using “common sense” against them? Sol Alinsky would be proud!”)

  12. Gun-Grabbing Democrats are of the most ignorant of humans that roam this planet. They should have their own sub-human species.

  13. Oh for fucks sake! Really? I mean really? Who thinks up this crap? I am usually very well versed in the use of the english language. “Zombie guns”?!

    I have no words as my jaw is on the floor. Heaven help us.

  14. So when are the gun control nuts going to start working on the REAL cause of “gun violence” and put the criminals in jail where they belong and stop harassing the law-abiding gun owners??? My guess is probably when hell freezes over or they are kicked out of OUR country. FJB, FGN

  15. There used to be a band called Frost, they did a lot of covers and weren’t to bad.
    I am quite concerned. These people in power are more lunatic then I’m amnm.
    Whatever drugs Sen. Hank Thompson is passing out, whew, man, how long is the place going to stay in buisness?

  16. I don’t have ‘zombie guns’. I have ‘vampire guns’, they get their fangs into the wallet and drink money.



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