ZEISS Adds Six New Precision Ring Sets for 30mm and 34mm Rifle Scopes

ZEISS scope precision ring

Courtesy ZEISS

From ZEISS . . .

ZEISS announces the addition of six new sets of rings to the trusted and field-proven series of ZEISS Precision Rings that were introduced early in 2019. ZEISS raises the bar by offering features like an integral anti-cant bubble level, integral recoil lug, and unique designs that incorporate specialized machining and finishing processes to prevent scope marring as well as more functional aspects other mounting options just don’t offer. The new options include two additional 30 mm ring heights as well as four 34 mm variants. There are 11 different ZEISS Precision Ring options to select from, in 30 mm, 34 mm, and 36 mm diameters, and are now available at authorized ZEISS retailers.

ZEISS follows their mantra of “Confidence in the Toughest Conditions” more than ever with ZEISS Precision Rings. They are manufactured to the highest of standards from premium materials and tight tolerances for long-term security and heavy-duty field applications. A refined design boasts low-profile, non-snagging hardware and micro-radiused machining on all leading edges, where scope contact is made, to ensure that these rings don’t mar the scope’s finish.  The manufacturing and construction from ultra-durable 7075-T6 aluminum results in a Mil-Spec grade and STANAG compliant mounting solution for precise, accurate and repeatable shots on target.

ZEISS scope precision ring

Courtesy ZEISS

“The ZEISS scope ring lineup is designed to the same high standard as the rest of our products for 2020,” said Kyle Brown, Director of Marketing/Product – ZEISS Consumer Products for Carl Zeiss SBE, LLC. “These precision rings are constructed to secure the highest quality scopes on the market and deliver the high-performance results expected by ZEISS customers. Immediately upon inspection, it’s obvious that they’re different. We made exceptional mechanical and design enhancements to the typical 1913 Mil-Spec scope rings available today. Having confidence in your equipment is what ultimately leads to a great first-shot-on-target down-range and these rings do just that.”

ZEISS Precision Rings follow a smarter, sleeker, and ultra-lightweight ring design for all heavy-duty hunting and shooting applications.

To learn more about the features and benefits of ZEISS Precision Rings, watch this video and please visit: https://www.zeiss.com/sports-optics/en_us/hunting/riflescopes/precision-rings.html


  1. avatar BloomWherePlanted says:

    Holy cow! This is so exciting……


  2. avatar Klaus says:

    Should rings of this quality still need to be lapped?

    1. avatar Lew says:

      Yes, if you want as much precision as possible. The rings may be perfect, but the rail that you mount them to, may not be perfect.
      That’s my .02. I’m no expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

      1. avatar Ironhead says:


    2. avatar Don from CT says:

      Lew is right.

      Even if a manufacturer says no need to lap, they are blowing smoke.

      I recently purchased a $230 LaRue single piece scope mount. As a single piece, the ring’s parallel is determined by the mount maker. LaRue said no need to lap.

      I decided to lap them a little to see if they needed it. If they didn’t need it, I’d see the anodizing wearing away across the whole surface of the mount. Indicating that the rings were parallel and in line.

      That is not what I found. There was still enough error in the bores to make lapping them worthwhile.

      There is no harm in lapping. You should do it all the time. Especially since kits that include a torque wrench are less than $100 and will last a lifetime.

  3. avatar Tex Patriot says:

    I love that they described something introduced in 2019 “field proven.”

  4. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    stop it.

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