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Is what a man (or woman) carries everyday a window into their soul?  Zac’s submission looks like he’s got it inside a window of sorts for the photo.  “My Every Day Carry” he titles it.  Yeah, I know, it’s to the point.

He’s from Villa Rica, GA and carries one of the old Ruger LCPs.  Given the trigger, I’d say it’s had some work done to improve the trigger pull.  Praise the Lord.  Of course, he’s also got an Olight (H1R) – a right angle flashlight.

Zac also has not one, but two blades.  A Benchmade North Fork folder ($140) and a Great Eastern Cutlery Green Linen Micarta blade of some sort.





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    • .380 with the right bullet and load is just as powerful as 9mm, and 9mm is just as powerful as .45 now. So .380 now equals .45. 9mm is just larger and therefore less efficient. Everyone is ditching their 9s and switching to .380. Soon LE and the military will do the same. Better get with the times old man.

        • You must be young. (or I must be stupid.) I don’t get any of your “letters” : ROFLMFAO. Can you translate please?

      • 9mm is a fudd round, are you a moron, or just stupid? Maybe, a troll? .380 ACP, known in Europe as 9mm Kurz (short) is the same diameter as 9mm Parabellum. .380 ACP has a shorter case so it can only accommodate a shorter, and lighter, bullet. Comparing either to .45 ACP is equally foolish. Sure, bullet technology has improved to the point that even I occasionally carry a 9mm. Never forgot the first time I went to the range with my new agency. It was the beginning of the of the wondernine movement. Some of the guys asked why I preferred a .45 ACP. I asked Don for a loaded 9mm round. After clearing my 1911 I dropped the loaded round down the muzzle and shook my pistol. Rattle, rattle, rattle. I then dumped the round into my palm, handed it back and said, “That’s why.” and walked away. There ain’t nothing new under the sun. What stopped a man when Sam Colt gave us the .45 Colt stops a man today. BTW those improvements to bullet technology are applicable to the .45 ACP also.

        • He was joking I think. Paul Harrell makes fun of the same thinking in the video pasted a link to.

        • I tend to take people litteraly. Especially when it comes to firearms. I’ve heard so much bullshit put forth as fact I give no one the benefit of the doubt.

        • GF – just had your button pushed.

          Pretty sure he was being obtuse for the sake of humor.

          Everyone knows the government won’t let them sell the 380 rounds that penetrate cars but wont fo through people.

          Only a select few hand loaders have produced this round and they are in witness protecction.

        • That’s true. I’ve seen it in lots of movies. The mafia uses it…the guy in the back seat shoots the guy in the driver’s seat. Maybe it’s a pellet gun, I’m not sure. It’s usually at night, hard to see. I really want to know what kind of knife they used to cut the horse’s head off. I want one for my kitchen.

    • When’s the last time you took a couple of rounds of .380 to the breadbox and shrugged it off, commando?

      • I got shot in the head by a .380 just the other day, ricocheted off and killed my horse. The sharp nife did help in field dressing “Old Broomtail”. though.

    • Oh look! He carries a pistol every day. How many of us do not? Still, if the magazine malfunctions, he would be better off with a spare or two.

  1. There have been several good videos comparing the Underwood 90g .380 to Lehigh. The numbers begin to walk in 9mm territory with Underwood ammo, and that being the case, there’s not much reason to beat up tiny guns with the 9 when the .380 does just fine in the same guns… especially when some guns hold 15 rounds of it.
    If the race to the bottom means the 9 does the same job as the .45, then you have to accept that it’s possible for the .380 to step into the 9’s shoes. It doesn’t necessarily mean it should, but it can if you need it too.
    I will always be a believer in heavier bullets traveling quickly, but they do take up more real estate and there is a weight penalty.

  2. With the right ammunition the 380 is not that far behind. Especially for warm weather fashions and proper placement. Nice simple kit.

  3. I carried 1911A1 45s most of my adult life. In recent years I re-evaluated the offerings in 9M/M ammo though. Back in the 70’s I briefly carried a P35 Browning but wasn’t satisfied with the ammo performance and went back to the 45 loaded with the old Speer 200 grain flying ashtray. Today there are really great 9m/m loads that perform like the old Winchester 125 grain 357 magnum hollow point due to the metal alloys and bullet design used. So I carry a Springfield XD9 with one spare mag. Old my other most carried handgun is a Walther PPK/s loaded with Speer Gold Dots.

  4. I carry my LCP Custom the most. It’s convenient and conceals very well.

    Smaller/thinner than a snub nose, similar capacity, reloads faster than a revolver, and ammo is already optimized for a shorter barrel.

    A LCP in the pocket beats a Glock 19 left at home.

    Always carry a reload though.

    I have a Shield 45, but on hot days I hate wearing a holster/under shirt.

  5. .380 ACP is roughly about 60% comparison in muzzle velocity and muzzle energy to a comparable 9mm round (which is why you seldom see ammo with bullet grain weight exceeding 100gr. in .380 ACP. While it’s a fair round, and modern propellants and projectiles have made it a much more favorable round for self defense, it’s about the minimum most experts agree for a CCW. I carried Walther PPK/S for nearly 25 years as my CCW. Aging eyes though, have forced me to look for something with sights I can pickout in low light conditions, forced me to go to a Sig P365. The Ruger LCP would not be my choice for CC regardless, neither would the model II. So for a gun that’s only slightly bigger than my old PPK, I can now carry 12+1 of Hornady Critical Duty 135gr +P. With one spare mag, I now have 25 rounds of a proven duty/defense round in my EDC.
    In no way is .380ACP replacing 9mm or 9mm replacing .45 ACP, at least not in the Western States.


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