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Future Texas International Firearms Festive rangemaster Sheldon Carruth falls in love with Nick’s TAVOR SAR yesterday at Best of the West. Mazel tov.

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    • Enjoy having a gun which isnt drop safe. Only a site ran by jews would shill about a overpriced jew gun. Oy vey, its another Shoah.

      • And MAC, Nutnfancy, and a ton of other YouTubers.

        Oh, but then you couldn’t complain about Jews. My bad.

      • “Enjoy having a gun which isnt drop safe.”

        Reducing the trigger pull to 8 lbs does not a not-drop-safe gun make.

  1. After reading the review on TTAG, I bought my Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport for $679 in July 2012. It works just fine. Tell me why I should open up my wallet for the Tavor which costs $2000.

    • you shouldn’t the AR platform works fine all these modern guns are way overpriced for their performance compared to the AR or the AK

      • +1
        I can build an AR-15 with a trigger that doesn’t completely suck for way less than $2000.

        • True, but by that logic than we should only have one truck on the planet, and it should only have what you want on it. And it should only be what you want it to be.

          That kind of rational makes no sense. No one has said its better than an AR. No one is twisting your arm to go out and buy one.

          So what’s your point, if isn’t an AR15 than you shouldn’t buy it! Does that also count for the 1911, or the glock, or the r700, or whatever gun it is that you wish you actually owned…fucking couch commandos.

        • While I would love a tavor, you’re right. I just finished building my piston AR, with a geissele trigger, for $1300.

        • @Klaus
          When did I say nobody should buy anything but ARs? An AR owner asked for opinions of buying a Tavor; I gave him one.
          But then literacy is overrated.

    • After reading TTAC’s review, I bought the Chevy Camaro. It works just fine. Tell me why I should open up my wallet for the Chevy Corvette?

      Face palm.

    • because it’s cool and once you shoot it you will not go back you your AR at least that spell was cast upon me….

    • Don’t tell me you’ve never loved a woman you couldn’t have! If you haven’t, you haven’t loved and lost.

      • I have definatley loved what I cant have. And now that my girlfreind dumped me I can go for it 😀 I still cant afford a Tavor though. Then again I probably cant afford to date a nurse or premed student either.

      • @William Burke, the problem with that Tennyson quote is that it’s incomplete. It should be: “’Tis better to have loved and lost your house, your car, your bank account, your furniture, your kids, your gun rights . . . .”

        Tennyson wasn’t a poet. He was a divorce lawyer.

  2. I don’t see why people like this gun so much. A friend recently bought one and I played around with it.
    The length of pull is fixed.
    The grip is permanent.
    Bullpups are inherently more difficult to reload, especially under stress, or with sleeves on.
    And the trigger! I thumbed the safety off, and pulled the trigger…it didn’t move. I verified the safety was off, then pulled harder. Bloomberg and Feinstein would approve of the Tavor trigger. I’ll keep my Geissele SSA activated ARs.

        • I don’t think a marketing team is to blame for the TAR’s popularity. The bullpup rifle concept is sound, and appears to finally be coming of age. It’s not perfect, but this is the cutting edge – it’s not GOING to be perfect. I’ve wanted a bullpup AR since I first read about them in an encyclopedia of weapons 15 years ago.

          Keep in mind that soldiers who trained with the M14 hated it’s replacement – the M16.

          You love the AR15, and maybe the next generation of shooters will consider you an old fogey for not loving bullpup rifles.

        • @Blackstar

          I never said bullpups were bad, wrong, or badong. Merely that in the AR15 nation it takes work/skill to sell a new class of rifle. You read waaaaaaay too much into my two sentences.

          PS – I have an unhealthy infatuation the Croatian VHS rifle.

          • You’re right, I did read way too much into it xD – sorry about that.

            I’ve just actually had the opportunity to handle it and it’s freakin’ perfect (for me anyway). So I’m a little defensive of my precio-I mean, the Tavor.
            Why WOULDN’T anyone want one?

    • people get so butthurt every time a new gun comes out that they deem to be not as good as the guns they are so emotionally attached to.sad really

  3. Is it just the video or was that a very quite rifle? The polymer bullpups are coming along quite nicely.

  4. Finally got my hands on one yesterday, rental at a local range.

    Had heard all the gripes about the trigger; not certain if the fact that it was a rental and the trigger was “broken in” or what, but I had absolutely no issues whatsoever with it. And being a rental obviously I couldn’t break it open to see if anything had been done to the trigger. Was told it was stock inside.

    Would not pay the $2200-$2300 I see some people asking but I would jump on one at the $1700-$1800 range when things settle. It was an absolute blast to shoot.

    I’m 5’6 about 140 lbs small frame guy and it fit me great. So I will start looking next week for one.

  5. I CANNOT STAND THAT STYLE OF EARPLUG!!! The little string tickles the back of my neck and is very distracting!

  6. Got to handle one a few weeks ago. Overall, it was not my thing. Maybe I could have gotten into it if I had the “secret handshake” down (that 6-points-of-contact method of holding it), but I couldn’t shake the feeling that it didn’t fit right and I couldn’t adjust it.

    With cheap ARs in the $700 range, it’s hard to get excited about a Tavor at the going rate. Kinda like I wouldn’t mind checking out a KSG, but I can’t see how to justify the asking price for it when I could pick up an armload of Mossbergs for the same price.

  7. These firearms are Prohibited Weapons and hence illegal in Canada. unless one owns a film prop business. However, they are apparently legal in Equestria and the preferred guns of alicorns, particularly badasses like Princess Luna:

    I suspect military logisticians love bullpups, because they take up less space. Other than that, I see no ergonomic benefit to them.

    • I had the unpleasant experience of handling a full-length M-16A2 inside a car in Iraq. Bullpups are great in confined spaces like cars, tanks, helos, and in urban combat.

      That’s why. Plus full power out of a marginal round in a short package.

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