You Can Never Have Enough Ammo on Opening Day

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  1. If they really need that much ammo, then perhaps more range time is needed.
    As for me, I never could hit birds but had fun getting out and shooting.
    Yes that’s my excuse and Burger King is still open!

      • Nikita,

        Precisely. To have enough ammo would require accurately forecasting all of your future ammo needs. Not possible.

        Besides, the way things are going, food, ammo, and fuel may become the new currency.

        • THe way WHAT things are going. Typically American to retreat into ,you Comfort Blanket of Firearms. COVID go buy another bloody Semi-Auto mass shooting the other side of the USA go buy another Hand Gun another school massacre go buy ANOTHER Semi-Auto, war in Ukraine another, ‘flu epidemic another pisto be a Bearded Fearful Fat Old Boy by a Semi-Auto incase somebody needs slotting when there’s shopping fo MILK and BREAD to be done blah blah blah. How bloody childish. I know I’m in the UK but even at bthe age of 85 I do not and never have lived in fera og my life or even being threatened by violence . SureI know it could happen but it hasn’t in 85 years [except for a little matter of WW2 and we could do little about the bloody bombs falling about our ears on a daily basis so what was the point of worrying about THAT either so I seldom even lock my doors . I live in a CLOSE of 20+ houses and in 36 years I can not remember a single case of violence or crime. Though I would admit that my immediate neighbour WAS a bad bad boy he was not a bad boy in the Close He was a puny little runt anyway. But I have no doubt at all that he was the type to use firearms if they had been available simply to compensate for his obvious insecurities.

    • With that kind of fudd logic, you should only go out at the start of the season with just one round of whatever.

    • “You can never have ‘enough’ ammo…Ever”

      Oh, yes, you can. Wanna bet?

      While swimming, for one example. {rimshot}

      A bit like the only time you have too much fuel when flying, is when you’re on fire at altitude… 😉

      • If you are swimming with ammo, you’ve had a boating accident…Obviously. As for fire, the standing rule at our home is if the house is on fire RUN fast RUN far and don’t let anyone near it until the explosions subside.

  2. Carnie (we call him that because he is primarily a ‘meat-tarian) does not like to hunt, but he does like game meat. So, he has a deal with a couple of buddies who do hunt. Carnie provides the truck, the gas, and the ammo. He mans the base camp, does the cooking, and keeps the beer cold. The other two guys do the hunting and dress the kill (if there is one). When the meat comes back from the butcher, Carnie gets his share.

    I am not one of the hunters. After 35 years of being a vegetarian, I only started eating meat about 5 years ago. Did so to get the nutrients my joints needed. Joints are much better now. Still, I’ve never hunted or eaten any game.

    But I do have heaps of ammo. 🤠

    • “After 35 years of being a vegetarian, I only started eating meat about 5 years ago. Did so to get the nutrients my joints needed. Joints are much better now.”

      Welcome back to the living. 🙂

      Parents who force young children to be vegetarian are guilty of child abuse. Kids, more than anyone, need those fats and amino acids for proper brain growth.

      Then again, maybe we should require the Leftists to be *strict* vegetarian-vegan from birth… 🙂

  3. I remember when an ammo was really cheap prior to sandy hook in 2012. I always thought it would be easy to buy anytime I wanted..
    Boy was I wrong.

  4. A hot dove field can be, well, hot. And a lot of fun. Understand I only have a Southern perspective on the tradition and that varies from one local to another. When I was a child and we shot dove on my Grandpa’s farm in Mississippi the shoot was preceded by what would best be described as a picnic. Here in N FL we gather under the shade of the pecan trees and shuck oysters until the birds start flying. Always a good time. Grilled bacon wrapped dove breast is a fine dinner.

  5. The cost of emu is hardly worth the hunting.
    Dove used to get me tuned up for quail.
    Rich guys lease all the land.
    Hunting has become a rich man’s sport.
    What a joke, we left Europe and turned freedom into the same fcking thing we left.
    Need more public land.
    The Kings Game.

    • Make more money, prioritize your spending or find a different hobby. The solution to your situation is in your hands.

  6. We had pigeons instead of doves where I grew up. Season was whenever you wanted to go out behind the barns with the shotgun and shoo them away from the feed bunks. Squab is OK but the barn cats would usually beat you too them if you did shoot a few.
    Guess I could be accused of hoarding ammo for some years. Thing is a number of my firearms are antiques or obsolete/obscure/discontinued calibers and if I can find ammo at a price I’m willing to pay, I buy everything I can.

    • More than a few people I know got into reloading for exactly that reason. 38 acp, various revolver/lever calibers from the times before 38special, most hunting rifle calibers that do not involve 308/6.5 (selection and restock is still barely trickling in) and only just saw 7-08 for the first time in 6 years on the shelves. As to shotgun 12 is there 20 maybe sometimes 410 if they sell the judge but anything else gunshow ant gunshow pricing.

  7. DOJ tries to justify their case for disarming by using the argument that the British disarmed Catholics

    • Pigionism, it’s like paganism except no billy Idol
      I dont know about you, but I feel bad about what the Jews forced the Nazi’s to do too
      Damned Catholics.
      Chain would be a lot cheaper if slaves hadn’t drove the price up.
      Native Americans are the reason there are gambling addicts.
      More Deer are killed out of season with a veehickle then with a firegunm.

      • “Native Americans are the reason there are gambling addicts.”

        Ban Native Americans? 😉

  8. There are at least three things you can never have too much of:
    ●Ice for drinks

  9. I only went dove hunting once, as a teenager. Opening day. The amount of gunfire I could hear in the fields around us was almost akin to a battlefield. More than one shotgun let off more than three rounds in quick succession despite the round limit law (2 in the tube, one in the chamber at best), including some semi-autos. A somewhat unreal experience hampered by the fact that the mosquitos were roaming about in CLOUDS at ground level that morning. No one had brought enough repellent–there was only one spray bottle, found in the back of a truck, and not very much of it, so I got a single spray on one arm. That one arm got more than twice the mosquito bites than the rest of my body combined.

    I have not trusted mosquito repellent since.

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