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After the ongoing financial disaster that was ownership by Cerberus Capital Management and their Freedom Group pipe dream, Remington Outdoor filed a pre-packaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February of 2018. Cerberus relinquished its stake in the company at that point giving ownership over to the company’s creditors.

Not long after the filing, the Navajo Nation expressed interest in buying Remington from its creditors, reportedly offering $525 million for the company, but the offer was rejected. According to a New York Times report, the Navajos’ plans for Remington sounded less than promising:

[The Navajo Nation] intended to shift the company away from its consumer business, including curtailing the sale of the AR-15-style weapons frequently used in mass shootings, to focus on police and defense contracts.

The tribe planned to use profits from those businesses to invest in research and development of advanced “smart guns” — those with fingerprint or other technology intended to prevent anyone but the gun’s owner from using the weapon.

That plan, if ever implemented, was doomed to fail. As our own Jon Wayne Taylor wrote of the reported Navajo business strategy:

The only problem with that plan is that there would have been no profits to invest in “smart guns” or anything else. Shifting away from producing products aimed at the massive purchasing power of the American consumer and toward government contracts is a proven strategy for failure.

Don’t believe me? Ask Colt, which went bankrupt specifically because they shifted away from focusing on the American consumer to primarily military and police contracts. That recent failure highlights that a single, fickle, expensive customer is never the right answer. It’s too hard to get in the door, and way too easy for that door to slam shut.

Now, more than two years later, the Wall Street Journal is reporting (behind a paywall) that Big Green is preparing to for another Chapter 11 filing. And once again the Navajo Nation is sniffing around.

From the WSJ:

The Navajo Nation—a territory with roughly 175,000 people across parts of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico—could finalize a bid for Remington as soon as Friday, one of the people said. Any bid for the company would be subject to competing offers and require bankruptcy-court approval.

The Navajos apparently have diverse business interests.

The Navajo Nation, which explored buying Remington as far back as 2018, owns a set of business enterprises in industries including energy, transportation, and utilities. In 2019, a business owned by Navajo Nation purchased coal company Cloud Peak Energy’s mining assets out of bankruptcy.

As for Remington, continued heavy debt service and litigation costs have been a drag on the business.

Despite cutting some $775 million in debt through the 2018 bankruptcy, Remington has continued to face high interest costs and operational issues, according to people familiar with the matter, and expensive litigation surrounding the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

The report doesn’t make clear if the Navajos still plan to kill Remington’s retail business and throw cash into “smart gun” research, if and when they ever acquire the company. For those of us who are fans of Remington’s shotguns, rifles and 1911’s, among others, that would be bad news.

We called Remington for comment on the story, but as of this time, we have not received a response.


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    • I’d like to see Remington survive, they make reasonable ammunition, and a few of their lever action guns (through their Marlin brand) are decent. I fear for the company though, the Indians aren’t exactly known for their business acumen.

    • Why spend money to kill them when any new owners will likely do the job without Mossberg spending a dime?

  1. Is ANYONE surprised by this?
    The only motivation Cerberus Capital Management had in purchasing Remington was to strip it bare while producing sub-standard products, then selling those item to the uniformed consumers who saw “quality” in the Remington name. If you don’t think so, just look at the list of board members of CCM. Gun hating leftards who are glad to see R nearly gone.
    Unlike the demise of Para Ordnance and SIG Sauer German operations (Master Shop included), I did NOT purchase Remington firearms when this became apparent.
    Cue my hype squad. FYI to all who wonder, I pay them in hot pockets, Red Bull, and pay for their memberships to a “furry” porn website.
    JC has spoken. Now dance monkeys!

    • Well now. Where is the user All Hail! and his clarion call for James’ opinion on the matter? Must have fallen asleep at the switch.

      • …and, the demented chimpanzee is having an aneurysm screeching and flinging it’s infected shit at people, like he thinks he will matter.

        Dance, troll-boy. I order you to respond… 🙂

        • I always get a kick out of your endline “Dance, [insert nickname here], I order you to respond”.

    • FWIW, Remington fell victim to the oft-used method of profit seeking by new management that takes over a decades- or generations-old company and has no emotional skin in the game. The most innovative are often the new startups, and the most reliable are often the newly established ones only 10 to 40 years old. The original owners/managers are typically still at the helm, or a second generation of leadership that personally worked with the first and share the drive and commitment. Once a company gets a bit longer in the tooth and reaches the third (and certainly the fourth) generation of management, the focus quickly and strongly moves away from innovation over to profits due to stockholder pressure. When that rubicon is crossed, the lifeblood of the company begins to drain away, and the future collapse is inevitable.

      True for any industry.

        • And thus begins my very own fan club. I feel so special. All Hail! is my new fwend.

        • Haz happens to be right.

          The third generation is where many old, established companies tend to implode. When the heirs begin to realize what a cash cow they will inherit and start fantasizing about living the trust fund lifestyle of party, party, party.

          Dance, demented chimp with fingers covered in its own shit. I order you to respond… 🙂

      • That’s true of small businesses as well. The first generation creates the business. The second generation expands it. The third generation, at best, carries on. The fourth generation mismanages it and sucks cash out of it until it dies.

        • True in many cases, not so much in food industry. We have a local BBQ business purchased in 1948 (after purchaser had worked there for 12 years) which now has descendants running 3 different BBQ restaurants all with indistinguishable food (which is a feature, not a bug!), interlinked and a local treasure. A bit farther away is a family owned restaurant opened in the Depression, going on 90 years ago and still a largely family venture, and a delight. Possibly the difference is whether the business was incorporated or not. We lived in Del Rio in the ’70s, there was a local Mexican restaurant which had been around since before history began, absolutely to die for. The matriarch at that time apparently passed it down to a son who fancied himself a country singer rather than a restauranteur , leading the food to head south, place may be gone by now.

      • Toss in litigation costs that are cripling and it’s not looking good. The 700 walker trigger problem cost them a lot befor Sandy hill. And those are just the biggies.

    • Why would you pay for furry porn? Whatever isn’t free can probably be found at

    • Their quality really has gone down hillver the last few years. Make crap sell it cheap might work for some industries but a person buying a rifle still cares about quality.

  2. I only own 1 Remington product, a RM380. It’s my daily carry so I’d hate to see Remington completely tank, if only for the selfish reason of losing support for my pistol.

    • My last two rifle purchases were Ruger, and both were based on needs for my son first and myself second. I chose the Ruger Scout in 5.56 because I needed for my son a short, lightweight gun in a low recoiling cartridge, with a 10 round magazine for our courses of fire and with iron sights.

      My second rifle requirement was for a modern rimfire which would take easily available extra magazines and my son had input on what was chosen. After looking at the CZs, Tikka T1X, we looked at the Ruger range. After having a chance to look and hold to check weight and balance, we selected the Ruger Precision Rimfire. I used the rifle for the first time yesterday, and I really liked how the gun felt and worked out of the box. I put a Picatinny detachable sling swivel at the back and a Mlok swivel at the front (for a bipod and/or detachable swivel at the front), a set of 1″ Picatinny rings for a 4×32 Tasco scope I had available. I used a spare 1907 sling, and the gun worked great, except for shooting about 6″ high. But a readjustment on the scope and I should do better next time.

  3. I like how a native group wants to prioritize sales to the same federal government they say stole their land and conquered them. Guess everyone has a price.

    • Actually, it is beautiful karma.

      Soon Native Americans may own Remington, the poetic justice is delicious!

      • How are things on that mountain in WV Jeffro?
        You gonna drink some corn squeezins before bedding down with your cousin tonight?
        It IS Friday, a big night for knockin up relatives there.

        • “It IS Friday, a big night for knockin up relatives there.”

          Sounds like you’re pretty familiar with the local schedule, fond memories of sister-twist in’, eh?

          Yes, out here in the real America, we do enjoy some sparkly corn Squeezin’s. It’s got to have the right bead, if you know what I mean.

          None of that flatlander, foo-foo, apple pie or strawberry flavor, that’s for you fellows who are a little light in the loafers.

        • Miner49er please refrain from belittling the great James Campbell. He was, is and ever shall be the absolute pinnacle of manhood.

        • Hahaha, Dallas is far from WV when it comes to incest Miner.
          For the record, I lived the first 3 decades of my life in NY and NJ, HARDLY incest country.
          Why do you deride those very people you live around? Hate yourself much?

        • Hey 49er you need to go back to the “Colion Noir Sits Down to Talk Guns, Life With Joe Rogan [VIDEO]” comment section.
          It sums up your existence here on TTAG.
          Why did you bail on that comment section? Things getting too real for your fake ass?

        • Miner: I’m still waiting for your proof of all the nooses and Confederate flags from the Michigan Freedom Rallies.

          You ever gonna show us the hundreds of each you claimed were there??
          Of course not. Liberals are mindless little liars.

        • “You ever gonna show us the hundreds of each you claimed were there??”

          Heidi, now you are making the false claim because I never said there were “hundreds of each”.

          And I did post a picture of a noose at this protest we’re discussing, and there are many pictures showing a protester displaying a poster with the Michigan governor and a swastika.

          It is interesting that you obsess over this simple question, while ignoring the much larger issues at play. You’ve turned this minor point into a referendum for the validity of your entire position because you know your argument is fatally flawed.

          The fact is, there is a large racial supremacy component to the POTG movement, to pretend otherwise is not supported by the evidence.

          Even this forum itself shows the depth of the racial component, look at the poster who’s avatar includes a Confederate battle flag even as his handle proclaims he’s an ‘American patriot‘.

          It is interesting to note that I have never met a white supremacist who was not a gun owner.

          And just like the 3 NC policeman terminated in the past few days, they are yearning to use their firearms to kill minorities.

          One officer said he was going to buy a new assault rifle and soon “we are just going to go out and start slaughtering them f—king blacks. I can’t wait. God, I can’t wait.”

          As long as the POTG continue to harbor and protect the white Supremeist extremists in their own ranks, reasonable, average American citizens will distrust gun owners.

          • Lol!! You are a lying sack of crap.
            You claimed that there were Confederate flags and nooses all over at the rallies, and you could only end up with a single one.
            Hardly an indictment against the whole movement.
            So yet again, you proved you are just a typical liberal. No surprise there..
            go back to grazing, mindless little sheep.

        • “many pictures showing a protester displaying a poster with the Michigan governor and a swastika”

          Do you really not know what that meant? That wasn’t some Neo Nazi. They were comparing the governor to a Nazi!

          “that’s for you fellows who are a little light in the loafers”

          Yet again, the resident wokester’s go to insult is to insinuate you’re gay.

        • Dude, I never suggested you were gay, not that there is anything wrong with that.

          As Shakespeare put it, “methinks you doth protest too much”.

          Or as the Psalmist wrote, “the guilty flee when no man pursuith”.

          I accept you for who you are.

        • Whiner 49er uses those “light in the loafers” type comments to shift the topic when his BS is getting called out too effectively. Just ignore the pivot, if you do he will attempt to deny his actions, then claim you have issues if you think he insulted you. 49er is nothing more then a never-ending stream of BS on TTAG, the Colion N & Joe R story comment section sums him up well (he bailed/stopped responding like the little bitch he is). Just remind him of his pathetic, self loathing existence on the mountain in WV, where he spends his time banging his relatives. Rumor has it one of his legs is longer then the other from waking around the mountain.
          Must suck to live around the very people you claim to despise here on TTAG whiner.

        • As Shakespeare put it, “methinks you doth protest too much”

          Really whiner? This quote sums up YOUR existence up to a tee.
          Living among the VERY people you claim to detest here on TTAG.
          Such a pathetic loser. Words cannot begin to describe the level of fail you portray here in the TTAG comment sections. Did your parent move a lot when you were younger whiner? And never tell you where to? I would think so.
          Why did you bail on the C Nior/J Rogan comment section? Things getting too real with your BS getting called out?

        • Another group of eloquent posts by the peerless James Campbell. Witness how a man of his stature rules the day.

        • I’m willing to bet I “ruled” my day better the you “ruled” yours.
          1) Cut and edged my lawn.
          2) Vacuumed and backflushed my pool.
          3) Finished installing a Brembo big brake kit on my MB W211 AMG.
          4) Grilled up some Ribeyes for dinner with the CEO and my neighbor (also my Attorney) and his wife. Did baked potatoes and salad too. We will relax in the hot tub shortly with some wine and Stella A.

          How did you “rule” your day? Sling your crap like the basement dwelling chimp you are?
          Thought so.

      • … No… no it’s not… they’re selling them to the same government that they claim conquered them… that would be as much of a cultural betrayal as if a Tibet company (if such a thing was allowed in the PRC) was proud to sell exclusively to the PLA.

        Stockholm syndrome.

    • The folks pulling the strings at the Navajo Nation live in the present, not the past, which is a good thing.

      But…they’re probably planning on leaning on the whole “Native Owned Business” thing when pursuing contracts. Most government agencies have built-in preference. Given Remington’s proven ability to make guns very cheaply (in both senses of the word), they probably believe they can undercut everyone.

      How many 700s, ARs, and shotguns currently in the line they could sell remains to be seen. They don’t have a service pistol worth a damn. No LE agency is going to buy plastic-trigger doublestack 1911s as duty pistols.

  4. Buy a company in bankruptcy due to bad business practices with the plan to implement worse business practices. Solid plan.

    • Exactly my thought, my only hope is if they do buy it they fail fast and hard so a real gun company can buy the brand

  5. I was shopping for a shotgun in March, of course I looked at Remington, Mossberg and others. To very blunt, the Remington product was complete crap when compared to their competition. I purchased a Mossberg 500 Tactical – it wasn’t even close.

  6. Darn it. I just got an RM380 that shoots really well. I was hoping things were turning around for the company since they’re making some fairly unique handguns (RM380 and R51), adding some nice variety to the market.

  7. For the Navajo Nation to buy Remington with their 2018 intentions or anything similar, the end could only be utter disaster. They would blow millions of dollars their people desperately need to no good end.

    Now then, buy Remington, relocate to some Free State or substantially freer state, having shit-canned the current roster of executives and entered into a management partnership where a Ruger or Mossberg is running the company and they’d stand a good chance. Wouldn’t have to be the Navajo Nation, any buyer needs to look at the successful companies in the gun business, and that should guide them.

    I own a Remington made in 1938 (1903 Springfield, an old sporterized .30-06 likely reworked in the 1950’s or so), and a R51 pistol made late last year. I’ve no intention of buying anything else “Remington” until such time as somebody cleans house of the nincompoops and money sponging executives.

    There’s a long fine history there. It’d be worth it to some outfit with some managerial and market sense to grab hold, get the hell out of New York State and back into a proper gun business!

    PS: Also own a PARA USA 1911 but that would have been late in production before Remington swallowed the outfit whole.

    • Same here, a few late production Para Ords were purchased (a Black OPs and an Expert, both 14-45s) when R purchased them.
      Knew CCM would screw them up.

  8. Someone end Remington and put it out of it’s miserable existence and that of the American gun buying public.

  9. I’m always hearing about how native americans live in greater poverty and are economically disadvantaged due to all sorts of systematic issues caused by the white man and US government.

    So why are they trying to spend a half-billion dollars to buy a business that they can immediately run into the ground?

    • “I’m always hearing about how native americans live in greater poverty and are economically disadvantaged due to all sorts of systematic issues caused by the white man and US government.

      So why are they trying to spend a half-billion dollars to buy a business that they can immediately run into the ground?”

      The tribal governments(any I have read about) are both corrupt and incompetent. The leaders don’t give a rat’s posterior about their impoverished fellow tribesmen.

      • Sooo…the tribal governments are run by…leftist/statist/progressives AKA Democrats?

        • Probably even worse, since tribal rules trump the Constitution, and nobody knows just what they are, make them up as they go. Ready made for corruption without equal.

    • “So why are they trying to spend a half-billion dollars to buy a business that they can immediately run into the ground?”

      I’ve seen that happen down here. In the 1990s, a Miami-area tribe bought an aircraft company with the stated intention of resurrecting a particular aircraft model. They failed miserably at it, not realizing what it takes to gain an FAA type acceptance…

  10. Ohhh now thats an IDEA!

    Sell it to a Native American tribe and if anyone ever sues them

    You’re RACIST FOR SUING US…you just want us ‘indians’ to be poor and sell you beads and yell bingo!

    that will make Lib heads explode!

  11. Hold up- the Navajo tribe, after having assumed ownership of Remington, was going to focus on canning gun sales to civvies and instead help tool up the government?

    I’m not sure of a better continental example in support of civilian gun ownership than the story of the American Indian.

    I guess we really are forgetting history.

    Haven’t bought a thing with “Remington” on it, ever, and I’ve no intention of doing so unless it’s an older model or I’m building from the action up.

  12. Meh! Talk about missing the biggest gun(and ammo) spike EVER. Sure let the injuns run it into the ground. Have at it…anyone know the cutoff date when Remington shotguns went to chit? I’m looking for a cheap used pump to stash but I’m a mite unclear of when. I know I can get a pardner pump or Maverick.

    • 2018? That’s when I can first recall hearing of issues. Probably way before that. Wish I could be more helpful bud.

  13. A company like CZ Should buy Remington.

    BTW, reading about the Navajo Nation’s intentions if they do acquire the company is a Psychotic Stockholm Syndrome trip.

    • Would be awesome to see CZ or FN grab R.
      If the Navajo nation grabs them, they should consider producing a Remington branded whisky along with the guns.
      Could have Madison ave develop an ad campaign to give the operation a “firesticks and firewater” spin.

      • James…instead of madison ave you should take your stereotype idea direct to the Navajo Nation. Let us know how it goes.

        • They’ll probably be too drunk to tell him. Christ you’re sensitive lady, lighten up.

        • If it were to pan out in ANY way like the Washington “Redskins” or Cleveland “Chief Whompum” Indians renaming debacle, the native American Indians would have NO issue with it.
          It was the SJW/woke culture/leftards who were offended by those team names.
          The NA Indian nation let it be know they in NO way found those team names offensive. It was all the incel soyboys who got all worked up.
          Must be all that pent up energy from NOT getting laid, compounded with using issues like “cultural appropriation” to “peacock” for the ladies, while men with real values and activities bang the women they wish they could have.
          Don’t hate the player, hate the game loser.

        • It was only a matter of time before the illustrious Hames Campbell revéales his manly ways! Drink in the glory that he emanates!

    • None of these companies need Remington. Ruger, FN, CZ all know how to make a first class bolt action rifle. With the American line, Ruger demonstrated that a new quality bolt action rifle can be made to sell for less than a used Remington, with higher quality. Nothing about the rest of their product line screams “gotta have it” either.

      • They don’t need it, but any of them would do a good job with Remington, and it would be nice to see the results of the turnaround. For me, more and better for the consumer would always be a great thing.

  14. Ah, Cerberus Capital. Named for the dog that guarded the realm of the dead. If ever there was an appropriately named company this is it. They also did a first class job running Chrysler into the ground, if you recall.

    Let the Navajos buy them. After they waste more cash trying to develop the foolproof “smart gun” and crash the brand once and for all, someone like Mossberg can come in and buy Marlin. Lever actions is the one area where Mossberg is weak.

    Remington burned up the last of its reputation with the way they handled the whole Walker trigger affair. After a litany of denials that there was anything wrong, and out of court settlements sealed with a vow of omerta, they finally cave in and issue a recall, and replace a defective trigger with… ANOTHER defective trigger. Nobody will miss Remington.

  15. I think the hatred for the groups involved is blinding some to the possibilities of success.
    There are ways to get government contracts without being the lowest bidder. Anyone here deal with GSA regularly? “Small business” “minority owned” “woman owned” companies that aren’t really companies.
    Navajo Nation still equals “Made In America” but on “sovereign land” which might not be under certain regulatory controls.
    I’m thinking it might not be the complete failure and if it does fail it will of design for tax exemptions, bailouts and other considerations because of its status.
    If they’ve got the half billion or can get it then they aren’t the financial failures being made out. It ain’t Shark Tank but still….
    Not saying I approve not disapprove but saying I dont believe the picture is presented clearly as it seems in the surface.

  16. My neighbor thought the R51 was an interesting little gun and purchased one. Remington allowed him to return that 1st gun (AND the 2nd replacement), for “new and improved R51s. Regardless of ammo, it would not function properly.
    He even sent the 2nd replacement R51 back to R for repair. Seems R thought they could fix a turd.
    He traded it on a new M&P Shield EZ M2.0 9mm for his wife.
    I see new R51s going unsold on GB for $250 regularly.
    Seems like SCCY and Hi-Point handguns are more desirable then the much hyped R51.

  17. They killed off DPMS, a company I bought from 12 years ago and respected. They trashed Marlin, turned the 870 shotgun into junk, and gave us the R51.

    I don’t even buy their ammo any longer.

    • DPMS, respected? Lol!!
      DPMS was always junk.
      I’d take a pointy stick. It’s far more reliable

      • And yet the 9 that I know of that are shot on the regular by personal acquaintances are perfectly fine and have been 100% reliable their entire histories. We just that lucky?

        • DPMS= D.osent P.ass M.ilitary S.pecification. Bragging about purchasing junk does not help your arguement. You own any Bear Creek / Moore Machine rifles you want to brag about too?

          These guns can and will fail you at the absolute worst times. This has been reported on in numerous forums and articles. DPMS even had a FAQ as to why their guns did not work on their former website. There are reasons the Military specifies minimum rifle standards for parts and materials and the baseline for that still is the Colt 6920.

      • Mine has never had a problem, is very accurate, and I’m not alone in that assessment.

        Be happy with whatever you bought and remember a good deal is in the mind of the customer.

  18. One of the best rifles I ever owned was a Sendero in 25.06 with the rare blued fluted barrel, Leopold 3.5. – 10 Tactical Scope and a Harris 6- 9″ swivel bipod. Remington also produced a flintlock commemorative rifle which I’ll own if I can ever find one and the price and condition are right. Remington makes some good stuff, hopefully people who know how to run the show acquire the company.

  19. There’s the rub. Remington still has a lot of debt. Some will be shed in the BK in exchange for shares of stock, some will be adjusted to other terms, and then they’ll need to go out and borrow money to operate if they’re to continue as a going concern. It tends to be a wash/rinse/repeat cycle once a company ends up being highly leveraged like Freedom Group.

    In the end, do they have an innovative product to sell. Not really. They’re still trying to make 700s and 870s at lower costs of production instead of trying to produce a new product.

    Look at their competitors: Ruger-They make the 77 Hawkeye and the American plus a slew of fairly recent pistol designs; Savage has made a huge push to make the 110 series “prettier” and less clunky plus rolled out a ton of new rimfire rifles, Mossberg keeps producing the 500s, but they the Patriot lines too; Winchester still makes the 70, but they’ve rolled out new bolt guns in the last few years.

    If they’re going to survive, they need a well capitalized buyer willing to invest in new products while improving quality control on the existing lines. That’s going to be hard to find with an existing gun maker, not because they can’t afford to buy Remington and turn it around some much as a good rule for business is, “Don’t buy business that you can take.” Competitors are taking Remington’s market already. They don’t need to buy it.

  20. I’ll add some additional 2 cents.

    Remington got pretty complacent in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s with regards to their competition. It’s about the same time that their legacy costs (Retirement Benefit and Pension Costs) began exceeding their Profit Margins. This was when, obviously, the Company began having it’s first financial issues.

    Remington also though that Mossberg would catch up to them in terms of sales, and that Mossberg Shotguns would just continue catching up to them and (in the case since the 2010’s) surpass them in overall product quality and value.

    Looking at it today, if Remington truly does “go under”, I still see their ammunition brand absolutely surviving on by being bought by another Firearm Company. Marlin will most definitely survive as someonewill buy them up; no worry about them. Same for Barnes Bullets.

    I enjoy owning and shooting my 1970’s and 1980’s Remington 1100s and 870 Police Magnums, as I inherited them from my Grandfather and Grandmother back in 2010, BUT………that’s also the time I decided that MOSSBERG would be my go-to Shotgun Brand, and I bought my first firearm (Mossbeeg 590A1; go figure) in 2012.

    Glad I stayed away from Remington.

  21. It make no sense at all. When someone develops a reliable and practical smart-gun it will be a small company that is light on its feet. A big company will buy them out or license and spin up mfg and distribution after the fact. A Chinese company will copy and sell knockoffs for 25% less. Remington is dead, its a decomposing corporate gut pile, a victim of gluttony. The pile is still warm, its going to be cut up in to little pieces of which a few will be picked off by others and most of it will rot away until there is nothing left but memories. The name Remington will be one of the pieces sold off for a few bucks. My small collection of good old 870’s will continue to to be the work horses they were born long after the company is gone and I am dead.

  22. If Remington, focused on Civilian pistols, Hunting Rifles, Shotguns, ammo, accessories, even hunting gear. How could they be Broke?
    Government Contracts are wrapped up with Sig (M17 & M18) and the M4 contracts. Government is a No-Go for a weak company like Remington with little profits. In a Way go back to the Roots. Dont pay the CEO’s more than 50,000 a Year, or an Employee less than 33,000 a Year. Focus on Civilian Market, hunters, Maybe Small town Police. Remington should also Introduce a Pistol to rival M17 & Gock 22’s, and CCW type competitive Pistols. In a Couple Years I’m sure they can turn this Company around with Right leadership, they still have a Name Brand.

    • I get most of your ideas and generally agree- however what kind of CEO do you expect to get for $50k/yr?

      A good CEO is worth big money. The examples we often hear about it in the media are not representative examples.

      It doesn’t have to be $50mil/yr but the pay you are promoting is what a Taco Bell manager makes.
      CEO should have a valuable skill set- and that costs money.

  23. I’m a pre-Remington, Marlin fan. It would warm the cockles of my heart if someone with some integrity and respect for the brand bought back the Mariln trademark from Remington in an attempt to restore the quality to, and respect for the Marlin name.

  24. James Campbell and Miner69er in a ring — who walks out with the victory smile, and who lays bloody, whimpering in the ring?
    I was bored. Glad I read the comments. Epic retorts.
    JC, you ever stationed at Fort Benning, 3rd Ranger Battalion, perhaps?

  25. I Haz A Question says:
    June 26, 2020 at 17:37……….

    The Hazman is correct. Take heed out there for those interested making a quick profit from great a company name.
    With that kind of money, the Navajo Nation itself should be thinking about and plan to help their own great Nation. Two major items are that these are proud and good individuals who need help desperately in building and rebuilding their homes. Also, and more importantly there is need for building facilities to help in generating water for most of the Navajo Nation.
    Put some of that Casino money to good use,

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