Donald Trump executive order signing
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Last week, one of the NRA’s publications, America’s 1st Freedom published an exclusive interview with President Trump. Here’s an exchange they reported regarding national concealed carry reciprocity:

“Mr. President, each state’s driver’s license is honored across this great nation, yet a permit to carry a concealed gun—which, in contrast, is a right specifically protected in the U.S. Bill of Rights—is often not respected by other states. Will you support a national reciprocity act so that law-abiding gun owners can more easily travel with their freedom?”

“You are talking about concealed-carry, right?” asked President Trump. “About people who cross state lines?” he asked.

“Yes, Mr. President,” I replied. “Right now, simply taking a wrong turn from Pennsylvania into New Jersey can result in years in prison for an otherwise law-abiding American citizen.”

President Trump nodded and said, “I will support such legislation. If it comes across my desk I will sign it.”

That would, of course depend on many things falling into place. First, Trump would need to  be reelected. Second, Republicans would have to retain control of the Senate. Third, the GOP would have to retake control of the House. And then they’ve have to find the spine to move a bill like that through the legislative process.

So betting on something like that coming to pass is like drawing to an inside straight. It could happen, but the odds are pretty long.

The Republicans had an opportunity to move national reciprocity — as well as de-regulation of suppressors — when they held both houses after Trump’s election in 2016. They were scheduled to hold hearings on the Hearing Protection Act when James Hodgkinson opened fire on GOP legislators during a baseball practice in 2017. The hearing was cancelled and Republicans lost the House in 2018.

So…it’s nice to hear the President give lip service to treating concealed carry permits the same way as driver’s licenses…recognized without question nationally by every state in the union. But don’t hold your breath waiting for it to actually happen.

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    • People like you who have ZERO clue how the Senate works do us more harm then good.

      When Reciprocity did pass the House, it had zero chance in the Senate because there weren’t 60 Republican votes to pass it. With 53 seats, you really think 7 Dems would vote for that if McConnel brought it to the floor? You’re a fool to think that would’ve happened.

      • Hey Mike, trolls don’t deal in reality…..or fact.
        Troll is just attempting to split up Rep solidarity, funded by Blumturd, Soros or the like.
        Trump/Pence 2020.

      • So take the reciprocity bill and attach it something important and you can find 7 democrats to sign on when they are voting against some “save the children act of 2020”. Democrats do it all the time. That’s how we got illegal machine guns, added by voice vote to the supposedly pro-gun FOPA act which has over the years protected no one.

        So take something important, a relief bill, spending, etc, attach national reciprocity and the let the democrats oppose and go on national TV and say democrats want to kill grandma. Republicans have to stop fighting by the marquis of queensbury rules where you first slap your opponent with a white glove before demanding the rapscallion puts up his dukes. Get down, dirty, in the mud and make democrats pay in the polls. Why not? They would do it in a new york minute.

        • Right on!
          Never understood how “taking the high road” was supposed to work in American politics, yet Republicans do it all the time. Democrats can say the most personal, nastiest, outrageous, bald-faced lie about anything or anyone to get a bill passed and all Republicans seem to do is respond with, “Nuh uh.” Come on Republicans! Make an effort to expose the opponent’s lie and stand your ground. The right has let so many popular opportunities slip by because they were afraid of what the left would say about them. Past time for playing that game.

      • This concealed carry is really concealed carry hoopla. You should not need a concealed carry permit to put a coat on that covers a sidearm, etc. Put a coat on and you’re in trouble. Take the coat off and you’re not in trouble.

        Where does this crap come from? Most point towards legislators but it all starts with slackers who do not vote and the thinned skinned nitwits who cry about everything else but what the democRat Party has done to America before and after the Civil War and continues to do to America today without fear.

        A duly elected Republican POTUS is impeached for less than nothing while the democRat joe biden is on tape bragging about getting a Ukraine prosecutor fired who was investigating biden’s son or money would be withheld from Ukraine, etc. And what happens to joe? Why that lovable dirtbag is in the lead for POTUS according to polls. And now joe biden is on a hard drive receiving one half of all hunter biden’s huge foreign paychecks, etc. Where is the outrage? Well don’t just sit there like a bump on a log start writing your congressmen, a newspaper editor, TV station, etc.

        So to the bump stock crybabies and their ilk…According to Allen Gottlieb It was either the POTUS use executive orders to cease with bump stocks otherwise Congress was all set to go after not only bump stocks but bianry triggers along with a laundry list of knee jerk bans to make deplorable gun owners who had zip nada nothing to do with the tragedy pay. So to you bump stock crybabies man up and go vote.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • I would rather have had the fight in congress. We could have won and dealt a blow to our enemies instead of sliding further down the slippery slope to complete tyranny.

        • crimson and clover…That’s right let’s have what amounts to the Superbowl of Gun Rights Spectacle in Congress following a mass loss of life and the maiming of concert onlookers. We should all want to be as politically inept as you and blindly pour mountains of grease on the slippery slope to tyranny. Try using your head instead of thinking out your butt. If you have any more stupidity to share you and the rest of your ilk can share it with Allen Gottlieb. Otherwise stfu and be grateful you are able to see Binary Triggers Advertised On This Forum, etc.

          TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • Rest assured, I’m voting. And not for the Democratic dementia patient and his vile veep-wannabe.

          As for the rest of your loudmouth act, you can stuff it in whichever hole of yours strikes your fancy.

          There’s good reason to be very unhappy about what Trump did with bump stocks. Having the ATF rewrite black-letter law on firearms is every bit as big a danger as any congressional three-ring circus could have been. Worse, actually, because when it comes to the bureaucracy, none of us gets a vote, and unlike Congress, and the agencies can work in secret.

          The closest thing we get to having a voice in the machinations of the Deep State is our vote for the president, who is theoretically in charge of the leviathan…theoretically…and here we have Trump, who says he’s on our side, actively directing the ATF to “pour mountains of grease on the slippery slope to tyranny.”

          The ATF’s bump-stock ruling is thisclose to an administrative ban on all semiautomatic firearms; it’s already been broached in a couple of lawsuits, and you’d better be ready to see that argument pop up again, thanks to President Trump.

          You can go ahead and be happy about that if you want.

      • If you think the filibuster rule is going to survive 20 minutes of a Democratically run Senate, you’re dreaming. McConnell is a good man, but he’s still working under the assumption that the other side still has the best interest of the country at heart. He’s a Neville Chamberlain of the US Senate. He’s playing checkers. The other side is playing chess. His misbegotten scruples are going to hand over ALL your freedoms.

      • But it didnt pass the house, Paul Ryan, the speaker of the house at the time, wouldnt let it on the floor for a vote. Know your facts before speaking with such conviction or you lose credibility.

      • But it didnt pass the house, Paul Ryan, the speaker of the house at the time, wouldnt let it on the floor for a vote.

    • McConnell made it clear, unless they have the votes to pass in the Senate they won’t even bring it to a vote. Unlike the Dems who make a show declaring what they want and try to vote on it, I mean they pass virtue signaling, dead on arrival bills all the time. McConnell won’t. The Republicans didn’t bring it forward when they had the Senate and house before, so no chance unless they not only retain the Senate and get the house back, but with enough margin to actually pass, they need 60 votes in the Senate. Dems have made it clear they won’t play along or compromise so I think there is zero chance of a bipartisan effort either.

      Wasn’t it Vegas that killed the HPA?

      • Holding votes when you don’t have enough to pass isn’t virtue signaling, but sound tactics.
        It forces party members to show their loyalty and position in public. It lays their cards on the table.
        I want to know what Republicans and what Democrats will vote for an HPA well as National Reciprocity.

        • On principle I agree, but most Americans do not pay attention to what their Senator or Representative votes on to hold their feet to the fire.

        • Votes on legislation that has no chance of passing doesn’t show how a legislator will vote when it really matters. It only gives cover to them for an election. They get to vote yes or no and campaign on that worthless vote. It’s gas lighting. The House and Senate voted 56 times to repeal Obamacare knowing that Obama would never sign it. It was a vote they could pound their chest on when running for reelection. After Trump won it has never again came up for any votes. And that was when Repubs had both houses of congress. Why? Because Trump would have signed it. Show votes get nothing done.

        • jwtaylor, You are in the minority of American voters, and sadly too small a minority to impact the overall makeup of Congress or the Electoral College.

    • Believe it or not, there are more important issues than cc reciprocity that I care about. Let’s face it, even if reciprocity passed, there’s still no way in hell I’d be carrying a side arm into blue state territory unless I fell under leosa… the antifa and blm riots have effectively proved this. The blue state are rapidly defunding themselves anyways, like the nba.

  1. Although all odds are 50% – either a thing will happen or it won’t – this one ain’t gonna happen.

  2. Convince your fence-straddling FUDDS friends to vote Trump / Pence and that will start this particular ball rolling.

    A vote for Biden is the same as electing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) into office…which is ENUF for those people to vote their Rights away.

    • Please, refrain from the “e” word.
      Two more times and he appears, just like Beetlejuice.
      Trump/Pence 2020

      • Thank you for your concern…I feel great!

        I find it interesting to read your comments wherein you appear to be reasonable until your TDS kicks in. You advocate the approach that it is better to elect an avowed gun controller, let him / her do their worst and, only then, fight their unconstitutional over-reach in court battles for years afterwards…personally, I find that it is better to avoid the hassle, time and expense of trying to negate bad law after the fact by not allowing them to act in the first place.

        Your “fifth column” placation activities are duly noted and discarded.

        Again, thank you for your concern in re my well being.

        • You are very welcome.

          “Fifth Column”? Whatever …

          The Second Amendment is not the only concern at issue in this election. Higher concerns exist. For example:

          223,262 Dead
          5,235,578 Recovered
          8,271,359 Infected

          For the Second Amendment I am leaning to Barrett to be the deciding factor.

          On other issues, first we remove the traitor in the White House, then comes all the normal lobbying and legislative fighting and infighting and etc and ad nauseum just as a sloppy, noisy, raucous representative democracy is supposed to behave.

          • Thank you for helping to illustrate my original point.

            As I remarked earlier…Fifth Column and TDS….those particular shoes appear to fit you well.

            You are all too eager to barter away our individual Rights…where is your “line-in-the-sand”. Which Constitutional Right is your personal do-or-die fight?

            I do agree with your assessment regarding (soon to be) Associate Justice Barrett.

        • I’ll see your COVID numbers, Enuf, and raise you with a 99.86% recovery rate, as calculated by the CDC.

          This is not the horrifying scourge you’re looking for, nor would it be within the job description or the capabilities of *any* president to stop it if it were.

        • Enuf – the pandemic is endemic. It doesn’t care about civil rights or civil wrongs. It will burn itself out, sooner if we get an effective vaccine. We had best continue to press for our rights or the shall be gone sooner than the virus.

    • The dimokkkrats need to accept the reality that WINTER IS COMING!
      Americans have seen the results of half a century of “top to bottom” demtarded leadership in cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Chitcago………(insert dystopic city here).
      Trump/Pence 2020….a vote for them is a vote for kicking demtards to the curb.

      • The group home in which Cames is a long time resident must have mistakenly served caffeinated coffee this morning.

        Trump/Pence 2020

        • Just because your family members are all put away in homes in their 50s does not make it the norm for everyone else whiner troll.
          My grandparents ALL lived in their PERSONAL homes until passing (80s and 90s).
          My parents (70s and 80s) still live in their personal home.
          At least you’re consistent…… consistently wrong.
          Too bad your candidate looks like he should have been put into a home over a decade ago.
          Trump/Pence 2020
          Enjoy that TDS in two weeks loser.

        • Enjoy that TDS anonomous troll!
          Trump Pence 2020
          Sorry, not sorry if that “rambled” too much for your simple mind to follow.
          Dance for your bloombucks little leashed monkey, I command you.
          Trump/Pence 2020…to keep slowjoe from behind the resolute desk….and for the entertainment of watching these little leashed TDS monkeys lose their minds.

  3. I’m a little more optimistic. The Republicans when they had the House and the Senate weren’t getting on board with Trump’s agenda. Now I think they see the error of their ways as they’ve gotten to know him. And how it helps them personally and individually to support him. Not to mention the country!

  4. “Would a National Reciprocity Bill Ever Get to a Reelected President Trump’s Desk?”

    Hard to tell, but what is a certainty is that it would be challenged by the dems in all the courts, right up to the SCOTUS…

  5. Yo, DAN!! When are we going to get a post on the incident with the guy pushing the flaming pole into the cop car, specifically the video from the cop car of the driver pulling his gun, aiming at the turd, then pulling the trigger “click-click-click-click”, racking the slide, reaiming then pulling the trigger “click-click-click-click”? I’ve seen that video 3-4 times now and nobody has mentioned that the cop’s gun failed to fire. From the speed and accuracy of his reaction, my guess is that the cop was well trained and ready, so I assume he did not make any major mistakes in preparing his duty weapon, so what happened? I also assume he had a DA/SA, since you could hear multiple clicks each time. It’s driving me nuts, I need to know the truth about that gun!

    • Whoa!

      Of course…it’s Seattle and one of their wackadoodle drug-infused AntiFa children.

      I heard what sounded like empty clicks also…but, the article says that there were shots fired…could the microphone have an AGL (Automatic Gain Level) feature that mutes sharp impulse sounds like gunfire?

      • Or maybe the cool attachment that makes an unsupressed M4 go “clickclickclickclickclick” Instead of “bangbangbangbangbang” in action movies? I think it’s called a “ProTools?”

      • Well, he had the gun pointed at window glass and no holes appeared, maybe the loads were too weak to crack the glass? Come ON, maaan!

        • Don’t know what video you were watching…the one I watched had holes appearing in the windshield each time the officer’s firearm went *click*…!

  6. And they they’ve have to find the spine to move a bill like that through the legislative process.

    H.R.38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017: This bill addressed that very issue but fell short of actual “National Reciprocity by stating “All other states ALLOWING concealed carry” not ALL other states, period… All states have some form of concealed carry, but as written H.R.38 would have been contested by some of the more restrictive states for years.. My FL CC is recognized by 37 states.. of those which do not exactly zero are states where I must travel to get to 2nd home, preferred recreation areas or family nor do I have any need/desire to visit OR live in any of them… We don’t need National Reciprocity we need National “Constitutional Carry” open OR concealed…

  7. I would hope a national reciprocity policy would be better than the general reciprocity we currently have in many states. For example, if I travel outside my home state of CA to most Constitutional Carry states, I may legally carry concealed in those states without any permit. But some have wonky laws. OK recently became a CC state, and I have a friend there who has invited me to visit. However, OK’s version of CC requires any visiting non-resident to adhere to the carry laws of his home state. So, since CA doesn’t allow open carry, and I cannot get a CCW in my home county of Los Angeles, I must abide by these unconstitutional infringements when I visit the supposedly “free” state of Oklahoma, and may not carry in any form, while visitors from nearly any other states may carry.

    A faulty patchwork of incongruent policies. Would a national version simply be a Federal version of the same nonsense? It may require CA to finally honor all other states’ permits, but if I can never get a permit here due to nothing more than Leftist politicians hating my guns and infringing on me out of lust for power, then I can still not CC in other states.


    We need the new and improved SCOTUS to knock down these unconstitutional laws once and for all. With prejudice.

    • “We need the new and improved SCOTUS to knock down these unconstitutional laws once and for all. With prejudice.”

      That’s the way it needs to be done.

      A few days back, LKB mentioned there were a series of steps the SCOTUS would take to restore gun rights, does anyone have a clue what that would look like?

    • I don’t believe that is correct. The only restriction that I’m aware of is that you have to be at least 21 or 18 if an active duty service member. You may want to check with say US concealed carry association or any other concealed carry insurance providers.

      • Okay, TTAG’s acting up yet again. The site goes through periods of instability lasting days at a time. Now my full reply I posted here is suddenly gone. Again.

        This is frustrating. I love this site, but I wish it worked reliably.

        • Please direct all TTAG IT concerns to James Campbell. As an added bonus he will provide you with any IP address you require. Thanks in advance!

        • Happened to me a week or so back. Deleted cookies and restarted desktop comp…TTAG working ok since then. YMMV.

  8. Lol. With Trump all you got was more gun control and a bold ATF. If he’s reelected you’ll get more. If Harris is elected you’ll get 10x more.

  9. The real question is why there needs to be a law at all. The US Constitution already has a clause for this (Comity Clause). The USSC needs to weigh in whether the Comity Clause is limited or unlimited (it is currently treated as limited) – the instance often given as limiting is same-sex marriage. However, a “concealed weapons permit” [regardless of how one feels about the Constitutional validity of THAT] is a permit, exactly like a Driver’s License – something issued in Good Faith by the State.

  10. The nonsense about a bump stock ban was the perfect opportunity to make a play for national reciprocity, but our side plays checkers, while the other side plays chess.

    • Ayup, a clear opportunity that Mr. World’s Greatest Dealmaker somehow let pass by, and instead just gave in on bump sticks in exchange for absolutely nothing.

  11. I think the real reason here is that McConnell does not want to out his anti gun Republicans by making them vote. Many Repubs are in the “ok for me but not for thee” camp. The privileged classes and their tools(LEOs) should have unlimited access to firearms, but the little guy(especially those of color in the inner city) can not be trusted. Dems and Repubs are just 2 sides of the same coin, both are somewhat scared of an armed populace.

  12. Not without giving dems universal checks and assault weapons ban. That would be the very minimum they would demand.

  13. This will never pass in the Senate and certainly not in the currently constituted House.
    The only real chance would be for a citizen of say, Texas to sue California for depriving him of his rights to protect himself while visiting family in California and ultimately get it heard in an Appeals court that is not the Ninth, and maybe have SCOTUS take it up.

    They did this with gay marriage. Its possible with a conservative majority since Roberts would vote with the liberals.

  14. As long as the filibuster exists, no. No way we ever get the 60 votes necessary to overcome the inevitable filibuster that would be applied to any national reciprocity act.

    • The time to ask this question is after the election when we see what will happen with all three branches. There might be an extremely good chance of this if all three go republican. There will be absolutely zero chance if all three go Democrat.

      • Yeah, I keep waiting for Trump to bring up plans for expanding the SC. He should offer to get together with Biden NOW to decide how many seats it should have, and get the wheels moving. Surely all the senators and representatives could get behind this, then whichever gets elected can fill the seats. I find it fascinating that just everybody assumes Trump will lose, while I expect the opposite. Hell, just today I know of 3 votes Trump got, and not a one for Biden.

  15. I hope not. Y’all sure ya want the Feds to be in charge of when how, and where you can carry? Think this thru. Especially if you live in a permitless carry State.

  16. On the negative side, he had to ask two clarifying questions before he understood what was meant by National Reciprocity. This is not something he is ever going make a strong push for.

    On the positive side, he did ask those questions before giving an answer without knowing what he was talking about. I’ll consider that an improvement.

  17. National Reciperocity would require a Fillibuster proof majority in the Senate. I don’t blame Mitch for not moving it forward.

    On the other hand, the Hearing Protection Act is a TAX/Revenue Bill. Tax and revenue bills are not subject to the fillibuster. That’s how the Dems passed the ACA. I do blame Mitch for not moving that one forward.

    • the ability to carry a list of ingredients and cooking methods across state lines?
      hopefully someone will smuggle the one for making ice so my family can start.

  18. Its kind of a mute point anyway. Once all the heavily blue jurisdictions defund their police departments, who is going to enforce all their anti gun laws? Not that anyone would have any desire to visit these places, which even before the whole defund the police fad took off had higher murder rates than allegedly dangerous Latin American countries

    • Nicaragua murder rate 11/100,000, Guatemala 21/100,00, Costa Rica 11/100,000, Panama 11/100,000, Mexico 29/100,000 all in 2019. Chiraq 16/100,000, Baltimore 57/100,000, Philadelphia 22/100,000 all in 2019. Just to name a few.

      • I wonder what the 2020 statistics will look like. Already NYC has an almost 200% increase in shootings from last year, can’t be much better in Baltimore or Chicago

        • NYC has an almost 200% increase in shootings from last year, can’t be much better in Baltimore or Chicago

          I’m sorry? Just why do I give a flying fuck how many bangers got killed in NYC or Chiraq or any other major city or foreign country for that matter… Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll find a better supplier of ammo and learn to shoot better, 50 in Chiraq per week doesn’t put a dent in their cockroach population, hell I’d give em a hand if they asked.

  19. Paul Ryan is gone. Mitch McConnell is on board but reluctant to bring forward votes on bills with little or no chance of passing. Perhaps the Senate can spend it’s time more wisely? Maybe so, but for important legislation, it may be better politically to push forward regardless. Make people go on record.

  20. I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by six! Carry everyday! A permit says your approved! The 2ND says your good! 🖕these politicians!

  21. Not gonna happen. The Congressional Republicans won’t push it. They have no spines, no balls, and no plan on how to run the government when they are in power.

  22. Respecting rationalizing firearms laws, they certainly lack rationality, seems to me that we need plain English answers to the following question. When the Republicans controlled The House, The Senate and The Presidency, why did they blow it, as they most certainly did. Seems that Republicans talk a good game, but fold in the clutch, a situation leaving the following question to be answered. WHY???

  23. Your getting absolutely nothing from him once he no longer needs us. Y’all probably think the hearing protection act is still gonna happen and Klintons are going to jail too lol

  24. If I were a gun owner, a true believer in the Second Amendment, and that the right to be armed pre-existed the Bill of Rights (a natural or God given right); I would be writing my representatives and the president pushing for just such a thing to occur and for it to get signed. It wouldn’t matter to me who wins the next election, I’d be doing it anyway. When our elected officials do good, we need to commend them, when they don’t we need to let them know we disagree with their decisions (in a civil manner) and that we can no longer support them in any way.

    • For what to be signed, exactly? Surely you realize 2A was approved 240 years ago, and renders all following laws and regulations null and void. If that is no longer respected, the solution is not more paperwork.

  25. The secret sauce in legislation is that the GOP gets more money by not doing its job when it comes to this stuff. How many lobbying organizations and industry groups fundraise based on supposedly doing these things? Harder to do that when they’ve been done.

    • This is a good point. There is a ginormous industry built around fixing policy. If they ever actually fixed things, what would they do next? Go to welding school or the like and then get a real job? You know, like the original idea of a citizen part time legislator?
      Somehow, I don’t think so. The trough has become too enriching.

  26. First problem is you need a President with an actual legislative agenda and a sharp inside the beltway operator to press that agenda. Without both of those people working to get a President’s desired legislation to be picked up by party leadership and moved forward, it just does not matter what number of seats are held by which party in either house of congress.

    The effort begins at the top or it never begins. And Trump has never cared about gun owners or gun rights beyond the $31.1 million he suckered out of the NRA in 2015/2016. After that he did nothing, absolutely nothing about legislation. Zero effort, zero proposals, zero sit-downs with party leadership to plan out strategy on his agenda.

    You people elected someone to the Presidency with zero knowledge and even less interest in how the sausage gets made.

    Why are you surprised by his total failure to serve the interests of gun owners?

    • …and Biden / Harris will actively attack our Rights!

      If, as you seem to think, President Trump is not a friend of POTG…at least he is NOT actively campaigning on negating those Rights.

      Try again Nuffie..colossal fail in your current line of attack. Best beat a hasty retreat and regroup.

      By all means, please don’t give up…you ARE entertaining!

    • I’ll take a president who is indifferent to gun rights and has done nothing for them outside of appointing pro gun Justices to the SC over a president who will actively attempt to destroy gun rights while stacking the court with anti gun, rubber stamp leftists.

      Oh wait, we don’t know if Biden will stack the courts or not because he literally said Americans don’t deserve to know what he’ll do once he’s president. At least you’ll have someone with “active legislative agenda and sharp beltway operator”….. or whatever it is you imagine of Biden.

    • Trump is not and never has been a “gun guy”. I never expected any positive pro-gun momentum out of him. I got basically what I expected, a bunch of Federalist Society Judges.

      If the Senate put a pro gun bill in front of him, he’d sign it. But he’s not spending any political capitol to make it happen.

    • “Why are you surprised by his total failure to serve the interests of gun owners?”

      He did serve gun owner’s interest.

      The skank he defeated couldn’t wait to stuff the court with liberals and gut gun rights in about a year. If Mandolin Bay happened on her watch we’d be 2 years into the confiscation game by now.

      So he accomplished that goal on day one.

      Happy to clarify it for you.

  27. I think hell will get air conditioning before the Republicans get a spine, and actually work for the American people by passing such a law. They bitch and moan about how they have to have control over the House to get anything done. So the voters gave it to them. Then, they said they could not get anything done until they had control over the Senate. So voters gave it to them. And then what do they do after having control of both the House and Senate? They snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Republicans are great-consistently so-at screwing up a good thing when they have it, because in the end, they are every bit as evil as the Democrats, and want to disarm us just as much as the Democrats. They just pretend that they are for the Second Amendment, so as to fool stupid voters when election time comes around.

  28. HR38 was put out ther in 2017 but the repubs in Congress had other things to do.
    States like New York and the fascists in Jersey would still arrest people because they don’t give a shit.

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