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Jake, a service tech from North Carolina, sends us his “Work Carry” for the Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day.

Frankly, Jake is a lucky guy if his employer allows him to carry at work.  Many employers in my home state of Illinois have policies against carry at work.  In fact, some will terminate the employee even for leaving the gun in their car.  (So if you’re going to get canned if detected inside the office or leaving it in the car, carry it with you!)

At the same time, the pocket-carried Diamondback DB9 pistol makes detection very unlikely. Depending on the type of pants he wears, his draw time might be slightly slowed down.

A reload or two also makes for a good thing.  Not sure why he still carries a Maglite Solitaire.  That thing puts out about half a lumen of light.  Contrast that with some of the other, more modern AAA-cell lights that easily output 100+ lumens for under $15.  Maybe Jake carries it because he’s familiar with it.

Jake writes:

This is my current edc for work. I do rotate out handguns occasionally but currently the gen4 db9 is very hard to beat. I am always armed from the time i wake up to the time i fall asleep at night .Besides my handgun the other items are always on me and get very much use.after work i usually carry a glock 19 and swap out the leatherman for a Endura 4.

Good for him for carrying all the time.



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  1. Nice gear, and I totally agree about the MagLite. Those Solitaires made sense 20 years ago.

    By the way, does Kat no longer write for TTAG? Thanks

    • The little Mag light is a led model and is as bright as my stream light microstream. As i type this i have a surefire 6px defender in my pocket.

      • I have a solitare LED in my first aid kit. It will certainly light up a room or you car at night.

        I carry a Streamlight stylus pro but there are some advantages of a twisty solitare for pocket carry.

        I also keep a Maglite XL 50 in my Go home bag and a 3 C Cell Mag in my truck. Mag stuff lasts well for the money.

        • Specialist38, i agree on the xl50. I usually keep one in my truck or my coat pocket. Even though i do carry a surefire from time to time the maglites make more sense for a work light considering AAA batteries are so cheap. Also , most of my tool bags have headlamps as well.

  2. Looks good. Know little about the pistol, but quit trying to keep up with everything a while ago. Did a miss a spare mag? Mandatory! Author mentioned a light. Don’t skimp. You don’t miss it till you need it.

    • Had a DB9 gen 3 and it worked well. The earlier model got a bad review here and elsewhere. But mine ran great. No +P ammo. Dont know about the Gen 4. TTAG, will anyone review the AM2?

      • The new gen4 DB9 is now +p rated. I had two of the gen1 guns when they came out but had awful luck with them. My gen4 has ran 100% with everything but the cheapest bulk pack federal ammo. So far the round count is around 500 rounds. I am considering buying a second gen4 for my wife.

  3. For me Mag-Lites are the only way to go. They are all made in the USA, and according to the founder, always will be. Granted, this one is under powered. I carry an XL2000 which provides plenty of power in different modes. Even Streamlight has gone to china. Not in this home.

    • “For me Mag-Lites are the only way to go. They are all made in the USA, and according to the founder, always will be.”

      Just wait until old man Maglica kicks-off and leaves the company to his kids.

      For reference, research ‘Nakamichi’…

      • When that happens, I’ll still have my Mag-Lites, some of them dating back probably 35 years or so, and still working great. I have enough including modern LED’s to last for the rest of my life.

    • All SureFire products are designed and made the USA too, 123A batteries included. At this point they put Maglite to shame.

      Just tossin’ that out there for people who want a new light and want to buy American.

        • I don’t really consider SureFire products to be expensive due to what you get for the money.

          I’ve got a punch of Fenix and Pelican lights too though. When I was working as a welder thieves were everywhere and a nice flashlight was guaranteed to grow legs at some point because while you were inspecting certain things you would inevitably put the light down. Forgetting about it/leaving it there for even 60 seconds meant it was probably gone forever.

          There’s a reason lots of welders carry a gun. Because of other welders and, especially, welder’s helpers.

          • Pelican, like Streamlight use to be top notch. Unfortunately, Pelican has also gone to china. At least the lights I purchased for my fire department came from china. Floored me when they arrived. Pelican has lost my support. When will these companies realize quality is more important than price.

        • Marty:

          If someone’s going to steal something from me it might as well be foreign made and not as good. I’ll keep the high-end stuff for myself.

          • Strych9, It has been decades since anyone has stolen from me. Comes from not living anywhere near a city. However, I agree with you, if you’re to be a victim of a theft, let the item be made in china. Looks like SureFire just came up with a rechargeable, at least I haven’t seen it before. I’ll definitely be looking into it.

  4. Sometimes I need a light to see with and not be seen. When the eyes acclimate to the dark, even one lumen can be enough. That’s why I usually carry two or more lights or a light with several output options. Two is one and one is none. -30-

  5. I allow my employees to carry while on the job. Only two rules: 1) they have to have a permit, and 2) it has to be and stay concealed.

    • Good for you Russel, We’d be a ton better off if all employers had the same policy, and so would the employees.

      • Bet next month’s check that there would be fewer workplace shootings if that were more common workplace policy. Funny thing. It’s a lot less fun for the workplace shooter when the workers are shooting back. Bet it would be less fun for the school shooters if they were being shot back at too. Just a thought, but what do I know? I was only an SRO in four different schools.

        • That’s a bet I will Not take you up on. It would truly make my days to hear of all these dirt bag shooters meeting their maker due to armed good guys.

    • “…it has to be and stay concealed.”

      Serious question since I have no idea what your business actually does, why? Do your employees deal with the public a lot?

      • We are a printing and book production company. Not a lot of interaction with the public. But are located in a rougher part of town. So when coming and going we like to have a margin of safety. And every now and then we get a stray coming in and have to handle it back out the door.

    • Maybe I was wrong. Are those spare mags behind the Stars and Stripes? If so, I apologize. Spare mags are always good. Of course, the bullets in spare mags should always point the same way. Gunfighting 101.

      • Two spares it would seem. One with a finger extender. The EDC website just lists the overall item as “Ace single stack mag carrier modified”.

        • Hey Strych, i do carry two spare mags, both pointed back the same has the largest finger extension. The mag pouch was one that i took in on a trade. It works well until i can take the time to make a new one from leather.

      • Shooter in custody…

        EDIT –

        Update2: Radio NZ has confirmed two shootings, one at the Masjid Al Noor Mosque next to Hagley Park, and at the Linwood Masjid Mosque in the suburb of Linwood.

        Update3: Now there are reports that a third New Zealand mosque has been attacked.

        • Update6: Four people are in custody according to New Zealand police; three men and a woman. According to the New Zealand police commissioner, “There were a number of IEDs attached to vehicles that we stopped.”

          One of the gunmen is confirmed as 28-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant.

    • It looks like someone was armed at one of the mosques and fired back. It looks pretty bad so far. What a scum bag.

  6. BREAKING! Mass shooting incident in Christchurch New Zealand. No details other than many gunshots fired into a mosque.

    Rifle is an AR variant covered in various slogans about race and immigration.

        • It’s BOHICA time on both sides of the Tasman.

          Curious timing as there is a state election in New South Wales next weekend and The Shooters, Fishers, and Farmers party stood to gain several lower house seats from the Liberals and Nationals, and expand their upper house seats as well.

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