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Hugh Jackman models Not One More bracelet (courtesy Facebook)

Last night, designer Donna Karan, Norwegian model-turned-jobbing-journo Lise Evans, and former NYC Mayor and current anti-gunner Michael Bloomberg hosted a “Not One More” event at Urban Zen. That would be Karan’s nonprofit Manhattan store selling “inspired styles, jewelry & furniture.” But not guns, obvs. Donna, Lise and Mike assembled the glamorous gaggle of glitterati to “highlight steps being made to curb gun violence and save lives.” Amongst their number: actor, singer, dancer and all-round heartthrob Hugh Jackman, seen here modeling Karan’s new Not One More bracelet for social media. The designer explained her project thusly . . .

“Every problem has a solution and I believe the solution to our nation’s gun problem is to join all of our voices and talents together — from political leaders to gun violence survivors and the designers, musicians, actors, models, producers, directors and hoteliers who came together to launch the bracelet — and for each of us to use our influence to say loud and clear: Not One More.”

Not One More . . .gun in the hands of civilians exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms? Like that. Only the feel-good fashionistas don’t see it that way. It’s more like Not One More Icky Thing to Happen to Adorable Children and Disadvantaged Minorities Because of Scary Guns.

Agreed, of course, in principle – accepting the fact that you can’t stop icky things from happening and that a gun is a great way for people to stop icky things from happening to them. From domestic violence to rape to assault to murder to mass murder at the hands of a tyrannical government. Kumbaya that Donna.

Anyway, as of this writing, Jackman’s Not One More modeling Facebook photo [above] has just under 200k likes and nearly 2k comments. Clearly, Mr. Jackman’s Facebook manager’s still sleeping off his champagne hangover. The comments are not what you’d call uniformly supportive. Comme ça:

Barbara J Huber You are my favorite actor of all time, but you need to take your socialist principals and go back to Australia. I would rather not see anymore of your movies than to give up my freedom to protect myself. As a single white female living alone in the big city, you better believe I carry! Better safe than sorry. I’m not gonna become a victim.

Steven Johnson Must be nice to be able to afford personal security.

Adrian Bolin I was a fan of yours until now.

Perhaps Hollywood celebs should avoid the hue and cry that accompanies their “activism” by sticking to their craft and eschewing political pitchmanship. Or at least keep faith with the principles that motivate the vast majority of their audience, if not their left-leaning industry colleagues. Know what I mean?

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  1. From Hugh Jackman to huge jackwagon. Who needs to understand an issue when you can do useless things that make you feel good inside?

  2. These actors are just costing me too much money. The fewer actors I choose to spend money to see their movies, the more time I spend at the range, buying ammo, and buying guns. Thanks a lot bub!

  3. People like Hugh live in an echo chamber of leftist thought. In that world emotions trump logic, feelings trump truth. A huge number of them feel guilt for their own wealth and good fortune, a guilt that was pounded into their minds by 16 years of public schools. They have a distorted perception that the all of the problems in this world are because of Christianity, the United States, free markets and corruptive big business. Because of their belief the only solution is socialism which will equal the playing field. Unfortunately as history attests to socialism demands conformity. Freedoms must be sacrificed for the “good” of humanity. Especially the freedom to challenge their socialist worldview with substance stronger than mere words. Hence guns must go. We here at places like TTAG are dinosaurs standing in the way of progress. Thank God our forefathers were filled with wisdom and made it hard to change the good system they put into place, but this socialist corruption is rotting it’s way through this country and I for one believe the golden age of the United States is now in the rear view mirror.

  4. So, these people want NOT ONE MORE, what? Violent death? Innocent victim?
    I don’t understand this zero-sum thinking. How will taking away my guns reduce violent crime?
    Did I try and start a ‘bracelet movement’ to stop actors from breeding and adoption because Woody Allen had an incestious affair with his adopted daughter?
    Maybe actors should not be allowed to adopt! You know… to protect the children.

  5. Well let us see Donna Karan and Hugh Jackman put their money where their mouths are: both of them should walk into the ugliest part of New York City unarmed and without any bodyguards. Then they can show us how “everyone talking with one voice” protects them when violent criminals attack them.

  6. It’s all well and good for Huge Jackoff to be anti-gun. He’s a superhero with enormous retractable metal claws growing out of his knuckles, an adamantium-reinforced skeleton and the mutant healing factor that regenerates him after head shots. The rest of us need different types of mechanical devices to secure our safety.

    Not One More Bracelet!

  7. ” I want to thank all of you for coming to this party and sharing your opinions about gun violence in our streets! I know that if you guys wear these bracelets and show the world that HOLLYWOOD ((applause)) will not tolerate innocent victims we will, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD! ((applause)) YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!!
    So get out there on your Twitter feeds and do your Facebook pages and show the world that you believe in this cause by wearing this bracelet! And for only $19.99 apiece the world can share our ideas!” – DK

  8. “and the designers, musicians, actors, models, producers, directors and hoteliers who came together to launch the bracelet”

    Nice group of sycophantic brown nosers led by a hypocrite actor that plays pretend for a living.

    • I prefer to paraphrase…
      “People who don’t live in reality”
      “People who think their opinion dictates law.”
      “People whose opinions I don’t give a flaming rat shart about.”

  9. I never been stabbed or shot in real life, but I have in the movies… So I am going to promote the banning of the very thing that keeps non-mutants (real people) free.

  10. He’s from Australia (helmet land) – one hell of a intellectual handicap in these matters. Give him a break, at least he isn’t shilling for putting corks on forks;-)

  11. The last bracelet fad made us aware of the existence of cancer. This one will sear into our brains Not One More Dollar To Hugh Jackman.

  12. Oh well it just confirms the rumors(rumours?) about Wolverine. No biological kids, much older wife and Boy from Oz…

  13. They should start a hashtag. It worked to get Boko Haram to stop kidnapping Christian girls in Nigeria. #stupidliberalduchebagsfeelgoodbullshit

  14. “Every problem has a solution and I believe the solution to our nation’s *gun* problem is to join all of our voices and talents together”

    We don’t have a “gun” problem in this nation. We have a thug problem. Well, unless your goal has nothing to do with crime, and everything to do with a larger goal that requires disarmament. In that case, she’s right.

  15. “Not one more.”

    How about this one instead…

    Nothing wrong with shooting, as long as the right people get shot.
    -Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood)

  16. They should have held the affair at a meeting on free speech where a controversial Danish cartoonist was speaking, at a cafe in Copenhagen. Maybe then they could have used their magic bracelets.

  17. I always thought he was a solid guy because he could shtup any girl on the planet and instead he chose to follow his heart and go with someone nearly two decades older than him.

    So much for that.

  18. A shame really, i thought he was very talented and not such a bad guy until now. However, I do my BEST to separate the person from the beliefs, but sometimes they don’t let me. For example: I love Pearl Jam the band, their music is some of my absolute favorite, and of course love Eddie Vedder their face and frontman/lead singer. I cannot stand his politics and personal beliefs… i simply cannot abide his views on many subjects, but I would not hesitate to include him in my “invite a few famous people to dinner”-type things.

    Liam Neeson was always someone I respected and liked in entertainment, since my Dad , an Irish-Catholic-heritage police captain took me to see Michael Collins in high school…. and of course, he blew up after Taken. But he has become a drunken, blustering, anti-gun spewing agitation-fool who doesn’t know when to shut up , what issues are not his concern as he is not an American nor US national, nor do his ideas have foundation in our constitution. I would love to ignore him, but he just pushes it so far, I have to say, Liam, you’re no longer cool in my book.

    This guy, the Wolverine , needs to STFU

    • Pearl Jam is my favorite band. Eddie is my favorite singer. Stone, Mike and Matt don’t share Eddies political beliefs, I know from watching PJ20. I had to look up what EV has said about guns just to verify what you had written and found this Huffington Post interview where he makes a very ‘ignorant’ point that people who have guns in their house are negligent with them,so most 4 year olds kill their dads, dogs or siblings because guns are just laying around. Therefore, he wishes evil upon gun owners but doesn’t need to because they find it themselves. 25 years I have listened to PJ. I still will. I will still go their concerts. But now I realize that EV doesn’t really think before he speaks, speak to what he knows or knows of what he thinks he knows. (EV – you can use that for your lyrics in one of your songs.) I’ve just become a bit more discouraged. The last shining star from my youth has just cut his hair, put on a tie and fallen in line to eat his pudding. Damn

  19. See, this is exactly why most of these Hollyweird jack-offs don’t exist to me unless they’re on the big screen entertaining me. For all their alleged “education” or “experience”, the vast majority of them never ever have even the faintest clue as to what they’re ever yammering on about. It doesn’t really matter what it is they’re yammering on about, either. They just simply do not know what the fuck they’re talking about. Period.

    They simply get paid to exercise their ONE talent: to PRETEND that they know what they’re doing. They should stick to that, and at that relegate it to the stage and the stage alone.

    I guess people stupid enough to buy into the civil disarmament agenda are also stupid enough to believe the Hollyweird fiction that inspired it, too. This fact is plainly presented every time they trout the old, tried, and thoroughly debunked “Old West” meme when there’s talk of relaxing their pet gun control laws, for example.

    I’ll still go see their movies (and only if they’re really good), but I don’t hear anything they have to say off-set because they’re worth nothing to me when they’re off-camera.

  20. Mr. Jackman playing the role of the useful Aussie idiot.

    How about NOT ONE MORE death from cancer?
    How about NOT ONE MORE death from automobile accidents?
    How about NOT ONE MORE death from childhood obesity?
    How about NOT ONE MORE death from poisoning?
    How about NOT ONE MORE death from drowing?

    Sad, because I’m a huge comic books fan. Guess no more X-men / Wolverine movies for me.

  21. I haven’t been able to look at him straight since that bullsh*t Wolverine in Japan movie where he spent the entire movie stumbling.

    This just nails it. Sorry bro, it was fun while it lasted.

  22. I really hope these ass wipes keep going on with this crap as I will soon disconnect my TV and save mucho $. As it goes now I never go to the movies to support these hacks. Even though I respect their acting, but leave your crap ass beliefs outside of my country. Thank you very much and have a fine Navy day!

    • I’ve though about that, but then I would have a difficult time watching The Walking Dead, Z Nation and Better Call Saul. I just won’t watch network news. Those guys can go kill themselves.

  23. Elitist liberals and Democrats live in a fantasy world where the police arrive in time to save them
    if the criminals get past their armed guards. The garden variety liberal and Democrat are just dumb
    enough to believe this same kind of police response is there for them.

    Only when the garden variety liberal and Democrat are faced with the facts from being a victim
    and the police are showing up to take an after action report does it finally dawn on their dinosaur sized
    brains that it is up to them to protect themselves and their families yet that dinosaur brain does not
    know where to start.

    Jackman like the rest of the elitist Hollywood types from overseas sure do love America’s right to free speech
    but do not understand how it was earned.

    Never will a movie made by any known liberal actor or actress or company earn a dime from me.
    Considering the garbage coming out of the movie industry in the last decade I doubt I am missing

  24. I am with Jackman on this one.
    I will no longer walk around with a gun on me. Instead, I’ll duct tape some steak knifes onto my hands.

  25. The “one more” argument is so old and so lame. All emotion and zero brain power. I loath these celeb’s who whore themselves out to promote issues.

  26. Every time a “lone wolf” that has set his plan in motion pulls the trigger on innocents in a gun free, resistance free, soft target area, I think NOT ONE MORE. Everytime time an urban thug caps another young man trapped by desperation and circumstance, I think NOT ONE MORE. Every time I hear about a family’s home violated by a home invasion and the pistol-whipping, beating, or death that may follow, I think NOT ONE MORE. As creators, you would think they could see: It’s not the brush, it’s the artist. It’s not the hammer, it’s the carpenter. It’s not the words in the song or the script, it’s how they are sung or said. It’s not the gun, it’s the man or woman or child pulling the trigger. Every mass shooter stops in the face of real resistance which means when people with guns show up and it’s time for suicide by cop or kissing out in most cases. This is NOT a gun problem, this is a human problem, a public mental health concern, and a social issue that is not easily solved. However it is easy to say a few words or pass a law so the politicians and celebrities who think they are change-makers can say “Look what we did!” You do NOTHING unless you heal the sick, give options to the lost, and stigmatize the criminals. Holmes, Lanza, Loughner and their type share two things: 1. They are failures in some way. 2. Somebody failed them to let them fall so far. IT’S NOT THE DAMN GUN!

  27. He’s not even an American…if he doesn’t like how we do things here, he can stay in Australia… And most of these actors/actresses have bodyguards who are most likely armed…not all of us can afford that…there is a term for people who think others shouldn’t have what they do… HYPOCRITE.

  28. If I had adamantium covered bones, the ability to regenerate ANY injury, and adamantium claws that came out of my hands whenever I wanted, I would gladly give up my guns because I wouldn’t need them…

    But I don’t have those…I have my firearms to protect me and mine…

  29. Somehow it’s ok for him to make millions upon millions of dollars making pretend with firearms and hide behind armed personal security with them but it’s not ok for me to protect the lives of my family with one? He’s a hypocrite and I made sure to let him know that. Add him to the list of actors I will no longer support.

  30. Yes, Hugh – I’m sure that rapists, murderers, and gang members (of both the hoodie and uniformed varieties) really care about the opinions of rich egomaniacs.

  31. I’m to move to Australia, get rich and famous, then promote a totally prohibition on alcohol. See how they like some twit wandering in and criticizing their cultural heritage.

  32. “highlight steps being made to curb gun violence and save lives.”

    Probably just not reported on this site, but steps like what, for example? I am all for curbing gun violence and saving lives. Did they have any suggestions which might actually accomplish that? I have not seen any steps being “highlighted” yet, am I missing something? Or is it possible they might be full of, uh, “steps”, or something.

  33. Why would anyone who wants to protect the 2A consume anything from Hollywood or it’s tentacles? You are feeding your own enemy.

  34. I highly suggest you guys read Vince Vaughns recent interview in Playboy (available freely online). He is a Conservative Libertarian who answers every single question thrown at him exactly as you would hope. I was very impressed with his answers to some obviously baited questions.


    “Support for the Second Amendment goes hand-in-hand with keeping guns away from criminals and other dangerous people. But it’s simply too easy for the wrong people to get guns, leading to all kinds of violence—from deadly domestic abuse to suicide and school shootings.
    Research shows—and cops will tell you—that common-sense public safety laws reduce gun violence and save lives. We can put a stop to the more than 31,000 gun deaths that happen every year. And we can do it in a way that still respects the Second Amendment.”

    The organization that Hugh Jackman is supporting, only want to have better background checks, lessen gun trafficking, keep guns away from those with a history is domestic violence, and educate those (Like yourself, Robert Fargo) who don’t take the time to do research.

    STOP FREAKING OUT. And do your fucking RESEARCH.

    • I assume you’re new around here. Welcome! I hope you stick around and see things from a different perspective. A few points worth considering:

      1. Support for the Second Amendment doesn’t say anyting keeping guns away from criminals and dangerous people. The 2A simply mandates that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed by the government. If you support the 2A, you do not support any law that infringes on that right. “Common sense public safety laws” is gun control speak for gun control laws laws – prohibited under the 2A.

      Don’t get me wrong: there are plenty of honest-to-God “public safety laws” that keep guns away from criminals and other dangerous people which do NOT infringe on Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Laws that lock up criminals (making it difficult though not impossible for them to get ahold of a gun), for example. Laws for civil commitment for dangerously mentally ill people, for another. I don’t think you’ll find a gun rights supporter who opposes these laws.

      2. The “wrong people” get guns as it is, illegally. In places where these “common sense public safety laws” (a.k.a., gun control laws) are in place, they have no effect on the frequency of gun-involved criminal activity. Check out the crime stats in Chicago, LA and New York City. Also, check the firearms-related crime stats in countries where civilian firearms ownership is prohibited. Same deal.

      3. There are more than a few cops who read this website. They will tell you that “common sense public safety laws” (a.k.a., gun control) is a very bad idea, on the practical level. They believe that Americans exercising their gun rights are the best defense against criminality, whether it’s domestic violence or spree killings.

      4. Half of those 31k firearms-related deaths are suicides. Perhaps Mr. Jackman and like-minded celebrities should put some effort into improving access to mental health, rather than seeking to reduce Americans’ uninfringed access to firearms, which saves at least an equal amount of lives per year. If not tens of thousands more. Or hundreds of thousands more if you include the deterrent effect on government-sponsored mass murder.

      5. The organization that Mr. Jackman is supporting wants to disarm civilians.

      6. I do a great deal of research into “gun violence.” I’ve been writing about it for almost five years, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. That said, I’m always willing to learn more. Please leave any links that you might consider helpful. If you could do me a favor and click on the Facts About Guns tab at the top of the page and check out a few of those articles I think you’ll find them most informative.

      Oh and it’s Farago. Not Fargo. Although that’s one of the greatest movies ever made, IMHO. Agreed?


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