Winchester Introduces the Elegant Super X4 Upland Field
courtesy mfr
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Winchester Introduces the Elegant Super X4 Upland Field
courtesy mfr

There are few things more pleasing than a beautiful shotgun. Winchester’s latest Super X4 model certainly seems to fit that description. Here’s their press release:

Upland bird hunting is steeped in heritage, and carrying a beautiful, top-performing shotgun into the field ranks among the most notable of traditions. With that in mind, Winchester Repeating Arms introduces the elegant Super X®4 Upland Field 12 gauge autoloading shotgun. 

Winchester Introduces the Elegant Super X4 Upland Field
courtesy mfr

The new Super X4 Upland Field is designed to pair the performance advantages of a modern-day autoloader with the style and handling of the shotguns of legend. Autoloading operation duties are handled by the Active Valve Gas System that combines proven reliability, low felt recoil and record-setting cycling speed. A standout feature of the Upland Field is the striking matte nickel-plated receiver with upland game scene. The Grade II/III satin finished walnut pistol grip and forearm feel slim in the hands and the straight-line checkering pattern optimizes grip and control. An oversize bolt handle and bolt release button are both easy to manipulate even with cold fingers and when wearing gloves. The Super X4 Upland Field weighs in at approximately seven pounds, making it easier to carry all day long.

Winchester Introduces the Elegant Super X4 Upland Field
courtesy mfr

The Super X4 Upland Field is offered in a 12 gauge, 3″ chambering with the choice of a 26″ or 28″ ventilated rib barrel and comes in at a suggested retail of $829.99.

Winchester Introduces the Elegant Super X4 Upland Field
courtesy mfr

The XPR Sporter sells for an MSRP of $599.99.


  • Satin oil finish Grade II/III walnut stock with straight line cut checkering
  • Matte nickel-plated receiver with engraved upland scene
  • Back-Bored Technology
  • Invector-Plus Choke Tube System
  • Hard chrome-plated chamber and bore
  • Vent rib
  • TRUGLO® Long Bead fiber-optic front sight
  • Active Valve Gas System
  • Drop-out trigger group
  • Ambidextrous crossbolt safety
  • Larger bolt handle and bolt release button
  • Inflex Technology Recoil Pad

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  1. Wow.
    Dan, if you need someone to field test one, I’m in.
    Heading out for pheasant and chukar in a couple of weeks.

    • I have an X3, which uses the same operating system, X4 has minor improvements on stock dimension and trigger guard. I have had no problem with my X3, and love it. Great gun for the money.

  2. I’m not buying a pretty shotgun to bash and clobber against the woods while grouse hunting.

    I found a Walmart clearance mossberg 930 for 300 bucks; matte black, black synthetic stock, 28″ barrel. No frills at all. That gun i don’t cry about scratching in the deep brush, rather, feel that every mar its a war badge. I go where the birds are, not glued to trails pampering my 1700 dollar beretta over / under.

  3. I take my beretta silver pigeon into the same places you take your mossberg. No safe queens at my house but I do like to use the good stuff.

    • I was using my Mod 21 Tourney Skeet today. 3 birds. I used to hunt IA pheasants with an original Super X-1 skeet gun. (Seems a bit heavy now.) Once I tried open choke on pheasants I never looked back.

      This appears to be different from the Turkish-made Tristar/Weatherby/Stoger/Mossberg autos, correct? I have one of those (Tristar) in 28 ga for pen raised birds, it is very reliable, handsome and easy to carry and point.


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