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Yes, it certainly looks as if yet another Hollywood empty vessel has opened his mouth, displaying for all the world that he’s thoroughly unencumbered by the facts, let alone the thought process.

This time it’s Ashton Kutcher who, after learning of the Thousand Oaks Borderline bar shooting, felt the need to let everyone on social media know just how very concerned he is about both mental illness and ongoing scourge of civilian gun ownership (besides his, of course).

That he also betrayed the fact that he probably acquired (and apparently still owns) a firearm illegally is just a bonus. California, of course, is gun control Nirvana and has a universal background check law. That has to be done through a licensed firearm dealer. We’re pretty sure that can’t be done in the parking lot of a local honky tonk.

But if you’re entertaining any thoughts of Kutcher being frog-marched out of his Beverly Hills home for those crimes, slow your roll. That kind of thing just doesn’t happen. Not to high profile, bien pensent individuals who “inadvertently run afoul of the law,” but openly espouse all the right opinions.

Nothing to see here. Move along.


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    • I don’t think the fire was the change he was expecting but it seems the one he’s getting. The guy is another air head socialist and not a god actor either.

    • I used to celebrate when I heard how terrible CA was becoming until I realize that all the filth is moving away and making once great states worse. AZ’s newly minted Democratic Senator, TX’s close election, and NC’s Democratic Governor are only the start of the downfall of Republican economic powerhouse states. Make no mistake about it. Democrats ruined CA and now they are working on moving to and ruining places like TX, AZ, CO, NC, etc.

      It’s a shame, I was contemplating moving to AZ in a few years. I am now changing my mind on that possible move and focusing on states that are much more solid Republican bases.

      • “It’s a shame, I was contemplating moving to AZ in a few years. I am now changing my mind…”

        Once upon a time, where I was younger, I had Oregon, Washington, then Colorado as my retirement spots. That didn’t happen…

        I ended up in AZ with a good chunk of land south of Flag. Now I am contemplating a move somewhere else. That the good people of AZ elected that trash-talking (about AZ and its residents) Sinema is just beyond me. ‘Embarrassed to represent AZ’ and she still gets elected.

  1. Um… I’ll unburden any celebrity gun owners who wish to free themselves of their guilty weapons of war. I’ll even pay shipping to my FFL!

  2. Ashton fudd Kutcher. So an extremely lucky boy with limited talent(save good looks)thinks we give a rat’s azz what he thinks huh? The wrong twin got cerebral palsy😖

    • I remember correctly, in Japan they would refer to celebrities as “talent.” They thought the talent isn’t supposed to do anything other than entertain the country. The mentality was, “Know your place in society, Mr. Tarento.”

  3. I would like to be a friend of the friend of Ashton Crutcher. And is this real? Hollywood is known for its actors, I think he shot the gunift

  4. If he admitted to a felony should we not petition our representatives in Sacramento to execute a warrant and confiscate this illegally obtained firearm? In addition, given that he has admitted to possessing a firearm illegally should we not consider getting a restraining order for our safety? Is not making him a prohibited person not in the public’s best interest?

    • It’s a misdemeanor: Penal Code 26500

      (a) No person shall sell, lease, or transfer firearms unless the person has been issued a license pursuant to Article 1 (commencing with Section 26700) and Article 2 (commencing with Section 26800) of Chapter 2.

      (b) Any person violating this article is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

      Probably now outside the statute of limitations, which is ordinarily 3 years for misdemeanors.

      • He is still guilty of possessing an unregistered handgun. However, he will probably just turn it in to the cops as a virtue-signaling publicity stunt and be granted immunity.

        Porn star Mia Khalifa pulled a similar stunt with her shotgun. However, she had it legally and was probably afraid of it, because anything she pumps ends up shooting her in the face or chest.

  5. Wait… Didn’t I see Kutcher at the range before? Wasn’t there a video of him shooting guns around the time he was making commercials against guns?

  6. I have a friend that had work on a movie set with this azz. Talk about an elitist piece of dung that ever walked the earth. He demanded that the set crew not even look at him.

  7. Ashton kutcher admits to receiving in illegally transferred firearm in Cali a felony for both parties and yet he’s ranting about background checks for us but not for him

  8. Let’s see if California will indict Kutcher and the person that provided him the firearm illegally. This will demonstrate two things, if you have money, you can get away with anything, two if California will enforce its existing laws.

    • Technically I think it was Charlie’s drugs and prostitutes that ruined 2-1/2 Men. That and the half man was what, 30 years old? But yea, bringing in Kelso was a stupid idea.

  9. Why do we care what some no-talent ass-clown says on social media? Giving him exposure, even negative exposure is giving him acknowledgement and I don’t think he deserves even that. He’s the epitome of banality. Here we go, another hollywood (lack of caps intentional) compassion pimp.

    Let me know when he can mathematically prove Field Theory, invent a new method of propulsion/energy production or cure cancer.

    Heck, let me know when he volunteers at the friggen Salvation Army. Then I might give two of my spare brain cells to care about the man’s point of view. But if all he’s known for is playing pretend and projecting self-importance for doing so, he can pound sand.

    Until then, he’s free to be a lunatic in his own closed-off bubble world. I don’t care what he does in it, I just don’t want to have to lay eyes on any delusional hypocrisy he spouts off.

    Oh, let me know when he’s arrested for violation of California’s fascist and unconstitutional firearms laws. That I do want to see.

  10. Glad he’s so conservative pro-gun, pro-America on The Ranch.

    Lock his ass up. He confessed, and that post is admissible in court as a confession, uncoerced and from is own hand.

  11. When he was married to Demi Moore and living in Hailey, Idaho he was bragging how he could walk around with a gun on his hip.
    What a Putz !!

  12. According to California law he committed a felony. Will a socialist actor ever be arrested for something like this? When pigs fly.

  13. Forward his tweet to the ATF.
    Maybe he’s proving a point that the current gun laws NEVER stop criminals using illegal Guns; rarely procecuted and plead down to a lesser charge.

  14. My guess is Demi got his _____ in the property settlement and won’t give ’em back. Bruce (don’t ever challenge him to a shoot off with a 30/06 M1 rifle) Willis, got out just in the nick of time. -30-

  15. Why are they blaming steel, wood, and plastic when it seems to nuts that are the problem. Forgive me for being politically incorrect but they are nuts who need help or an institution.

    • CA doesn’t like to punish its darling celebrities. Jose Canseco got caught with an unlicensed handgun, and got $2500 bail and a no contest plea. The State of CA is a state of madness. Thousands of men my age have been locked up in this state on felony charges for unlicensed guns, while a celeb with a known history of mood-altering drug use gets no time at all.

  16. Some years back, I watch a movie in a theater that depicted Hollywood sliding into the ocean. It was meant to be shocking to the audience. Instead, the theater crowd cheered. As I watched this I thought to myself, “Now, that is real America outside a leftist hive.”

  17. “But if you’re entertaining any thoughts of Kutcher being frog-marched out of his Beverly Hills home for those crimes, slow your roll. That kind of thing just doesn’t happen. Not to high profile, bien pensent individuals who “inadvertently run afoul of the law,” but openly espouse all the right opinions.”

    Stuff like this, and I know there are many more examples, are going to be a major contributor the destruction of our country. When the rule of law breaks down, everything else goes with it. It’s not lost on the public at large that all you need to do to get away with lawlessness is be a rich or politically connected liberal.

    Laws are for little people. For the Proles.

  18. He’ll get the same treatment David Gregory got for having the 30 round magazine on “Meet the Press”

  19. More evidence that there have always been rules for the common man and none for the Elites, a true socialist utopia that the Left have always wanted and expected.

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