A Wilson Combat GLOCK? True Story!

A Wilson Combat GLOCK? Isn’t that like a Ferrari Camry? The company first and best known for its high-end 1911’s has gathered a Wolf pack of aftermarket parts for Gaston’s gat, put ’em all together and come up with the beast you see above. We’re talking . . .

A Fulcrum or ZEV trigger (not the guy from Men In Black), a double high-cut trigger guard, front and top slide serrations, a speed chute mag well, LAV slide stop and mag release, Radius muzzle and a beavertail grip adapter.

Not to mention enough Wilson Combat Armor-Tuff coating (applied in the house style) to make the GLOCK scream Wilson  — in case the casual viewer misses the laser-etched Wilson Combat logo on the side and top of the gun.

Did I mention the sight and barrel options? Anyway, I’m not sure what it is, other than expensive. And not entirely beautiful.

That said, the GLOCKson Combat pistol should be accurate, reliable and easy to operate. Which is a pretty good description of a stock GLOCK. Or a stock Wilson Combat 1911. But if they had a baby, this would be it.

I wonder if rappers and gang bangers — who love them some GLOCK Fo-Tays — will “get it” or, indeed, get it. If so, at least they can drop it like it’s hot. If you know what I mean.


  1. avatar Texheim says:

    Lipstick on a pig comes to mind

    1. avatar anonymoose says:

      Breast implants and a pearl necklace on a pig.

      1. avatar DJ says:

        The Island of Dr Moreaue???

        Mixing Glock and 1911, isn’t that like a human rights violation?

        1. avatar DonPrather says:

          It’s a violation of the Law of Moses

    2. avatar Madcapp says:

      Looks like even Wilson Combat understands that the 1911 is obsolete, and they’re turning their gaze elsewhere. Good for them. Bad for all the Archie Bunkers of the firearms world. As for me and my house, I’ll ignore both and stick to SA/DA. Njoy drinking your Kool-Aid.

      1. avatar jwtaylor says:

        “Looks like even Wilson Combat understands that the 1911 is obsolete”
        Get your glasses checked.

      2. avatar DJ says:

        As for me and my house….you must be reading from the new gender neutral NIV or NET bible.

        Come on bro, you’re either drinking the Kool-Aid or someone spiked your water. 1911 still leading the way.😂

    3. avatar Slab Rankle says:

      More like lipstick on Sarah Connor in Terminator 2.

      Pigs are fat and taste good. Glocks are lean and kill things.

    4. avatar IdahoBoy says:

      Tits on a rattlesnake.

  2. avatar Mr.Savage says:

    almost an appealing glock, almost.

  3. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

    It kinda looks like they brought John Waters aboard.

  4. avatar Cjstl says:

    I have a Chrysler that was made by Maserati. It has all the Maserati emblems, but it’s really a Le Baron. Still looks cool in that 1990 kind of way.

    1. avatar RocketScientist says:

      Although it may LOOK like a slightly tweaked LeBaron, the Chrysler TC by Maserati is an ENTIRELY different car. Based on a shortened Dodge Daytona chassis, with italian styling/coachwork, and an array of turbo chrysler or maserati engines, it was SUPPOSED to be a glamorous crown jewel in the Chrysler lineup. The plan was that after a few eyars of robust sales, they’d debut a very-similarly-styled coupe (the LeBaron) that would be inspired by the galmorous design of the TC, but be a budget-minded car for the everyman. Except that the TC ran into all sorts of development and schedule delays, and instead got released AFTER the LeBaron had been on the market for awhile. So instead of the consumer thinking “Wow, look at this LeBaron! I can get a sexy italian coupe at half the price!” it became “Why the hell would I buy this LeBaron with an italian badge on it for twice as much?”. Kinda a shame really, the TCs are pretty good cars, especially for their era, and the ride/feel/performance is leaps and bounds above the LeBaron. But everyone just writes them off as a gussied-up goofy looking LeBaron. Oh well.

  5. avatar No one of consequence says:

    Apparently Wilson Combat needs a fish-finder calibrated for sharks.

    I appreciate them wanting to increase the pool of potential customers but this just seems like it’s going to dilute the brand. Further dilute, they’re already doing this with ARs and shotguns.

    And honestly it tends to make me less likely to go for a Wilson when I start shopping for my high-end 1911.

    1. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

      I kinda feel the same way, I have intended on getting high end 1911 when my ship comes in and it used to be a Wilson the was my first choice. Their expansion and marketing has definitely gotten me looking for someone who is still just a 1911 shop. I kinda also wish the Korth roller delayed .45 wasn’t having the problems I have seen reported and on video too. It isn’t a 1911, but it sure exudes quality (if not reliability at the moment). That expansion and failure is probably hurting the Korth brand.

      1. avatar Anon in CT says:


    2. avatar DJ says:

      Ed Brown’s, more bang for the buck than Wilson. Once you own one you’ll be back for more.

  6. avatar Ironhead says:

    This is like sending a ford fiesta to caroll shelby.

    1. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

      Speaking of Carrol Shelby, reminds me of Bill Cosby’s “200mph”:-)

      1. avatar Crowbar says:

        “You take this car, it’s all paid for, and you give it to Steve McQueen”.

  7. avatar Gman says:

    It looks like Godzilla.
    Does it glow in the dark?

  8. avatar binder says:

    There is a market, or they would not make it. Look at the CZ 75 B 40th Anniversary

  9. avatar Specialist38 says:

    The frame looks cool and it appears the texture may be functional.

    Don’t care about the slide and sight stuff.

    The undercut trigger guard would be nice.

    Or I might get a HK VP40……or two for the price of a Wilson.

  10. avatar Snatchums says:


    You mean giving a Dodge Daytona to Carrol Shelby??

    Those things were hot shit in the 90’s if you wanted an American tuner car. Just get the biggest fucking turbocharger you can fit and hope that your fuel system can keep up. 400+ horsepower if your head bolts keep it together.

    1. avatar Snatchums says:

      Bah, this was supposed to be a reply to ironhead.

      1. avatar Ironhead says:

        All im saying is glock are cheap and reliable. Just dont think it a good idea to mess with
        I just dont see why you would take a work horse and turn it into a pony show.
        And yeah i remember the shelby daytona. They were fun until the head gaskets blew. Fortunately they were relatively easy to change.

      2. avatar Geoff PR says:

        “Those things were hot shit in the 90’s if you wanted an American tuner car.”

        I *almost* bought the Shelby in ’89.

        What stopped me was the reliability issues that Iornhead mentioned above Chrysler had at the time. The final 2 car choices were a notched-back Mustang 5.0 and a Honda Civic si.

        I went with the Honda for the better resale I could get out of it when I traded it in 5 years. Life happened, and I never traded it.

        Got 19 years out of it and the only major work I needed on it were 2 timing belts and one clutch. Only one clutch surprised me, because I damn sure didn’t baby it. I finally sold at around 300,000 miles. The ‘around’ was because the speedo cable broke at 230,000 miles, and I drove it 3 more years.

        Really neat car, that si…

  11. avatar James Ivy says:

    Ford did the focus at Shelby’s tuning spot and had the RS fiesta , fun cars. As for the Wilson Glock it’s nothing that hasn’t been done except the sunburst thing going on, they should of bought makarovs when they were coming in and tokarevs we the people want STEEL WILSONS WITH HAMMERS!

  12. avatar Jon in CO says:

    Dude, Wilson makes badass guns. They do cool upgrades to 92/96 Berettas, but this is out of their wheel house, and they should stop. They do 1911’s, they’ve done some of the best, if not the best, production guns/custom/hand fitted ones. If you asked me about Wilson Combat, I would not ever say “yeah, send them your Glock, it’ll get better.”

  13. avatar Bernard says:

    Glocks are easy to work on. And if there is money in it, why not?

  14. avatar emfourty gasmask says:

    i body a super modified glock 19 that checks all the boxes for me and addresses all my issues i have with the glock 19 for cheap

    its called a CZ P10

  15. avatar PROUD chicano says:

    There will always be people with more money than class.

  16. avatar Roadking says:

    If you want a high end 1911 then get a good base gun, and send it to Robar, and get the Thunder Ranch package. I started with a Springfield, but you don’t have to go as high as that. Best 1911 I have ever owned. Period. Beautiful gun. A Tac driver. You don’t have to go with the finish that is in the package. I went NP3 on the upper, and Rogard on the lower, but you can go NP3 on the whole thing or however you want it to look. For what they charge for some of these 1911 pistols you can get one that is far superior.

  17. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    Somehow I’m inclined to think that this would have never happened had the Cubs lost the series.

  18. avatar ArkhamInmate says:

    It’s ZED not ZEV, as in Canadian for Zero. He was “Z” in the agency, as to ‘K’ and ‘L’, A,B,C,D….
    No criticism, just pointing it out.

  19. avatar gunderpun says:

    Is it supposed to look like someone took some sandpaper to the slide?

  20. avatar Brassporkchop says:

    They need something like a panini machine that you put glock frames into to give a stipple jobs. Just pick the design, slip it into the heater thing, let it heat up, put frame in and press down for a few seconds and done. Like they do crunch wraps at taco bell.

  21. avatar TACTICOOL says:

    What an ugly piece of junk! Wilson stick to your forte!

  22. avatar Al says:

    Glock was not created to be pretty.

  23. avatar jwtaylor says:

    I said I would not like the Wilson Combat Beretta 92. I did. Hell, I bought 2.
    I said I would not like the Wilson Combat AR10. I did. Tiny groups, ultra reliable.
    I was HIGHLY skeptical of the EDC9. It’s an incredible gun.
    I should probably keep my mouth shut about this one.

  24. avatar Jesse says:

    still has finger grooves, really?

  25. avatar jwm says:

    Man. That’s ugly.

  26. avatar Paelorian says:

    Nice Sig P320 joke at the end of the article.

  27. avatar Accur81 says:

    Wilson Combat makes great guns. They modify functional stock guns into great guns. I’d be plenty inclined to get one if not for the price tag, my GLOCKs are all modified already, and my GLOCKs take a beating. Also, carry Smith and Sig, so whatever works, works.

    These will be gracing “Recoil” soon, and will be purchased aplenty by folks who have more money than sense. And that’s fine by me. Hard to make a GLOCK uglier, so mighy as well make it look sweet.

  28. avatar Shawn Graber says:

    Most beautiful Glock I’ve ever seen, and it’s still not pretty.

  29. avatar Mark Lee says:

    Looks like a custom/CNC whittling-stippling job on the frame; otherwise, Lone Wolf carries all the fancy parts one could hope to install on a G-machine to make it perform (and I guess look) like a fine-tuned pistol. I favor an exposed hammer for my EDC, however, so I won’t be favoring my G35 with anything more than the stock .40 S&W or 9MM conversion barrel fitted with a CNC-derived suppressor as soon as they become legal here in MA.

  30. avatar Jimmie says:

    I was really hoping that Wilson would of done custom work on Sigs, I really don’t think that Glocks need customized, they are pretty much good to go and go as is out of the box…kinda seems strange that a high end maker like Wilson would pick the Glock, kinda brings their reputation down, no offense to Glock but they speak for themselves!!!

  31. avatar Vinny says:

    They still have a team that does nothing but built the 1911, so these won’t affect that…I always loved the Beretta 92, last year I sent my 92FS to Wilson for work, WOW, can’t describe the difference, I used the 92 FS for years, but they made it ridiculously great…

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