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Of course not. But perfectly serviceable pistols, shotguns and rifles? Sure. No questions asked. By anyone. Save us. To wit: why? If it’s OK to “save” a $30k rifle why should we “save” a $200 handgun? After all, any usable gun can be priceless.

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  1. Aren’t those buy backs supposed to be “no questions asked”? Hey lady, are you sure you want us to destroy this gun?

    • Just like politicians are supposed to honor and obey the US Constitution and Bill of Rights yet don’t. I’m very glad the police spoke out and saved this gun. If this case occurred in San Francisco or NYC the gun would have happily been destroyed as an instrument of even greater evil (than normal) or it would have been sold to a museum with the money going to fund some anti-liberty anti-gun cause.

      • When I see those tables full of NYPD confiscated and “bought back” guns, and how nice some of them are, I really want to cry…

    • What makes one firearm worth saving and the next delegated to melting down? If you are going to have a gun buyback, melt them all down. Life is full of moral dilemas for gun grabbers, abortionists and liberals.

    • If you watched the entire video, they said the woman who turned it in will be given the option to sell it. (I assume it’s Type III.)

      • I watched it but spaced a little when the newscaster came back on. Maybe this story will have a happy ending. Woman gets a pocket full of coin–someone gets a collectible.

  2. The woman TV announcer has beautiful eyes.
    The GSG is a historical classic and the model for the AK47. The most reliable fully automatic military assault rifle design had its originals with the German Army during WWII.
    There is a sweet looking semi-auto version in .22 LR that is available.

    • Hats off to the police for actually doing the right thing and giving the woman a chance to sell the rifle for its real value.

      Hopefully it’ll end up in a historical museum where everyone can see it and appreciate it.

  3. Why destroy serviceable guns? Same logic as government buy-backs of high-polluter but otherwise working cars – to remove them from the used goods market.

    Remember – it’s a voluntary program for people that wanted an easy way to get rid of something that they didn’t want any more. Anyone that wanted to resell the gun could easily find some other way to legally do so. (Try a web search on “used gun stores” – there seem to be quite a few.)

    • Regarding the “cash for clunkers” nonsense… I heard Pelosi got a really nice collectible car out of it. All cars turned in we’re supposed to be rendered unusable. Do as I say not as I do.

  4. I think it’s a requirement to be a super hot babe to read news on some TV stations, this one didn’t disappoint.
    Hats off to the Po Po for participating in this story since it would have been easy to do the wrong thing and slip it out the door. And offering to help her get the true value for it.
    The next time there is a gun buy back get there early, you might be able to intercept someone with a real valuable piece and make a deal before it gets in the door.

  5. Instead of destroying it like most PD buybacks would, Hartford PD did the right thing. Not only will the gun be saved, the owner will be able to make some money. Give credit where credit is due.

    • Credit for what? For announcing some moral high-grounded gun buy back program and then weasiling out of your rules when one of the guns turns out to be worth more than a pre-set limit? Bull$hit. You either believe all guns are worth keeping or all guns are worth melting. You can’t have it both ways.

  6. If that thing can’t be transferred to an individual it better end up in a museum. Artifacts of history, especially ones as rare as a working STG44 need to be preserved.

    This story makes me feel very hopeful that there are still some original and un-fucked-with K98 Mausers and other German militaria in people’s attics waiting to be discovered and bought.

  7. At least the older cop had some sense its a historical firearm and should not be destroyed for some dumb antigun politician’s gain. I think the other two rifle shown briefly in that new clips where department weapons you can see more M-16A1s and M-14s in the Police Armory rack behind the talking officer.


    This makes me more mad than that 1 article about the woman turning in her father’s WW2 1911 to have it melted into an art piece. I’m so glad that poor STG-44 was saved to stay on the private market. What a dumb, dumb, dumb b%$#@.

    • +100

      I have my grandpa’s WWII 1911. I consider it a family heirloom. Its a piece of history and its priceless to me. Not something to be scrapped like an old toaster. Some people………

  9. How can she sell it? The rifle is an unregistered machine gun. She cannot legally transfer it to anyone-dealer or police dept- unless it is permanently deactivated?

    • That is a good question is there a way to make legal a gun like that. Example something found at an estate sale?


  10. This is the same gun buyback program that was offering $75 gift cards for assault rifles that were turned in?

    Gee… an 80% AK receiver can be purchased for $19.95. Make two bends in it and BAM, assault rifle. The police then by it back, returning a 375% profit for you, all while illustrating how stupid these programs are.

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