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Wisconsin protest courtesy David C

Wisconsin started issuing concealed carry permits in November of 2011. In the last 53 months, they have issued 300,000 concealed carry permits and you probably won’t be shocked to learn that permit holders have been exceptionally law abiding.  Only one permit holder has been convicted of a crime while carrying a handgun under the provisions of the permit. He plead self defense, but a jury ruled it manslaughter. That’s a homicide rate lower than Japan’s . . .

One unjustified homicide for over 750,000 permit-years calculates to an annual homicide rate of less than .19 per 100,000 per year. It is similar to the rate for permit holders in Minnesota. According to the FBI, the Wisconsin homicide rate for 2012 rate for 2012 was 3.0 per 100,000, 2.8 for 2013, and 2.9 for 2014. The implication is clear. If you want to be safe, stay with a Wisconsin permit holder.


Wisconsin’s Department of Justice has issued 300,000 concealed carry permits since the law went into effect in 2011.

The department says concealed carry applications have been at record high levels in recent months and the high interest shows no sign of subsiding. According to a news release, the department’s Crime Information Bureau has processed more than 19,500 concealed carry applications since the start of this year alone, putting it on track to far outpace last year’s 45,500 applications.

Part of the success of the Wisconsin permit system is that it doesn’t require fingerprints or pictures. It uses the existing electronic background check system available to all police departments to check permit applications. And there are a wide variety of options to meet the training requirements.

The cost of the permit has been reduced from the original $50 to $40 and may drop further. Wisconsin law requires that permit revenues not be substantially higher than the administrative costs of the program. In a press release, the AG said that he was proud of the program’s success.

Attorney General Brad Schimel said in a statement that Wisconsin has always had a rich tradition of firearms ownership and he’s proud to help citizens exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Wisconsin permit holders have been involved in numerous instances of self defence and the defense of others. One of the more famous cases occured during an attempt at an armed robbery in a Milwaukee barbershop. Somehow, though, permit holders using their guns for self defense never makes headlines like the rare instances when they’re involved in crimes. Go figure.

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    • Number 141,XXX here. Since we have total citizens in the 5 million to 5.5 million range, where anywhere between 5% and 7% of the overall population with permits. Higher percentage when you factor out ineligible like children.

      Hey newspapers of the state like the Wisconsin State Journal and Milwaukee Democratic Party Journal….. I mean Journal Sentinel, where is the blood in the streets now? Sure, the City of Milwaukee has had its murder rate spike in all the areas where murders were more common before November 2011, but none of those were committed by permit holders or even involved permit holders. No daily road rage shootouts, no weekly saloon gun fights, no regular killings for arguments, no bullets blacking out the sky since so many permit holders would fire at every cricket chirp or leaf rustling. I feel misled, but these objective papers wouldn’t intentionally mislead, would they?

      Oh silly me, that’s fantasy land where our newspapers aren’t intentionally trying to mislead, college is free for all, and Ovary Clinton is actually a champion of the middle class.

  1. “If you want to be safe, stay with a Wisconsin permit holder.”

    Better yet, BE a Wisconsin permit holder living in Wisconsin among Wisconsin’s demographics. Same goes for Minnesota.

    It’s true, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. People’s culture heavily influences their view of what constitutes acceptable behavior, lifestyle and means of dispute resolution. The demographic makeup of Wisconsin and Minnesota, and even of Japan, for that matter, lend themselves to different cultures with different outcomes.

    Firearms are great and proven tools for influencing criminal behavior, too, but that’s at the margin where there are more criminals to be influenced in the first place. In a society where that element is already in trace amounts, the increasingly armed society simply continues to be the peaceful society it has been.

        • That doesn’t tell the whole story. Part of the reason that the conviction rate is so high is that the police wont even classify a crime as a crime unless they’re pretty sure they have the right guy and they can get a conviction. If they don’t know who did it or they don’t have enough evidence they will list it as a ‘suspicious occurrence’ which is not counted in their crime index. In short, they doctor their books.

          That’s not to say Japan is not safe and relatively crime free, but it’s not quite as perfect as people like to admit.

      • Comparing a nation’s homicide rate – to JUST concealed carriers in Wisconsin over three years…. is fucking retarded though.

        It doesn’t matter that Japan might charge crime differently, it doesn’t matter that concealed carriers are law abiding. The amount of Apples vs Elephants in that comparison is some Bloomberg-Quality false equivalence.

        Clickbait headlines do nothing for actual movement on gun rights – stop it.

    • Japan real murder rate is higher than what they report. How much higher is difficult to calculate. There suicide rate includes “family suicides” which are mostly what we would call murder/suicide. Counting the other family measures as suicides prevents family dishonor. Japan’s actual murder rate is probably in vicinity of 2-3 per 100k and their actual suicide rate lower by the difference.

        • Actually it goes back to feudal japan where the samurai’s would commit suicide if they were going to be captured or for an honorable death (like if they got convicted of something)

  2. It could still be that all of the unsolved murders were committed by permit holders. Maybe we’re just more sneaky. I have a sneaking suspicion that Ralph is Keyser Soze… Where is he anyway?

  3. Ya’ think? The same BS I heard in Illinois when CC happened. You’d guess the Land of Lincoln lunatics could just glance at Wisconsin(or Indiana) but that might make sense. CC holders are some of the most vetted folks in the world(more than a certain Hildebeast)…

      • To my knowledge, that started in FL in 1987. Since then, the same claims have been made, and I mean word-for-word, in each and every state when the idea of CC was advanced, and have been completely disproven every time, still with no change on the next front, not even different wording. Makes it very difficult to believe it is an innocent disagreement about the possible result of legal CC, which I believed it was in 1987. Somebody is clearly passing on the arguments against, without passing on that they have been proven incorrect.

        I got into a discussion with my brother, who had lived in FL for 30 years or so at the time (around 2000), about CC and he reeled off the same arguments against it, again word for word, and when I pointed out that those claims had been proven false he demanded to know where. When I told him the first instance was FL in 1987, while he was living there as a recent college grad from a FL university, he did not know what I was talking about, what did FL have to do with CC. He did not know CC was legal in FL. When you read liberal news only, go to a liberal University (is there another kind?), have universally liberal friends, you don’t even hear anything resembling real news. The second time his home was burglarized and thousands of dollars worth of stereo equip stolen each time, I finally convinced him that there was no real way the thieves could have known neither he nor his wife were home, they didn’t care, he wised up enough to buy a 12-guage pump, and I have since given him a 40 S&W I hated, his attitudes toward guns and many other things has turned around 180 degrees. I knew he was smart, but when all your education, in ANY area, is lies, you are not going to reach a sensible conclusion. And that is not a bug, but a feature in anti-gun groups.

        • That’s pretty funny, especially considering Florida apparently has the most CCW permit holders of any state and has for quite a long time.

      • Strikes me, last year I was having a discussion with my college roommate from 50 years ago, now living in AZ, and he mentioned he and his wife were planning to get CC licenses in the near future. I informed him that was no longer necessary and *HE* didn’t know what I was talking about, he had completely missed AZ going constitutional carry. Sometimes people just amaze me.

  4. I have my “permit”, it’s called the 2nd amendment.

    Anyone that tries to make me submit to unconstitutional BS will get shot.

  5. CCL # 268,XXX, but I’ll carry with or without one, I’ve done it before. Let’s make Constitutional carry happen next.

    On, Wisconsin!

    • We are the biggest problem…to the grabbers. People proving that all the shit they’ve been shoveling is false.

  6. CCL 157… on station and at attention. And yet Hillary says we are the real terrorists. Good shall overcome.

  7. As a matter of public health policy, it seems to me that Doctors should be prescribing gun ownership in the home, vs. lobbying against it. Statistically, it’s a net gain.

    Much like most, arguably all, medical interventions, it seems like with guns, statistically there’s a net gain, while sometimes for some people, there’s a problem.

    Also, the *mechanism* by which a prescription kills you, if it does, is rarely the way it helps you, if it does. For example, bood thinners to reduce clots, which will kill you if they get to your brain, may cause bleeding, which will kill you if it goes on.

    It seems like a sensible discussion of “accidental deaths or injuries” from “guns in the home”, needs to be paired with DGUs, and an estimate of stuff that never gets started … the other mechanism.

    (This from a guy who’s on five different sustaining meds, all at once, post the stroke some years back. Every single med has side-effects, and sometimes kills someone. And statistically, every single med ups my odds of living longer and better. So, with those options, what choice do I make? This seems exactly like the carry / don’t carry choice.

    For the record, none of the conditions managed post-stroke were determined to be clinically relevant, pre-stroke. Apparently, the day after the warranty expired, all the bod parts hit their end of service life. Also once you’ve had one of several kinds of events, they dial the prophylactic measures up to 11. I’m sure there’s a gun ownership analogy in there somewhere…)

    • I think your anaogy concerns the proclivity of gun grabbers who have been mugged, shot, beaten, raped, etc to immediately start tooling up, also known as locking the barn door after the horse has already left.

    • I wouldn’t live in New Jersey for any reason on Earth. It’s one of the worst states overall for stomping all over people’s rights. And Christie actually thought he could gull us all into nominating him to be President? Yeah right.

  8. Great article, once again, Dean. Much respect, to you, again.

    Bookmarked for reference as a talking point to drop into comments forum at WAPO or The Trace or NYT the next time they prop up some paid shill like Mike The Gun Guy, or try to pass a bogus concealed carry stat, or misleading agitprop from one of the typical gun grab sockpuppets.

    Thats the only way to get the word out if the MSM wont. And facts WILL sway those readers seeking honest answers, in those forums, as national polls and surveys prove.

    BTW, gents: if you didnt already know, Dean is one of those guys in the national ccw movement that goes back 30 years, that got us to where we are today. Read “The Rise of the Anti-Media” for how it worked, and a useful history of the NRA from a non-biased award winning professor:

  9. Go Wisconsin! Hopefully soon all the honest gun owners will be able to get out of hell holes like Maryland, New York, California. etc., and we can let all the Liberals stay there until they are knocked off one-by-one by their pet welfare gang bangers.


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