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California's Governor Gavin Newsom. BigStock.
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We’ve been seeing some unusual behavior from California Governor Gavin Newsom recently. Normally, if you’re running for re-election, you’d focus your advertising and media production dollars on the state where the election will be held. After all, that’s where all of the voters are. Spending media dollars in markets outside state lines doesn’t appear to make any sense.

On July 4th, Newsom’s campaign spent big some bucks to run an ad on TV in Florida, a continent away from the Golden State. The ad attacks the Sunshine State — and by extension, Governor Ron DeSantis — on everything from elections to abortion to LGBT issues, claiming that California does a better job of protecting individuals, and inviting Floridians to “join the fight” or even pack up and move to California to enjoy its famous levels of personal freedom.

Many found it strange that someone running for governor far, far from Florida would bother to run such an ad, and it resulted in a lot of pushback in Florida.

That, however, wasn’t the end. The Newsom campaign moved on, running more intentionally inflammatory ads in yet another red state (and its Governor), this time going after gun rights in Texas with a full-page ad in several newspapers:

The ad was clearly designed to make Texas Governor Greg Abbott look like a hypocrite, because the authoritarian left’s version of pro-life is more gun control. Newsom wants to set himself apart from Abbott (and DeSantis), and to a mainstream Democrat audience, that ad might play well. But, Gavin Newsom isn’t running against Greg Abbott in Texas, California, or anywhere else.

And gun rights? They’re not up for debate in Texas the way they are in California. No amount of ad money from California is going to change that (and Michael Bloomberg has tried). Besides, after the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision, many of California’s most restrictive gun control laws are in serious jeopardy. The tide is moving more in Texas’s direction on guns than in California’s.

So What’s Newsom Actually Trying To Accomplish?

As bad as many of Newsom’s policies are, it’s hard to believe that he’d be so stupid as to waste ad money in other states if there wasn’t a method to the apparent madness. It’s also very unlikely that he doesn’t know running an anti-gun attack ad in Texas would do him little good there or anywhere else.

There has to be some other arguably reasonable objective.

The obvious answer is that he’s raising his national profile for run for president. That would make a lot of sense, especially with the Florida ad (DeSantis is thought to be a 2024 contender).

Joe Biden may be the most unpopular president in American history and even his own party is begging him not to run again. Scoring points with Democrat voters by attacking well-known and much reviled Republican politicians on hot button issues could be a good way to lay some groundwork for the 2024 primaries.

A less obvious motive might be that he’s is making an indirect play for California voters. Not only would attacking Republicans in other states be a good way to get lots of media attention, but it could also get the attention of Dems in California. Then again, he won his recall election last year by almost 24%, so it’s not clear how much more persuading voters need in the deepest of blue states.

Still the natives are getting restless. San Francisco just dumped its Soros-funded District Attorney and Los Angeles might be about to do the same. Newsom might be trying to distract Californians from the dumpster fire toxic sludge pile of fiscal and political mismanagement California has become.

This all may be misdirection on the part of Newsom, getting California voters and out-of-state donors to focus on fights over social issues and railing against Supreme Court decisions rather than focusing on the fundamentals (a crushing regulatory burden, confiscatory taxes, sky-high cost of living, residents running for the exits) that affect voters’ everyday lives.

One final theory comes from the Four Boxes Diner YouTube Channel. Attorney Mark W. Smith puts forth an improbable theory as to how Newsom could be preparing to get himself appointed president to replace Biden.

That would require Kamala Harris to resign as veep (after being offered an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity), and Newsom to be appointed to replace her. Then, if Biden were to resign before 2024, Democrats would have a much more mentally coherent and allegedly competent incumbent to run against the 2024 Republican challenger.

Whatever his motivation, Newsom is clearly up to something that’s probably bigger than being reelected in California in November. He obviously thinks attacking gun rights is a good play politically, whatever that end goal is. That’s something we need to keep an eye on.


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  1. quote———Then, if Biden were to resign before 2024, Democrats would have a much more mentally coherent and allegedly competent incumbent to run against the 2024 Republican challenger.——–quote

    Don’t make me laugh Trump is the most incoherent , incompetent Moron ever to infest the White House.

    Biden’s only problem is that he is not ruthless enough, he should have done away with the filibuster immediately and appointed immediately 4 new Supreme Court Justices to stop the fanatical Far Right nut case judges ( including Kavanaugh the rapist) from having any power. If he had done so we would have a rock solid New Green Deal, Affordable Health & Drug Care, Affordable education, rock solid voter rights, and women would not now be Medieval Sex Slaves.

      • You should receive your first check within a week or so. Or you can start to have them wire directly into your bank account. (Your first checks will be about $500 to $1,500 a week. Then it goes up from there.3
        Depends on how much time you spent on it…..

      • “Fantasizing about sex slaves“

        It is not the liberals and progressives who are fantasizing about sex slaves.

        If you’re Christian, there’s no need to fantasize, just follow God‘s direction and you’ll have plenty of young female sex slaves:

        Numbers 31:17-18 KJV

        “17Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. 18But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.”

        • MajorStupidity,

          Still trying to lie about a religion you literally have NO CLUE about, arencha, Major???? I would try to educate you, but . . . your parents, “the state” and God obviously failed miserably, so I don’t fancy my chances. Nor is your worthless “soul” worth the effort. Continue to believe your cartoon version of Christianity (oh, and you might wanna learn the difference between the Old and New Testaments, eh???), and continue your pretense at relevance. We’re all busy over here laughing at you.

          Oh, and go micturate up a cable.

        • So you dispute that the king James Bible is the word of the Lord, and the passage I quoted is not the voice of God giving his people their orders?

          Are you somehow insinuating that God was wrong for commanding his people to kill little boys and pregnant women but save the girl children for themselves?

        • Excellent post Minor49er

          As usual you make complete fools of the Far Right because they are caught in their own ignorance about their own religion.

        • Oh, MajorStupidity, are you SERIOUS?????

          Yes, I dispute “sola scriptura” (always have). But if you like “revealed word of God” (that is not, in fact, doctrine in almost all Christian denominations – outside of a few “fundamentalist” sects). The King James version differs in both grammatical and substantive ways from other versions, and EVERY version of the Book of Genesis contains TWO, SEPARATE and wholly-inconsistent versions of Creation.

          Grow the f*** up, you pedantic putz, learn some ACTUAL theology, and quit being a lying, tendentious f***tard. And if I were an idiot Leftist/fascist, such as yourself, I’d be VERY careful about casting asparagus on believing Christians. Also, learn the very IMPORTANT differences between the Old Testament and the New – they are there for a reason, you dolt. Feel free to find all the “inconsistencies” in the ACTUAL Gospels (you know, the ACTUAL teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, or are you too much of an ignoranus to be aware of that???) – hint: there aren’t any. Jesus’ teachings are quite consistent throughout Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. If you weren’t a pathetic, uneducated ignoranus you would realize that your ENTIRE mental cartoon of the Christian religion is errant dog feces.

          You are entitled to your own opinion, but at LEAST make it an educated opinion, would you you lying sack of male bovine excrement.

        • And just before the passage cited:

          “Moses said to them, “Have you let all the women live? Behold, these, on Balaam’s advice, caused the people of Israel to act treacherously against the LORD in the incident of Peor, and so the plague came among the congregation of the LORD.”
          — Numbers 31:15–16

          In other words, they were the Fang Fang’s of their day.

          I wonder why Liar49er is so worried about this passage. Maybe it’s hitting a little too close to home?

          Also, the entire population of Midian was supposed to be wiped out because of their massive crimes as a nation. But the army disobeyed, leading to this situation. If anything, leaving any of them alive was undeserved mercy.

        • It’s tribalist warfare. It ain’t pretty. They were all to be wiped out because the young men/boys would be future soldiers attacking them for revenge. The female virgins would be spared because they didn’t take part in the Fang Fang activities and they wouldn’t be future soldiers attacking them. I don’t see anything about being a sex slave, Miner. I think it’s implied they would be wives. It isn’t God speaking. It’s Moses, but you might assume God commanded Moses.

    • Explain to me how Kavanaugh is a rapist if his accuser didn’t know where the party was, doesn’t remember when the party was and no one was able to corroborate her evidence? She accused him of a very serious crime and could come up with evidence yet the entire Democrat party and the media (one in the same) ran with it for weeks and dragged his name through the mud. What a disgrace that whole circus was.

      On another note, explain to me how women are now sex slaves. If you’re saying that a woman having a child after sex is equal to slavery they you are a moron.

      • The Gangster Criminal Republicans not only ignored eye witness testimony but denied the testimony of other eye witnesses.

        And yes Republicans are as a whole misogynists and have tried to block every law ever passed to give women equal rights. They tried to prevent women from getting the right to vote, They tried to block sexual harassment laws in the workplace, tried to block equal pay for doing the same job as men, attempted to block laws that made it illegal for a husband to rape his wife, Until the 60’s it was even illegal for a woman to have her own credit card. Just a few of the outrageous antics the Republican’s are guilty of.

        And you are the Moron and misogynists claiming a woman’s body is not her own and is subject to the Medieval sex enslavement the jack booted Republicans so lust of. Remember the German Nazi’s of WWII did the exact same thing to women forcing them to have unwanted children.

    • Your comment-Biden’s only problem is that he is not ruthless enough, he should have done away with the filibuster immediately and appointed immediately 4 new Supreme Court Justices to stop the fanatical Far Right nut case judges

      And I bet you complain that Republicans are blowing up the constitution huh?

    • Your comment-Don’t make me laugh Trump is the most incoherent , incompetent Moron ever to infest the White House.

      Last I checked, inflation wasn’t erasing peoples wages and fuel prices were significantly lower. Say what you want, but Biden has done more damage to the middle class and Trump.

      And let’s not forget that Biden gave Afganistan back to terrorists and just abandoned people there.

      Also, I’d like an answer as to why the Democrats and the left feel the need to kowtow to pedophiles? They’re being called “minor attracted people”?

      • “And let’s not forget that Biden gave Afganistan back to terrorists and just abandoned people there.“

        In fact, it was Donald Trump who negotiated the surrender agreement with the terrorist Taliban.
        It was Donald Trump who signed the agreement to leave the weapons with the army of Afghanistan, and it was Donald Trump who released the 5000 experienced Taliban fighters into Afghanistan to destabilize their government.

        “Trump Denies Releasing 5,000 Taliban Prisoners — But His Administration Negotiated For Their Release
        Joe Walsh
        Forbes Staff
        I cover breaking news for Forbes.
        Sep 13, 2021,07:15pm EDT”

        “In reality, a commitment to release up to 5,000 Taliban prisoners and 1,000 prisoners from the U.S.-backed Afghan government’s side was included as a confidence-building move in a February 2020 peace agreement inked by the Trump administration and the Taliban in Doha.
        Then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo acknowledged prisoner swaps were controversial but argued they would clear the way for peace talks between the Taliban and Afghan government last summer, and warned “the decisions and conduct of both parties to intra-Afghan negotiations will affect the size and scope of future U.S. assistance.”—but-his-administration-negotiated-for-their-release/amp/

        • A bad plan is a bad plan, but all of the mistakes happened under Biden. Biden arbitrarily made a date and the photos of Afgans clutching to military aircraft taking off is a bad one for Biden, really bad.

          Also Miner49er, since Dacian is asleep answer my other comments?

        • WHY do you ALWAYS have to lie, blatantly, MajorStupidity???????

          Are you incapable of truth-telling??????

          That citation AT MOST supports that the Trump Administration, as PART of his effort to withdraw from Afghanistan, negotiated a prisoner exchange with the Taliban. There is NOTHING in that article that proves, or even supports, that Trump “negotiated the surrender agreement with the terrorist Taliban”, you lying POS.

          And Trump frickin’ CAMPAIGNED on withdrawing from Afghanistan, if you remember. And the US never should have gone in to Afghanistan in the first place, and should have gotten the hell out years ago . . . but if Trump hadn’t been sabotaged by his own Administration (and particularly the Pentagon), he WOULD have gotten us out, and it sure as hell wouldn’t have been the s***show of a clusterf*** disaster that BIDEN presided over.

          Go roger yourself, vigorously, up the Hershey highway with a barb wire wrapped Louisville Slugger, lubricated with battery acid and habanero juice, you lying pustule.

        • “Biden arbitrarily made a date and the photos of Afgans clutching to military aircraft taking off is a bad one”

          Wrong again, Donald Trump set the date as May 1, 2021 and Biden actually extended the date to give Americans and our allies more time to unass the AO.

          “Former president Donald Trump set an agreement with the Taliban insurgents in February 2020 that all US forces would withdraw from Afghanistan by May 1 this year.

          Biden ordered a review when he came into office in January. On April 14 he announced a four-month postponement of Trump’s deadline, saying US and NATO troops “will be out of Afghanistan before we mark the 20th anniversary of that heinous attack on September 11th.”

          In the Trump administration blocked visas for our Afghani allies:

          “A federal judge has ruled that the Trump administration violated the law by failing to promptly resolve visa applications for thousands of Afghans and Iraqis who worked for American troops and diplomats, and ordered the government to fix the delays.

          U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan of Washington, D.C., said the government offered no convincing explanation why it has failed to abide by 2013 legislation requiring authorities to deliver a decision on visa applications for Afghans and Iraqis within nine months. Instead, many applicants — who risked their lives working for U.S. troops or other government agencies — have had to wait for several years to get an answer on their visa requests, the court said in the ruling handed down on Friday.“

          Isn’t it interesting, the facts of history don’t change.

        • MINOR Miner49er WRONG! Little Fella, Sleepy Joe could have changed that date. You’re trying to give Sleepy Joe a pass on his incompetence.

        • “On April 14 he announced a four-month postponement of Trump’s deadline”

          In other words, Biden wasn’t stuck following Trump’s plan. Thanks for clearing that up, Miner. The senile puppet owns that disaster. He even threw the military under the bus by lying about them telling him it would be a disaster. The Puppet even asked the Afghanistan leader to lie to his people and assure them everything was fine when it wasn’t. Why isn’t anyone talking about that scandal?

      • To Miner49er

        Let play it back shall we.

        My quote-“Biden arbitrarily made a date and the photos of Afgans clutching to military aircraft taking off is a bad one”

        Youre quote-Wrong again, Donald Trump set the date as May 1, 2021 and Biden actually extended the date to give Americans and our allies more time to unass the AO.

        So Biden DID make an arbitrary date of August 30th. Learn how words work Miner49er.

        So if you’re saying that Trump was the WORST president of all time, why go along with the Afganistan withdrawal? I mean, Trump is the worst and Biden threw all of his other plans out the window, why keep this one????

        • Forp,

          Have pity on MajorStupidity; he’s had it rough, the last two years, trying to reconcile all his lies about Trump, and his boasts about Biden the Serial Child-Molester, with reality. Plus, he’s “blessed” with the IQ of a planaria, the education of a grade-school dropout, and the cognitive facilities of a lobotomized retard. He’s a legend in his own mind, but more importantly, he is the living avatar of Ronald Reagan’s famous observation that “It isn’t that our liberal friends are ignorant; it’s that they know so much that isn’t so!”

          Nearly EVERYTHING MajorStupidity “knows” is false-to-fact, historically ignorant, and logically inconsistent. His reading comprehension level puts him at the level where attempting to parse “Calvin and Hobbes” is beyond his ken.

          His “certainty” on any given subject is in inverse proportion to his actual knowledge thereof.

      • To Dorp.

        quote————–And let’s not forget that Biden gave Afganistan back to terrorists and just abandoned people there.——–quote

        Do you really think any educated people are not laughing at your moronic babble. It was Trump who told the insurgents that they could have back the country on a platter with no concessions and Trump made no sensible plan to withdraw in a gradual and orderly manner. Biden was bound by the treaty to get out in a certain amount of time that was not adequate but agreed upon by both Trump and the insurgents

        Try again genius boy you fell head first into the outhouse on that post, its laughable.

        • Dacian, you’re cherry-picking the questions to answer to make yourself sound smart. Answer the comment in its entirety and you’ll find your follow-up comment to be moronic.

          So since you have a short attention span, I’ll reiterate the last of my previous comment so you can attempt to answer.

          So if you’re saying that Trump was the WORST president of all time, why go along with the Afganistan withdrawal? I mean, Trump is the worst and Biden threw all of his other plans out the window, why keep this one????

    • Don’t make me laugh Trump is the most incoherent , incompetent Moron ever to infest the White House.

      Lowest unemployment numbers across the board ever, Energy independent w/$2.00 gal gas. most robust stock market ever, No new wars, prison reform, best border security numbers ever, put NOKO in its place, made China pay, kept Russia in check, lowered taxes across the board, less than 1.5% annual inflation, got us out of the Paris Climate bullshit, trashed the Iran nuke deal, moved the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. shut down ISIS in Iraq and Syria, killed the number one Iranian terrorist… BUT, he hurt YOUR feeelz with his mean nasty tweets. I’ll deal with Trumps mean nasty tweets over $5.00 gas, 20% inflation (yeah that 9.1% does not compute with food and energy prices) rising interest rates (6% on a 30 yr fixed), an ever-tightening grip around the throats of law-abiding gun owners and the ever-increasing shadow of soshulism that will only get even crazier with someone like Noosem in charge. There are NO moderates remaining on the Left, they have abandoned all common sense. If you want to live in the country that Democrats are trying to build then move to Venezuela, China, N Korea, Iran or pretty much anywhere in Europe. YOU are not in the majority on this.
      Unfortunately (for you and Braindead) and contrary to what Braindead thinks(?), HE cannot end the filibuster OR pack SCOTUS (both require a majority vote in the Senate with 60 votes to do away with the filibuster). STILL you dwell on unproven crap instigated by some left-wing moron in an attempt to undermine a SCOTUS appointee, where were those charges when Kavanaugh was confirmed 57/36 by the Senate?

      “If he had done so we would have a rock solid New Green Deal, Affordable Health & Drug Care, Affordable education, rock solid voter rights, and women would not now be Medieval Sex Slaves.” If you truly BELIEVE that all of that crap AND the “TRILLIONS” of dollars of debt associated with them is a GOOD thing then you are really in the wrong place, unless of course you are already committed to a State Mental Institution. Take your meds and the world will be a happier place for you.

    • dacian the dunce (you don’t even rate “stupid” anymore) . . .

      ” . . . he should have done away with the filibuster immediately and appointed immediately 4 new Supreme Court Justices to stop the fanatical???? From whence cometh Joe “Bad Touch” Biden’s alleged ability to do EITHER of these things, dacian the demented dunce????

      Eff off, troll, do back to your circle jerk.

    • “Don’t make me laugh, dacian is the most incoherent, incompetent Moron ever to infest TTAG.”

      Fixed it.

    • Dude you are actually nuts (calling for completely tyrannical unconstitutional actions). I mean I’ve seen a bit of back and forth with you and others here , but this one is off the rails. Turn in your guns I think is now a warranted call.

  2. Newscum is objectively worse than slow Joe. Why is he acting the fool? Greed,envy,stupidity and self-doubt come to mind. Commiefornia is a trainwreck. He was overwhelmingly re-voted in so they deserve the turd they voted for!

    • As a younger coworker pointed out “Did that idiot just use the left can’t meme template in real life”. Looked it up and had a laugh.

    • “Commiefornia is a trainwreck“

      Train wreck?

      “Per capita income in California has grown faster than it has in Texas, and in the nation as a whole — and that gap has widened “substantially” in the five years from 2015 to 2020.”

      “Bigger government in California also means that only 7.7% of state residents lack health insurance, while Texas, with 18.4% of its residents uninsured, was the state with the lowest rate of health insurance coverage in 2019. That reflects a decision to expand Medicaid in California, and to avoid doing so in Texas.“

      • MajorStupidity,

        And the People’s Socialist Republic of KKKalifornia as the 26th highest poverty rate of all the states, while Texas only has the 14th highest (,%2C%20and%20Minnesota%20(9.33%25).) KKKalifornia also has the third highest level of income inequality of all US states (Texas is 8th) (, and the HIGHEST level of income taxes. Tell us again about your socialist fantasies about your blue state s***holes, MajorStupidity, we could all use a laugh.

        Were you born this stupid, or did you have to practice???

      • MINOR Miner49er. GDP per capita is 22% larger in California ($79,405) than in Texas ($65,077), but a great deal of the per capita GDP in California comes from the public sector, which is one-third larger than that in Texas.

      • Do you realize you’re using data from the time period Trump was in office, NOT Xiden??? So, your argument is rubbish. In addition, the numbers of homeless have SKYROCKETED in Commiefornia since 2020 when the study you quote from ended – AND, MANY folks have fled the State in the last 2 years due to the utter insanity being forced upon them by the Leftists like Gruesome Newsom. So, your data is not only out of date, but so far off the mark as to be utterly tragic. Tragic for not showing the reality of the horror show my former state has been turned into by the Leftists, as “led” by the horror show that is Newsom.

      • Yeah they are really raking it in in California, but they still can’t afford to live there, seems every time they raise the minimum wage the costs of EVERYTHING goes up right along with it. So who is better off the guy earning $600 a week that only needs $450 to live or the guy making $1000 a week but needs $1200 to live. Once again you only provide the half of the story that suits YOUR agenda. You make $3.00 an hour more in CA but pay NO state income tax in FL or TX who is the winner?

        Food costs in CA.
        Sacramento is 7.7 percent above the national average
        Bakersfield is 12.5 percent above the national average
        San Diego is 13.4 percent above the national average
        Los Angeles is 13.7 percent above the national average
        San Francisco is 30 percent above the national average

        Utility costs in CA
        Sacramento is only 6.2 percent above the national average
        Los Angeles is 9.9 percent above the national average
        San Diego is 10 percent above the national average
        San Francisco is 33.8 percent above the national average
        Bakersfield is 54.1 percent above the national average

        Transportation (public)
        Bakersfield is 13 percent above the national average
        Sacramento is 20.7 percent above the national average
        Los Angeles is 26 percent above the national average
        San Diego is 30.4 percent above the national average
        San Francisco is 41.6 percent above the national average

        Healthcare costs
        Bakersfield is 2.4 percent above the national average
        San Diego is 7.2 percent above the national average
        Sacramento is 13.5 percent above the national average
        Los Angeles is 15 percent above the national average
        San Francisco is 33.9 percent above the national average

        Sales Tax
        San Diego has a combined tax of 7.75 percent
        Bakersfield has a combined tax of 8.25 percent
        Sacramento has a combined tax of 8.63 percent
        San Francisco has a combined tax of 8.75 percent
        Los Angeles has a combined tax of 9.5 percent

        State income tax ($50,000.00)
        $1,672.87 plus 8% of the amount over $48,435. Everyone pays State income tax from $1.00 up.

        Gas pries
        Average gas prices for Reg Unleaded run from $4.59 to $9.00 a gallon, avg in FL this morning is $3.89..

        Taking it all in, California is an expensive state, and the overall costs of all goods and services, compared to the national average, make that obvious.
        Bakersfield is 3.1 percent above the national average
        Sacramento is 8.1 percent above the national average
        San Diego is 10.1 percent above the national average
        Los Angeles is 15.2 percent above the national average
        San Francisco is 24.3 percent above the national average

      • And the middle class has joined the poverty class. There is a bigger disparity between the wealthy in Californicadia than in most other states. However, that is a situation that probably won’t last as more wealthy leave the state due to high taxes.

        My take on Gabby Nuisance is that he is setting himself up for a prez run in 2024. After all, he has Aunt Nan to help smooth the way. She has had lots and lots of experience in counting votes.

        Oh, and by the way, Aunt Nan is one of the wealthy planning on leaving Callifornicadia. She recently bought a multimillion dollar estate in an exclusive enclave in Florida which has no income tax, so the killing her drunken hubby just made in the market won’t be taxed as it would in the serf state.

    • Why is he acting the fool? Greed,envy,stupidity and self-doubt come to mind.

      You forgot “ENTITLEMENT”.

  3. Jennifer, can I just say — I really appreciate the way you write articles. You don’t come across as some snarky little whiny bitch who’s out to “own” the other side, like some other writers here do. You treat the subject with respect, and treat the reader with respect, like Jeremy and Travis and Jon do, and it’s appreciated. I mean, this is an article that’s 100% about politics, the most divisive subject you could have tackled, yet it’s not the overblown outrage or “owning the libs” that we see pretty much everywhere else. Thanks for staying sensible.

    On the subject of the article, I had always assumed that Newsom was starting his presidential campaign early. But I hadn’t even considered the angle of him trying to replace VP Harris. I can’t imagine a scenario where an aggressive climber like Harris would resign; she’s in the catbird seat right now, so what possible job opportunity would be more amazing and once-in-a-lifetime than POTUS?

        • The only meat she ever “inspected” was Willie Brown’s when he was Mayor of San Francisco, she probably “HELD” it in her hands.

    • I am certainly no constitutional lawyer but it is my understanding that after Commie Brown, Aunty Nan, the Speaker of the House is next in line to inherit the throne. I don’t think it is up to any party to just anoint — I mean pick a prez.

  4. “claiming that California does a better job of protecting individuals…”

    Oh, so that’s why California has the nation’s largest amount of known (but not yet proven) serial killers. Not proven because California doesn’t let its law enforcement investigate them beyond the initial on scene investigation if there is not information indicating they did the crime initially gathered at the scene that is obvious even though signs point to the serial killer being there. Thousands of unsolved murders in California languish in cold case files as a result.

  5. IT’s All THEATER!
    #1 Rule in the Theater: “The more it SMELLS, The Better it SELLS!”
    Content does not matter. Only the Buzz matters. Keeping the “Audience” entertained is his tactic.
    While we Not See Fornia disarmed citizens figuratively wade through this vomit, carpetbagger Rich Kid is selling his carefully choreographed disaster as a shining achievement.
    Remember…the Clintons simply rebranded their governmental Train Wreck as “The Arkansas Miracle”.
    And yes, the sheeple really ARE that stupid!

  6. “You don’t come across as some snarky little whiny bitch…”

    I bet that’s the nicest complement anyone has said to her in a while.

    • I plan on using this in a future pick up line followed by how about dinner and a movie? I’ll have them eating out of my hand!

  7. I think it also has a lot to do with the amount and quality of people who have fled the state of California. they are loosing their tax paying base, and what remains are people who can’t be taxed enough to pay for all free stuff the Democrats are offering.

    As a state they can’t print whatever they need and accounting gimmicks only get you so far until your forward assumptions are proven to be wildly inaccurate and you really are broke.

    Once they lose the ability to give enough “free” stuff to keep the natives happy, it’s going to make the LA riots look like a church picnic.

    • Much like NY but we were a few steps closer to collapse until we got bailed out last year. Not sure that would work again for anyone at this point.

  8. “And gun rights? They’re not up for debate in Texas the way they are in California.”

    What Newsom and his ilk haven’t quite realized yet is that the debate is over in La-La land as well.

    They still think they can control the fallout with some careful crafting of legislation. St. Clarence Thomas (Ever blessed be His Name!) has a very unpleasant surprise (or 3) in store for them… 🙂

  9. The S0ci@list Pr0gressive have always used projection. In their complaints about the right, supposedly using the government to tell them how to live. That has always been the goal of a socialist Progressive. To use as much government as they can possibly. To obtain control and force you to bend to their will.

    And they don’t like it when millions of people leave the state of California for Texas and other states. They were terrified when Texas passed constitutional/permit less carry. And when constitutional carry went into effect in Indiana. And then just a few weeks later, a good guy with a gun stops a mass murderer. The Left is very, very, worried. When everyone has guns and can use them legally in public. Not just at home. Which they don’t like as well.

    California has lost its cultural influence in the United States. It is seen as a state where people are allowed to urinate and defecate in public. And it is a state where shoplifting is considered a normal activity and the laws against it are not enforced. Open drug use is allowed. Sex in public is allowed.

    The Libertarians Liberals and the Left, need normal people, in order to have a functioning Society. And they will always attempt to shame normal people, into helping them to continue, their self-destructive behaviors.

    Believe the former Governor Rick Perry actually traveled to California to speak with businesses in that state. And ask them to move to Texas. I believe Governor Brown back then was not very pleased. So this is been going on for a long time now.

    • fyi
      I look forward to San Francisco and all major California cities losing at least half of their police. If not nearly all of them. There will always be police government workers in the former golden state. But how many is the question???

      “San Francisco to Lose Half of Its Police, What’s the problem? | Richard Cibotti”
      video 33 min long

  10. The only way out for Harris is to replace Biden to be the first woman, and especially black woman president at least for a month or two.

    • That was the plan from the beginning. They thought they could force Harris on us. After all, they control the media. It didn’t work out. People care less for Harris than the senile puppet. They never expected the Puppet to make it a full term. The plan was just to get in power and stay there. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Kick the vaunted intersectional, opposite of male, minority out of the way for another white man? Hmm…

  11. Kamala resigning as VP would set her political career back years. She’s too close (and deluded) to give up her shot to the White House.

  12. Newsom is the new face of the left of the Dem party. He has been groomed for it all his life, being part of the 4 families of Ca. He is in Texas, going head to head against Abbott(actually supporting Beto, without actually being there). He and his hair want to be president of the U.S.

  13. The state of Ca has a hell of a tax base and extra money in the coffers. Newsome is acting like he is Robin Hood to the rescue of all the “poor people” by giving out money, but he is required by law to give certain overages back to the people. The problem is it isn’t going back to those that paid it in the first place……
    Even though some industries have left Ca, the economy is still huge and the people in power have a stranglehold on it.

    • rt66paul,

      PLEASE do not believe the propaganda – KKKalifornia not only does not have EITHER a solid tax base OR “extra money in the coffers” (Google “CalPers unfunded liability”, and take my word for it that the non-CalPers pensions (LA County, for example) are WORSE off than the State), it is shedding productive workers like a long-haired dog in a hot summer. KKKalifornia would be BK if (i) states were allowed to go BK (they aren’t), and (ii) they didn’t lie, cheat, steal, and fudge the numbers.

      KKKalifornia is a train wreck. The bridge collapsed years ago; we’re just waiting for the train to reach the bottom of the canyon.

    • Under the authority of California’s infamous Governor Elitist Gavin Noosem and Secretary for Environmental Protection Jared Blumenfeld, California’s Water Boards will not only require owners of private wells to report every drop of water they extract from their own property, but they will also charge the property owners for the privilege of doing so, according to a recent Kommiefornia Globe report. Natalie Stork, a state water control official, “quietly” delivered a shocking letter to private well owners, which reads, “Landowners whose property is within an unmanaged area and contains an operating groundwater extraction well must report the volume of groundwater extracted from the well. The groundwater extraction volume must be reported as a monthly total. In addition to pumping volumes, reports must include the location of the well and the place and purpose of use of the groundwater.” The letter goes on to inform the property owners of a list of “filing fees” that they will be required to pay to the government for the water they are required to report to the government. So, the govt does NOT meter or bill, provide any service or support, the farmers do all the paperwork and filing AND they get to pay the state for the privilege and expense of the additional work this will require.

  14. That scenario of replacing Kameltoe with Noisome – it’s both sexist and racist. “We used that black beach to win an election, but we need a white man to give us some credibility now.” Of course there’s no shame on the left about using a black face to get what they want.

    • Paul,

      Gavin “Hair Gel” Newsom is neither a man, nor is he possessed of this ‘credibility’ of which you speak . . . but otherwise I agree with you. Gavin avoided recall ONLY because the Republicans decided to go with Larry Elder (an ACTUAL conservative), as opposed to someone (a RINO squish, like that fapping idiot “Ahnuld”) ‘electable’ in KKKalifornia. A “moderate” Republican (‘moderate’ by KKKalifornia standards – meaning an only SLIGHTLY Leftist/fascist RINO) would have stomped him flat. I don’t even think that egotistical idiot actually thinks he has a shot at the White House (but most Leftist/fascists ARE pretty delusional, so who knows?). He’s auditioning for his analyst gig on MSDNC or CommieNewsNetwork.

      • It was Larry Elder’s to lose. He shit the bed during his capaign. He said a bunch of tone deaf stuff like “The minimum wage should be $0.” These comments and his key issues (school choice?? who gives a fuck; all the schools were closed!) were way outside what most Californians care about. Larry Elder could have been a strong California candidate as a conservative black male. But he fucked it up. It also didn’t help that he smoked pot every day and threatened his girlfriend with a firearm.

        • It also didn’t help that he smoked pot every day and threatened his girlfriend with a firearm.

          Damn guy, nobody’s perfect. Of course, Noosem is so popular in CA because of his “prefferences” (the reason Kimberly Guilfoyle divorced him) but it is also one reason he won’t be elected President (among many) just like Pete Buttjugg could never get elected, this country is not ready for a homosexual OR a bi-sexual in the Oval Office

        • It also didn’t help that he smoked pot every day and threatened his girlfriend with a firearm.

          Damn guy, nobody’s perfect. Of course, Noosem is so popular in CA because of his “preferences” (the reason Kimberly Guilfoyle divorced him) but it is also one reason he won’t be elected President (among many) just like Pete Buttjugg could never get elected, this country is not ready for a homysekshul OR a bi-sekshual in the Oval Office

  15. Democrat liberal elites just love dictators. In the 30’s it was Stalin, 60’s – Mao and Castro, 70’s , 80’s, 90’s – Chavez and Maduro, Now – Xi.

    Democrats believe down to their very bones that a powerful, one party, centrally planned government is the best way to accomplish their idea of “fairness.” The bright lights in the Democrat party all hold this view with a cult like, religious fervor and Newsom is no different.

    These people are pathological narcissists who’ve never done anything but politics. With no real world experience, they’re the ones who have the power to regulate our daily life.

    Newsom and his ilk are killing everything that made the US special. And they’re getting away with it with little or no effective push back.


  16. Newsom is the anti-DeSantis. Which states are people leaving and which states are they going to? That should tell us something.

    • Sometime i wonder if they are screwing up the blue states to get their socialists/useful idiots to leave and move to the red states so they can ruin them too. Their ultimate goal id to have all 50 states like Kommiefornia and No York. In other word, Venezuela del norte.

      • One of my worst fears is the people who move out of NY may turn the free states where I would enjoy retirement into New York South/West. Many of them lack cause/effect reasoning and basic math re budget/taxes.

        • Many of the people running from those blue states are actually conservative/republican voters who are tired of paying insane taxes and dealing with stifling regulations and not having a voice in the process.

  17. California thinks they have a lot of power, that state is threatening not to buy Kansas beef because they dont like the way Ks treats its cattle.
    And I think they’re going to play hell draining the Mississippi&Missouri rivers so they can keep their swimming pools full.

    • It’s just an engineering problem. We’ll get it figured out.

      Beef? We got thundering herds of tofu out here in CA.

      • So you think all them States along them two rivers are going to okay a river diversion?
        It’s more then an engineering problem.

    • They are trying to destroy Floridas economy by forbidding state employees and officials from traveling here, meh I think we’ll struggle through somehow.

  18. Let us assume that Harris does resign, for what ever reason, the new VP select has to be confirmed by a majority vote of both houses. There is some debate as to whether that means ⅔ or ¾ of each house. There is also some debate that a failed vote in say the senate could be overridden by a strong vote in the House giving a plurality vote of both houses. Either way I do not see that happening for anyone under current consideration. Republicans will stand strong against Newsome, or Almighty God forbid it, Hillary. I suspect that the “Weekend at Bernie’s” White House will continue until Biden finally dies. Then we are in for a major crisis.

    • The 25th Amendment says “a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.” if it were some sort of supermajority it would be specified.

      Timing would be the main issue with Kamala Harris resigning. She would have to resign contingent on the appointment of her replacement, because she’s the tie-breaking vote in the Senate. Which means, of course, they’d have to get her full cooperation in her replacement.

      • That plan seemed more likely when there was an opening in the SC. I wonder what they could offer her to allow her to bow out with her ego intact? It seems far-fetched. It looks like they’re just going to prop up the puppet until the end of his term. Then Hillary, Newsom, Mayor Pete, Klobuchar, and Bernie can fight over the nomination. I don’t think the puppet could get it again even if his handlers want it. For one thing, they wouldn’t be able to hide him in the basement this time.

        • Then Hillary, Newsom, Mayor Pete, Klobuchar, and Bernie can fight over the nomination

          THAT is the scariest list of potential Presidential possibilities I have ever seen, good thing NONE of them has a snowballs chance in Hell of EVER being elected president.

        • I wouldn’t be so sure about that. They managed to get a senile puppet into the White House after three years of peace and prosperity. That didn’t happen without the Covid emergency. Expect more emergencies.

        • Expect more emergencies.

          There will be a lot more eyes on the next election and suspicious ballot deliveries at 3AM will be documented and challenged.

  19. The way these people act you’d think pregnancy was a fatal illness. As in, you only have 9 months to live.

    I know, I know 15-20 maternal deaths per 100,000 in the US. And given how they reacted to the under age 44 COVID stat of 0-5 female deaths per 100,000 the response kinda makes some strange lefty sense.

    These young, frightened, mentally ill leftists are going to be in for a real rude awakening when they discover their deaths are certain and no amount of hipster tech or government intrusion is going to change that.

  20. @EdSchrade
    Word here is that NudeOne isn’t comfortable with California’s “old name” from local history. This news quote just in:
    “PRESIDENT Hair Gel sounds pretty good to me. Right after I change the name of this sorry, unappreciative dump to West New Jersey! If I can ruin a state, maybe I could ruin a whole country!”

  21. Here’s my take on what Gruesome Newsom is attempting… I think he’s trying to appeal to the hundreds of thousands of “blue” voters who fled Commiefornia for “red” states like TX and FL, hoping they’ll continue to vote “blue” in their new states, and therefore, turn those states “blue” or “purple”, and also vote for him when he runs for Prez, which he’s very obviously being groomed to. He & his backers think that the “blue” voters who fled have had a bellyful of “red” folks by now, and thus will be tempted into voting “blue” where they now live.

    However, he (or rather, his REAL backers, the World Economic Forum, by which he’s been thoroughly brainwashed to do THEIR bidding) is either incapable and/or unwilling to see reality. Hunh, strangely, that’s a trait ALL the WEF folks & other pyschos like Nazi Pelosi (his aunt) have… The reality that folks fled the horror shows of CA & NY and others specifically because they want more freedom, which they no longer have in such dumpster fires!!! These folks who fled also don’t want to live in open latrines, and have their children dodge drug sellers & users on their way to/from school. How very weird of them!

  22. Newsome’s nonsense is all about two things – raising awareness of his “awesomeness” and fundraising – which, when you boil it all down, adds up to one thing: fundraising. The more he’s seen by the Fascist/statist/leftist knuckleheads as a “white knight” the more money they’ll funnel into his campaign. And if he pushes his numbers high enough (even if he isn’t truly serious about a run at the White House) and gets the public employee unions on his side the real money sluices will open up.

    One of the ugly little truths about US politics that isn’t discussed much is the unholy relationship between the government employee unions, their alphabet agency “overseers” and elected politicians – more campaign money = more public employees = more cycling of our tax dollars back to grow the government pols = more top cover for fiscal shenanigans with public employee pensions and carveouts = more campaign money…rinse, repeat, ad nauseum…

    The Citizens United ruling was (partly) a response to the unbreakable connection between Fascist/statist/leftist politicians and campaign money from government employee unions – but it wasn’t near enough of a response to effect even a balance.

  23. Governor Hairspray is raising his national profile for a run for the Presidency by attacking DeSantis — a potential Republican Presidential opponent — while he also runs cover for Beta O’Dork by attacking Greg Abbott.

    I’d say he’s building up a lot of political IOUs.

  24. What is Newsome trying to acheive? The PUBLICITY fomented by persons like yourself That’s what he IS achieving simply by you and your ilk reacting. ALL publicity is good publicity if it draws attention to a product of problem He’s using the exact tactics used by the Anti-Abortion movement. If you want to sell an idea get people talking and inflame you opponents into making like the opening comment idiots of themselves. And, tell you what-it’s working simply because Newsome has the statistics to bloody well prove it! You can check them on the NET and even here in the UK I’ve done just that.
    You forget that in ECONOMIC terms California has a very very great deal of cl,out simply becasue it’s by far the largest State Economy in the USA – indeed if California was an independent Nation it would rank around No4 in the world order with a GDP over twice that of Russia at a bare No 12. . With that kind of economic clout California can and does influence the rest of the USA. Better get used to it!
    If the good citizens of California do not like it they can vote it down can they not??

    • He’s not getting a great deal of publicity by being trashed on THIS forum. Californias economy thrives in spite of the politics NOT because of it. The cost of living is absurd, and they tax everything twice and sometimes three times. The days of West Coast influence are long past, it is them begging outside sources for electricity and water now. They have the highest cost of living in the US, highest tax rates, highest number of homeless people, they are 49th (that’s at the bottom) of 50 states in education, 13% of the population is below the poverty line, they have the highest gas prices and they just shut private owner/operator truckers put of the ports AFTER they made them buy new trucks. Now they are charging farmers to pump water from the private wells on their own land by requiring them to report monthly water usage AND pay the state for the privilege of filing those reports. I understand how YOU (a subject of the soshulist state of England) would admire the way the Progressive Democrat Left are driving the state into the ground with taxes and regulation since that’s what you are used too. Your ignorance of actual American life is once again on display as you try to inject your soshullist viewpoint into a way of living of which you have no understanding.


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