Why Don’t I Believe This Story?

TTAG has reported this case previously, when we named Grand Rapids police Officer John “No Picture on the Internet” Guerrero our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day. And here’s the resolution and the final account of what transpired at the bar, via wzzm13.com. In case you’re wondering, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t believe a word of it.

The Grand Valley State University student who fired a Grand Rapids police officer’s gun inside an Allendale bar will likely not serve any jail time.

Ashlyn Piecuch entered a guilty plea on June 23 to a misdemeanor charge of careless discharge of a firearm.

[Dodging a charge of carrying a concealed weapon while intoxicated; although his blood alcohol level level was between .02 and .08 measured sometime after the negligent discharge.]

The incident happened in March at Brewstir’s Bar & Grill in Allendale.  Investigators say Piecuch, 19, found the gun on the floor of the pub’s men’s room, picked up the weapon and fired it.

The gun belonged to Grand Rapids police Officer John Guerrero, who entered a plea in May to a charge of careless discharge of a firearm.

No one was injured in the shooting. A judge is ordering Piecuch to go through alcohol and gune safety education courses.  She must also pay $2,300 in restitution.

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