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“Five months after U.S. immigration agent Jaime Zapata was shot to death by a Mexican drug cartel, his family is demanding to know whether the weapons were purchased in the United States and smuggled into Mexico under the now-defunct Fast and Furious operation,” reports. That’s kinda weird; a few days after the killing, we heard reports that the Mexican e-Trace on guns recovered at the scene revealed the connection to the ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious. The more interesting question: what was Jaime Zapata doing in Mexico in the first place? I mean, we get the means: ATF-enabled guns. The opportunity is clear enough: a government convoy down a lonesome four-lane highway in Mexico. What was the motive? The Mexican government says . . .

that Los Zetas did the deed. Why? Knowing the heat they’d take for taking out a U.S. federale, why would Los Zetas take out a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent?

Some analysts reckon it was a f-up; a minor league Los Zetas member ordered the hit. I don’t think so.

Given that the Mexican government is the friend of the Sinaloa cartel, who are the enemies of the Los Zetas, it stands to reason that Zapata was doing something for/with/about the Mexican government/Sinaloas with which Los Zetas were not happy. What?

ICE Agent Zapata’s partner was wounded in the attack. Congressman Issa’s investigation into this whole ATF misegos need to call Victor Avila as a witness.

At the risk of sounding like Martha Mitchell, I’m telling you that all of this is connected: the ATF’s anti-gun running gun running, Zapata’s murder, U.S. support for Felipe Calderon, arms shipments to the Mexican Army and law enforcement leaking to drug cartels, U.S. drug and immigration interdiction (or lack thereof) and more.

As they said in Watergate, follow the money. Who had the most to benefit from Zapata’s death?

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  1. Not that what you say isn’t a possibility the volatility of Mexico plus the psychology of the narco-terrorists running around down there can’t be ruled out as the reason for this murder.

    We should be keeping our minds open for the evidence, not deciding on the cause beforehand.

  2. Since they were hit at a road block, the most obvious answer as to why is that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The cartels like to kill cops, they even kill people for sh*ts and grins. Catching an American law enforcement officer at that road block was just too good for a low level foot soldier to pass up. I am certain that he is dead now because the murder has brought unwanted attention to both the Los Zetas and the Sinalo Cartel.

    The fact that both were not killed and there was so little firepower at the road block tells me that they were not gunning specifically for Americans.

    Usually the simplest explanation is the correct explanation. No need to look for conspiracies inside conspiracies.

    • Occam’s Razor suggests that where there is adequate data to form conclusions, and when everything else is equal, we should prefer the simplest solution. We simply don’t have enough data to apply Occam’s Razor. All we know, and all we’ll ever know, is the Agent Zapata was killed, and the agent with him was not. That strongly suggets that one agent was targeted and the other was not, unless we choose to believe that the other agent was lucky, or that Zapata was unlucky. Personally, I don’t believe in luck.

  3. Follow the money.

    Looking for beneficiaries is a good start but it may lead nowhere. Only in movies with tight scripts does it always unravel the plot.

    That could also be the reason why real-life Mark Felt never uttered the line to Bernstein and Woodward but Hal Holbrook did in the pictures.

  4. I still wonder if it could have been made to look like it was Los Zetas who where behind it. What better way to bring heat down on your enemy? If you add to it that the agent knew something that would hurt another group, or even the Mexican government, it could be a win-win situation. And even if our powers-that-be knew this, would they necessarily tell us?

  5. Kiki Camarena was tortured to death, while they ran audio tape, so they wouldn’t miss anything and could replay the tapes for clarity of content, and the Mexican government was directly involved. We have the tapes and more.

    Do you think that Mexican apple falls far from that tree? Think again.


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