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This guy shows off his functional steampunk gatling gun. To “keep it legal” the gun is built from a Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rifle. There are seven rotating barrels driven by a hand crank. The skeleton is made from aluminum and steel. Its sheathed in copper and brass with 1300 hand rivets. This gun weighs about 60 pounds and I want one just for fun.

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  1. I could see a rotary trigger design being useful on a legal SHTF belt fed machinegun. I wonder if anyone has tried it with one of the semi auto M249s FN is selling?

    • Best part is that a rotary trigger can be converted into an electric trigger with a few gears and an electric motor. Definitely nice for those SHTF scenarios. (and you can get it to run on a single D cell)

      • “Best part is that a rotary trigger can be converted into an electric trigger with a few gears and an electric motor.”

        Electricity powered devices on a gun make them NFA devices, if memory serves…

  2. The way he picked it up and handled it, I would say it was not 60 pounds. However, it was very cool! Years ago, back in the 80s, there were vendors at gun shows selling kits that would allow you to place two 10-22s side by side with a cam crank that would fire the two guns alternatively using 50 round Ram-Line mags. Almost bought one back then. Been kicking myself ever since. They were about $300 plus the cost of two guns.

  3. Looks cool, would have a great fun factor.

    If he could just make it out of plastic, charge $300 and have you buy the barrels from elsewhere for it he’d fit right in to the professional 10/22 stock market.

  4. Sadly, the greater steampunk world is pretty anti-gun, not fake plastic guns, they love those, but real, functional steampunk guns are banned on the forums. I ended up kicked out over this fully functional handcannon that I made a few years ago, and I saw another person get booted over a gas operated .45 revolver. Its really sad but most steampunks are neither into steam or punk but really just want to emulate neo-victorian hypocrisy.

    • Neat build! Too bad some people can’t (or simply won’t – so much for the “open” minds of liberals…) accept and appreciate creativity like that!

    • Most steam punk does focus on classism. Even when it’s a working class protagonist that “breaks into” upper society, there is still the thinly veiled justification for there being a servant class. It’s liberal escapism, projecting yourself as a person who would be at the top of such a society. Just kind of have to accept that to enjoy the genre, which I do. Funny enough, these same delusions are found in progressives and liberal voters.

      • Thats what drives me nuts, the hero’s of steampunk fiction are all rebellious craftsmen type people and yet the personae that steampunk people adopt are almost always that of the fascist upper crust who are all too happy to impose there values on everyone else.

        I’ve had to accept that although I read steampunk, the way I DO steampunk is different than almost everyone else who calls themselves ‘steampunk’

    • I’m getting the same hypocrisy in the post-apocalyptic movement. They spend hundreds on amazingly lethal edged weapons and prop guns, the very mention of a real firearm sends them into a tizzy. Now, this could be because the epicenter of the movement is in california- They’re so freaked out by firearms, and the ownership of them that even when they join us in AZ, they can’t handle the idea of there being real guns being safely carried.

      • I’ve noticed the same thing. People who want to play at a certain concept but the actually becoming the people they claim to admire terrifies them.

  5. Neat and creative, but I’d rather have a REAL functioning .22 Gatling gun, and modify it to be hand-held. Blueprints are available for the Gatling gun, scaled for .22 but they can be scaled up as well. I actually considered buying the prints and scaling them up for 12 gauge shotshells! 😀

    • Thank you for this bizarre idea. If I ever get the opportunity to build a legal machine gun, that’ll be my first project.

      Only problem would be feeding the beast, and I don’t mean cost. A traditional belt would be more difficult with rimmed cartridges.

    • If he built it from scratch with the intent to sell it, it would be illegal. It is however, legal to modify a firearm with the intent to sell. Funnily enough, it is legal to sell a firearm you have made your self, as long as it was originally intended for personal use.

      Also, it’s way easier to stick a 10/22 action in a box rather than actually design a whole new firearm.

      Silly, but it’s the law.

      • Additionally, it is the manual hand crank that “keeps it legal” more than the use of the 10/22 receivers per se. Manual hand driven cranks (vice electric motors) means that it is not an automatic weapon in the eyes of the ATF (can be verified by searching the FAQs on their website). I became interested in building a Gatling myself and have been designing one that runs on the AR-15 platform (hand crank, rotating barrels, hopper fed). It will be many years before I actually start to build it though (money, workspace, proper design, etc).

  6. I get the impression this is just a regular 10/22 with a crank trigger and a fancy shell around it. I doubt the spinning barrels do anything but look cool. There is probably just one actually functional barrel in the center of the spinning barrels.

    • You are most probably correct in that assumption, sir. The fact that he admitted that it had a battery to spin the barrels while at the same time a crank to operate the trigger is a dead give-away. There would be no way to synchronize those two mechanisms.

  7. It looks to me like just a plain 10/22 with a crank tiger and 6 nonfunctional barrels rotating around the real nonrotating barel in the center. In other words it’s a single barrel non gatling gun


    Captain Buzzkill

  8. It is a fun-looking range toy.
    Small point: I’d say next time he builds one, flip the 10/22 upside down in the copper case so the mag goes into the TOP of the gatling gun, more like the real ones.

  9. I’m the guy who filmed that video and a good friend of the creator. He thought it was 60 pounds but I’d says it’s more like 30. The rotating barrels are cosmetic. There’s a single barrel in the center of them that’s actually firing. The rotation of the barrels battery operated and controlled by a switch located near your thumb.

  10. Like it!! Why not 22 mag with a belt or 100 round drum. I have the right to protect myself and if you don’t like it tough $hit.
    The 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution so the people could protect themselves from a corrupt government. No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.


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