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What do you give a fugitive that’s living under the radar in a very public place? (Answer: 20 to Life, or thereabouts.) But for now, the revelations keep a-rollin’ in. Today’s cache: Whitey’s home arsenal and personal cash stash. Perhaps I should have titled this piece “Home Security Tips from a Mobster.” To wit…

  1. Bring enough gun to any fight that you think might happen. Um. Yeah. Okay. Bulger was obviously loaded for bear, With an AR, pump shotgun, grenade (!) a revolver, derringer, knives and an assortment of handguns, including what looks like several nicely turned-out 1911s. (Is that a Wilson Combat I see in the mix?)
  2. You can never have too much ammo. Whitey’s stash included tracer bullets (a sentimental mob fave, perhaps, or does he just watch too much TV?), along with plenty of ammo for his arsenal.
  3. Cash liquidity is never a bad idea in an emergency. Um, well, maybe. But I think he went a little cash-heavy on his bank. I would have suggested some diversification, perhaps some hard currency. I mean, what if the economy collapses. The 800 large he had stashed in his apartment could be worth about 80¢ if the dollar fails. Not that it matters to him now. (And Bulger’s going, $800,000?! I had a million six stashed in that place. What’d they do with the rest of my loot?)

Frankly, I’m a little underwhelmed at his ammo haul. With a dependence on semi-auto weapons (and a fairly limitless supply of funds) I’d have invested in a bunch of magazines and a-loaded ’em up. Loose ammo would be fairly useless in a firefight, Whitey.

I’ve got to admit, though that if you’re gonna flash some cash, what he had here was pretty fly.

A couple of observations, though. How did he get past all those gun laws in California? I mean, don’t restrictive gun laws work? This looks like a pretty significant arsenal. Did he have any hi-cap magazines? (Oh, wait. Maybe that’s why he went with 1911s and stayed away from the Glocks.)

Then think about this: you’re living in an apartment in Santa Monica. Not exactly a secure location. What are the odds that somebody might decide to burgle the apartment? If Bulger still had active mob connections, the guy probably wouldn’t live another day, but still. Wouldn’t an armored-up compound stood a better chance for the Boston mobster?

If you’re interested, you can see a bunch more pics at the LA Times site. Not that any of this haul is gonna do Bulger a bit of good where he’s going.

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  1. This fool is now asking for a public defender because he’s broke. I’m sure he also has millions stashed around the country/world, and someone’s going to have a field day when they get hold of it all. I also believe that someone in law enforcement should be fired or suspended for allowing this criminal to posses all these illegal weapons. The COMMIES in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia have very strict rules against criminals with weapons, so I don’t understand how this could happen. I also feel that some of these COMMIE politicans should resign for allowing such disregard for their laws to occur. I guess it really doesn’t matter cuz someday the BIG ONE will hit these COMMIE lovers and the entire state will fall into the ocean.

    • No insult to public defenders intended, but if he chooses to go with the overworked staff of the Public Defender’s offices, he’s gambling. From my vantage point of dealings with the PD”S in law enforcement, these guys try to make quick deals as often as possible to keep their heavy work load in motion.

      • He doesn’t have a choice. The police seized the money he had, and he’s not getting out on bail so he doesn’t have the oportunity to pick up another stash to pay a lawyer. Would you accept his word that you were going to get paid if you were a lawyer?

  2. They should just put him back on the Boston streets and let him face mob justice lol. I imagine the criminals there would love to get their hands on one of their own who’d been an informant for the FBI.

  3. The money was inside a wall. I’ll bet most of the guns were also. What did he plan to do, punch a hole in the hole to get a gun in an emegency?

  4. If you go to the link in pic 7 they have … well, not a better pic, but a different pic of the guns. There’s a derringer, a couple of revolvers, some 1911s, a pump shotgun without a stock.

    Can anyone recognize the long barreled autoloader which is the bottom right-most full gun in that pic? it also shows in pic 8.

    • That’s what I was trying to figure out-silencer or not. If so, I would love that little toy to play around with! Plinking in the backyard and not annoying the neighbors in my just-outside-the city neighborhood. (IE-no laws about shooting safely in your backyard)

  5. Bin Laden got scragged after ten years at the top of the most wanted list and Whitey got caught after sixteen years. Both were living in plain sight. Wow, I’m so impressed with American law enforcement.

  6. Guns don’t kill people-mobsters with guns kill people. I wonder if the handcuffs were for pleasure or for business?

  7. Any one else see that sear pin on the ar. That’s no semi auto that’s a machine gun. Looks like the cali gun laws are real effective. I wonder if it’s a factory machine gun or a conversion. Or Am I just seeing things.


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