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…They’ll be targeted for their guns. It’s a funny thing — criminals being criminals, they tend to take what they want. And some of the things they seem to want most are firearms. Who knew? It’s not clear from this TV nooz report whether or not the burglars who’ve been knocking over houses in the formerly sleepy San Francisco exurb of Brentwood in Contra Costa County specifically targeted cops’ homes looking for heaters. The report lists the three peace officer pad break-ins as part of a string of twenty-five. But here’s some good news — at least one of the boys in blue actually stored his gats in a safe (which the bad guys appropriated and cracked elsewhere). The report conspicuously avoided mentioning if the other two cops’ gun storage practices were fully Cali-compliant.  Guess we’ll never know.

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  1. When I lived in Taos, NM, I think it was Christmas 2007, someone hit the county sheriff’s car, and got an AR-15 from the trunk, and a couple hand boomers. FROM HIS YARD. WHILE HE WAS HOME. And probably deep in Xmas cheer.

    But those people… I would not put it past that sheriff’s department to have been in on it. Some of those guys were burglars in their spare time.

    • Ahh the beauty of take-home cars…

      Whether it’s a Remington in the rack or an AR in the trunk, they are all easy pickins for someone even slightly motivated, with an IQ over room temp.

      The tac guys take-homes are the motherlode for bad guys.

  2. The more laws infringing the right to bear (carry) and keep (own) arms the more of this will happen, until the point cops are being murdered for their guns.

  3. Law enforcement officers should be much more afraid of citizen disarmament than the general populace. Here’s why. A criminal who wants a good firearm starts with a simple firearm and then helps themselves to whatever they want from a law enforcement officer that they ambush.

    But, you ask, “How would a criminal acquire a simple firearm if they were outlawed?” The enterprising criminal walks into their local hardware store, spends less than $10 for a couple pieces of pipe, a wood dowel, and a nail. A few minutes later at home with a hacksaw and a file and voila: a fully functional single-shot 12 gauge shotgun capable of delivering either buckshot or a slug with acceptable accuracy at close range.

    No officer in the world stands a chance versus a 12 gauge shotgun blast at point blank range from a criminal who has the element of surprise.

  4. FYI–California storage laws are limited to keeping them away from children, for which a trigger lock is acceptable. Safes are (not yet) required–but they are working on that too, Heller notwithstanding.

    • Trigger locks are WORSE than safes, IMHO. I’d much rather have a gun secured in a GunVault than with any trigger lock I’ve ever seen.

      Unless it’s one of the ones that comes off when you whack it on the table. Those are cool. Not good for the element of surprise, though.

  5. Oh, come on, that last 30sec was precious!

    “breaking into a police officers home is a dangerous situation. It creates a dangerous situation for everyone. Breaking into an officers home the burglers could get shot”

    That made me LOL!

    I wonder if in those situations the cops shoot their own dogs too!

  6. *5 minutes after the interview ended, overheard from the last neighbor on tape*

    “Ye-ah, I stole dat shiznit!”

    I admit though, Vanilla Ice is an eloquent speaker!

    • Could you imagine having that idiot for a neighbor? Could you imagine going to parents night at your kid’s school and seeing this guy, not as one of your kid’s peers but as one of YOUR peers? What was he like,”Oh shiznit honey, the television news crews are outside, I gots to go represent for our HOA. Let me make sho my hat is juuust perfect, okey dokey, I’ve got the perfect 33 degree angle offset to the right side (because I’m representing Brentwood yo…)” I wonder if he thinks of himself as a full grown adult. He probably thinks his kids respect him because they think he’s “with it”, or,”wid it”.

  7. Back a few decades while I was a military cop in Europe, they warned us that criminals frequently ambushed police and military personnel for their guns. We found that strict laws did nothing to reduce gun violence.

  8. Probably not CA complaint LAPD cops are too dumb most keep there gun in there cloth locker at work so any one can have access to it while they are off work.

  9. They willfully act as corrupt government thugs in the nation’s most fascist and un-American state. Sounds like karma to me.

  10. The Cali cop robbery’s got nuthin on the Milwaukee batf sting. They apparently left for donuts & got all their stuff stolen. So I guess law enforcement has to give up their weapons, because they “might” be stolen by a crook, Randy

  11. The level of protection you need should be based on the mostly likely threat. Your first level of defense is OPSEC. No NRA stickers on your house or car and a minimum of information available to your neighbors. Everybody knows that cops have guns so they are SOL.

    My most likely threat is the junkie or teenager looking for a smash and grab robbery. A gun vault and stackon cabinet is probably a safe option. They aren’t equiped with tools to rip up a nailed down gun vault or be willing to haul off the cabinet.

    Somebody who is specifically targeting your guns is prepared to break into virtually any safe you can get. It just takes a little more time. I have seen the security people drill a safe that held compartmented information within 20 minutes. a heavyweight safe will stop a professional who is looking to clean you out but isn’t expecting a full sized gun safe. This class of burglarer is the main threat to my guns and I am unlikely to encounter him since I don’t have any thing of value that merits a pro targeting me. More likely he would just steal one of my cars.

  12. One of the funniest things I’ve run across at the Modern Firearms and Ammunition site is the new (introduced 2006 or so) 9mm police revolver used by cops in the People’s Republic of China. Butt-ugly side-swing DA fixed-sight job (looks like a cheap copy of an Armscorp .38, with a thumb safety) chambered for what is basically the old 720-fps .38 S&W. The thinking being is that if the only place to get a gun is to steal it from the cops, let’s give the cops guns that won’t penetrate police body armor. Ah, so…..


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