When It Comes to Safe Gun Storage, Ask the Experts

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      • I wasn’t considering one, but now I am considering one.

        So that I can refuse to consider one.

        • I find that to be a considerable consideration.

          And now that I’ve considered it, I say “no”.

      • I currently am using a Stack On “security cabinet”.
        And I’m happy with it for now. I still am looking to up grade to something better.

        • “I still am looking to up grade to something better.”

          Padlock the door in at least 2 places, with a hasp where the ‘eye’ (where the padlock goes) is free to rotate.

          That way, it defeats someone who sticks a rod or screwdriver in there and tries to twist it off…

        • Build a gun room. That’s what I did. Converted a walk in closet and added a reinforced steel door. Also added fire board to the walls, ceiling, and floor. Then covered it with 3/4 plywood.

        • Wife bought me a Stack On years ago. POS. A used commercial filing cabinet is more “secure” and you can buy one at a business auction for $10. (also doesn’t scream “COME HERE”_

    • According to Liberty, keeping a backdoor code is the industry standard.So it may not matter whose safe you buy unless it is an old spin the tail on the donkey type. I guess because plenty of people forget the code. Liberty has announced that they will not release the code absent a warrant to Liberty. Further, if you want, they will delete the backup code–but good luck if you forget it because you will need to crack the safe.

      • I predict a market will blossom of folks willing to pay a few hundred (or more) dollars to replace the electronic crap with a straight mechanical lock.

        Security expert Deviant Ollum says the lock in question is a universal size, and there are higher-grade locks that will just drop right in…

      • Snap safe recently sent out an email where they clearly state they don’t have or keep backdoor combinations for the safes, vaults or vault doors.

    • Hell, the price on the old ones will be dirt cheap.

      Buy one, and drop in a quality straight mechanical mechanism and call it a day… 🙂

  1. Many of the manual locks have a key.
    The maker has a copy I am sure… or a master key perhaps.
    If they have a warrant they can drill or saw in if necessary.

  2. It’s a shame anyone in this industry just rolls over with absolutely no legal justification and willingly gives up “liberty” “freedom” and all the other meaningless words this company espouses

    • The Feds had a warrant to enter the safe, and if Liberty had not given up the code, and if the owner refused to open it, the feds would simply have drilled it. So it is up to the safe owner to decide which way the search is going to go, but there will be a search.

      • The preferred method is to have the local Fire Department utilize their Jaws of Life on the corners or a Rescue Saw. The saw makes a helluva mess, fire liner dust everywhere.

        Drilling is only done for actual quality business/jeweler safes and not a rapid process.

      • That’s the Feds and owners problem and not Liberty Safes. Liberty safes had zero paperwork compelling them to open a safe and zero reason to be involved. Private companies do not get to decide your fourth.

  3. I grew up with loaded weapons all over the house, Grandma had 5 shot .38 on her nightstand. Grandpa a Colt 1911. Gun cases unlocked filled with rifles, shotguns and ammo. I was taught those things weren’t mine and so I didn’t touch them unless instructed to. Gun safety is simple, a safe is just a convenience thing…

  4. Solid concrete with 2 separate steel fire doors. Not Fort Knox or a bank vault, but works for me. Built the rooms as storm shelters and fire proof storage. Built in racks and cabinets, bolted in steel storage lockers and built a solid oak work bench.
    Not for everyone, but does what I need my storage area for my collection needs to do. Climate controlled, very fire resistant, and pretty secure.
    One of the reasons I purchased the property I did was it sits high enough the water table here to have a basement.

    • “One of the reasons I purchased the property I did was it sits high enough the water table here to have a basement.”

      That’s pretty much not possible here in Florida unless you want to install a reverse swimming pool like thing during initial construction…

      • oldshthead…Florida does not have Parishes as you previously noted in your gibberish about a your Catholic Church, the church Secretary, gun range, restraurant, etc. I’m curious when there is a section of Louisiana referred to as Flordia and it has Parishes. So are you blowing smoke trying to dupe people into believing you are in Florida the state where POTUS DJT resides? Or are you just another democRat Party lint licker stinking up Louisiana the state that went Trump 2020?

      • Goeff, here in South Alabama there are few areas where basements are possible. Same as in Most of Florida. I’m about 100 ft above sea level and about 40 ft. above the local water table on this little rise/hill. Still went ahead and had the sealant put both inside and out on the walls and floor of the basement. Yes, major expense, but I saved some by doing most of the above ground construction myself with family help.
        Wanted a secure shelter for hurricanes and wanted to be above any reasonable flood lines. Same reason I built the lake house I used to have in Wis. well above the debris line from previous floods.

  5. I was able to purchase a 12 pin vault door assembly from someone i knew who got it in a gov. auction years ago. I had it installed in my basement which was costly 20 years ago but i have a walk in gun safe with the worry of what Liberty has done to a customer of theirs.

    • Not sure what that is…I’ll look it up but I don’t think the Feds give a crap about the locking mechanism. They want in they’re getting in unfortunately. Therefore don’t keep valuables in your safe.

  6. The concern is that the FBI did have a search warrant for the safe in the home, however they did not have a search warrant for Liberty safe company for customer records. They simply made a REQUEST, and Liberty caved and gave up the information. Liberty safe company should have just said “no, show me a warrant”. They did not! Liberty safe will be the next Bud Light.

    • I have a Liberty safe…I’m so disappointed. Darn…640 pounds empty and if the douchebag feds want in they are getting in. I am however disappointed that Liberty Admin didn’t give some pushback. At the very least you do not get the codes by asking pretty please.

  7. Am I weird for not understanding what the big deal is here? They had a legal warrant. They were getting into that safe one way or another. Your gun safe really doesn’t do anything other than slow down anyone determined to get into it. It’s not Fort Knox.

    • Fair question Templar, but from my understanding of this Liberty wasn’t named in the search warrant. The very least that they could of done was waited until they were named in the warrant. Until then pound sand Feds! Liberty did a huge disservice to theit customers.

      • Thank you for that concise explanation. I can see where the rub is there. That’s very disappointing to hear.

        • The bigger issue here is what’s bern revealed by the company’s actions. Charlie Kirk did some digging he discovered thanks to the FEC website that the investment firm itself that bought out Liberty and the firm’s principle officers, all based in gun-friendly NYC (sarc) have MAXXED out on campaign contributions to a slew of anti-gun Democrats including the likes of Feebleman, Warnock, and a host of others. Liberty which claims to be Pro-2nd Amendment loves the totaliarians that champion mandating so-called “safe-storage” laws, this is a business strategy to increase profits while screwing us.

  8. Please help me understand how a digital safe is more prone to being cracked by the manufacturer and FBI than an analog or combo safe? I have one of each. On the digital I can set the code to whatever I want, how can the company and FBI get in then? On the combination there is a serial number for the safe that I am sure has the combo written down somewhere at the manufacturer.

    • The company has a master or override code for the digital lock. They also may have kept the combination they originally set a manual lock for but manual combinations can be changed.
      Still won’t stop feds with a warrant.

      • Sure it won’t stop the FEEBs but why not make their job as difficult as possible? I still like a suggestion of an X/Twitter user who suggested leaving an open can of powder in one’s safe in case someone decides to cut the thing open with a grinder/cutting disc or torch.

  9. The event with Liberty Unsafe has just made Harbor Freight’s “Union” safes that more attractive, can you imagine the FEEBS contacting the factory in Chy-Nah and trying to get any “customer service”, a bigger exercise in futility will never present itself,I’d love to hear THAT one-way conversation.

  10. if anyone thinks a legal warrant is going to get a lot of pushback by a manufacturer they are smoking their own crack. The FBI could just as easily used power tools and destroyed that Liberty RSC in less than half an hour and gotten exactly the same thing.

    If you were serious about security you would have a vault built or bought a real safe like an American Security gun safe.

  11. I can borrow a 6hp saw, buy a $100 brazed diamond blade and cut the sidewall or back wall off of any Liberty Safe in less than half an hour. less time than the time to write the warrant and get it approved by a judge much less send it off to the Safe Company and wait for a response.

    if you actually look what the protection readings are for most so-called gun safe you will see that we are not buying them to keep our guns from being stolen by anything but the average retard Criminal.

    someone with a warrant doesn’t have time limits on how long it takes them to get into the safe they’re not worried about an alarm system triggering and having the police arrive in 10 minutes

  12. Liberty was purchased by a liberal conglomerate and has been giving money to liberal politicians ever since.
    You’re a sucker if you supported them in the last few years; what’s happening now is merely a consequence of that support.

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