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As you read this, I’m sitting on an airplane headed west towards Phoenix to spend a few days at the range with the people from Tac-Con to see what they’re up to, blow off some rounds, and generally have a good time out in the desert. In case you’ve been buried under a rock for the last year, let get you up to speed . . .

Tac-Con, short for Tactical Fire Control Inc. is a trigger company based out of Phoenix that sells two different variations of their 3MR trigger. The 3MR, as you can see in the video above, allows for nearly full-auto fire without all the paperwork, exorbitant cost, and hassle normally associated with getting a true giggle switch. This follows a push-the-ATF-envelope trend that I think started with the SlideFire bump fire stock a few years back, expanded with the SIG SB15 Brace, and continues with the 3MR trigger.

It’s a point we’ve belabored here, but the NFA is stupid, outdated, and ludicrous. Did I mention stupid? As any good capitalist can tell you, the market will find a way. And in this case, the market is looking for ways to deliver the NFA experience without the NFA cost and headaches.

While the 3MR follows the ATF’s guidelines to the letter, it theoretically allows the (trained) operator to make follow-up shots in very rapid fashion. Tac-Con has promised me full access to their stuff and given the fact that I’ve never set hands on one, I’ll be coming to the table green. Leghorn wasn’t kind in his review of the 3MR, going so far as to call it a gimmick, so the fact that Tac-Con is inviting me out makes me think that good things are waiting for me out west. The last time they did a media day, each writer put ~3000 rounds downrange over the course of two days. As always, check this space regularly as Tac-Con has also promised me plenty of free time to blog, upload photos, videos, etc.

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  1. The trigger was pretty consistently panned. Geissle offering better product at half cost.

    Curious if this yields something new.

  2. After watching a few reviews many people said a <3lb trigger does the exact same thing, possibly better, but for much cheaper.

    I'm interested to see what you learn though.

  3. They should collaborate with Geissele to add their “third mode” to an SSA trigger. That would be a huge hit. As is, most people want a better trigger than the 3MR, but if we could have that better trigger with the third mode a lot of people would buy it. I probably would.

  4. Most reviews I have read panned it for cost, not the actual quality, construction or functionality. I have enjoyed shooting it, although it is pricey. I think if the price point was closer to the giessele the reviews would be much more positive. In the end it is a crisp trigger, capable of a faster rate of fire than the average shooter can achieve with aftermarket trigger and is easy to install.

    Looking forward to hear what they are working on in the desert.

  5. In all likelihood within 50 years we’ll have guns that are implantable. Within that time frame, we could also have weapons which fire using thought alone. It’s just a matter of time really. Mankind will all look back at triggers and all of the associated restrictions as laughable.

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