What’s Your Favorite Gun Belt for Concealed Carry?

carbon carry gun belt

Courtesy Propper

A good gun belt makes a huge difference in your everyday carry comfort. You need something that will support your EDC gun and maybe a spare magazine or two, but won’t break the bank.

The good news is, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money. See our post listing of a number of great options under $50. There are options that are as tactical or a casual as you want them to be. You don’t have to look like an operator (unless you want to, of course).

carbon carry gun belt

Courtesy Propper

We just ran across another new option. Propper introduced their Carbon Carry belt just before the SHOT Show. It looks like a standard casual leather belt, but as they describe it, the belt is made of . . .

conveyor belt material. It’s textured to hold your belt in place and guaranteed to last a lifetime. The material is seven layers of two different rubber compounds sandwiched into a compressed strip to form a rugged belt that’s stiff enough to hold a gun and holster but flexible enough to bend and slide through belt loops.

And no one will look of it and think “tactical.” It’s priced at $49.99, so it won’t drain your wallet. What’s your favorite gun belt?



  1. avatar Mark says:

    Bigfoot. Super comfortable.

  2. avatar LifeSavor says:

    I’ve been happy with my Bigfoot gun belt. The steel core makes it slightly thicker than many belts I have owned, but it never sags, and the leather always looks good. I purchased the belt for business casual wear, but since I work from home, the belt and my holster are part of my every day dressing. When I am painting or doing other messy work (I am restoring my 100 year-old home) I use an old, thick leather stand-by, but the Bigfoot is comfortable, has maintained its luster, and keeps both my firearm and my pants in place. It is my go-to belt for concealed carry.

  3. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    The one I bought for $20 at the local farm supply store. As long as you’re toting less than 3 pounds any heavy leather belt that’s at least about 1-1/2″ wide should do fine.

    1. avatar Ben says:

      I’ve never seen the point of a fancy carry belt either. My $10 Wrangler walmart specials work great. Nice and thick, stiff enough to pass the pinch test.

    1. avatar Ed. says:

      Relentless has very functional equipment. I have four of their belts. Two dress and two others for serious tactical application. They are very good; functional and comfortable. I like their holsters also.

  4. avatar GunnyGene says:

    Slow news day, today?

    1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

      New folks to the carry world need this information. Others who think they know everything can just not read the article.

  5. avatar Some dude says:

    I’m wearing a Daltech Force SuperBIO belt. Stiff as hell, but not steel… Probably not too different than the Propper conveyer belt, but it’s fabric reinforcement doesn’t show on the edges, for about the same price. Super resistant to abrasion and no way can it stretch or absorb water like leather. Good looking belt in several belt and buckle styles.


    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      I have two BullBelts, one a 1.75″ wide stitched leather belt that is .26″ thick, and the other an Italian leather dress belt with a steel core insert. The former is over 4 years old and not showing its age, and is very comfortable. The narrow dress belt is less comfortable but is narrow but still quite stiff.Both carry quite well.

    2. avatar 2AMexican says:

      What he said. Been wearing my Biobelt for over 4 years and still as stiff as an 18yo in the morning.

  6. avatar Thixotropic says:

    Wilderness Tactical (TheWilderness.com) FREQUENT FLYER BELT W/ 5 stitch option for extra stiffness.

    You won’t have to take this off for the TSA or to enter a courtroom because it is ALL POLYMER composition.

    Comfortable and infinitely adjustable within the size range you order (example: Size 38 works for 32 to 36″ waist sizes) while being stiff enough to support a belt, IWB, OWB, or paddle holster without sagging or shifting.

    1. avatar Cloudbuster says:

      I, too, swear by Wilderness. I have one traveler belt like above and also their Wilderness Survival belt — belt is the same but instead of polymer buckle it has a heavy-duty metal buckle suitable for climbing, load-bearing use in a pinch.

    2. avatar Rick3 says:

      “You won’t have to take this off for the TSA or to enter a courtroom because it is ALL POLYMER composition.”

      Not actually true…Our wonderful TSA still makes me remove it, which is a pain.

      1. avatar Jeff In CO says:

        If you domestically travel via airline, even semi-frequently, it’s worth getting TSA pre-check. $85 for 5-years, go through the short line, metal detector, don’t have to take off belt or shoes, don’t have to remove laptop or liquids, etc. I still think taking off shoes is one of the grossest things out there.

      2. avatar Thixotropic says:

        Haven’t had to remove mine, BUT that’s the TSA for ya.

        Next time maybe that AND my shorts too, AFTER they give me the Joe Biden treatment.

    3. avatar Don from CT says:

      I love their belts. Although I think they look too tacticool for my tastes, I wear an untucked shirt 99% of the time, so it doesn’t matter.

      I’ve got an old school instructor belt in 1.5″ as well as Frequent flyers in 1.5 and 1.25. I love them all. All are optioned to be as stiff as possible. In come cases a plastic insert is available. In others its just a 5 stitch belt.

      Awesome products.

  7. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    better belt horsehide.

    1. avatar Serpent_Vision says:

      Or, the Lenwood Conveyor for $15 less than the subject of this advertisement masquerading as an article.


      1. avatar Mikial says:

        Yup. That’s the one I use.

  8. avatar The Cheeto Bandito says:


    I don’t need no steenkin’ gunbelt here in Meh-he-co!

    1. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

      In fact, the origin of “Mexican Carry” meant “no gun belt, no holster.”

      When gun control came to Mexico, those who were carrying could simply toss their guns when the police came up on them. But it was hard to claim you weren’t carrying if you were wearing a gun belt and holster. The leather, even without a gun, became evidence that the person in question had been carrying.

      Thus was born “Mexican carry” – carrying with no residual evidence of carrying a gun.

        1. avatar Kenneth says:


  9. avatar Imayeti says:

    Bonus feature: since it’s made of conveyor belt material, you just put it through the first belt loop and it automatically does the rest!

    1. avatar Jeff In CO says:

      Or, if your vehicle serpentine belt breaks…

      1. avatar LazrBeam says:

        I’ve got a Linwood conveyor belt….belt. Heck, if necessary it could be used as a tow strap! As for a more conventional leather belt, The Beltman makes good belts. I’ve got three of those in black, brown, and Cordova. Got a good MidwayUSA belt as well.

  10. avatar BlakeW5 says:

    Daltech SuperBio belt. Priced around $50 when they run sales. Supports weight well, and doesn’t stand out too much, generally just a good belt.

    Also have one of those “click” belts made for concealed carry. I love the small adjustments being a smaller guy. It’s great for smaller, lighter guns. Wouldn’t trust it with full sized models I tend to Carey in winter though.

    1. avatar Crispin says:

      Got the Daltech Force Bullbelt, love the ¾” hole spacing instead of the standard 1″, as a man of girth, I wish I had known how much more comfortable this belt was be than the cheap flimsy belts I had been using all my life, terrific for IWB as well.

  11. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    I still like leather. A good, leather gun belt that doesn’t look like a gun belt (ie, non-tacti-cool) will set you back $80 and up.

    Remember, one of my goals when I carry is to appear harmless to cops, to avoid scrutiny. I don’t wear anything that says “tactical” – ever. I’ve walked right by cops at checkpoints by looking non-tactical and being polite.

    1. avatar strych9 says:

      It’s funny how that works.

      Back a couple years I was in a court house and the guy a few in front of me was full tacticooled out. 5.11’s beard, tats, the whole works. He was the only one who got the “Sir” treatment from the cops working security, he also got next to no scrutiny while other people got raked over the coals.

      Maybe they knew him but I kinda doubt it since he was there for jury selection too. Of course, he could have been an off duty cop I guess.

      1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

        An off duty cop would have been excused before jury selection. You get called, but immediately excused. It’s all by computer from registered voters roles here. I once got a subpoena for jury duty and told them I should be excused. Them, “Why?” Me, “I arrested the idiot. I know he’s guilty. I’m testifying for the prosecution. Would you like me to leave the jury box to testify?” Excused. But, I was in court.

        1. avatar strych9 says:

          I have no idea how that works in Colorado or how it may or may not vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction within the state.

          All I know is that they were super nice to this guy and gave him an easy time while they were harder on everyone else.

        2. avatar Guest says:

          This isn’t true. Off-duty cops who are not witnesses in the case are not excused from jury duty ahead of time. Show me one jurisdiction where occupation is a qualifying factor for excusal?

        3. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

          Agreed. Over here in Montana an off-duty LEO or a retired LEO does not receive any preferential treatment prior to or at jury selection…that said, we are usually excused by the Defense attorney(s) because we are the LAST people they want on a jury making informed decisions about their (presumed innocent) client.

          Every time I’m called up for jury duty I show up at 0800, see if there is anyone i know in the same jury pool, sit on the hard wooden benches while the Prosecution and Defense attorneys give their spiels, suffer through yet another voir dire (knowing the results in advance) and, finally, am dismissed about 1200…just in time for lunch and afternoon chores back at the homestead….and life goes on.

        4. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Guest, don’t know know how the other know how the other 49 states work but, in Florida not only was I excused with a phone call but, so was my wife, parents and other close relatives. Even a couple of friends. No defense attorney wants a L.E.O. on the jury. Or, anyone who knows one.

        5. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Old Guy, my Capt. Would have crucified me if I didn’t get excused ahead of time and took half of a 10-8 day waiting for a foregone conclusion. In fact I suspect if I had ever shown up for the jury pool in uniform the judge would have thrown me out of the courtroom. On the other hand, why should I surrender a half day of my day off for the same foregone conclusion? Nope. For nearly 25 years a PX to the Clerk of the Court was all it took. Haven’t been called since I retired. We’ll see what happens.

        6. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

          Florida vs. Montana…different jurisdictions, different laws guiding jury summons, selection and excusal. When you receive your Summons there is an attached form if you think that you should be exempted this one time (you mail it back and the trial Judge reviews each petition and grants any exemptions)…generally: sick / infirm, elderly and pregnant women are not usually a problem. All others, doctors, lawyers, teachers, students, LEO’s, retired, etc still have to show up when summoned and then petition the Court (individually) to be excused. No fear of running short of warm bodies…my county clerk calls up enough people for jury pools to keep the cases rolling along. As I said earlier, I show up already knowing the outcome and that is that…no pre-existing exemptions or carveouts for law enforcement – active, off-duty or retired.

        7. avatar Guest says:

          Sounds like an awful tall tale. The fact that you say you got a subpoena for jury duty is an obvious tell that you’re lying. You get a summons for jury duty, and a subpoena if you are a witness. Not only you, but your wife, parents, and friends all got a summons for the same jury trial where you were the arresting officer? I call bullshit on that.

          And if you were actually the arresting officer you’d have been subpoenaed to court as a witness, so you would’ve spent the day waiting anyway, witnesses aren’t allowed to sit at home. You want us to believe your supervisor would make you ignore legal process like a subpoena? Your union would go ballistic.

          The only time you get excused ahead of time is when the defendant cuts a deal before the trial date. Then you double down on the lie and tell us friends of yours can get out of jury duty just by calling ahead and saying “I know a cop.” This is absurd. Your juror pool would be zero if they granted early excusals to anyone who called and said they are friends with a police officer. The prosecutors office would never allow their jury pool to be biased against them in this way. Exploring biases of potential jurors who are police officers, or their friends and family is what the voire dire process is for. If someone demonstrates they can’t be fair they are dismissed for cause; if not, that’s why the defense has peremptories.

          Even if your suspicious story had any truth to it, your blanket assertion above that all cops get excused ahead of time is patently false.

    2. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

      Totally agree, and I recommend the Galco “Cop belt” in that price range. 1-1/2″ wide, very sturdy and mine has taken the strain of a *ahem* robust waistline for years now.

  12. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Ted Blocker leather. I like supporting local businesses.

    1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

      Damn, Ted Blocker! He’s still around? Last time I talked to him would have been around ’93. Still got some of his stuff. Still serviceable. Think the last thing I bought from him was an Ayoob rig for a custom Colt Commander I had at the time. Sold it to a friend along with the leather. Well, at least it’s still in the family.

  13. avatar Ed Schrade says:

    The belts made by 1791 are excellent and what I use.

    1. avatar WI Patriot says:

      Any experience with their holsters..???

      1. avatar Ed Schrade says:

        I have seen them at local gun shop but haven’t tried one out yet. They look good and if they are quality like their belts they will be something else.

  14. avatar Happily Irrelevant says:

    5.11 Tactical riggers belt. It is wide and stiff enough it doesn’t bend or fold under the weight of a gun and holster. The width helps distribute the weight so it doesn’t feel like the belt is going to cut into you. Plus the added benefit of other uses besides holding pants and gun in place.

  15. avatar Matt in FL says:

    Crossbreed Classic with velcro backing. About as discreet as you can get and still have belt clips on the holster.

  16. avatar SouthAl says:

    Daltech Force bull belt for jeans & shorts and their steel core dress belt for work.

  17. avatar The Dude Abides says:

    Volund slim edc belt.

  18. avatar former water walker says:

    Hmmm…contemplating a gun belt. Thanks for all the realworld suggestions. Oh and I don’t care about “standing out”. Folks are too busy and self-absorbed to glance at my freaking belt!

    1. avatar Reason says:

      If you like leather and discounts try crossbreedseconds.com they sell items returned to Cross Breed. Cross Breed has a return exchange policy of return for any reason in the first week or 2. Have purchased belts and holsters from this place all look like new. Holsters looked like gun was slid in maybe once. Sometimes they even run free shipping specials.

  19. avatar eagle10 says:

    i usually use a 5.11 Tactical or a Triple K. Both in nice heavy leather. Also, both were found when I was browsing through my local Goodwill store. They were purchased at separate times, virtually unused and $2.99 each.

  20. avatar Rick the Bear says:

    Spec Ops 1.75” better bdu belt for everyday and a Kore for dressed up.

    1. avatar B.D. says:

      I also use a Kore. Great belt.

  21. avatar strych9 says:

    Depends entirely on the gun/holster setup.

    Generally I use a Blade Tech UCB, but it changes if I pick a different gun or change holsters. When using a shoulder holster sometimes I even forego a belt.

  22. avatar cgray says:

    According to the Texas “Republican” Party, I’m a criminal for even wanting to carry a gun, so no belt for me, I’m afraid.

  23. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    I picked up one of those Kore click gun belts. I really like the quarter inch adjustments so if I go from the Shield one day to a Glock the next, the adjustment gets the belt at just the right tension to hold the gun the way I want it. Perhaps I am too demanding about having the fit just right, but it works for me.

    1. avatar jram01 says:

      Rusty Chains says:
      Rusty Chains says:
      April 6, 2019 at 16:26
      I picked up one of those Kore click gun belts. I really like the quarter inch adjustments so if I go from the Shield one day to a Glock the next, the adjustment gets the belt at just the right tension to hold the gun the way I want it. Perhaps I am too demanding about having the fit just right, but it works for me.

      Hey Rusty;
      Your right. The Kore Essentials belts are about the best around for the money. I personally have three of the Kore Belts. One tactical, which I wear with jeans. Two Gun (Dress) Belts, one black and one Brown can be worn with just about any color dress slacks.

      Any of the buckles are interchangeable. The belts come in a size somewhere between 46-52 inches. Pick out your size, add 4 inches and cut. If it’s still too long, cut off another inch or so. No belt holes, you adjust the belt in ¼ increments for a perfect fit. Eat too much a click or two does the job. For a few bucks more, I also bought a special type hanger for these particular belts along with a few “Belt Keepers” which are like an adjustable belt loop for any excessive belt ends.

      Any of the belts with a selected buckle is around 60 bucks. You can buy additional buckles and belts for total interchangeability for a nominal cost and a lifetime of wear. Great stuff.

  24. avatar Matt says:

    Fatboy belt….

  25. avatar GaJoe1950 says:

    The Beltman 1.25″ horsehide with internal stiffener. Looks beautiful and will support any full size pistol I want to carry.

  26. avatar RevRay says:

    Check out http://www.30dollargunbelt.com. Over a year ago I purchased one of their belts and have been well satisfied. Strong and very nice looking. Wear it with my jeans and with my Church dress pants. it carries my Walther PPS M2 or Taurus G2c with NO problems. You can get a black or brown CCW full grain leather gun belt for $29.99, plus shipping. At the check-out location, there’s a spot to see if any discounts/specials are being offered. With a discount code, I got a black stitched belt and free shipping for $30.60. Again, that was a year ago. Don’t let the price fool you. These belts are well made and last. A year later, with every day carry, there’s no weakness or wear-and-tear marks on it. Customer service is excellent.

    1. avatar doesky2 says:

      second it

    2. avatar ArkhamInmate says:

      I’ll third that. Worn everyday for over a year now and can’t even tell it’s been worn at all! different buckle options as well.

  27. avatar daveinwyo says:

    The on that I made from thick, oak tanned cowhide. Cost about 10$. Cut to size and stained black, with a shed mule deer antler buckle I also made. 15 years old and will support my Sig 226. Won’t pay for what I can make better.

  28. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    My favorite gun belt? A good one.

  29. avatar Gregolas says:

    Blade tech. I have a black and a brown, all leather. Over 10 years old, they have held up remarkably well.

  30. avatar Phantom68 says:

    I’ll put my plug in for Wright Leather Works Bull Hide belts … have two of them and they are solid: https://www.wrightleatherworks.com/collections/belts

  31. avatar WI Patriot says:

    I have 2 that I switch between…first was/is a Bison Designs Extreme-Duty, been wearing it for yrs, has held up really well…been very happy with this belt…


    2nd one is a Klik-Belt, I like the buckle design, and the belt with the stiffener is nice, but the running end is a little limp, and sometime a bit tedious to thread through belt loops and holsters…overall, it’s a nice belt, the company owner is easy to deal with and will happily back his product…


  32. avatar John says:

    Hank’s Belts Xtreme Concealed Carry Gun Belt is a great value for a 1-piece solid leather gun belt.

  33. avatar Cruzo1981 says:

    Klik belt…

  34. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

    I’ve owned several of these (brown and black) for years…still lookin’ good. Synthetic insert prevents sagging…can even carry my N frames without discomfort.


  35. avatar Mark says:

    5.11 Apex Gunners Belt is indestructible. Have had mine for years and still looks new.

  36. avatar Jean-Claude says:

    Once I bought my NexBelt with the EDC buckle, I haven’t looked back. The 1/4″ adjustment allows for ease of fit with different sizes of handguns, and it handles any waist size fluctuation I might have.

    Plus the click adjustment allows for the perfect fit every time.

    I will never go back to a belt with holes.

  37. avatar B.D. says:

    I hope this gets viewed

    I saw an amazon review where someone put their glock with no holster between their belt and pants and bragged about it the whole review. About how safe it was, and how he’d never had a problem, and he also stored a spare mag in front of the weapon in that little pocket that jeans have above the main pocket, held in place by the belt as well. Pretty sure they also had a phone clipped to the outside of the pocket on the same side.

    Serisouly, can’t make this shit up if I tried.

    Anyways, I have been rocking a Kore TrakLine gun belt. I was skeptical at first, but I absolutely love it. I had a hanks 16oz belt and the the traditional holes just were not fitting properly, and varied depending on the restaurant I was at 😉

    I also have a Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment 2 Layer Nylon Reinforced Instructor’s Belt that I just got and love it. My Glock 43 and S&W m.20 3.6″ hold very well with it, and it is not flimsy like pretty much every nylon “reinforced” belt I have tried.

    By far the worst belt I have ever tried: Blue Alpha – any of them. I tried 3 of them, and they were all flimsy crap. People going nuts for them on Amazon, but they suck. Avoid them. The “reinforcement” lasts about a week then it becomes a GI Issue cheap flimsy POS.

  38. avatar Centralva says:

    I’ve had good luck with my Mitch Rosen express line belt, 70 dollars. Its definitely nicer than anything I’ve looked at in any gun shop or sporting goods store in the same price range.

  39. avatar JC says:

    Wilderness for HD OWB large pistol, 511 IWB. Both nylon, the Wilderness more HD. No holes or ratchets. Perfect for varying duties. Add Perry suspenders if needed!! The 511 is the everyday, no metal, and is friendly to other things like cell phones. 511 is black on side tan the other.

  40. avatar Darkman says:

    I’ve got an old belt made by an Amish harness maker from Missouri when I lived there. I think I bought it in 1994. Don’t remember how much I paid. Can say it’s a damn good belt considering I wear it almost everyday. Just keep it clean and put saddle soap on it 2-3 times a year.

  41. avatar possum says:

    Being raised around Strawberry Hill Arkansas, I use a string, one of them fancy leather/kydex belts just wouldn’t go well with my attire. And the string doubles as a noose, not a tourniquet. I’m a multi function type possum.

  42. avatar John in Ohio says:

    “What’s Your Favorite Gun Belt for CONCEALED Carry?”

    Any articles coming up for OPEN carry belts? Oh, wait, it’s a fucking belt; they work for both!

    Too bad I open carry or I might have enjoyed reading this article. How about only making the distinction between open and concealed carry when it has an obvious purpose?

    BTW: For EITHER type of carry, Beltman Belt’s bull-hide. You’re welcome.

  43. avatar Hank says:

    I’ve purchased 4 different belts from the Beltman. Different colors, different widths, etc. All high quality and they last.


  44. avatar Ton E says:

    Bigfoot that with my Alien Gear 3.0 cloak tuck is a match made in heaven

  45. avatar Michael Fallon says:

    I have two very good gun belts for concealed carry. My leather belt is from http://www.thebeltman.net. It is bull hide, with the optional polymer stiffeners in the belt. My web belt is a cobra belt from http://www.vedderholsters.com. Both belts are 1.5 inches wide. Work very well for me.

  46. avatar RMS1911 says:

    Belts are for suckers they’re a dead giveaway.
    Subcutaneous magnets is the real mark of an e-lite operator operating at maximum operational effort operationally operating.
    Besides all of you should be carrying in Condition butterscotch anyways.

    1. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

      Thank you for the morning chuckle…that is an interesting mental image you conjured.

  47. avatar Canon says:

    If you don’t want to look all tacticool, I recommend American made, Hanks Belts.

  48. avatar Don from CT says:

    Since I’ve stopped working in the wonderful world of Life Science IT, I wear an untucked shirt most days.

    If you wear an untucked shirt, the style of your belt is irrelevant. In this situation, there is NOTHING that is BETTER or a better value than the ORIGINAL. The first, the standard.

    Wilderness Tactical Instructor’s belt. Its inexpensive, its stiff, its comfy, and it lasts forever. It also comes with your choice of Titanium, Steel, Aluminum or Plastic buckles. Its available in widths from dress belt skinny to tactical operator 1.75″.

  49. avatar SouthernShooter says:

    In leather for dress up time, Bigfoot — holds either the Sr9c or the lc9s Pro with ease.
    Got a cobra buckle nylon of of Amazon the works well with jeans, etc.

  50. avatar ItIsNeverSimple says:

    I have 3 Kore belts (Black & brown leather & coyote brown nylon) with two different buckles for EDC.

    I like the click belt system it’s easy to adjust I’m driving in the truck. I can just loosen my belt with one finger easily and pull it tight before I get out. The plastic core gives great support.

    My Dedicated gun belt is a high speed gear with the cobra buckle.

  51. avatar ETS says:

    Kore gun belts(I have more than one).

  52. avatar Mikial says:

    The Lenwood Conveyor. Made from heavy duty conveyor belt material. $35 and it never sags or gets warped out of shape. The absolute best. Lenwood – Hand Made – Over Built.

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