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In the motor racing game they call it “the red mist.” It descends upon a driver when he’s so enervated by the competition that he loses that final measure of control that keeps the car intact and on the track. Police officers experience the same adrenalin-infused insensibility. Listen to the po-po’s voice after the perp takes a pop or ten at his vehicle. Instead of pulling over and letting his colleagues do the business (and there are plenty of them), the perp’s target is bound and determined to get his man. When he rocks-up on the bad guy, it’s a cop cluster-you-know-what. Without anything approaching a command and control structure (i.e. someone in charge), nearly a dozen officers do their own thing. Luckily it ends well. But it has to be asked: is that any way to run a railroad?

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  1. How many cops does it take to bring down one armed idiot? Kinda makes me wistful for the Bonnie & Clyde days, when they’d just ambush the S.O.B.s and feed them a lead diet until they assumed room temperature. Certainly get it over with faster.

    • Why take an armed criminal down, when we can arrest him and stick him in the justice system for 20 years before going to trial, and then eventually jail, all on our tax money?

      So silly. What ever happened to justice? You kill, you die. You steal (something more than a pack of gum), you lose fingers. You rape, or molest someone else, you get it done in return. Nowadays “justice” is all about being everyone’s best friend, giving everyone a second (third, fourth, etc..) chance, and trying to change people for the “better”.

      • Sounds an awful lot like Sharia to me.

        This is America, man. Take all that finger-chopping and eye-gouging crap and move to Iran with it.

        • Because putting someone in jail for a few years for theft will really teach them not to do it anymore.

          You do know how they used to punish people in the middle ages.. right? Also, we used to hang people *gasp* Are you saying that belong in Iran as well?

          • I’m highly astounded that you don’t know Iran loves to hang people. Being a Christian in Iran is enough to be hung slowly (they dont drop you, they just kick the chair out).

  2. I think that confusing Justice with the Legal system is the reason for frustration. Our current legal system is no longer on a parallel course with justice, it’s on a diverging course and for so long now that it no longer has any appearance of justice or any relevance to a sensible person. I don’t believe this is happenstance. I believe it is by design. Once the corrupt legal system destroys any respect for the rule of law, anarchy will result and that’s the excuse the “all power in government” folks are looking for. They can then take over all control of our lives to restore “peace and safety”.

  3. Holy crap! The cops tries to pull over someone for a traffic violation and gets jumped from behind by a shooter?

    Give props to Pagliaro for keeping his head (literally) and driving like a pro.

    • His driving and communication under extreme stress were certainly impressive.

      Also frightening and disturbing. I would have serious questions about his ability to make rational and responsible decisions at that point. Thankfully he did not round a corner to find an inatentive and unaware civilian standing in his path, or worse a child or two. Heaven help him, and his agency, should such an event ever occur. I would certainly have a hard time justifying why this particular person – of all people – NEEDED to remain in pursuit of the attacker.

      I would definitately agree witht he thrust of this post; the powers that be need to review their command structure and incident management plans. Once the predator turned into prey someone should have pulled the plug on this otherwise heroic cop, and told him to stand down, if for no other reason than so that someone could inspect him for unnoticed holes or other injury. Adrenalin having a way of making people ignore what might otherwise be considered a serious wound.

      Without a formal, and formally communicated plan for such an approach it is quite likely that any officer will feel compelled to remain in the thick of action, even though he may unnecessarily be a danger to himself, other responders, and the public at large. Once everyone knows that is what will occur, and understands when and why it will occur, the team player aspect will take over and cooler heads will continue the action while this one regroups, recovers, and starts the process of documenting the event.

      • Oh Good Lord, what a Drama Queen post. Please, provide some basis for your views. The officer did nothing wrong on the video.

  4. anyone willing to shot at cops like that would have no problem doing a civilian. It’s why we have to protect ourselves

    • Indeed. Most situations do not go completely according to plan. If there is any plan at all. This ended well. And I don’t want cops in my neighborhood punching the clock for the day just because someone shot at them. Go get the bastard.

  5. Halfway through the video I found myself saying: Either the perp has a very, very fast car and knows how to use it, or these cops really, really need driving lessons.

    Color me shocked that it was the latter.

    • Again, cut the drama unless you can point out an actual example of wrong doing. You are just bashing with no basis at this point.

  6. If both vehicles mere moving, during the shooting at the police car, and assuming the suspect is right handed he somehow managed to keep shooting with some accuracy at the police car with his left hand while using his right hand to control the steering wheel. Otherwise, I am interpreting the events wrong.

    • The only thing we know for sure is that he’ll have a long time in the joint to get his GED. At our expense, of course.

      • Ralph, I’d really like to see the prison inmates earn their room and board. They could be forcibly (if non-cooperative) used to re-plant forests, grow their own food outdoors and with indoor greenhouses, oversea chicken farms for their own eating, clean-up waste sites, build homes for the homeless, finish their GEDs/learn a trade or face solitary confinement, etc.

  7. Not seeing anything out of the ordinary. Cop didn’t give up the chase. Kudos to him. End game: perp apprehended.

    Just another anti-cop blog from TTAG? It’s getting old.

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