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Hats off to for highlighting the fact that the ATF’s anti-gun violence agit-prop relies on stats provided by The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. John Richardson and TTAG’s Bruce Krafft should get together for some craft (Krafft?) beer. Richardson sets ’em up: The video starts with these statements: “Gun Violence Killed 31,593 People in One Year”; “Gun Violence Killed 2,966 Children (Aged 19 and Under)”; “Gun Violence Kills 87 People Every Day in the U.S.” Richardson knocks ’em down . . .

“If you go deeper, you find that 59% of the deaths using a firearm are suicides. Only 36% are homicides or what the average person would call a result of violent crime.

Of the 87 people that “gun violence” kills per day, 56 are self-inflicted. Only an average of 31 per day nationwide (or a few weekends in Chicago) are the result of crime.

Looking at the “children” killed by “gun violence”, we find that 2,420 out of the 2,966 deaths are for those aged 16 or older. This would include self-inflicted deaths, gang violence, legal interventions by police, accidents, and murders. Given that a 16 year old can be tried as an adult in most states, I think that is a more appropriate age cut-off than those under age 20 . . .

Why is the ATF using skewed statistics from the Brady Campaign? Moreover, why are they using the term “gun violence” when as the chief Federal agency charged with the regulation of firearms they should know better?

Because the ATF was created by gun grabbers for gun grabbers. Of course, Mr. Richardson knows that. A lot of people may wake up to that fact when Congressman Issa’s Oversight Committee resumes hearing on Operation Fast and Furious. Or they may not.

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  1. It’s news to me that a 18 year old is considered a child, not according to most state laws. So the 18 to 19 year range is a grey area of childhood to adult?

    • Under ObamaTaxCare, a 25 year old is a child.

      So do the ATF stats include 18 and 19 year old soldiers and Marines killed in combat or training?

  2. How many children, adults has the ATF murdered? And how many from fast & furious and other sceams? We will never know.

  3. What’s wrong with this picture? Actually, nothing is “wrong” with this picture. The Brady Wingnuts constitute the political arm of the gungrabber conspiracy, the ATF is the military arm while the IRS and the Joyce Foundation provide the money.

  4. “John Richardson and TTAG’s Bruce Krafft should get together for some craft (Krafft?) beer.”

    Obama will even throw in some pretzels if they join him for a photo opportunity in His white house garden? BTW, when are they going to re-name it the People’s House?

  5. Enlisted in the Military when I was 18; where I was trained to kill the enemies of my country. I was old enough, to them at least, to drive, maintain, and handle millions of dollars worth of equipment and operate some heavy duty weapon systems at AGE 18. By the time I was 19 I was serving in Afghanistan and well on my way to becoming an NCO in country, I saw little combat, but the stuff I did see required me to hope I didn’t get hit by incoming and I sure as hell sent some outgoing. Upon my return I couldn’t even rent a vehicle now being 20 years of age because I was not over the age of 21 and that was for Enterprise… Most others require you be 25.

    When I was 21 I became a responsible gun owner. I have never once felt the need to use it out of aggression, violently, or to commit a crime. Because like I said, I am a responsible gun owner like most. I do not seek to hurt others just because I have chosen to own firearms, but if criminals come around to harm me they can deal with the consequences. NOT me becoming a victim.

    • Oh and If I can just add, if you never teach your kids responsibility and keep treating them like children then they will never grow up!

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